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  1. 1.0.4 patch has made this super unstable for me on PC. Lots of crashes. Super annoying.
  2. I think I must just be stressing the card more then. The GPU returns to 30ish degrees at idle within a few minutes even if it's been running hot for hours so the case airflow is OK. I'll stop worrying and just enjoy my games
  3. Huh? I've only bought keys from them for Switch before but always seemed good. Is it different for PC games?
  4. Not sure if this has been posted, but CDKeys has this for pre-order for under £36 for PC https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/cyberpunk-2077-gog-pc
  5. Persona 5 Royal on PC with all the 4K eye massaging beauty dialled up to max please
  6. Wondering how you're getting your temp so low. I'm running Assassins Creed maxed out at 4k at ~60-70fps (admittedly that's taxing it more than you are), and even undervolted with fans at 50-60% it's over 70 degrees. I assume that's still more than fine operating temp seeing as it doesn't throttle until 83, but I'd love to run it cooler. Mind you, then new Noctua fans I fitted have at least meant although it's still warm, it's quieter.
  7. The groups are still active I think. I've muted them but haven't bothered deleting and they're still there
  8. What's Peter Molyneux up to these days?
  9. Binning off a couple of my NZXT exhaust fans that came with the case and getting some Noctuas. The NZXT ones are quite loud above 50% speed and I'd like to run the case with more negative pressure so hoping these can run at a higher RPM and be quieter.
  10. I got Valhalla with a September purchase of a 3700X - who did you buy it with? Amazon sent the code when I ordered it (assuming you have a similar CPU)
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed sinking hours in to this, and it's had a few good story beats too... Feels like there's a lot of game left in this, hoping I can see out the story before the looming distraction of Cyberpunk
  12. Have you got some advice for a noob? I’ve done a bit of faffing around just adjusting the default voltage/clock curve, but really interested in playing further. Is it just pick a variable to optimise (memory clock, fans, voltage) and tweak/benchmark until it gets unstable? Mine is running much warmer than that in game (GPU hits 75 degrees in Forza Horizon for instance). Maybe I just need to invest some proper time
  13. Yeah I think it’d be pretty horrible for normal use, but my PC is just a games machine that sits next to the telly in the living room. Apart from the odd bit of emergency web browsing it’s full screen games in HDR.
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