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  1. How is everyone farming materials for Talismans post update 2.0? I was doing the fight over and over which generally with randos takes 10-15 mins but maybe wondering if there is a more efficient approach with new quests/monsters/materials? What do you do? p.s. what is spoiler etiquette itt now? Can we openly talk about late game monsters from the base game? From 2.0?
  2. I think you all need to chill out and expend this time and energy on gitting gud at some videogames in all honesty
  3. Oh interesting I stand corrected then. Tbf this would sell me a PS5.
  4. No chance, the Japanese market is totally dominated by Switch and mobile now, PS5 sales have been abysmal over there. I think the loop in World was identical really, it just was hung off a slightly more involved narrative. If anything Rise is more straighforward and accessible than World. To appeal to real hardcore fans, they'd have to bring back paintballs, gathering tools, survival drinks, remove hit numbers etc etc. I really don't see Rise or any future game doing any of that. I suppose Sony could throw a lot of money at them in hopes that maybe it would shift some P
  5. Yeah I have been seriously thinking about going back to Iceborne or even having another go at MHGU but I think the movement is going to make it hard to go back, kind of like how Bloodborne made it difficult for me to go back to the Dark Souls games.
  6. Anyway I feel like the reception to this one has been curiously muted on this forum, even though it has sold very well and I personally think it is better than World - just having it handheld is so much better. Seems to me there was more excitement on here around World and possibly even the 3DS games though. Just my imagination or has this one not quite hit home on here like World did?
  7. I think the new content is really good but as with every other stage of the game the core gameloop doesn't change: you kill monsters in order to wear their skin so you can kill monsters more efficiently. If that isn't your bag - and everyone hits a point with MH where they think "ok I'm done" - then absolutely just stop playing it, it is fine, you don't have to justify it to anyone.
  8. It really doesn't take long to move up your HR. It was an incredible update imo but nevermind.
  9. I thought it was a decent enough ending to the season but I'm assuming they will do another season at some point, they seemed to be teeing it up with enough further hooks at the end.
  10. Isn't this exactly the point of this thread though, encouraging people not to drop £70 on a game out of FOMO that they are just going to hoard?
  11. I mean Gorf is kind of right, but also £70 is a lot of fucking money so who knows really. I buy and play a lot of games, if they all cost £70, I'd be buying a lot less and less developers would be getting my money, whether it was your one man indie outfit or your Naughty Dogs. Similarly, I like to buy vinyl. The price of vinyl is now absurd. I buy about 5 records a year tops and only stuff I have heard and consider a stone cold classic. I'm not chancing my money on anything else. It might be good in this instance that a small developer has put out a game that appears to be a stone
  12. I wasn't too fussed about this and had almost forgotten I had it in on pre-order, but I'm excited now, reviews look really good.
  13. Yep just use a USB C ethernet adaptor.
  14. Cheers, looks like what I am after.
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