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  1. Finally beat that mission, got some nice loot as a reward. Aside from the burst of crashing I have to say this is fucking brilliant.
  2. Playing through The Pickup mission Its bastard hard, mainly because I think I’ve made some bad life choices already. And it’s crashed about four times now
  3. I really really hope they’re giving at least some of their teams a break.
  4. So far mostly smooth sailing (got back to the apartment after the first “proper” mission). Only slight snag so far is a weird juddering effect every so often. Doesn’t seem to be related to anything in particular. Tried different vsync settings to no avail. It just seems to last a few seconds then stops. Anyone else seen/solved this?
  5. Played through until you get to your apartment. So far no problems, apart from some basic clipping issues. Looks amazing. Work today, but will sink some proper time in this evening. It’s quite something already though
  6. @MattyP Not sure if this answers what you're asking, but I assume it comes from low-powered enough it can run off a potato
  7. So, important question. M&K or controller for this one? I'm in two minds, I haven't really built up a keyboard muscle memory yet, although I love the mouse for aiming. Lots of years of Playstation, Nintendo. Thinking I might try with M&K and start getting better with it though
  8. I have a 3080 FE and a 3700X. I'm going all in MAX. Although as a newbie to PC land, I have spent a while trying different settings in a few games. My main takeaway. I am blind. Literally can't see a fucking difference.
  9. I'm assuming the day one patch (PC) is either in the pre-load or will be available before it opens up? Planning on getting up early tomorrow and giving it a bash for a couple of hours before work, but fully anticipating that being a "watch a download bar for two hours before work" type experience
  10. Yeah, I finished that final shire and, well, *shrug*. Done with it now. Onwards to more bug-ridden nonsense with CP77!
  11. Yup, my code is available too. Preloading now
  12. Ok this game is taking the piss...
  13. It sounds like it might be janky for a while, but actually reading the text of the reviews sounds really interesting. And I like the fact it does seem to be a shorter experience (Gamesradar mentioned you can rinse a story run through in 20-30 hours ignoring side quests). That bodes well for a) it not outstaying its welcome (glances sideways at AC: Valhalla) and b) potentially stomaching multiple playthroughs role playing it differently. However, I am now fully girded for being repeatedly horribly dragged out of my suspension of disbelief by some pretty glitchy bugs and cheap copy/p
  14. spanx

    Xbox Game Pass

    You're not the only one. Gave it about 5 hours of my time but I couldn't find a single thing about it that compelled me to stick with it.
  15. The other power that's really helpful is the last minute dodge to slow time one (whatever it's called). I took three or four of these guys out over the weekend and that power (you easily get a window to land two powerful hits) made them really easy. I am power level 200 now though, which helps. And yeah, try and get them near a wall and use the adrenaline attack where you harpoon them and smash them into walls. It's well overpowered - I've pretty much walked every boss fight with that one
  16. And unsurprisingly stability has gone to shit again. Crashed three times in quick succession trying to complete a quest in Winchester. It’s fucked EDIT. And again two more times. Brilliant.
  17. Yeah not sure if it’s drivers, game patch or some tweaking I did to virtual memory settings in Win 10 but had two long sessions in recent days with no crashes. Really wish they’d fix the controller stutter when you use the mouse (or accidentally move it) and then use the controller again. Feel like I’m finally hitting the home stretch on this now, having spent a lot of time in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Hopefully next couple of days to finish it off ready for CP on Thursday
  18. spanx

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh man forgot DQ11 was coming this weekend - been wanting to play that for ages. But I must resist with CP77 on the way and still playing through Valhalla. It’ll be a nice one to tackle in the New Year.
  19. Hrm, that’s strange. I’ve generally been really impressed with the huge draw distances and really impressive lighting and scenery detail. It’s been genuinely jaw dropping in places
  20. I'm deep in to this too but starting to get that fatigue. Am I on the home stretch yet if...
  21. 1.0.4 patch has made this super unstable for me on PC. Lots of crashes. Super annoying.
  22. I think I must just be stressing the card more then. The GPU returns to 30ish degrees at idle within a few minutes even if it's been running hot for hours so the case airflow is OK. I'll stop worrying and just enjoy my games
  23. Huh? I've only bought keys from them for Switch before but always seemed good. Is it different for PC games?
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