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  1. @Stanley Squirrels vids are great aren’t they. All his original ones for the PC version are still really relevant too. Particularly loved the one where he did a flight IRL then reflex it in the sim. Brilliant.
  2. @Uncle Nasty alas this probably won’t be an option for Xbox players, but there are other apps that can provide a career mode which can help. I’ve just set myself a goal of making deliveries to circumnavigate the globe with a little app called skypark. These all depended on hooking in to the SimConnect API though - no idea if that’s a thing on Xbox.
  3. Yeah, the usual process is download game version update, on boot download sim/etc updates, then go to content manager/marketplace and "buy" new updates or update old ones. Then go and update all your now broken mods It's the shittiest thing about MSFS EDIT: on the plus side it's a monthly at worst experience, and it only takes 15 minutes
  4. Getting seriously tempted to upgrade my throttle to the Virpil from my current Warthog. PLEASE STOP TEMPTING ME TO SPENDING MONEY, GAME
  5. If Squirrel is doing a new series for the Xbox launch definitely subscribe. He is brilliant at teaching the basics.
  6. Cloudy taking off from Bordeaux this morning…
  7. Really excited for the update on Tuesday, I’ve avoided flying over big cities due to the performance drops, looking forward to a smooth flight over London and New York at last
  8. Yes! That was the first thing I noticed. Massive improvement.
  9. Fucking hell if that’s how they behave in a public forum god only knows what a vile atmosphere exists within the company walls. Contemptible.
  10. In preparation for new people getting on with this, I'd also recommend the following YouTube channels for a watch/subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/OverKillSims/videos Loads of great tutorials and example flights to understand both the basics and more advanced tutorials https://www.youtube.com/squirrel/videos Not so active around MSFS any more, but he did a great tutorial series around the launch last year, particularly using basic prop planes https://www.youtube.com/user/filanjix/videos When you get a bit more adventurous, this is a brilliant channel to get you going in the A320 (particularly the FlyByWire mod which I assume won't be on Xbox, but will help with the basic included model)
  11. Nice evening over the south coast and Isle of Wight this evening
  12. First story did not end well. Everybody died. Now what, is this a rogue like type thing where you just start again?
  13. @TomatoConvenienceStore I won't lie, it's MUCH more immersive with some decent hardware, but I got in to it with a DualShock 4 and mouse and keyboard for a good few months before making the leap to better stuff.
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