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  1. Oxenfree This is a bad, bad game, even for the 89p I paid for it in the eShop. It does look nice, but the acting, the dialogue, the absurd length of the loading screens (apparently not a Switch specific thing but common to other versions as well) just killed it. Surprised as I was under the impression it was quite well rated.
  2. It is an absolute fucking nonsense and it is obvious some teams could take advantage. Most obviously if you have key players out for AFCON or you are desperate to strengthen in the transfer window, it makes total sense to try to push fixtures back to when those signings/players are available. Now it is impossible to say whether that is happening or not but that is mainly down to the lack of transparency. I'd love to know for example what the definition of an "injury" is and how that is demonstrated to and verified by the Premier League.
  3. Honestly I hate those confected ragers on Sky Sports, they are fun for a minute or two, but then they get pointless and embarrassing quite quickly. That Souness and Carragher blow up was a prime example, just incredibly awkward and weird television. If as a fan you genuinely feel that level of aggression and emotion after a negative result, you need to step away and reflect on your relationship with the game, but the way that Sky Sports present it as if this is a usual and typical way to react to sport, is incredibly unhealthy imo.
  4. Bloodborne Dark Souls Zelda: BotW Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dragon Quest XI
  5. Listen now you can argue with Rangnick's methods, but you can't argue with his 2011 DFB-Pokal winners medal.
  6. ChewMagma

    The Man Utd Thread

    Edit: shit wrong thread.
  7. I don't have any notable gaming achievements really, I'm a bang average gamer for the most part, but one that I enjoy remembering, I was round a friend's for an NYE get together and early in the evening we decided to do a pass-the-controller-when-you-die session of Bloodborne - I started and did not have to pass the controller until I died to Vicar Amelia, which I guess took about an hour or so. Not that impressive but I was several beers in when we started. Following year we tried to do it again with Dark Souls but embarrassingly couldn't get past the first boss lmao.
  8. I loved this but I was really not very good at it.
  9. One thing, which maybe applies to all teams, but which you really notice with your own club (in my case West Ham) is how many basic stats about your team that comms gets slightly or wholly wrong or mixed up. I don't know if that is because West Ham have historically not had the same attention as bigger clubs or if they are bullshitting across the board because I don't care or know enough to recognise when stats for other teams are incorrect but it really sticks out for your own team and makes you wonder what else they are getting totally wrong.
  10. I enjoy McCoist, Emma Hayes, Ian Wright, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville on comms/pundit duties but the fact that not even the people itt can agree that Lee Dixon is terrible shows how subjective it all is. Even someone like Matterface can be ok on radio, but make you want to fire him into the sun when he does ITV. Personally I prefer pundits who seem to at least enjoy themselves over the usual misery guts. Give me Micah Richards any day over Danny Murphy. I do enjoy the broadcast/punditry aspects of the coverage and I can't really get behind the mentality of "I just turn the game on a minute before kick-off and prefer crowd noise" I must say. I find it interesting in all sports, even when I think they are talking nonsense. It is entertainment at the end of the day, some people take this stuff too seriously.
  11. Radio is normally as much as a minute in front of most streaming services ime, so unless you have a way of pausing live radio, you are shit out of luck.
  12. 2014 called, it wants its discourse back.
  13. I'm a West Ham fan and even I wouldn't put Antonio in there. Has he watched him play at all in the last 2 months?
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