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  1. MS will sort out the customs charges. Or at least they did last time I ordered. They ship them over by the crate load, hence the shipping dates always being the same. 

    Either that or they've been nicked. Joke's on them, good luck finding a buyer for a dildo pink Xbox controller engraved with jimmbobRox!1 

  2. 2 hours ago, rgraves said:

     Bugger. I just downloaded 1. I can’t see 2 on GP....

    1 is great. Janky, but great if you’re a bit of a sadist. I finished it, I loved it, but then I love weirdly broken games. Failing that I think the first achievement pops after the very first encounter, so...


    EDIT - Actually no it doesn’t. You will have to play it for a bit. Which I can’t really recommend. But, I liked it. 


  3. Well, they haven't cancelled my order yet, so I need to make room for this big block of fun. I have the capacity on my TV unit to have it stood on it's end as nature intended. Could one of you tell me, will I likely have enough airflow?

    For reference the console will be on it's end, front facing, I may actually take the back off the unit, as it's only board, so a clear front, a clear back, around 9 or 10 cm of clearance on the top and about 2 cm either side of the thing.


    Will that be ok, or do I need to put it in a freezer outside? 



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