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  1. Also really looking forward to more exciting download chat. It’s going to be download chat nirvana here about 6:05. I am expecting gold.
  2. I’m getting really excited to play this. Planning on giving campaign a good blast to orient myself with controls, then spend some time embarrassing myself online by repeatedly dying with no kills. Are people on the forum teaming up much or mainly just rolling solo?
  3. And Trueno get. A couple of those seasonal championships were a total bast, but I lucked out with a good team in the trial and side it. now, back to those time trials
  4. Question is, play this as soon as it lands. Or save it for my two week Christmas holiday with nothing to do.
  5. Conversely, this has been much more solid on PC since the patch. Not had a single crash or issue over the weekend. Almost managed to 3* all the drift PR events yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Next up I need to get over my dislike of those bloody a->b dashes smashing through bloody trees and try and get a few done. They're so irritating though
  6. I’m absolutely loving getting back in to AC over the last week or so. Playing it much more like intended (30-60 minutes a day) than when I horribly overdid it last spring, and just letting it flow. Still got quite a few gaps in my insect/fish collection, and almost no art from Redd but must admit just being happy with the gaps and pleasantly surprised when I get something new is a much healthier way to play (for me anyway) Hurrah for AC. And especially for the community of players on here.
  7. @StumpyJohn thank you for the tractor and milk bucket thingy! Nice surprise
  8. From what I can tell, nothing aside from warm feeling of progression and, erm, going up the leaderboard. And goes towards your club accolade score
  9. I’ve chucked down a time for each class to get started, and managed to accumulate about 25k accolade points whilst doing so!
  10. Oh go on, never done this before. Not sure I even have anything in my wish list.
  11. Going to have a crack at this today. Think I’ll start at D level cars and work my way up.
  12. Thank you sir! Been in bed all day with this sodding cold so treated myself to the DLC. How bloody delightful is that!
  13. Greetings all, I wonder if anyone might have farm related items they may have spare recipes for or have for sale if they may perchance be up for sending them to me?? Aside from a scarecrow I appear to have nothing
  14. Just finishing up the third episode. Utterly captivating, and like others have said, fuck me how intensively creative was that three or four week period. Just seeing and hearing songs I’ve grown up with just forming out of little jams and hummed melodies and noises in the place of words. It blew my mind. And Paul’s hair looks lovely.
  15. Up for time trials obvs. Fully expecting to be shamed but love the approach of maximising club accolade gains
  16. A great example of a game I’d have never considered without the forum turning my head. It’s really good fun right? I’m stinking rotten with a cold so can only handle 30 minute blasts but it’s hooked me in pretty quickly. Also spectacular looking with all the RTX shit turned up to max.
  17. Who could help me out getting some plants to grow ingredients? Or has whatshername selling today? Need to figure out which area to clear out a bit to make space. Which will be tricky, I’d forgotten just how much I built last year
  18. Booted this up the first time in well over a year. Was nice to see the place wasn’t horribly weed covered (probably because the whole place was covered in flowers from my blue rose adventure). Feel a bit thick (got a stinking cold and my brain is not in a great way), so have completely forgotten how to play, but it was nice to revisit the old place. Any cool things I’d have missed that are worth a look.
  19. Is that the team Trial one? There’s a couple of good McLaren Senna tunes that make that pretty easy (assuming you can find a team of like minded souls)
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