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  1. I guess so. My main objection really though is once you start having stop clocks you create more breaks and suddenly we have quarters and advert stoppages and before you know it a 60 minute match lasts 3 hours and we are subjected to a million adverts and shite. All I'm saying is "be careful what you wish for." VAR should have demonstrated that.
  2. Because it would mess with TV broadcaster's schedules too much is the key reason I imagine. Seeing the disaster of VAR though, I'd be very wary of making any further fundamental changes to the sport. Just leave it as it is.
  3. I think they should replace VAR with more on field officials like NFL. If they see an offense, throw in a yellow flag, then discuss, and ref announces the decision on field over the tannoy. No on field flags, the play is good. All VAR has done is shift the debate rather than eliminate it and made it a worse watching experience.
  4. Are you trying to buy a sentient toilet or something??
  5. Forward play in this tournament is fucking killing me. They know you score goals by putting the ball between the three white bar things not over them, right?
  6. I can't believe Japan aren't going to get out of this group. I think they are allergic to being able to control the ball in the final third.
  7. When you think about it the parallels with current West Ham situation are uncanny: A manager with a wealth of credit in the bank slowly squandering it as they struggle to utilise squads with a ton of attacking talent. A set of players who don't get their heads up, take too many touches, and always look backwards or sideways rather than take any risks.
  8. It is what I know! It is all very West Ham isn't it.
  9. I actually loved the fact he was clearly much, much happier with the 0-0 than the 6-2. Put me firmly back in the Southgate camp. It would be so fucking funny if we shithouse our way to a WC final with a succession of 0-0s and Foden, let alone Maddison, never get on the pitch. Southgate rubbing his hands with glee this morning knowing we now don't need to win any more games in open play to bring it home.
  10. Exactly so the hysterical English over reaction this morning is completely absurd. If he wants to Southgate can still absolutely play his second string against Wales, it makes no difference and Wales are utterly dire anyway. I distinctly remember before the tournament every podcaster and pundits calling England vs USA as an utter grindfest and now why are they acting surprised?
  11. If any of us were managing England, we'd be snatching 3-3 draws, occasionally thumping Argentina for no discernable reason one minute, and then inexplicably getting knocked out by Costa Rica the next. So basically how every other previous England manager has done. And deep down I think a sizeable contingent of England fans miss that. They miss the chaos and the arguments and the WAGs and all of it. Not me though, it was fucking awful.
  12. It is a much of a muchness whether we win the group or not, none of Netherlands, Senegal, or Ecuador have looked great to be honest.
  13. The ITV post mortem is a bit farcical to be honest. How was it a "massive missed opportunity"? Agree with Ian Wright, just relax.
  14. I tell you what if nothing else it improves your brush control because getting contrast in the wrong area is an absolute pain in the arse.
  15. Is that using 100% contrast paints or a mix of different paints?
  16. Ha knew that would reverse jinx a Ghana goal.
  17. Apart from France, Spain and England, the decision making in the final third has been fucking abysmal in this tournament so far.
  18. I didn't like the "wait 48 hours for it to dry" part, otherwise I'd give it a go. Pleasingly old school though. Tbh with the right colour scheme you could just slap Agrax all over it and that would be my personal "speed painting" recommendation.
  19. I don't really care about all the youtube drama or whatever to be honest and I am not trying this technique for internet cool points or whatever other nonsense. I literally happened to watched a short Duncan Rhodes video that popped into my timeline about it and thought I'd give it a go.
  20. Yeah agreed, have done a bit more today what I am discovering is that for some areas of the mini and depending on the contrast paint, it has actually worked quite well but then for most of the rest of the mini I'm going to have to revert to a non-contrast paint technique and overall to get it to a standard where it doesn't bug the shit out of me forever, it all needs various degrees of highlighting and additional glazing. So ultimately it has saved me no time whatsoever and the results are probably inferior! But hey ho there is only one way to learn, through experimentation.
  21. That is a beautiful army. I understand what you are saying but also you are an exceptional painter, very very few other people can get the results you do even if they took a week, let alone 2-4 hours! I don't think there is anything wrong with speed and efficiency as a goal, it depends what your priorities are, there is more to the hobby than painting. And it is fine to have a technique and to try to perfect that technique, but also I am exceptionally comfortable with my GW template of base -> wash -> highlight(s) and maybe trying different things will give me new ideas or find something that is better.
  22. Not to be cynical, but do they genuinely do that themselves or do they have an army of people who did it for them? Maybe it doesn't matter.
  23. Ok maybe wires crossed here as I wasn't really arguing that there is anything fundamentally wrong with contrast paints, in fact they are supposedly the best use of them with this type of underpainting as you say. My point was GW say you should slap them over a wraithbone undercoat and leave it at that whereas you seem to get better results with them using underpainting. Which is why I was interested in trying them out. I think fundamentally I need to improve my drybrush technique and find the contrast colours that work best to get most out of slapchop/grisaille/underpainting/whatever it is being called this week.
  24. I think the "difference" with this is not the use of the grisaille technique per se, but that it is pairing it with the off the shelf GW contrast or equivalent paints rather than traditional glazes or washes over the underpainting which is no good for painting large amounts of uniform minis if you need to custom mix everything. That is the "speed" part. Without those paints, it isn't really a "speed" technique I suppose. That's the theory anyway. Part of it is finding a way for these contrast paints to maximise their potential as they are interesting paints but the way GW would have you use them doesn't really give that nice an effect unless you really don't care that much.
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