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  1. Flying… Flight Simulator (1982) Flight Simulator 2000 Flight Simulator 2020 Yeah, it’s come on a little bit
  2. Yes. Or no. Depending on whether you like it. Or not. I think if you like relatively aimless open ended stuff with loads of systems to grasp its prob worth a bash. They seem to have made it less aimless and clunky so why not give it a go!
  3. It’s been too hot to play for ages, stupid PC. Can’t wait for the temp to drop a bit so I can fly again
  4. Yeah I undervolted my 3080FE shortly after I bought it (and opened it up and replaced the crappy thermal pads it came with) and it massively reduced energy consumption and heat whilst keeping the performance pretty much identical. Well worth doing.
  5. I like this. Going to suggest this to my wife. We’re both pretty good at doing the split of solo and shared pursuits but choosing movies is a bloody nightmare.
  6. Booted this up again after an extended break, early on in the second act, and although the PC version was always OK it’s lovely to play for a few hours and get no crashes, wonky physics or stuttering, just a great game. Still find a lot of the mechanics a bit baffling but I’m just going to bash through a bunch of side missions and gigs to remember how to play than crack on with the story. Only downer is my PC turns the living room in to a sauna after a few hours in this heat
  7. Ah ok. Got to fly to Vancouver in August and was thinking this might be a good thing to make the flight more interesting.
  8. I was not looking forward to season four really, seasons two and three had their moments but it felt like it was running out of steam a bit. But this one grabbed me from the start. Thought the kids were amazing as usual, loved the introduction of Eddie and Max actor was astonishing. Yeah, excited for the final season now.
  9. Not much really, I don’t use the default MSFS configurator on PC as there are better third party alternatives. Definitely set up plane specific profiles outside the standard control surfaces, get some good camera shortcuts in place, try and map the controls that you need at hand for critical phases of the flight (eg taking off and landing). I have things like flaps, autopilot etc under my fingers/thumbs. Main thing is just have fun with the increased control, having a proper throttle is by far the biggest positive IMO
  10. @Boozy The Clown which one did you go for. Having a decent controller makes such a difference, adds so much to the immersion.
  11. Very much looking forward to moving later in the year, will finally have the space to acquire my Dads stereo that my Mum has been keeping for me. Quad pre & power amp and speakers and a lovely Thorens deck. It sounds glorious.
  12. End of June… 1. OlliOlli World (£15) 2. Elden Ring (£38) 3. Death Stranding Directors Cut Upgrade (£8) 4. Kodiak 100 Plane for MSFS2020 (£30) 5. BAe 146 plane for MSFS (£50) 6. Satisfactory (£14) Using various vouchers and being on sale meant I could get this, big fan of factory games and had my eye on this for a while and it’s EXCELLENT. Being first person means you can build insanely complex, vertical structures and being in the middle of a complex factory means you can really appreciate what you’ve built. Still in early access but it’s rock solid, the map is enormous, varied and beautiful and once you unlock more of the cosmetic building structures you can make some pretty incredible buildings. Worth a punt
  13. Just watching the last 30 minutes of the set this evening. Seem to have got something in my eyes, but of dust or some hay fever, must be…
  14. Finally catching the Macca set today. Had a big smile on my face the whole way through so far, great to see an old pro smash out of the park, and boy he’s still got it.
  15. Well I don’t know what to say. Thank god Jo Wiley was there at the end to sum it up fucking shittily for me
  16. Fuck me this is incredible. Just keeps building in intensity and emotion and power.
  17. Also, love his trousers. And his dancers
  18. When is Kendrick kicking off on live coverage? Delay again? ignore
  19. Highlights for me, Kendrick aside (we’ll see), is Khruangbin/Leon Bridges, Eilish, Idles and Confidence Man I think. Seems like a really strong and diverse line up this year. Not too much indie grok.
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