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  1. Looking forward to next Weds to see all this finalised and know the pricing and release date. Will prob go for the 6800XT due to it being more available, and the fact that AIBs will be making cards. What are other peoples’ thought?
  2. Radeon 6X00 leaks and coverage gathering steam... including note about cracking down on scalping. https://www.eteknix.com/radeon-rx-6000-series-specifications-leaked/ Preparing myself for another depressing "consumer experience"
  3. If I can get an RTX 3080 or Big Navi before 19th Nov, probably Forza Horizon 4 in ridiculous-o-vision. After then, Cyberpunk.
  4. Beat Theseus and The Minotaur!! Finally. Hunter Dash and Serrated Point were the basis here, plus some boons to power up dash-attack with extra reach and deflect. Didn’t even lose a life to them in the end. Got ripped to shreds in the final region though. No idea how to deal with poison.
  5. Is the situation with AMD and add in partners the same as with Nvidia, as in the AIB cards will generally have better/quieter cooling, etc. Or are the AMD cards really solid? Will obvs be going all in to get a card as soon as, but not sure whether to go first or third party?
  6. Finally stuck a handful of hours in to this. It’s definitely janky but surprisingly solid, main main struggle is just how bastard difficult the combat is. Just tried a fight with some orcs and literally got tore to pieces before I even got a chance at a hit. Just did the same... Feel like I’m missing something. YouTube beckons
  7. I’ve never played Mass Effect. This feels like an oversight. On PC, worth waiting for this remaster, or is the PC version decent enough. And where’s best to buy it.
  8. I’m really looking forward to trying to get a 6000 series card in a few weeks. It’s going to be delightful.
  9. Odyssey is a solid 8 or 9 out of ten thirty hour game straining to escape a 60-80 hour one. But yeah I loved it overall.
  10. Well I was well up for this and Cyberpunk, but the lack of a decent graphics card, this being bang average looking and all the furore around CDPR... bah I don’t even know. If it’s serviceable on a 970 I may give it a bash. Or I may just keep sinking hours in to Slay the Spire and Hades.
  11. I’ve got it free as a promo with the Ryzen chip I bought, loved Odyssey, and find anything involving building up a home/base over time a really compelling gameplay hook, and yet yeah, feel similar. It looks painfully bog standard, really difficult to get even vaguely excited about it.
  12. Yeah what a weird thing to say. I though you were a Dishonored megafan fan Mr Do. Surely you want as many people to play it as possible. Fanboys are weird
  13. Ditto. Just got lost in how *much* there was. I'll probably give this Age of Empires 3 thing a bash instead - looks a bit more accessible
  14. Still can’t beat Theseus. If anything I’m regressing. Found myself seeking solace in Slay the Spire rather than struggling against this. I really want to persevere but think I’ll have a break and come back to it fresh.
  15. Yeah that’s my feeling. If the Radeon is going to be in the ball park performance wise, cheaper and more power efficient I’ll go for that. Worst case I’ll upgrade in a couple of years time Its not so much Nvidia though really, I just find Overclockers a shit show - just wanted to hit them where it hurts. Their bank balance.
  16. Cancelled my 3080 TUF preorder and going AMD. Overclockers are shit, Nvidia are shit. Don’t want either of them to have my money.
  17. In excellent new the latest LG software update fixes things ready for the RTX 3080. Excellent news. Fab
  18. Ok. Finished Disco Elysium earlier and figured I’ll try something else out of my normal comfort zone - the joys of being a noob PC gamer. Anyway, saw this on Game Pass and it looks fascinating. Worked through the tutorial, but it’s kind of dropped me off now to fend for myself and I’m suddenly very overwhelmed. So, any good YouTube tutorials to step you through the basics? Just maybe a walkthough or guide to the basic systems. How did other newcomers narrow down their focus to get used to it all?
  19. I just want *a* graphics card. My friend is going to need his GTX 970 back soon for a cheap PC for his kid, which means I will have a very large paperweight unless Nvidia or AMD get their fingers out
  20. 1. Luigi’s Mansion 3 (02/01) 2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (03/01) 3. Jenny LeClue (04/01) 4. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (11/01) 5. Rise of the Tomb Raider (29/01) 6. Minecraft Dungeons (June) 7. Diablo 3 (June) 8. Animal Crossing New Horizon 9. Last of Us Remastered (23/6) 10. Last of Us Part Two (10/7) 11. Ghost of Tsushima (1/8) 12. Gris (2/8) 13. Spiritfarer (21/9) 14. Disco Elysium (11/10) @Jamie John gave a perfect summary above that is far more eloquent than I can get across, but yeah, a really bizarre and com
  21. Hahaha. Thank you phone For the record I don’t find boobs offensive.
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