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  1. 1. OlliOlli World (£15) 2. Elden Ring (£38) 3. Death Stranding Directors Cut Upgrade (£8) 4. Kodiak 100 Plane for MSFS2020 (£30) 5. BAe 146 plane for MSFS (£50) 6. Satisfactory (£14) 7. Stray (£18) 8. Inside (£2) 9. Super Mario 3D World (£35) 10. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (£50) 11. Milviz Cessna 310R plane for MSFS (£30) Hadn’t updated for a while. Only purchase recently was (another) new plane for MSFS which was a brilliant purchase, however moved house in mid October, and lack of proper internet (coming next week I hope) has meant downloading new games or playing anything that consumes too much data (yes, looking at you Flight Sim) has been a no-no. So no new purchases, managed to get P5R on game pass downloaded and have mainly been playing that. Looking good to hit the target for the year, and as three of my “games” were just planes my backlog is in check
  2. Put me in the won’t watch camp. Completely toxic tournament, I’ll donate to a relevant organisation to support migrant workers and ignore the whole fucking circus. Which makes me sad, I LOVE the World Cup. The first two weeks of group matches is always brilliant, hopefully the ‘26 will be a stormer to make up for it.
  3. I’d prob go for a 4080 at £800, through gritted teeth. But the current pricing is insane
  4. The A310 that comes with this looks very promising, sounds like they’ve partnered with iniBuilds who make excellent detailed payware aircraft. A big step up from the default a320 that came originally. Hurry up and give me my internet Virgin!!
  5. Aaargh, so gutted. I don’t have a proper internet connection for another week and a half. Really looking forward to this but will have to wait. New version of Navigraph Charts was released this week too. And I’d just bought a new plane before we moved. Can’t wait to get back in the cockpit
  6. Oh I didn’t really understand the registering thing, I’ll get my head around that then just experiment then
  7. Can someone recommend me a guide on fusing? I’ve fused a bunch of new personas but I’m not really sure if I’m actually doing anything useful… it it just a matter of creating higher level personas and cherry picking the skills you want, or am I missing something deeper? Assuming it’s usually preferable to fuse in to a Persona type you have strong confidant bonds with to get the boost.
  8. Absolutely adore that game. Saw it’s had a couple of pretty meaty updates so will have to pick it up again
  9. Got my info from this Reddit thread, seems people are seeing great results from undervolting
  10. Downloaded yesterday, been very excited to play this again. I played it on PS4 four years or so back and loved it but gave up about half way through, thanks to a house move and general life getting in the alway. Strangely I am mid house move now, currently in temporary accommodation, and I find P5 a nice little escape from the stress. Can’t wait to get my PC hooked back up to my CX to see it in its full 4K glory, but on a 1440p screen this already looks wonderful, and I can’t wait to delve in to this world again.
  11. @Moz you could try undervolting to see if it stops the random crashes - apparently it is a bit of an undervolting beast. At worst you can rule power issues out as a cause.
  12. I need to stop reading this thread. I’ve gone from there’s no way I want one, through I don’t neeed one to hmm, if the option arises I probably wouldn’t. It’s not a good trajectory.
  13. It’ll be interesting to see how the demand holds up once the launch insanity passes. Hoping that in a few months there’ll be a more normal market and maybe I can get a juicy upgrade for running Flight Sim.
  14. spanx


    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer then, but after a few hours I’m bored out of my mind with this. It started picking up but after a few days away tried getting in to it again today and it’s just frustrating and dull for me. Another one deleted from the backlog.
  15. spanx


    It’s more my ineptitude with mouse and keyboard. I do much prefer the accuracy though, so it’s a matter of getting comfortable with movement
  16. spanx


    Yeah I’m pretty much just blasting through levels getting better weapons, slabs, etc and infusing things I like at the moment. I’m a latecomer to mouse/keyboard on PC so it’s also becoming a bit of a training ground for playing with those. Makes those headshots really easy, but I’m still fucking useless at actually moving around a level gracefully.
  17. spanx


    @Benny I’ve been playing a few days and the only issue I had was one episode where it started stuttering horribly and needed to be restarted. Seems fine otherwise.
  18. spanx


    Fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuckarse fuck…
  19. spanx


    I wasn’t sure about this after a couple of hours, felt a bit aimless and empty. Of course I was just wandering around the first area for ages wondering why I couldn’t open anything like an idiot. Having embraced its nature a bit more and just blasting through areas to complete the story objectives… …it has finally clicked a bit this morning. Game pass does make it super easy to skip over things if they don’t grab you right away, but I’m glad I gave this a bit of an extended shot.
  20. spanx


    At the risk of sounding like a broken record… MSFS. Cutting edge visuals, innovative use of cloud and AI to model the entire world, both accessible and insanely deep. I know it’s a sim rather than a game but I think it’s a once in a gen marvel
  21. Just whack everything up and good. Still get drops in busy airports but the overall experience is getting sooo good now. Just waiting for FSLTL traffic and liveries to get integrated with my third party ATC add on now and then I’m not going to be far off perfection. Aside from having a proper rudder controller. That’s next.
  22. Sim Update 10 + DLSS + DirectX 12 + latest Nvidia driver has made this unbelievably smooth now. Getting above 60fps at 4K now with everything maxed out to ultra. Looks outstanding.
  23. spanx


    Quite enjoying this but finding it quite difficult. Also a bit confused, I though the game reset you to the beach after you die, but you continue where you leave off but with all your gear gone. Atmosphere etc is spot on as seems usual with Arkane games though
  24. Man this is long, still finding it compelling enough to keep chipping away but I’m only at chapter five, and god knows how many more there are. Thinking of just smashing a load of super enemies I’ve skipped to power up then try and cut through the story as quick as possible
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