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  1. This is sounding like a particularly bug-ridden introduction to the world of Live. Am I going to have to get used to game patches?
  2. I just want to play with lamers. Like me. I don't want my introduction to XBL to be painful.
  3. Hooray! I am now a fully paid up Live member! I won't be on until later. I'll sign up, get my gamertag, and then get my arse in gear and check out the boot-camp. I haven't been this excited since... well, for a few days at least.
  4. Oooh ooh how exciting I'll post back on here later if I decide to go ahead with my purchase. Then I've got to arrange cable hell to hook the Xbox up. Then sign-up. Then work out how to play SCPD.... I might be very late...
  5. I might invest in Xbox Live and this game later. If I do, are there any friendly souls who might lead a wide-eyed n00b through the world of Live late tonight??
  6. "He's got a foot like a traction engine!"
  7. Those crash physics and damage modelling are niiiiice
  8. I've not been overly excited about this game, but that video's whetted my appetite big time. Looks very nice.
  9. OK. Apart from the Ico piston guy.
  10. Abso-bloody-lutely. That bit had me stumped for ages - it's a badly thought-out bit of gameplay that doesn't work because the rest of the game is so perfectly realised.
  11. spanx

    The Streets

    Don't rate that too much to be honest. Seems like a backward step to me.
  12. Well I'm weird in that I didn't even particularly rate the first one. It was OK, but nothing special IMO. The second film was awful though - stuttering storyline, if you can call it that, boring action sequences and too much reliance on SFX. The third film I haven't seen yet due to complete and total apathy.
  13. spanx

    Pikmin 2

    Oh bugger. I forgot this was coming out. Now, shall I be sensible and get the US version, or revert to "Box-Art Whore" mode and get that Japanese version?
  14. Yeah. You have been assimilated! Scary bastards.
  15. I think it should have a full qwerty keyboard. And a hard disk.
  16. Super Mario World. It's the only game I've been compelled to complete 3 times. Seeing my 3 saves each with 96 stars felt like such an achievement.
  17. So it's about as powerful as the N64, with backwards compatibility and built-in wifi. And a touchscreen. Mmm, sounds interesting. They'd better do Animal Crossing for it.
  18. I heard he wants to/is working with Nintendo. Is there any truth to that?
  19. Animal Crossing should be a portable game. Here's hoping for a DS version. Short distance wireless communication? Yes please...
  20. No-one knows that for sure. Sony may drop the ball. It's just analyst bullshit.
  21. spanx


    I thought that. I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Finishing the first table was made a lot harder due to the unresponsiveness. It's nice, but underwhelming.
  22. I just tried it out. I was crap. Lost 5-1, 3-0 and 4-0. And I kept donkeying passes.
  23. The first Robocop film is a classic movie. The second film is just an average ultra-violence movie. The third one is A FUCKING DISGRACE.
  24. Looks okay I suppose. My main concern is the PS2 pad - I just can't see me being able to aim accurately. Neither could the guy playing in that demo.
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