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  1. Wondering how you're getting your temp so low. I'm running Assassins Creed maxed out at 4k at ~60-70fps (admittedly that's taxing it more than you are), and even undervolted with fans at 50-60% it's over 70 degrees. I assume that's still more than fine operating temp seeing as it doesn't throttle until 83, but I'd love to run it cooler. Mind you, then new Noctua fans I fitted have at least meant although it's still warm, it's quieter.
  2. The groups are still active I think. I've muted them but haven't bothered deleting and they're still there
  3. What's Peter Molyneux up to these days?
  4. Binning off a couple of my NZXT exhaust fans that came with the case and getting some Noctuas. The NZXT ones are quite loud above 50% speed and I'd like to run the case with more negative pressure so hoping these can run at a higher RPM and be quieter.
  5. I got Valhalla with a September purchase of a 3700X - who did you buy it with? Amazon sent the code when I ordered it (assuming you have a similar CPU)
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed sinking hours in to this, and it's had a few good story beats too... Feels like there's a lot of game left in this, hoping I can see out the story before the looming distraction of Cyberpunk
  7. Have you got some advice for a noob? I’ve done a bit of faffing around just adjusting the default voltage/clock curve, but really interested in playing further. Is it just pick a variable to optimise (memory clock, fans, voltage) and tweak/benchmark until it gets unstable? Mine is running much warmer than that in game (GPU hits 75 degrees in Forza Horizon for instance). Maybe I just need to invest some proper time
  8. Yeah I think it’d be pretty horrible for normal use, but my PC is just a games machine that sits next to the telly in the living room. Apart from the odd bit of emergency web browsing it’s full screen games in HDR.
  9. I just leave HDR on. Seems to work fine. Had some weird issues with Assassins Creed for the first day or two but it seems to have been patched.
  10. Ray Tracing Ultra baby!!! FEED IT IN TO MY EYES. Ahem, sorry. Getting excited for this after recent impressions. Like the sound of the slower pace.
  11. Yeah I briefly stumbled in to my home county of Essex and Eivor had a pretty damning response to that. Looking forward to returning there proper once I’ve powered up a bit; assuming a bit of lairy late night action there
  12. So I have a few characters friendship to the point where there’s a padlock, and my understanding was you need ambrosia to increase friendship from that point. But I have a bunch of that and still no option. What am I missing?
  13. I’m really enjoying the episodic nature of this, and that although it’s massive it’s much more focused. You can sit down of an evening and make progress on a story pact or whatever it’s called, or do some raiding to build up your settlement, or just rinse an area looking for side quests or loot. I loved Odyssey, but yeah this feels like a step up. And it’s gorgeous with everything turned up to ultra too
  14. It’s a real pain point that I gave up on this (or rather, it got ousted by TLOU2 and Tsushima) so late in to the game, it’s an incredible incredible game and it’s really cool reading people going on that same journey. My PS4 is packed up now, having been replaced. I live in hope that a PC port does eventually come along though as I’d love to start again and play through to the end. Going from a position of total failure twice with BB, to cracking it (beating Father Gascoigne on my second attempt will always go down as my proudest gaming achievement) was my highlight of 20
  15. 7X has arrived today. Will be using it on PC - any setup tips to get the best out of it?
  16. @idiwa I have an H510 too, although I do have a radiator and fans at the front. They’re static pressure though, and set at lower RPM so just keep the rad cool. Still generating enough negative pressure to keep the 3080 at 70C under load.
  17. God yeah, I remember that. I remember it being a lot of fun. Would love to do some co-op stuff again - got a headset coming for my PC tomorrow. Should try and find some people...
  18. I just did the final assault in East Anglia too. That was a hell of an “episode” It was somewhat dampened by a bug that removed my ability to a) dodge, b) use my bow or c) use my abilities. Then it crashed when the end fight finished. So swings and roundabouts.
  19. Same. Haven't mustered any enthusiasm to return after reaching Carrot Town. Felt like I was banging away at about ten puzzles in parallel that maybe intertwined but maybe didn't. And then enemies kept respawning which just added frustration to the mix.
  20. I bought a lap board which is OK although quite unwieldy. PC gaming in the living room is good though; I do miss some of the ease of console gaming - flicking it on with a pad without getting up, quick resume etc. I must admit I love the fact my PC is very personal to me. I chose its bits, I’ve assembled it. I’ve learned how it works. And in return I have an unrivalled experience. The games perform amazingly. I am a convert, although unless Sony follow through with the promise of more PC ports I’ll definitely get a PS5 at some point.
  21. Got this free so banged it on for an hour and it’s pretty good. My daughter is staying with me and I let her name my character. Currently tearing through Vietnam as elite MI6 agent Barry Carrots.
  22. Urea-lly messed up this time Ry
  23. Hrm, just had an issue with my CX screen intermittently flickering black, for less than a second at a time. Restarting didn’t fix, but unplugging/replugging the HDMI cable seems to have resolved it for now. Is this something to do with the TV firmware issues with Gsync? Did a bit of digging online and this seems to be the case but I know you guys are more knowledgeable.
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