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  1. Some moves seem to be context sensitive - I have done a wall-running type move but I think it happens when you do the flip-over enemy move.
  2. I've got it now too. It's ace. I'm just playing through on easy at the moment to get used to using different tactics, and it's a lot of fun. Favourite bits... leaning out from a wall with an upgraded assault rifle, kneecapping two bad guys and restraining them, all within a few seconds. And the grenade through the door thing is ace too.
  3. PoP is a fantastic game, and a lot of fun, but in hindsight doesn't "grab" me like Ico did. Ico was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Prince of Persia feels a lot more like a succession of rooms to get through, rather than one big puzzle. Ico is still the better game IMO.
  4. I think I'm just going to wait for the first proper release. It's sounding good already though... thanks for the feedback everyone.
  5. Oh c'mon. You must be used to it by now
  6. Violence is the only course open to you now. Someone has to pay.
  7. I am a bit annoyed that I only got as far as completing the first dungeon. I wish I had time to go back to it and play it properly.
  8. Ace. I'll look forward to trying this out at some point. It'll certainly save me a lot of hassle trying to get the N64 hooked up to my system.
  9. Another satisfied customer. It is lovely isn't it? One of the best games of last year.
  10. Mars Matrix was horrible. I bought it on a recommendation here, died about 4 bazillion times on the first level, then sold it on. I don't think I'm good enough at shooters...
  11. spanx

    Donkey Konga

    Expert level.... O_O Hold me...
  12. Those 5 games were some of the best games of last year IMO. I thought that too. That's why I bought 'em
  13. I think it's cool that they've done this. It may be pointless to some, but I appreciate the skill that goes in to doing something like this. And squirtle isn't a cunt - he lent me his coat once.
  14. Woot. OK - here's my five... 1. Prince of Persia (nearly nearly done) 2. Beyond Good & Evil 3. Viewtiful Joe. 4. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 5. Eternal Darkness. God knows when I'll get the time. SWAT's turning up in a couple of days too.
  15. I have the KEF 2005.2's as well. The subwoofer is fantastic, and the satellites are built like brick shit-houses. Now, I really must get my projector screen up, as the picture on the wall is somewhat lacking (silk emulsion... way too shiny).
  16. Tiger Woods 2004 is a game I'm looking out for on the cheap too, after the disappointment of Mario Golf.
  17. My god man!! 387??? Shitting crikey. That's a lot of games. I haven't got any EA games by the way. This isn't a conscious decision - just the way it is.
  18. I have really enjoyed XIII so far too. I'm not overly keen on the controls, but it does capture the "me against the world" feel brilliantly, it looks wonderful, and I've found all the levels interesting so far.
  19. Well, I think Samba is the better game. But Donkey Konga is a bit more... accurate. Sometimes with Samba (not often I might add) the maracas can let you down. With DK I have not noticed any missed beats/claps... it's always me at fault. It's close though, and if you can you should get both.
  20. spanx

    Chrimbo Games

    Chuffing hell. That's a LOT of games
  21. Get Ico. Now. Sell body parts if necessary. I'm glad you like your new games. Oh, and if you like Amplitude, get Frequency too.
  22. spanx

    Chrimbo Games

    I've finally got around to playing Donkey Konga... it's FANTASTIC. I wish I'd played it on Christmas day. With other people. Drunk.
  23. spanx

    Chrimbo Games

    Donkey Konga Can't play it yet
  24. I got it a while ago, but unfortunately it fell behind Prince of Persia in my gaming priorities. It's a very good game though. It's ovbiously had a lot of effort put into it, and it's a lot of fun to play. I will be returning to it once I have finished Prince of Persia, which won't be long at all (93% done).
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