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  1. 22 minutes ago, joemul said:

    Was going to use ours yesterday but the connection on the regulator is way to big for the connection on the gas tank we have. I shot to B&Q but all of the patio gas tanks seemed to have a much smaller connection than that on the Ooni 


    had anyone else had this issue?

    What gas bottles are you looking at?

    Assuming you have a UK/EU regulator you want Patio Gas. (Green bottle). It’s the same as propane (red bottle) but has a different connection. 
    Red bottle is more for outside heating/catering. Green for BBQs etc. 

    Green is also dearer even though it’s the same thing as red. But you’d need a connection converter thing to use red in your ooni. And as it’s gas I wouldn’t be messing around with that. It’s better to pay the extra tenner IMO. 

    If not then your regulator might be a foreigner. In which case Ooni should replace for you. 

  2. I'd wager they're absolutely going to redo the older, more popular titles for it. The controllers wouldn't work with backwards compatibility, and presumably the camera and all the other gumph needs to be taken into account.  

    Either way I'm all in for this, it looks great. Resident evil 4 is coming to it for Christ's sake!

    I wonder if Valve will throw us a few scraps and give us Alyx, (Is this likely?)

    I'm very excited, even though the RRP is definitely going to sting the old bottom. I'm guessing at least £399. 


  3. Does anyone have any tips for a relatively cheap hdmi switcher that will work between a PS5 and an Xbox series X to save me constantly faffing around at the back of the TV?

    I presume the thing needs to support 4k or something?

    My TV doesn’t do 2.1, whatever that is. 

    As you can tell I’m very intelligent on these matters. 

  4. Small update on this. 
    Yesterday I beat up some fella called the four kings. 

    I Havelled up to the back teeth and Leroy Jenkins’d the hell out of them. Not the most elegant of battles, but it seemed to do the trick. I’ve still got no idea what I’m doing. I saved and quit after it. A camp snake with wooden teeth wanted a chat, but time was getting on…


  5. 21 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

    Could see them doing patches for the more popular titles, though.

    Why patch it when you can “remaster” it and sell it back to us?


    *tapping head bloke pic*

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