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  1. I'm all in for this one. Hopefully they add a bit of VR stuff to it aswell. It'll save me having to go outside.
  2. I’m pathetic.
  3. I started with Moto GP 2. @Yoshimax used to regularly thrash me at it if I remember correctly. Also Ghost recon island thunder and Rainbow six 3 were firm faves.
  4. Fuck off! There’s no way it’s 20 years old because that would make me at least 40 years o…. Fuck off.
  5. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/ps-vr2/register-to-pre-order/
  6. It'll sell like deep fried heroin to a Glaswegian.
  7. Weird. It’s either the Superman thing or he’s bagged the Bond gig right? It’s probably something to do with the Rock. And if it’s not a Wrestlemania match, well quite frankly I’m not interested.
  8. NDA's aren't to be fucked with. You've got to be a special kind of stupid to break them, especially with the big boys. Of course they're going to have to sue him to high heaven. Tit.
  9. What gas bottles are you looking at? Assuming you have a UK/EU regulator you want Patio Gas. (Green bottle). It’s the same as propane (red bottle) but has a different connection. Red bottle is more for outside heating/catering. Green for BBQs etc. Green is also dearer even though it’s the same thing as red. But you’d need a connection converter thing to use red in your ooni. And as it’s gas I wouldn’t be messing around with that. It’s better to pay the extra tenner IMO. If not then your regulator might be a foreigner. In which case Ooni should replace for you.
  10. I made breakfast burritos and finished them off in the Ooni. “See, it’s not just for pizzas”. He said. In no way trying to justify the purchase…
  11. AstroBot is a given surely? Either way it's going to be great. And by "great" I mean "£500".
  12. I'd wager they're absolutely going to redo the older, more popular titles for it. The controllers wouldn't work with backwards compatibility, and presumably the camera and all the other gumph needs to be taken into account. Either way I'm all in for this, it looks great. Resident evil 4 is coming to it for Christ's sake! I wonder if Valve will throw us a few scraps and give us Alyx, (Is this likely?) I'm very excited, even though the RRP is definitely going to sting the old bottom. I'm guessing at least £399.
  13. Thanks for the tips chaps. In a stroke of expensive luck I’ve managed to snag one of these directly from the PS store, so best I clear some room under the telly. They’re available direct on the PS store as of writing btw.
  14. Available direct. https://direct.playstation.com/en-gb/buy-consoles/playstation5-console
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