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  1. If they got anyone, I reckon it would be The Expanse writers. They're friends/proteges of GRRM.
  2. Don't think it was that complicated, they just hid among the other refugees. Guards were a bit too overwhelmed at that point to be checking papers.
  3. Yeah me too if it is any consolation
  4. Another excellent episode, I haven't enjoyed a GoT season this much since season 4. No idea how they can wrap it all up in the remaining screen time though. An aside, never noticed the similiarities between Rains of Castermere and the World at War theme until that episode.
  5. Not really sure how butchering the entire cast and then going "welp it's a metaphor for climate change innit?" could be construed as a satisfactory ending. Personally I'd be asking myself why I bothered investing any time in these characters (which I was doing after they killed about half the cast in the Sept).
  6. I struggle with this idea that the mess of the show, if that is how you choose to see it, is solely the fault of the showrunners and if only we just allowed GRRM to write the scripts/finish the books all would be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. After the initial trilogy, GRRM did not know how to proceed at all - he had created these characters and the broad brushstrokes of the plot, but he had no idea how to get to the finish line and wrote himself further and further into the weeds. From what I can tell he was thoroughly sick of the whole thing, and more interested in other projects, but for whatever reason he felt compelled to try and keep going. He may have told DnD "this is how it ends" but he had no more clue how to get there than they did. I strongly, strongly doubt that he will either finish the books (because he would be effectively writing his own fan fiction at this point) or that he particularly objects to what they did with it. The television ending is canon to all intents and purposes. I also struggle with this idea that the books or television could ever have been high art to be mentioned in the same breath as Shakespeare and Van Gogh or ever had the potential to be. Yes within the genre, GRRM pulled off something quietly refreshing, stepping outside the template of LotR to create a kind of made-up historical fiction, but I think you have to be wearing astonishingly rose-tinted glasses to elevate it beyond that. Aside from LotR, Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, and possibly Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea Quartet, I struggle to think of any fantasy series that really could be considered from that perspective. As for the television show, it is a tremendous, ambitious feat of technical prowess that put something on screen that many, including myself, thought impossible, but it never rises above its source material. Whatever its faults, they are because of its source material, not despite it.
  7. Wishing someone out of existence because they didn't write the dumb fantasy books you like to your exact specifications. Please.
  8. ChewMagma

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    It does look pretty good actually, might be handy for avoiding some of the tedious base coating. As someone who almost exclusively enjoys the painting aspect of the hobby, it makes me wonder if it is too easy though - you're reducing the painting down to prime + slap on a coat of this stuff. I suppose you can then build your highlights in the normal way, but it remains to be seen if this is their new "system" or just another handy tool.
  9. ChewMagma

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Basically seems like a dip you put straight over the basecoat to get an acceptable looking tabletop ready model. Not for me, but be interesting to see if there are more sophisticated uses for it.
  10. I think they are all prequel shows though. Downer?? I've been Team Cersei since she blew the fuck out of that sept. The ONLY character who knows what the fuck they are doing at this point. I'm sure Jon will do something incredibly dumb though and win regardless. Failing that I'd settle for a Sansa victory.
  11. What is the alternative though? I suppose they could flash up a subtitle saying "4 months pass..." or something. Or they could pad the series out for another 3 or 4 episodes while everyone marches and counter-marches across Westeros, but these characters are right at the end of their arcs now, people would be rightly moaning about padding. I'm not sure the creators could win here. The only time it has really irked me was when:

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