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  1. Paid for Navigraph for a month to check it out and it’s a game changer. I can actually plan flights and have access to approach charts and airport maps etc, with the charts overlaid on the map so they make sense in situ. And it links up so you can see yourself on the map. It’s brilliant.
  2. Thought I’d dig in to a Bush Trip today... four hours later I’m flying over Dubrovnik in the morning sun having hopped from airport to airport over Croatia. Amazing. Really want to get a HOTAS for this. What would people recommend in the £300 range (if/when I can get one)?
  3. 1. Immortals Fenyx Rising (03/01) 2. Donut County (24/01) Popped up on GamePass and spent a couple of reasonably fun hours knocking through the game. It would have been nice if the “end game” had been longer as the rest of it you could almost finish with your eyes shut, but it looks nice enough and the physics are satisfying solid. Glad it was a freebie though, it’s feather light. 5/10 In progress - Flight Simulator 2020 Considering - Returning to Cyberpunk once it’s properly patched up - Control, again
  4. Damn this game is pretty as hell. New desktop wallpaper (although in full 4K obvs)
  5. I’ve decided to “play” this vicariously through @Popo . Love this thread and peoples’ journeys through the game but I can’t join in After a few evenings sort of enjoying it but feeling like I was chipping away at Stonehenge with a teaspoon, came to the realisation I just found it exhausting rather than fun. I can totally see why people love it but the minute to minute gameplay just leaves me cold.
  6. Chalk me up as another 3080 hooked up to LG CX (55”). It is unbelievable really, as @Mike S said there’s just no going back. Absolutely ridiculous amount of money all in (prob a £4K splurge for the PC and TV overall) but Cyberpunk and MSFS2020 are basically impossible on anything else.
  7. At present I’m just using a DualShock and m&k. Tbh it’s fine, although I am keeping an eye on stock levels for a mid range HOTAS. Nothing available though as you say. BTW, once you’re set up, recommend Squirrel on YouTube to get you oriented and understanding all the terminology, systems etc. His videos are great (he’s a trained pilot).
  8. OMG Flight Sim 2020 in 4K is legitimately the best thing ever. Spent this evening admiring Kuala Lumpar from 10,000ft as the sun rose.
  9. Just completed a nice flight out from the Hamptons across Long Island, before picking up an ILS approach in to Newark Airport that flew me over Harlem. Managed to sort out the flight plan and approach completely whilst in the air via the plane systems. Didn’t even bat an eyelid when ATC changed my planned route about half way through the flight. Cool as a cucumber
  10. Got massively back in to this in the last few days, and done a few flights today really getting to grips with the Garmin 1000 autopilot system. Did a couple of fights pretty much following a YouTube tutorial, pausing every 30 seconds to understand the systems. Then just challenged myself to do it solo from a small airfield up to SFO. Nailed an ILS approach and landing with no bother at all, although slightly messed up with ATC so need to get my head around the comms stuff better. Absolutely loving nerding out to it. Once I’ve fully cracked the ATC stuff and got a few more flights und
  11. Thought I was kicking the Bell Gargoyle’s arse (got him down to 50% with no bother) Then another one turns up Fuck you game.
  12. Booo. I’m completely stuck in the Undead Parish. Unlocked a big gate by a church and kindled the nearby fire but I’ve been banging my head against it for two hours now and making zero progress. I can’t get my head around the controls at all. There’s some dude with a rapier type weapon and he annihilates me. Tried watching some vids and following some tips, watched @robdood’s vids. It’s not sticking. Do I just have to keep banging away at it until it starts becoming fun again?
  13. Been playing for a couple of nights. Surprised by at least initially finding the going easier than Bloodborne but having reached Undead Parish it’s starting to kick my arse hard. Still, I’m enjoying it mostly, having the shield is really helpful, but I’m all over the place timing wise with parrying - cracked the gun interrupt “parry” in BB pretty well eventually so hoping it’s just a teething prob Man I’d love it if BB got a PC remaster.
  14. Does blocking work against bosses? Managed to fight through a heap of enemies and then met a big fucker on a castle wall. That did not end well.
  15. After my attempt last year to finally get through the first part of Bloodborne (spoiler, I did, but never completed the game) I have resolved this year to play Dark Souls. So this evening I have psyched myself up, installed it on my PC and got cracking. So far so good, managed to get through the first boss on my second go and now exploring Firelink Shrine area. Struggling a bit with muscle memory (too many Ubisoft games) but sticking with default setup. It’s not exactly a pretty game but very smooth so far. REALLY struggling with parry timing though. And fuck these firebomb
  16. I almost did the same - took me 15 hours plus to complete the first boss as I was spending a lot of time hoovering up side quests and challenges. Good news is that if you put your mind to it and focus on the story it’s actually quite tight. I batted through the second half of the story in less than ten hours and it was great fun.
  17. For my 3080 I went two separate cables. Not sure what each of those handle, but these cards like juice so prob safer to run two cables.
  18. I’d just got to Gallopolis I think it’s probably just a case of not for me. It’s very old school mechanically, just felt really clunky. Ah well, I tried it.
  19. I’d been looking forward to this for a while, and having played through the first, what, six or so hours.... In the bin I think. It’s so painfully generic and bland. I’m struggling to wring out any fun from it at all. I’m genuinely gutted, I’d been really excited to play it. Is it a “oh the story really kicks in after ten hours” job? What am I missing?
  20. Downloaded this thanks to Gamepass and just gave it a bash. Completed a run on my first go which is unusual for me. It’s seems ok, although very busy, and doesn’t feel quite... right... compared to StS. Going to try a few more runs to understand the systems a bit better though. Love the graphical style though, nice and chunky, and the sound adds to the heft. Could be a keeper, we’ll see
  21. 1. Immortals Fenyx Rising (03/01) I’d been interested in this since it’s Gods and Monsters reveal (a much much better name). I’m a fan of the Assassins Creed games in general, although Valhalla was a bit meh, so expectations weren’t super high but I’d kept my eye on it. It looked lovely in the screenshots and the BOTW vibes were strong. Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed with this one at all. It’s nothing like BOTW really apart from some very light-fingered “inspiration” with some of the mechanics. What it is though is a fun romp with lovely visuals, a really fun combat setup
  22. Just wrapping up Wars Den at the moment. The Hephaestus area with the forge was great fun, and now defeated all the corrupted heroes so have... So far it’s a very solid 7/10 for me. Nothing earth shattering about it at all but it’s just quite relaxing to play. Been a perfect Christmas holiday game to dip in to for an hour or so daily.
  23. Beat the second main area earlier and still really enjoying the game. Got to the point where I’ve levelled up stamina and health quite a bit so it’s not too challenging combat wise, but that’s good. More focus on exploring and solving the puzzles which are fab. Says a lot that when I flip the PC on I’m tending towards this rather than Cyberpunk at the moment, despite the fact CP is probably the better game. It’s just much easier to dip in to for an hour.
  24. Merry Christmas. Here’s to 2021 bringing a bit more joy.
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