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  1. Order from Currys arrived today, just need some games
  2. Thanks bubblefish. I left a 30k tip for you
  3. aes1984

    Pokemon Go

    My friend needs some new Pokémon friends for the special research her friend code is:- 547379260637 Thanks :-)
  4. aes1984

    Pokemon Go

    My wife needs three friends to complete the research feel free to add her:- 5684 9889 7266
  5. aes1984

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks for the add DJ. If anyone else wants to add me my code is:- 6677 6469 2157
  6. aes1984

    Pokemon Go

    My wife needs a new friend to complete the jump start research task if anyone can help her. Her friend code is 568498897266
  7. aes1984

    Pokemon Go

    I need a friend for the special research if someone would like to add me :-) 6677 6469 2157
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