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  1. This took a while, my five in no particular order are: 1. Super Mario World 2. Breath of the Wild 3. The Last of Us 2 4. Halo CE 5. Super Mario 64
  2. I’m deep in the end game areas now… Kind of had enough now but assume I must be close to finishing. How hard/annoying are the end boss fights? I assume there is more than one
  3. 1. Return of the Obra Dinn (01/01) Lots written about this but after feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure for the first couple of hours, got a couple of useful hints off the thread here then I was off. Brilliantly told story, really clever puzzles and the sound is incredible. And I’ve started ‘22 well, one day, one game finished. 9/10 Next up is finishing Halo Infinite hopefully
  4. Aaand all fates solved aside from the hidden chapter. Hoping there’s a nice weird surprise to finish. This has been brilliant. Edit. Done. This will be going in the GOTY section B for sure. Astonishing
  5. 45 down now and the first four chapters clear… Not sure what the trick is with the Chinese top men… definitely need to look at their stories more deeply
  6. Joined the backloggd gang too: https://www.backloggd.com/u/StevenMB75/ Here’s to a year of finishing games
  7. I’m very lucky for Feb, Elden Ring is a no no and I don’t have a PS5. Cheap month
  8. OK I’m in this year. I bought way more games than I played or finished last year, it’ll be a good exercise to play some of my pile of games this year. So far I have: - Hitman 3 (purchased in the EGS sale) -Timberborn, Rhythm Doctor and PC Building Simulator all pretty much untouched from the secret santa) - Obra Dinn to complete (secret Santa again) - Death Stranding - Wildermyth - Rail Route - A bunch of Christmas freebies from EGS again I mean that’s a lot of great stuff that should keep me going for months, but I know I’ll end up buying more (Christ I nearly bought RDR2 yesterday just because I seem to have a perpetual £10 coupon on EGS) This will be good for me.
  9. Got 30 now but really starting to hit the wall. I’ve been through all the fates a few times but really can’t find any evidence to pinpoint individuals. Without falling back to a guide, anyone got any general tips?
  10. It will still be impossible to walk in to a shop and just buy a PS5/Xbox/30 series GPU Elden Ring will break the internet by having an easy mode. Halo Infinite’s DLC will be amazing Unpacking will get a sequel where you put everything back in boxes and put it in the fucking loft. Edit: it’ll be called “Why Did I Keep All Of This Shit?”
  11. Not on PC where I was playing it. Anyway I think I put it in my top five last year so feels a bit cheeky
  12. Wordle 195 5/6 phew. A blemish on my previously consistent 4/6 record but hey, solving is solving
  13. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Forza Horizon 5 First FH game I properly played (I got 4 off game pass but it never really clicked). Astonishingly beautiful, super accessible, fun handling and a real hook to keep you coming back. I didn’t even mind the car bro bullshit. A2. Guardians of the Galaxy A massive surprise that I’d internally filed under cheap Marvel cash in until I started reading the thread here. After getting it cheap and feeling a bit underwhelmed initially (indeed it nearly fell in to the pile of shame) I picked it up again just before Christmas and the second half of the game was brilliant. And kicking enemies in the face to Wham never got old. A3. Halo Infinite Its not great, but it is very good. Bobbins story, pretty boring map really, and fuck the boss fights, but I just love controlling Chief. The minute to minute fighting is great. A4. Unpacking Lovely. That is all A5. Psychonauts 2 Gave me real old school 3D platformer vibes but executed so well. A couple of levels really stand out in my memory (loved the 60fps psych level). Not a classic by any means but a game that clearly had a lot of love poured in to it and it kept me going right to the end. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Return of the Obra Dinn B2. B3. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Big publishers being big publishers Z2. NFT bullshit Z3. Not having a console for the first time in forever and not feeling like I was missing anything Sound Design of the Year S1. Guardians of the Galaxy S2. Psychonauts 2 S3. Forza Horizon 5 Visual Design of the Year V1. Forza Horizon 5 V2. Psychonauts 2 V3. Unpacking Writing of the Year W1. Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of the dialogue in this was brilliant, genuinely laugh out loud stuff. But I also thought it managed to cover some strong themes, about grief and letting go. A real surprise W2. Wildermyth. Found the game a bit meh but the procedurally generated stories were great W3. Last Stop. Bit of a misstep of an ending but love the first three quarters. A brilliantly realised London vibe. Format of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Asobo Steve’s bonus actual GOTY this year… My actual GOTY was Flight Simulator, indeed it dominated my gaming time for months and months, and although I have had a break from it to actually play some other games in recent months it will probably be my GOTY next year too. I completely absorbed myself in learning about instrument flying, air traffic control procedures, flight planning, the whole shebang. And managing to complete an entire A320 flight (with the Fly By Wire mod) from cold and dark to shutdown was easily my highlight of the year. A monumental achievement. Another one was Dyson Sphere Factory. Absolutely mental multiplanet factory builder where your goal is to harness the entire power output of a star. Utterly brilliant.
  14. Making some headway this evening, done twenty or so of the fates now, and I think unlocked all the pages. Had to trial and error a couple where I knew vaguely who it was but had to wait until I had a couple of nailed on definites then brute forced the third. The story is really good. Really liking this now although I’m starting to get in to the realms of the difficult ones
  15. Those hovering dronebastards with the laser beams can bloody do one. Especially adding them to an annoying boss fight. I wish there was a skip boss fight shortcut, I can’t remember any of them being fun.
  16. What @bradigor said. I never play on anything other than normal, and although that’s usually a nice level of challenge it does seem to vary a lot (finding Halo Infinite on normal bloody hard in some places). Ultimately I have a very low frustration threshold, whereas a lot of people here seem to relish the pain.
  17. I’m struggling to think of anything that disappointed me, the big games I’ve been looking forward to have either been great (Forza Horizon 5) or good (Halo), and there have been some wonderful surprises (Deaths Door, The Gunk, Psychonauts 2, Guardians OTG). There have definitely been plenty of games I’ve not enjoyed but with Game Pass, Epic/Steam sales, etc it’s so easy to move on without much fanfare. Maybe Far Cry 6, although that wasn’t so much disappointing as entirely expected.
  18. Yeah I’m definitely struggling here. Managed to get three dates after about two hours but I’m finding it a bit hard going if I’m honest. Might be the fact I have a headache and a short fuse today though.
  19. Wow, played for a couple of hours this evening. No idea what’s going on, I’m just roaming around watching death scenes and not really grasping what to do but there are story threads opening up that seem interesting. Bit worried I’ll be too dense to make all the connections though.
  20. I am very very VERY bad at Rhythm Doctor. VERY.
  21. Shapez.io is brilliant. Factory gaming with all the fluff removed. Just you, a challenge, and some basic tools. Hoping the fiancé and I can have a blast on Obra Dinn later. I think it’ll be right up her street
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