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  1. My tracking now says... No scheduled delivery date available at this time. Exciting stuff.
  2. MS will sort out the customs charges. Or at least they did last time I ordered. They ship them over by the crate load, hence the shipping dates always being the same. Either that or they've been nicked. Joke's on them, good luck finding a buyer for a dildo pink Xbox controller engraved with jimmbobRox!1
  3. Iain in the car park and in the middle of the road is hilarious.
  4. Alright David Attenborough.
  5. Yeah, fuck that Fox. He caught me out too.
  6. BB's twitter feed is a glorious mess now. I'm sensing this is going to be Hasan's Ratner moment.
  7. Fantastic. Nothing quite captures the tone of Silent Hill like a gnarly skateboard.
  8. @Chooch did you click on the UK link? I only ask as it’s showing the price in $ in your pic.
  9. I tried rather unsuccessfully to make some movie themed ones. Star Wars. Jaws Indiana Jones Erm... Schindler’s List.
  10. Leiden us up the garden path, more like.
  11. Getting day of the tentacle vibes from the purple.
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