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  1. Immortals Fenix Rising and Cyberpunk will likely be the cornerstones of my Christmas gaming. And possibly Gears 5 as a co-op option with my mate. There is also a heap of stuff that’s hit Game Pass recently, plus anything that tickles my fancy that Epic give away. Basically spoilt for choice.
  2. You need to make judicious use of dodge and parry, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by groups of enemies. I find the regular enemies in this harder than the boss fights in general, and much more fun to fight. You really have to stay active and make use of your different moves. Also worth upgrading your attack/defence potion buffs.
  3. Slay the Spire for me... picked it up Feb time (on the Switch) after all the rave reviews in last years GOTY and sort of enjoyed it, but found it quite hard and it quickly slipped out of my consciousness. Some point in lockdown I picked it up again, some bored Saturday morning in bed waiting for the missus to wake up I think. And it massively clicked, and I actually completed a run. Then I got a new PC in autumn, and it came with GamePass, and it just felt more natural there - mouse control was more fluid, looked great on the big screen. And I've probably chucked about 50 more hour
  4. Just an added aside, what I hate about that scanning thing is the fact it just vibrates when you're hovering over something, so you can "see" through the scenery, etc. BOTW was more "oh that looks interesting, I'll pin it"; it's one mechanic I just wish this team had lifted pretty much verbatim.
  5. It's there, but you have to seek it out, sort of BOTW style (you have a way to scan the landscape for secrets). It's a bit shit really, but you can opt-in to filling your map with crap or not as your see fit
  6. The map has nowhere near the sense of scale and mystery as BOTW, it's much more dense with stuff. I think it only really shares a surface sheen with that classic, on a scale of BOTW < - - - - - - - - > Assassins Creed this probably sits slightly closer to AC, although much tighter and more enjoyable to play. I've really enjoyed some of the puzzles too, nothing too taxing but fun in their own right. It's a dictionary definition 7/10 for me, but I'm I'm glad I went for it. Two more days of work then I'm thoroughly looking forward to fully immersing myself in it (and CP77) over
  7. Oh man agree on the throwing. Amount of times I’ve smashed two or three rocks on the spin then been like “fuck, got no rocks to weigh this pissing plate down”. Played through to the second area now. Definitely enjoying much more than Valhalla. The world actually feels properly designed, not just quickly pasted from a palette of assets.
  8. @Uncle Mike Not sure if it’s your bag, but this Immortals Fenix Rising is alright, a nice colourful world and pretty easy going. It’s generic as fuck but quite charming in a “let’s do Assassins Creed Breath of the Odyssey” kind of way. It’s cheered me up after the nagging disappointment of CP77
  9. Yeah it doesn’t start great but it does warm up quite quickly. It’s got a nice vibe all round, and is a nice diversion from Cyberpunk. At least it seems solid and consistent so far. Early impressions; world and traversal is clunky compared to BOTW, but much prefer the combat. It’s surprisingly funny and seems to have a bit of heart for an Ubi open world game. So far so happy dropping £23 for it Looking forward to getting stuck in to it properly over Christmas hols
  10. I’m starting to feel about like @JoeK here. I want to love it, indeed there’s so much here to love. Good story, a *great* city to explore, some fun and interesting characters and some nice mechanics. It all just feels held together with string, there’s not much to do aside from the main story and some of the side missions, you want to play with it but there’s nothing to play with (I spent 30 minutes strolling around last night, in a busy area - nothing happened). Half of me wants to continue through the story, half of me wants to put it to bed for six months and see if they can sort the u
  11. Also, I bought bloody Cities Skylines about a month ago.
  12. Yeah, I just logged in and literally clicked a link saying "here have some free money"
  13. What is one of those and how does one get one? Because I'd definitely go for this under £25, seeing as CP2077 is feeling more and more like a "I'll finish it and come back when it's fixed and there's DLC" kind of vibe
  14. Yeah, assuming you have Bluetooth. Also to use it for all games you’ll need DS4windows or reWASD or something
  15. I don’t bother with steam big screen mode either. Tend to use a range of launchers and quickly logging in and getting going with M&K isn’t so bad. Would be great if I could use the DS4 touchpad as a mouse once logged in but haven’t figured that one out
  16. Just to offer another opinion, I’ve switched from console to pretty much exclusively PC (prob won’t resist the big Nintendo releases) and only have a few small regrets/opinions - I really miss being able to grab a controller and just get going. There’s always *some* faff - the mouse/keyboard/controller combo is a bit unwieldy in a sofa setup. I have a lap board which helps but it’s not perfect. - it’s big and it, at first, did piss the misses off. It does kind of disappear after a while though On the plus side though, it’s quiet, it’s bloody powerful, I have m
  17. Just went and visited Clouds to calmly shake down someone for some information...
  18. Still getting this weird effect periodically, a weird juddery effect. It’s not tearing it’s something else. If I pause/unpause it goes away, or just stops after a few seconds. Any ideas what it might be?
  19. @MattyP Think there’s a setting for population density in there. Pretty sure I had it at max and from my perspective the city feels pretty lively. Guess it scales like everything else
  20. Yes! I had a moment where a hotel doorman nodded his head at me and I fucking nodded back! Completely immersed. Then of course someone walked round a corner 6 inches off the floor, but hey, you can't win 'em all
  21. Well I guess I've completed the prologue now. Man I am looking forward to spending a LOT of time with this over the Christmas holiday. I'm still getting moments all over the place - walking out of your apartment in to the bustling city, it's seriously impressive. And the sound work is brilliant, walked in to a nightclub during last night's session, and the sound was like that scene from John Wick, heavy and oppressive. I've only really played story missions so far, but going to spend more time off the beaten track I think. Just want to soak this up for as long as possi
  22. I know I’m not super sensitive to FPS changes, but I’ve been playing 4K with high/ultra/rtx on and DLSS on perf and it’s felt fine. I think the VRR on the telly helps a lot. Changing DLSS to quality definitely made it less responsive. Main problem I’ve had is crashing, although it seemed only on one mission. After all the terrible reports I was super worried but it’s been surprisingly solid so far.
  23. Finally beat that mission, got some nice loot as a reward. Aside from the burst of crashing I have to say this is fucking brilliant.
  24. Playing through The Pickup mission Its bastard hard, mainly because I think I’ve made some bad life choices already. And it’s crashed about four times now
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