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  1. They are letting people play it for free from the eShop between 23rd September and something like 29th September I believe, if you want to give it a go (I will be, haven't played one since Disgaea 1, which was a lot of fun!).
  2. I don't get launch consoles generally but my plan is probably to buy a Series S and then look at getting a disc PS5 maybe in 12 months because: 1. A new console will cheer me up. 2. I haven't had an Xbox since 360 so I can catch up on what I missed on that side. 3. Gamepass seems like really good value. 4. I'm not going to spend £70 on Demon's Souls out the gate and the rest of the launch lineup doesn't appeal or I can play on my PS4. 5. I may be overthinking it but I am concerned that Brexit/ongoing economic situation is going to increase price and/or scarcity of ANY consoles so I want to get something now before that happens. 6. PS Plus collection doesn't seem like good value given I have already played the bulk of exclusives on PS4. (7. The PS5 is ugly as sin and possibly won't fit in my TV unit) The only thing making me hesitate is that long term I am much much more interested in Sony exclusives and going back to point 5 above, I am concerned that in 12 months a PS5 will either be scarce or more expensive. Please tell me why this isn't a good plan.
  3. Was set on one of these but now I'm confused as shit: Putting aside the 4K resolution whatever the fuck shite, if I buy an Xbox Series S will I be able to do the following? 1. Play every next gen game that comes out between now and whenever this gen ends? 2. Play every Xbox One game that has been released? 3. Play every Xbox 360 game that has been released? Thanks!
  4. I don't know if it just because I haven't played an FPS for a while but this game gives me motion sickness. Very cool though.
  5. I enjoyed the first one but just ran out of steam on the second one tbh.
  6. What is the deal with Advance Wars btw? Was the series a poor seller in Japan?
  7. Into the Breach is a very different game to Advance Wars, it is hard to compare. They aren't remotely trying to do the same thing aside from being turn-based.
  8. Do I mean 16 bit or pixel art? I dunno, like Hyper Light Drifter is what I mean.
  9. Finished Children of Morta today. It's a lootless Diablo-esque rogue-lite with 16 bit graphics. The USP is that rather than having one character you have 7 you can pick from each with unique abilities/playstyles. You level up collectively and individually and that carries over between runs. The Good - gorgeous 16 bit graphics - nice variety of characters - decent if not mindblowing combat - fun side missions The Bad - dull story, ponderously told with cutscenes that pop up on death just when you want to start the next run. - becomes a grind towards the end. There is a mechanic to stop you just playing as the same character every time but it just pads things out. - 7 characters is probably too many with a large number of abilities that you don't really need to master. The Ugly - final cutscene glitched out after I beat the final boss and was just a black screen with voiceover. Overall I'd give it a 3/5, worth a spin if you are really into Diablo type stuff but maybe give it a miss otherwise.
  10. Sorry for being thick, but do you get both games as separate games on this that you pick to play or have they amalgamated both games together in some way?
  11. On 1st April they release Super Mario 3D All Stars+ Deluxe with Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  12. Where do I pre-order a physical copy? Why is this limited to 31st March 2021?
  13. Overland is a hard as nails turn based survival game where the aim is to escape every screen rather than kill enemies. It is somewhat reminiscent of Into the Breach in that every battle is more like a puzzle than a strategic battle, however it is less tightly made than that game and didn't have the compulsive one more go feel. I ended up playing 3 or 4 runs but then lost interest - I didn't enjoy feeling like you were completely struggling against it on every screen with often what felt like no good options.
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