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  1. Monster Hunter: World

    @Danno can’t seem to find that session ID
  2. Monster Hunter: World

    Any decision made on a new squad name for people who can't join the existing one? Keen to get in on some hunting this evening
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    The rllmuk squad is still owned by @Anth (I hope that's the right username) - I think he's the only one who can add people, but I haven't seen him online for a while. Might need a new squad created
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    I'm still playing on PS4. Not every day, but more often than not.
  5. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Cashed in my coins and got Picross for a quid. Utter bargain.
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    I am currently farming Nergigante to get the lvl 8 charge blade (the one that looks a bit like a broom)... will the fucker drop a horn? Will he fuck. Been playing random SOS's and trying to smack him repeatedly in the face but he's not a good monster to hang around the front of. I can't stop playing. I reckon I've put more time in to this in five weeks than I've played any other game total. Ridiculous
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    Yes. Although there are level limits. I stupidly had three things equipped each a lvl 2, but the skill maxed at lvl 3, so wasted a bunch of slots.
  8. Monster Hunter: World

    Hit HR37 now - the end game seems much more relaxing - I feel less compelled to keep driving forward and am really enjoying the exploration and investigation side much more now. 100+ hours in and I'm still learning - only just started actually using the shield element of the charge blade! I hope they keep dropping in new content, etc. I can see 100 hours being a drop in the ocean. Did a hunt with someone HR183 yesterday - god knows how many hours they've put in
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    Boom. Credits rolling at 90 hours Thanks to squad members who I joined, made it less of a slog. I do not enjoy that laser spewing bar steward. Looking forward to to the end game a lot
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    With me it was Teostra, the other two I defeated within a few attempts. I'm stuck with Xeno'Jiiva at the moment. Not getting carted at all, but running out of time. Not sure how to tackle him in his angry phase.
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    Absolutely brilliant.
  12. Monster Hunter: World

    Think I'm going to craft up a nice bow and try that for a while. I love my charge blades, but feel a bit of variety would be nice, and also possibly make the Xeno'Jiiva fight a bit less annoying - finding his angry mode a pain in close combat. Any good tips for a good bow to tackle him with? Approaching 100 hours on this now, and honestly can't see me stopping playing any time soon. It's going to take something special to knock this off my top spot for GOTY
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Grrr. This last dude with the blue wings is annoying. I just keep running out of time, he’s not hard just bloody boring. Any tells on when he’s nearly out? I’m close to SOSing this one just to get it over eith
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    Yeah, did him first time. Much easier fight than Teostra. HR15!!!
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    Ok. Vaal Hazak time. Hoping after an easier fight after Teostra. Man he was a bast

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