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  1. Urea-lly messed up this time Ry
  2. Hrm, just had an issue with my CX screen intermittently flickering black, for less than a second at a time. Restarting didn’t fix, but unplugging/replugging the HDMI cable seems to have resolved it for now. Is this something to do with the TV firmware issues with Gsync? Did a bit of digging online and this seems to be the case but I know you guys are more knowledgeable.
  3. The touches in this are really impressive, maybe coming from last gen, but things like the volumetric clouds casting real shadows really add to the atmosphere. It’s a very pretty game.
  4. After reading a couple of comments on here about undervolting, and my case not having great airflow decided to experiment a bit this morning. So far dropped to 860mv with about 1900mhz clock rate and I’ve knocked about 10 degrees off the temp playing AC:Valhalla. Feels very stable so might be a bit more headroom but already much better, and quieter. Cool
  5. I think it supports up to eight devices (controllers, compatible headsets, etc)
  6. Got my 3080 on Monday. Forza Horizon 4 at 120fps blew my mind. AC Valhalla since Tuesday doing the same. Mentally preparing for how good Cyberpunk 2077 is going to look
  7. Booted it up this evening. Everything is dark and murky. Grrrr.
  8. I think I’m either blind, easily pleased or it’s working for me but with HDR on this has been pretty jaw dropping so far. Maybe will try with HDR turned off to see if it’s off, but hrm looks great. Game is struggling to maintain 60fps with everything turned up to 11 so have tweaked a few settings down with no discernible impact aside from rocketing up to 80+ FPS. My proper intro to PC gaming since getting my GPU on Monday has been revelatory. It’s so smooth to play, and such a beautiful image. And the game so far is great - made it to England and I’m merrily plundering mona
  9. In the first shot it looks like a monster with long red legs is chilling angrily on your GPU
  10. Clean reinstall seems to have fixed everything. Thanks @yashiro - that setting did the job
  11. Yeah I tried that and then it put vertical black borders on the screen. Seemed to do the same when I manually switched to 120hz in the game. Reinstalled the drivers and that seemed to fix it in AC - haven’t checked the windows settings again though. What a palaver.
  12. For some reason windows thinks my screen is 60hz. Overrode it in the AC options and problem fixed. Weird
  13. Hrm, just booted up Assassins Creed and getting weird tearing artificers when moving the camera. Vsync on, uncapped frame rate. Not sure why. Any ideas?
  14. Facking hell too many games. Would love to have a bash on this but need more dayhours. I’ll add any gamer tags and download for future reference if that’s ok. Will undoubtedly play in the next few days
  15. Read through this, currently in the market for a PC headset to provide decent surround sound and chat. Steelseries came up in my research but some of these X models seem very Xbox centric. What’s the best bet for PC?
  16. @idiwa Those telegram links above are the way to go. Get it installed on your desktop, make sure your Scan account is all set up with address, etc. And then wait. Last week they went in about 3-4 minutes so you need to be quick, but definitely possible
  17. spanx

    Xbox Game Pass

    Forza Horizon 4 at 4K and 120 FPS is legit jaw dropping. I love Game Pass. And Tetris Effect Connected on the way too. Thats a nice surprise.
  18. So, got my CoD and Geforce Now codes from Scan. CoD.. meh, I'll give it a go as it's free, but what exactly *is* Geforce Now. It seems to be a PS Now type streaming service for your Steam library? Does it come with games? Bit confused. Anyway, so far my shiny new GPU has mainly been hijacked by my girlfriend to render all her design concepts for her course. Gaming starts now.
  19. Yeah that was my understanding. The MAIN thing you need to ensure is that the pump isn’t sitting at the top of the loop. On my set up it sits about mid-way up the height of the radiator, so the top of the radiator is where the air bubble should settle. The only slight secondary consideration is when the radiator is pipes up, the air bubble might end up (either due to manufacture or permeation/evaporation) causing noise where they connect to the rad. Something like that anyway
  20. Well I have a free code thanks to a purchase earlier in the year. And a fancy new GPU. Looks like I'll give it a chance. I really hope it's as good as Odyssey.
  21. I think there's a bit of cargo culting going on with the radiator orientation, but my take after watching the Gamers Nexus vids on it was that it prob won't make much difference, but it'll likely be quieter, and in the long term as the liquid permeates will probably perform a little bit better. As the pipes reach fine I went with it
  22. The front fans on the rad are intake - just used the static pressure fans that came with the cooler/rad. Run them pretty low as this case works best with negative pressure to keep things cool. CPU stays around 30-35c idle.
  23. Question, any after market replacements for that fugly 12-pin adaptor thing? It’s ruining my aesthetics man.
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