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  1. What’s the general consensus on those wireless Xbox headsets? I have enough moon points to nab one, but was wondering what the advantages are over a no name wired set that I currently use? Is the sound particularly resplendent?
  2. Shall we get pumped? I feel we should get pumped. Or is it going to be a case of... Mass Effect - Geth Becomes Her. On IOS and Android.
  3. I see. So cough up if you want the extras, but new shinies are free. Ta. Looks like I’m buying Skyrim for the Xth time.
  4. So if we own the special edition we get anniversary edition for free? Or do we pay fifteen quid for it but get a next gen spit and polish for free? So the special edition would get a free update, but if you want the anniversary stuff you pay for it? It’s very confusing.
  5. Happens to the best of us. Good luck, LOL!
  6. Have you accidentally donated to charity or clicked on a sweepstake perhaps?
  7. Just watched it. It was beautifully shot, excellent casting, stupid everything, lots of explosions, loved it. And Ana De Armas needs to be in everything.
  8. They should get Tess Daly to host it, and Dara O'Briain as the GM. They should then torch all of it to the ground!
  9. I’m near the end if this now I think. Saying that, it’s got more false finishes than a TNA X division match. Brief thoughts, I can’t stand Ellie, I’m not sure if that’s meant to happen, but she’s dreadful. … I like. I’m on her side, is that the point? Overall it’s too long, and extremely samey, because of it. I’m not sure how many more people I want to save, only for me to tell them to “wait here, while I go and get munched”. The gunplay is horrible, but the sneaky stuff is great. the messing about with timelines, works for converging the stories, but does flit a little too much at times. For instance there’s a bloke who apologises to Ellie at the start… … by which time I’d forgotten, and didn’t really care tbh. I sound overly critical, I have enjoyed my time with it. I’m hoping to get through the last 3 or 4 endings this evening to finish it off and maybe it’ll all come together. One thing I’d like from the next one is more monsters. I play zombie games for monsters. The Clicker has gone from being terrifying to being simply a tiny bit bothersome. A character like that deserves better.
  10. I fully expect my controller to arrive with a complimentary string of onions and a stripy jumper at this point.
  11. It's deliberately blurred text. I thought it might say something like "A Hideo Kojima Game - With Norm Walkie Dead and Del Trotter". So on a hunch I ran it through a text cleaner software, like what they use on CSI and all that. Spoilers ahead.
  12. My tracking now says... No scheduled delivery date available at this time. Exciting stuff.
  13. MS will sort out the customs charges. Or at least they did last time I ordered. They ship them over by the crate load, hence the shipping dates always being the same. Either that or they've been nicked. Joke's on them, good luck finding a buyer for a dildo pink Xbox controller engraved with jimmbobRox!1
  14. Iain in the car park and in the middle of the road is hilarious.
  15. Alright David Attenborough.
  16. Yeah, fuck that Fox. He caught me out too.
  17. BB's twitter feed is a glorious mess now. I'm sensing this is going to be Hasan's Ratner moment.
  18. Fantastic. Nothing quite captures the tone of Silent Hill like a gnarly skateboard.
  19. @Chooch did you click on the UK link? I only ask as it’s showing the price in $ in your pic.
  20. I tried rather unsuccessfully to make some movie themed ones. Star Wars. Jaws Indiana Jones Erm... Schindler’s List.
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