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  1. Noice, give us a close up of the watch when you get a mo!
  2. Also, pro-tip for controlling Ryo in the first two games. Hold down the trigger to make him run, and steer him like in a racing game. It makes the tank controls a lot easier to bear.
  3. You probably would enjoy it, but Shenmue is very story led, so you certainly wouldn't get the full picture as it were. You also may not be as erm, forgiving of some of it's more quirky aspects as someone who has played and enjoyed the first two. The remasters are brilliant, cheap, and a great way to play the games on modern hardware. I'd highly recommend grabbing them and getting lost in it for a bit (Don't let modern forensic nitpicking put you off!). They are of their time , but then so is PacMan, Street Fighter 2, Mario 64 etc. Shenmue did a lot of things before they were things (Mini games, games within games, open world, real time cutscenes etc) . If you can appreciate that, you will love them. /*Edit* If you do play them, keep us updated on your thoughts in THIS THREAD.
  4. HL in VR would be pretty super. Of course I can't afford it. Of course it's not going to be true. Of course I'm frantically F5'ing everything about it until December 12th.
  5. "I see"... I actually love the English voice acting. I mean I can see why others don't , but to me it's fabulous, in a sort of Officer Crabtree kind of way.
  6. They eat your rations if you get them on you. I think. *edit* Of course there’s a gigantic backstory to them! https://metalgear.fandom.com/wiki/Wharf_roach
  7. Oh shit son! They actually made it. It exists!
  8. Any news on if this actually is MGS Zero? That’s all I’m concerned about at this stage. I watched a few videos where one guy took a picture, reversed it, flipped it upside down, cut a few bits from it, mirrored them, and the resulting picture looked like it said MGS0 if you squinted while riding on the back of a galloping horse. There was a bit more to the video, but it had me at that bit tbh.
  9. Final Station is meant to be great, and Sherlock must be worth a punt. They’re keeping all the good stuff back for December. Surely...
  10. jimmbob

    Xbox Game Pass

    "This offer is only valid once per customer and the promotional codes expire 15 November 2019" Hmm, anyone took the chance yet?
  11. While I'm here, I was rather concerned about the duel in "A Dance with the Devil", on professional, as pretty much one shot is enough to kill 47. Anyway I did the part where you off Eve (the singer), and took her stiletto. It was then time to find Maynard for the duel in the torture chamber. As he waited in the door way I dropped a coin which made the NPCs move, I then went into the torture chamber and the cut scene didn't trigger because Maynard was outside. I'd read if you have the silenced silverballers you could shoot him to get him inside, and then simply assassinate him before the duel starts. Long story long I'd forgotten my silverballers. I'm stood in the torture chamber and thought I'd try my luck. I threw the stiletto at him thinking it would grab his attention, then I could head butt him to death or whatever. The stiletto killed him outright and he collapsed backwards into the torture chamber and the door shut behind him. I simply walked out, got in the lift and grabbed my suit. Brilliant stuff. I'd like to say it was all planned, but it was more luck than judgement.
  12. And there we a go. A short (almost) decade later. Loved it from start to finish, and it cost me about 2 quid. Brilliant stuff! I’m off to revisit Absolution next, before I see what all the fuss is about with the new stuff. But yeah, give it a go if you’ve not played before, or indeed revisit it. It’s fantastic, and hilarious.
  13. jimmbob

    Xbox Game Pass

    Perhaps it will come to games with gold, maybe? Failing that, as @replicant said it’s 9 quid on the marketplace.
  14. Nine years later, and about 75-ish tries at “The Murder of Crows”. I’ve still got it lads! Jesus, the adrenaline towards the end when you know you haven’t been spotted, but there’s one more guy to sedate before you can nick the brief case. I was shaking like a shitting dog! The first time all the pieces fell into place I forgot my suit and nearly woke the family up with my cursing.
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