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  1. Booted this up the first time in well over a year. Was nice to see the place wasn’t horribly weed covered (probably because the whole place was covered in flowers from my blue rose adventure). Feel a bit thick (got a stinking cold and my brain is not in a great way), so have completely forgotten how to play, but it was nice to revisit the old place. Any cool things I’d have missed that are worth a look.
  2. Is that the team Trial one? There’s a couple of good McLaren Senna tunes that make that pretty easy (assuming you can find a team of like minded souls)
  3. @Uzi well I’m furious about this as I’ve had a more powerful GPU than @layten the entirety of my journey through PC ownership. This is unacceptable. Where can I get a 3090 stat?
  4. Just sticking with PC for now, although that is basically Xbox Series X on steroids. Game Pass has been transformational for me, and Flight Sim and Forza Horizon 5 have been proper next gen feeling. Coming from a very PlayStation centric mindset last gen I probably will go for a PS5 in the next couple of years, once the exclusives back up a bit, but no need to get an Xbox
  5. I’m on above average but it’s started asking me if I want to bump the difficulty up. Think I’ll wrap up the season objectives first though, I really want that AMG 1
  6. I really shouldn’t have read this. Starting to get “maybe I could get in to this” vibes. I know two games in I’ll remember how shit i am
  7. Easy eliminator top 30 finish is just avoid the rest of the drivers. You’ll be bored but it’s easy. Managed to finish the last goal last night so got the full 64 points for the season. The team trial was by far the hardest to land.
  8. My most recent attempt at competitive online multiplayer was Destiny 2 too. It was frankly embarrassing, I just felt sorry for anyone who had me on their team.
  9. Gah I’d love to relive a bit of life circa 2004 when Halo 2 came out, but I am so shit at online multiplayer FPS games now. I am envious of you all getting into this.
  10. Yep. Last one was a tiny short bit of road up to a house Job done
  11. Two bits of road to find.
  12. Last barn find get!! For some reason only showed on the map when I filtered the map to only show barn finds. Weird bug.
  13. Hrm, I can’t remember seeing an option to replay an expedition. I’ll check later. Oh I’ve completed THAT one. I can’t get the last rumour to unlock is the problem
  14. So I have a couple of things that seem locked to me. I missed a couple of optional objectives around the ruins (photographing a couple of statues and getting to the highest point) that now appear to be forever lost to me, and the last barn find I have (I think it’s the 70’s Ford Escort) just will not unlock Think it might be a bug in my save game. Very irritating.
  15. I assume a lot of people (like me) are still somewhat engrossed in the cycle of opening up the map, acquiring and upgrading cars, completing the story etc. It’d be great to get a few people together for some forum racing in the near future though. Would be quite nice to see how horribly bad I am against other humans.
  16. When’s this Forzathon Shop going to be available then? I’ve been accumulating points all over the place but I can’t access the shop
  17. It’s weird, I hate all that emote, “OMG awesome”, LETS GET FUCKING CRAZY bullshit as much as the next man (well maybe not in this thread) but I’ve loved the game so much over the last few days it’s almost like it’s put some kind of memory loss spell on me. I know that shit is in here in spades but I can’t actually remember any of it. And I know it really annoyed me in FH4 so, I dunno. I have no point. I love this game. Duuude.
  18. One the houses you unlock enables a fast travel to anywhere on the map..
  19. Well I just got five super spins… and a Koenigsegg Jesko popped out. So that was nice
  20. Argh bloody wheel spins. Five gained, five low cash prizes in a row
  21. Fuck yes. What a ride. My heart is thumping out of my chest after that
  22. Could someone recommend a) a good beginner car option (inc tuning) to learn drifting in and b) somewhere good to practise just holding a drift etc. Really struggling to get the hang of it
  23. Aaahhhhhhhhh! That might explain a lot.
  24. Yeah. Some races where bumping in to each other is not considered a bannable offence. Mainly because I’m not very good at racing cleanly yet
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