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  1. Thanks for the tips chaps. 

    In a stroke of expensive luck I’ve managed to snag one of these directly from the PS store, so best I clear some room under the telly. 

    They’re available direct on the PS store as of writing btw. 


  2. Does anyone have any tips for a relatively cheap hdmi switcher that will work between a PS5 and an Xbox series X to save me constantly faffing around at the back of the TV?

    I presume the thing needs to support 4k or something?

    My TV doesn’t do 2.1, whatever that is. 

    As you can tell I’m very intelligent on these matters. 

  3. Well, well, well, how the turntables have turn tabled Mr Gwyn...





    Finished this off last night. Some thoughts. It gets it's claws into you doesn't it? 

    There were a couple of times I thought "fuck this game", and turned it off. The second Asylum Demon, O&S, etc. However after leaving it a day or so I'd go crawling back, for one more go.

    It's given a lot of credit for it's story. I found it interesting if a little sparse, however the internet is a great tool to piece together bits here and there. Maybe that's the point.

    No map, no problem, it all fits together very well. I did get lost a few times, and due to my limited gaming time I have no qualms about using a youtube vid to point me in the right direction. How I long for the endless days of my youth. Unfortunately, wandering around a map for hours on end trying to find the right direction isn't a great use of my time. Again the internet was a wonderful tool to help out.


    The atmosphere is amazing. The world is beautiful and bleak, the enemies are well imagined, and generally pretty bad ass.


    I love how you go from fleeing dragons, getting battered by knights, and burnt to a crisp by gargoyles, to smashing skeleton wheel monsters and knights like they're nothing. 


    I went from Benny Hilling away from Black Knights, and throwing firebombs at the first Capra Demon (I'm not proud, there's a hole above the mist door, that's what it's for FFS), to literally pancaking Taurus demons, incredible stuff.


    Sen's fortress, oh how I laughed... It reminds of what Salazar would have achieved with the castle in Resident Evil 4 if he'd been able to study a bit harder. Incredible stuff. A lot of the game reminded me of Resident Evil 4 actually. Mainly the architecture, but also the way it all fits together into one big crazy map of nonsense.

    Weird NPCs dotted around talking in Welsh, and other mystic languages... Also, the music on the main menu is totally lifted from Resi.


    For the most part I agree that "ItZ aLwAyS PlAyUr ErRor If Ur K1lLeD In DaRk SoUls", however, Bed of Chaos was really weird, it would be childish to say unfair, but Christ, that run to it after each failed attempt was an eye roller.


    Anyway I enjoyed it and am not quite sure what to play next. I've heard a small game called Elden Ring is coming out soon, I wonder if that'll be any good.



  4. Small update on this. 
    Yesterday I beat up some fella called the four kings. 

    I Havelled up to the back teeth and Leroy Jenkins’d the hell out of them. Not the most elegant of battles, but it seemed to do the trick. I’ve still got no idea what I’m doing. I saved and quit after it. A camp snake with wooden teeth wanted a chat, but time was getting on…


  5. I'm thinking of buying one of these now, rather than wait until the spring/summer months like I did last year only to find they'd sold out.

    I'm looking at the Ooni Koda 12 gas powered jobby. Before I drop the quite frankly alarming amount of cash on it, are there any new kids on the block that we're all buying instead of this one? 


    Also, can anyone recomend a decent peel. I was just going to grab the Ooni one, but I'd rather not drop 40 quid on that if there's a better alternative.



  6. Today's this or that answers.


    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Ankara, Turkey

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Berlin, Germany

    Bern, Switzerland

    Brasília, Brazil

    Budapest, Hungary

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Cairo, Egypt

    Dublin, Ireland

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Helsinki, Finland

    London, England

    Madrid, Spain

    Moscow, Russia

    Ottawa, Canada

    Rabat, Morocco

    Rome, Italy

    Seoul, South Korea

    Tokyo, Japan

    Vienna, Austria

    Wellington, New Zealand

  7. 1 hour ago, cassidy said:

    The official Xbox one. 


    Well I expect Atmos can make a bit of a difference. 


    52 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


    As Cassidy says Atmos is excellent with them. Personally for me the ability to sync up to two devices is a god send for when I'm cross platforming things. Being able to hear in game audio while talking on Discord is brilliant. If you don't need that functionality and won't get anything out of buying Dolby Atmos put the credit towards a game or summat.

    Thanks guys. I don’t know what Dolby Atmos is, so perhaps ignorance is bliss in this situation. However I sense a day of googling, YouTubing, and review perusing is order of the day tomorrow (at work)…



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