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  1. I don't mind admitting that I fully love the dice rolling, confrontational, cut throat, overly complex, over long, thematic board game (what people used to disparagingly refer to as Ameritrash) - I love, love rolling with the punches, letting the dice fall where they may, and utterly, mercilessly back stabbing people until they vow to never play the game against me again. Unfortunately the people I tend to play with these days are very, very much of the opposite mindset! They love games that are about maximising efficiency, limited levels of chance, and minimal opportunities to interact with your opponents. Fun in their own way I suppose but *sigh*.
  2. Played Scythe at the weekend, which is probably old hat to everyone here, but I enjoyed it. Particularly impressed by the way it managed to make individual turns fast whilst still being a long game. That said there was a part of me that resented being tricked into playing a worker placement Eurogame by the promise of the mech miniatures and the aesthetic/setting.
  3. Dark Souls 3 I was a huge fan of Dark Souls, multiple playthroughs, completed all the DLC. Dark Souls 2 I platinumed. Bloodborne is my favourite game of all time probably, again did all the DLC and got the platinum (to put that in context DS2 and Bloodborne are the only games I've ever platinumed). But yeah I've tried to play DS3 at least twice now, got maybe halfway through before losing interest. Can't really explain why except maybe I'm just burnt out on the format.
  4. ChewMagma

    Disco Elysium

    The RPG mechanics actually detract from it in some ways. They are fun for the first playthrough where you just roll with the punches, but second time round if you have like an 80%+ shot at passing a check and you fail, you end up reloading cos you just want to see new content rather than replaying it endlessly. Plus the constant juggling of outfits gets a bit silly, particularly as there is no sort function on the stats. It would be good to give player the option of auto-passing if your stats are over a certain threshold.
  5. ChewMagma

    Disco Elysium

    Finished my second playthrough and I'm back to thinking this is really, really good actually. I think it does help to think of it as a very complex point and click with multiple branching routes to the ending rather than a CRPG though.
  6. ChewMagma

    Disco Elysium

    Yeah I'm on my second playthrough and it does feel like a bit smoke and mirrors to be honest. You can change the journey a fair amount but ultimately the destination doesn't change in any meaningful sense and it is a very small gameworld (bit naughty for the developers to claim this was "open world" in any meaningful sense). Skill checks on subsequent playthroughs just end up feeling a bit frustrating to be honest once you know what the outcomes can be. So not a 10 from me, but certainly an 8, everyone should play it at least once, and probably will feature in my top 10 for the year.
  7. ChewMagma

    Disco Elysium

    It has a very immersive and original (in the context of CRPGs at least) aesthetics/setting, a heavy/exclusive focus on non-combat mechanics, and in many ways feels like a point and click that has been 'evolved' into a hyper-detailed RPG. I can't comment on text size as I'm just playing on laptop where it is fine - but if this is an issue for you I'd do some research because there is a LOT of reading (it is almost a text adventure with a pretty GUI).
  8. ChewMagma

    Disco Elysium

    Been playing this all day, it is incredible. How Eurogamer and Kotaku got a bit sniffy about it, I have no idea. Even if it arguably has some flaws, it is so bold and interesting in so many ways, that it demands people's attention.
  9. This list commits two cardinal errors: it is boring and it doesn't include Animal Crossing.
  10. ChewMagma

    Dungeon Crawls

    I really loved Wizardry 8 - bastard hard science fantasy mash-up.
  11. Congrats - Bloodborne and Dark Souls II are the only games I have ever bothered/managed to Platinum. I was very, very close to doing Monster Hunter: World, but got completely sick of trying to get the Crown achievement.
  12. Yeah I remember loving these comics when I read them a few years ago, but re-reading them now, they are really mostly excruciating, particularly the non-stop homophobic slurs. I still enjoy his runs on Hitman and Punisher though.
  13. Point taken on the arse jokes, but.. Not a big deal obviously, but just bugged me!
  14. Big fan of the comics, watched the first two episodes so far, really enjoying it, but could someone explain:
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