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  1. Bloody hell the camera for the cleric beast fight likes to make life hard doesn’t it? Half the time I’m dying because I can’t actually see myself. Must admit though, now feel pretty confident roaming around picking enemies off. Feels good.
  2. Reached the Cleric Beast!! And died
  3. Well I think I’ve actually made progress. And I even started, gasp, enjoying it. Later I will put a serious push in and try and reach the first boss. Thank you rllmuk, this thread has inspired me thanks to all the raving. I am starting to see the light
  4. Ok you’re all correct. Just blasted through the first bit without dying. Then got butchered by werewolves!! Progress. Never kept trying before.
  5. Using the axe. I’ve run out of pebbles and molotovs. My issues start when two or three enemies gang up on me, I get taken down soooo quickly, and dodging doesn’t seem to get me out of trouble. However I did just nearly clear all the enemies around the bonfire, only to get shot and then a dog attacked me.
  6. Well this hasn’t started well. Run out of Heath and bullets and every time more than one enemy attacks I’m dead in seconds. Ive watched a bunch of videos and I’m still non the wiser I will keep persisting
  7. I didn’t even get to the first boss. So yeah, not a great record.
  8. So I am going to make a third attempt at this. I know it’s going to hurt but I really want to get through the pain barrier and actually *do* a From game Don’t expect to see this on my list of 2020 completed games any time soon.
  9. Yeah that was bullshit too. But I beat them.
  10. I’ve really enjoyed playing through this, found it nice and varied and the gunplay, etc is nice. But FUCK the end boss has ruined it. Boring, bullet sponge, cheap killing twat. I just want to finish this bit chipping away at the endless energy bar of the worlds most boring boss. Terrible.
  11. Thanks forum. Completely passed me by, but lucky timing and bored Sunday afternoon equals purchase, and so glad I did. This is very very nice. Feels very satisfying to play, it controls almost exactly how I want, and it has a very nice relaxed vibe.
  12. spanx

    Poor purchases 2020

    urrrrr, no Do they help a lot?
  13. spanx

    Poor purchases 2020

    Shadow of the Colossus Was looking for something very different from Tomb Raider games, Ico and Last Guardian are among my favourite ever games, and although I bounced off this when I played it on the PS2 years ago, from memory is was mainly because the god awful frame rate hurt me. But fuck me, there’s a great game in here but the controls feel like they’ve been deliberately set up to make the actual experience of playing as unpleasant as possible. Beat the first three but it was sooo painful I’ve lost all desire to go back. Twenty quid in the bin. Very disappointed
  14. 1. Luigi’s Mansion 3 (02/01) 2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (03/01) 3. Jenny LeClue (04/01) 4. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (11/01) 5. Rise of the Tomb Raider (29/01) Well, that’s the trilogy done in a slightly odd order but I reckon I saved the best for last. Really good, exhausting romp that was, although the ending was shiii iiiittt (like, the last five minutes, the bit leading up to that was brilliant) a violent, relentless best of mix of the first and last games. Glad I finally ignored my slightly snooty “poor mans uncharted” view of these as at their best they’re just as good. Definitely need a Tomb Raider break now though. Although the thirty odd quid cost for all three games was a bargain.
  15. And @grungekid I feel your pain. Seriously, just keep plugging away and learning. Just got my first win after nearly 25 hours Feels good.
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