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  1. ChewMagma

    Glastonbury 2019

    Meanwhile though...
  2. ChewMagma

    Glastonbury 2019

    No it isn't https://www.soundonsound.com/people/matt-cox-midi-tech-chemical-brothers
  3. My wife took about 80 hours to finish the main quest line, get to level 50 and unlock all the stuff you needed to do for the DLC.
  4. ChewMagma

    Glastonbury 2019

    I can strongly endorse Low's set
  5. Excellent, i will def jump back in if they introduce new characters
  6. I must have played 40-50 hrs of this in slightly over a week. I managed victories with all characters and also got Ironclad to ascension 3 and the Silent to ascension 2. Might step back from it now though as it is making me a bit crazy (also my eyesight is going with the tiny text lol). I didn't manage to defeat the Heart yet, which is a bit of a regret, but I'm not sure I can go through the repetition of battling through with what seems to be a a great build for an hour and a half only to fall again at the final hurdle. Still excellent, highly recommended, perfect fit for Switch. Do they have any plans for expansions or additional characters?
  7. That is a gorgeous miniature - very tempted if I didn't have a stack of GW stuff on my plate already.
  8. And...first Defect victory after 4 attempts. Don't understand why the Silent was such a roadblock, 20+ hours to get my first victory. Maybe I will just have one more go...
  9. I'm playing this so much I think it is actually making me physically ill. I might have to get a victory with the Defect and then call it a day. My every waking moment is spent playing or thinking about this stupid game.
  10. Finally completed a run with the Silent (15th attempt!!). So tense, had the Donut duo at the end, went for a Shiv build (Infinite Blades, Accuracy+, 3 x Blade Dance+, 3 x Cloak and Dagger+, A Thousand Cuts+, Storm of Steel+ with some random defence cards plus the Wristblade relic), very touch and go, fingers crossed that Accuracy and A Thousand Cuts come out early, then spamming as many shivs as you can before your HP runs out. I was down to my final 10 HP and only a judicious Dex potion gave me one more round to finish the job. Very relieved! On to the Defect...
  11. Timely: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jun/08/which-budget-turntable-amp-speakers-new-used-vinyl
  12. Season 1 of JJ I really enjoyed and Daredevil had a couple of decent arcs (mainly when Punisher was in it), but everything else I watched was deathly dull and so po-faced. Episodes and seasons were too long with so much filler. I hate when they do 60 minute episode just because they can - utterly bloated storytelling.
  13. I have mostly been enjoying this (episode 1 and episode 4 were particularly good) and find it fairly thought-provoking, but there is a definite unevenness in the plotting. Have a horrible feeling the ending is going to be totally daft though.
  14. I've had one crash which resulted in having to replay a fight, but otherwise not had any other issues of note - I've only played in handheld mode with joycons attached so far though.
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