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  1. That rhythm section intro gets me every time. Then the piano. The the guitar and horns. I mean Christ. What a riff. God only knows how much of a blast of fresh air this must have felt in the early 60s Another “Fuck Me in the Balls” riff, but wiv computers.
  2. spanx

    Perfect Albums

    The albums I’d want to take with me... The Band - The Band Fleetwood Mac - Tusk GZA - Liquid Swords Massive Attack - Blue Lines Beasties - Paul’s Boutique Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Goldie - Timeless My Bloody Valentine - Loveless Tbh I could probably pick any Stones album of that era, what a fucking band. And The Last Waltz soundtrack from The Band is probably more special to me as it was me and my Dad’s thing and I miss him, but it’s far from perfect. There’s a big 80s sized gap in there (Beasties aside) that definitely ne
  3. Gamepass FTW. Had looked at WF a few times on PS4 but never really got round to it, but grabbed this a couple of days ago on PC and love it. Only played career mode so far but it’s already quite difficult; if someone gets ahead of the pack it’s really hard to reel them back in. It’s really satisfying weighty and they’ve perfected that feel of being right on the edge of the cars grip, but not overly punishing you when it gives. Really good, not sure I’ll spend much time with it (eg multiplayer) but it’s a nice distraction from MSFS2020/OnAir.
  4. @Jamie John definitely agree on the JRPG front. Persona 5 was the best of the bunch in recent times but fuck me it does not respect your time. Others I’ve tried recently have been painfully average (Ni no Kuni 2 and DQ11) and couldn’t really keep me interested for long.
  5. No, just FS2020 for now. Is DCS worth trying?
  6. My missus is already calling it my warty hot ass. And yes I am still alive. Although realising I have just lost a major bit of leverage around the cost of wedding venues.
  7. Box had them in stock. Thrust master also had them on their store but for some reason £5 more. So I spent the spare fiver on Box and got next day delivery instead. It is a lovely piece of kit. Just taking off and being able to hold a perfect angle, tweaking a proper trim level and being able to manage it all without moving your hands much makes a massive difference. Fuck me it is heavy though.
  8. Hell. Yes. EDIT. First couple of flights down. Utterly amazing piece of kit. The throttle controller in particular has upped my game immeasurably.
  9. I am a massive sucker for Mario Golf. If that gets some online forum action I’d be all over it. Or if it doesn’t get some online forum action. I’ll still be all over it.
  10. So I just bought a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. Oh man my missus is going to kill me
  11. Really intrigued how they'll map the controls to just a controller. I use an Xbox controller myself, but hugely rely on having mouse and keyboard too. I suppose those are supported on Xbox, but yeah. Interesting. Got a four day weekend coming up. My goal is to master the Citation CJ4 - it's a bit of a handful and I had a couple of disastrous attempts flying it when I was new to the game. Hoping I'll have more luck now. Also been using Onair to give it a bit of a career mode which is nice. It's such a great "game", utterly absorbing
  12. Had a quick fly around London, taking in Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle, Wembley and then the city and Docklands. Massive step up, looked great. Still trying to track a bloody HOTAS down to buy.
  13. Hrrrm, to a boss on top of a cathedral. It was quite early on. I think I like the idea of these games more than the actual minute to minute experience of playing them. I don’t even mind the difficulty so much, it’s more that I feel like I’m fighting with it the whole time rather than feeling at one.
  14. I failed again. Uninstalled last night. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson. Fromsouls is not for me. Mind you, if that Bloodborne remake turns up on PC.....
  15. spanx

    Desperados 3

    Impressions here piqued my interest - this is definitely not my sort of thing normally (can’t handle multitasking g overload in RTSs usually, and turn-based tactics type things just frustrate the hell out of me). However this one has grabbed me a bit. You can take your time, and the super quick save/resume means numpties like me can just try shit without that sinking feeling of having to keep reloading a checkpoint and repeating boring actions. Also like the combination of on one hand executing a perfect showdown where you feel like some kind of master hitman, with shambolic attempts
  16. (Re)started this this evening. As much fun as I remember on PS4 but damn this is very pretty now. And much smoother. Will be fun to run through it again
  17. Precisely. I have had a PC pretty much as a direct replacement for consoles in my living room since September. It’s been a fucking revelation. Stupidly expensive mind. I completely understand I’m in a fortunate position. But it’s pretty much no compromise 4K and 60fps+ gaming whatever you play.
  18. 3. A Short Hike (02/01) Fancied a break from MS Flight Sim after a failed attempt with FSEconomy, and kept reading about this so chucked a fiver at Steam and bought it. What an adorable game. Kicking myself I only found the “reduce the pixels” option after making it to the summit after really enjoying a stern investigation of the island. Half tempted to spend another evening mopping up the achievements purely so I know I’ve found every nook and cranny on this lovely little group of islands. Genuinely haven’t got a bad word to say about it. Delightful. 8/10 Previou
  19. Never played any of them. Maybe I’ll give this a blast - a good story driven space romp sounds right up my street.
  20. Noticed this is on Game Pass PC too. Does it do cross play with Xbox? I’m sort of intrigued to play it with some other simpletons who are shit at online games.
  21. Because the refresh rate of the screen and GPU are matched it just ensures everything looks and feels smooth even if framerates fluctuate. Cyberpunk still looks smooth ratcheted up to 100 where FPS drop to 40-50 sometimes.
  22. Tempted to play Control again once they fix DLSS. Played through on base PS4 and it was great but REEEAAAAASLLLLLYYYY all over the place frame rate wise.
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