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  1. 2 hours ago, Simmy said:


    I effing love Microsoft Rewards!!

    Let’s hope they stick around, especially after they’ve reversed the Gold price hike. Hopefully they don’t cobble rewards to make up the loss. 

  2. Has anyone found any “secret” gamepass games?

    I use the (useless) app to search for stuff, but occasionally when checking in the console or store I see the odd game as showing for gamepass which isn’t on the app. 
    My most recent discovery is Army of Two. It doesn’t appear in the app, but if you search the store on the console it’s there. 

    I seem to remember seeing Panzer Dragoon once, and I was playing Arkham Asylum for a month after it was removed. 


  3. On 20/01/2021 at 17:07, Darhkwing said:

     RE4 but in VR?



    14 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

    If they remake RE4 it should be in VR.



    11 minutes ago, Steven said:


    Wasn't there a leaked document saying it was coming to Oculus? Some sort of PSVR announcement would be nice but not sure where all that lies going forward.


    They did a great job with 7, but 4 in VR would be God tier. Whack it in first person, and it’s pretty much done*. 
    The run, stop, shoot controls would be perfect for it too. 
    Oh Christ I think I’m having a hot flush. 



    *I’m no developer, but how hard can it be eh?

  4. The DF stuff is the pits. I watched a video of it last night, and wondered how certain people get any joy at all from games anymore. They were showing picture in picture comparisons of what looked (to me) to be the same picture! They even at one point looked at 47's damned eyelashes and said they looked better in the second game. I dunno, it just bores me to tears.


    These to me, all look the same, and while I know there's bound to be differences, I'm quite glad I can't see them/don't care about them. The forensic analysis of every pixel is bordering on lunacy.





    They also babbled on about lighting, and showed one comparison where the newer game with all the light magic going on looked fantastic, reflections everywhere, sunbeams through the curtains, reflective floor tiles, the lot. The problem was, it was so good as to be totally unrealistic. Tiled floors don't reflect like a mirror, sun rays don't penetrate like the lord above himself is trying to communicate with you. Everything was glistening like a WWF wrestler from the 80's. 


  5. Yeah it should do it as you go along. If you open the card it’ll say something like xxx/10,000 if it does you’ve already been given them. 

    Mine for instance says 1375/10,000. If yours is showing 10,000/10,000 then you should already have them in your points balance. 

  6. Well the Hitman punch card didn’t come back. They assured me it would so I can only presume it’ll be back after initial release. Perhaps they only had a limited amount of preorder suit skins. Saying that the rewards app has been rather slim for the last few days. Hopefully MS aren’t pulling the plug on it. 


  7. @cassidy  I had the same problem at first. If I remember rightly I went to the support page, selected I was having trouble installing a game, then was put to the “virtual chat”. That is useless, so after negging every suggestion it threw up it finally put me through to the rewards page. I emailed from there and it worked. If I can find the page again I will link it. 

    It was through this page if that helps. 


  8. @retroed Do not pre order it yet! It’s coming back. 

    I emailed them. 



    This is Joseph from Microsoft Rewards support. 

    Thank you for reporting this to us!

    You have my assurance that the Hitman punch card will be reinstated soon. 



    Microsoft Rewards support



  9. 26 minutes ago, CarloOos said:


    Even outside of the recent trilogy, it's probably one of the most consistent series in gaming. The only weak links are the original (which not many people played, but was still very impressive at the time) and Absolution (not a great Hitman game, but a decent enough action-stealth one). Everything else has been top tier, despite the older games showing their age now.

    I liked Absolution. It’s not a proper Hitman game, but there’s a lot of stuff in it that made its way over to the new trilogy. If the “proper”, Hitman games were a successful TV show, then Absolution would be the inevitable big budget movie spin off. 
    I’ve got an old, dusty 360 copy sitting here. I own the remaster, so If anyone wants it let me know and I will fling it in the post for gratis. It’s backwards compatible. 

  10. 45 minutes ago, Majora said:

    I'm just waiting to see if there's any offers in the Xbox rewards app for pre-ordering it like there usually is for bigger titles.


    10 minutes ago, Kryptonian said:

    There’s a 6,000 point punchcard to activate.


    This was the only reason I was holding off pre-ordering until the last minute. 6000 points is basically a free fiver for simply ordering a game I was going to get anyway. Marvellous, time to cash in some moon points.


  11. It’s a slow burner. Ammo is scarce so be thorough in your searching. Also there’s a lot of stealth required in places. It’s not a run and gun game really, apart from the places where it is of course!


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