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    Titanfall 2

    It’s really good. Criminally overlooked.
  2. More stupid things that I shouldn’t enjoy, but love. The inventory management, the wee bombs, soothing the dumb babby, getting cargo home at over 50% gives me a good feeling. I’m always a bit disappointed when I end up arriving with knackered cargo. Also the skin of your teeth BT encounters. Last night I had to drop a load of stuff at a wind farm. I got absolutely reamed by BT’s on the way. Lost my cargo twice, used three repair sprays. One of which was wasted because I was spraying it in the wrong direction! (I’m not a clever man). But even with all these things that in most games would be a no deal, I keep coming back for more. It is weird, but by golly it’s good.
  3. This game is so weird. The silly masks, the barren areas, the stupid baby, the bizarro cut scenes, the energy drinks, the likes, the baddie from Casino Royale, the burnyhot rain! All of it comes together to make a glorious collage of no sense what-so-ever. I love it.
  4. If and when they do branch into VR. I hope they put a camera on the front so that you can flick between game and living room. Trying to to find my beer when I’m playing PSVR gets dangerous.
  5. I’ve just revisited this on pro after enjoying a return to Blood Money. It’s, erm, not a bad game, there’s some great stuff/kills there. It’s just not a great Hitman game. I did enjoy some of the more elaborate kills. Offing an Latex Nun Assassin while dressed as a scarecrow was hilarious. It was also pretty hard at times, with no real way to clear your meter once spotted. Sill it was fun to revisit. And it cost me about £1.70 from eBay so can’t complain.
  6. *EDIT* Hold on does THIS answer my questions? *EDIT* I got this free from Games with Gold. Apologies if this has already been asked. Do I need to download the free Hitman 2 pack and play it through there? Do I then download Hitman 1 through that or, should I download Hitman 1, then download the Hitman 2 free pack thing, or what?
  7. Huey Lewis and the News early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humour. Also Mindjack by feelplus was an awesome game.
  8. It’s a gold hat! Oh glorious day.
  9. I only bought the peasant edition but I have a code. No idea what it’s for. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Too late! Well, every day's a school day I suppose.
  11. You'd need a little VR helmet for your, erm, helmet.
  12. Saying that Batman VR does have a belt if you look down. However it sort of just floats there like a hula hoop, or like you're standing in a barrel if you know what I mean?
  13. @JPL You would need some form of tracker on your arms/back/elbows even. You have a controller in each hand, and the head set on, so there's 3 points of erm, movement (I'm so technical!). The whole point of VR being immersion, those floaty hands and head move exactly the way they do in reality. If however you add arms, you would need some form of tracker to figure how you were moving your elbows/arms. Without that you'd have all sorts of weird glitches and problems. I assume the same for the torso, if for instance you were on a swivel chair, or standing and twisting you'd need something on your torso to line everything up. Without it, it won't feel like "reality". tl;dr - I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  14. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    *Checks eBay prices* ... But seriously, enjoy!
  15. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    *EDIT* Annnd it's gone!* Guys, I have one of these, I ended up with two and promised to offer the other one up here. So, same deal as Paulando £34 delivered. Paypal/BT. It's brand new, I've literally just opened the outer brown box to check it actually was in there, as mine were delivered separately. If anyone here want's it give me a PM and I can get it sent out today.
  16. Nemesis was basically Mr X - The Game. It makes sense, and will appease those who missed the (lack of) city sections in 2. If this follows the same blue print it will take the pant wettery of the Resi 2 remake, and upgrade it to pant shittery.
  17. What part of Australia is this one set in? Also, what's that thing at the end of the trailer, Borealis?
  18. It would be ludicrous to buy a gaming PC and a VR set up for essentially one game. Madness even. Totally unrelated, I’m selling a load of my shit. PM me for details.
  19. The only thing I missed when playing the PS4 versions was the *Clunk-Clunking* of the GD-Rom drive. Weird I know.
  20. In VR, those black head crabs will elicit a hard NOPE from me!
  21. Noice, give us a close up of the watch when you get a mo!
  22. Also, pro-tip for controlling Ryo in the first two games. Hold down the trigger to make him run, and steer him like in a racing game. It makes the tank controls a lot easier to bear.
  23. You probably would enjoy it, but Shenmue is very story led, so you certainly wouldn't get the full picture as it were. You also may not be as erm, forgiving of some of it's more quirky aspects as someone who has played and enjoyed the first two. The remasters are brilliant, cheap, and a great way to play the games on modern hardware. I'd highly recommend grabbing them and getting lost in it for a bit (Don't let modern forensic nitpicking put you off!). They are of their time , but then so is PacMan, Street Fighter 2, Mario 64 etc. Shenmue did a lot of things before they were things (Mini games, games within games, open world, real time cutscenes etc) . If you can appreciate that, you will love them. /*Edit* If you do play them, keep us updated on your thoughts in THIS THREAD.
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