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  1. IOI Have produced a very informative instructional webpage explaining how to easily redeem the different versions of Hitman across the various platforms. I've printed it off to save me some time on release.
  2. @cassidy I had the same problem at first. If I remember rightly I went to the support page, selected I was having trouble installing a game, then was put to the “virtual chat”. That is useless, so after negging every suggestion it threw up it finally put me through to the rewards page. I emailed from there and it worked. If I can find the page again I will link it. It was through this page if that helps. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/contact-us
  3. @retroed Do not pre order it yet! It’s coming back. I emailed them.
  4. I liked Absolution. It’s not a proper Hitman game, but there’s a lot of stuff in it that made its way over to the new trilogy. If the “proper”, Hitman games were a successful TV show, then Absolution would be the inevitable big budget movie spin off. I’ve got an old, dusty 360 copy sitting here. I own the remaster, so If anyone wants it let me know and I will fling it in the post for gratis. It’s backwards compatible.
  5. Well when you put it like that. I’m still confused, but slightly less so. So thank you.
  6. I’ve read it. I don’t understand it, but I’ve read it. I thought the solution would have been a bit more elegant, but at least there’s something in place.
  7. They could be setting up for a remake. Actually, story wise I don’t suppose that would make sense.
  8. This was the only reason I was holding off pre-ordering until the last minute. 6000 points is basically a free fiver for simply ordering a game I was going to get anyway. Marvellous, time to cash in some moon points.
  9. Holy tits, balls and willies! Hitman 3 is released in 10 days lads! I must say I’m rather excited. I never buy games at launch, but for Hitman I will make an exception. IO seem like a great bunch, and much more deserving of our money than some of the more usual (questionable!) suspects.
  10. One’s left. As it were.
  11. It’s a slow burner. Ammo is scarce so be thorough in your searching. Also there’s a lot of stealth required in places. It’s not a run and gun game really, apart from the places where it is of course!
  12. I started playing Death Stranding before lockdown, and became absolutely absorbed in it. I love the atmosphere, the desolation, the Reedus, the Madds and the Babbeh! The slow pace was enjoyable, the production and design is amazing, and it’s simply bonkers from start to finish. There’s nothing quite like it. Rather apt that it became a prediction for the state of the world only three months later! The stand out part for me was the fist time the Low Roar music kicked in and just over the hill you saw your first “city”. It just goes mental from then on, but that was a great introduction.
  13. Me too. Perhaps a new year bonus? Ah well I will take it. @BubbleFish the 5k thing ran out yesterday, but the actual sale goes on until tomorrow I believe.
  14. See, stuff like that is why Valve, when they give a shit are just top of the tree. Sigh, maybe one day Gabe will do a George Lucas and flog the lot to Disney or something. We’d have more Half Lives and Portals than you could shake a baby Yoda at then.
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