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  1. Forum name: Spanx Friend code: 5501-7610-4726 Switch username: Spanx AC Name: Steven AC Island: Wahi Tapu Wanted 1 (new!): I’d like to turn one of my rooms in to an office. Already got fax machine and cordless phone, but any business business stuff would be amazing (desk, chair, corporate toys, etc) Wanted 2: Got a swimming pool, anything good to go with that Wanted 3: Pot plants
  2. Could you drop me a code please?
  3. @NexivRed on my way. What do I owe you?
  4. Jeez, just visited @skittles island. It is seriously impressive. I have work to do. Can’t wait to get access to paths.
  5. Awesome. Give me a shout when you’re around and I’ll pop over
  6. You guys with loads of different coloured flowers - how have you “bred” those so quickly? I think have got a handful of hybrid coloured flowers, and I’ve got flowers all over the shop - only a couple of new ones seem to appear daily. Is there a trick to it? The tips I’ve seen suggest leave gaps, water daily and boom. New plants
  7. @skittles that’s ace! And thanks for the nice words. I picked up everything you dropped all excited - got one thing that completed a skeleton! Getting very rare to find a new fossil now - the long game is going to be looooong to track down the last few.
  8. I’ll open in a minute. Just finishing making bread. Real life bread edit: @skittles open now
  9. “Oooh that’s definitely a bigger shadow than a sea bass, definitely. I’m 100% sure. I’m going to bet my children on it. This time I’m gonna strike fish gold. It could be a marlin, or a tuna... or an oar f....... fucking sea bass” Every. Time
  10. Thanks Rayn. Although just had a massive facepalm moment. Got red and yellow cosmos growing Still more would be useful
  11. Sorry to be a broken record, can anyone selling red/yellow cosmos seeds open up. I would like to purchase some if you’d be so kind
  12. Visit mine. Got a crap load of fossils you can have.
  13. Could somebody do me a big favour if you have cosmos seeds. Could you mail me five packs of reds? I’ll lob a few grand your way as a thank you? (went somewhere last night, got some. Then connection fail seemed to leave me empty handed )
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