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  1. Arses, had a great run with the spear up to bone hydra, got the rapid stab move with addition upgrades on attack and was shredding him. Went risky when low on health figuring ahh I have the cheat death buff... I’d fucking used it before. Balls
  2. 1. Luigi’s Mansion 3 (02/01) 2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (03/01) 3. Jenny LeClue (04/01) 4. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (11/01) 5. Rise of the Tomb Raider (29/01) 6. Minecraft Dungeons (June) 7. Diablo 3 (June) 8. Animal Crossing New Horizon 9. Last of Us Remastered (23/6) 10. Last of Us Part Two (10/7) 11. Ghost of Tsushima (1/8) 12. Gris (2/8) 13. Spiritfarer (21/9) My first PC Gamepass acquisition, and a game I adored for the first 15 hours and progressively began to find irritating and dull after that but I persisted
  3. I’ve got the TUF on preorder. Frankly although it’s obviously disappointing I ain’t getting one for a few months it probably doesn’t make a huge difference - been playing Spiritfarer, Hades and Disco Elysium, none of which need any grunt at all.
  4. First run for me and smashed through Meg again, and nearly took that skeleton snake bastard down, only to get impatient/overexcited at getting down to about 10%
  5. When I think of games that define a generation, I’m not necessarily thinking good or bad games, it even ones I’ve played, just the ones that would represent best the shifts in what games as a medium are now compared to 7-& years ago. Thus my choices would be: 1. Battlefront 2 I think this best typifies the loot box rot at the core of Big Games. 2. No Mans Sky Games no longer live or die on their launch state (Sea of Thieves seems to be another one like this). I haven’t played NMS for a couple or years but it’s astonishing how games are able to c
  6. spanx

    art of rally

    Yeah had another bash this morning with a DS4 and it was much more enjoyable. Still not 100% convinced but I’ll play the demo a couple more times and see if it sticks. But not much is going to drag me away from Hades right now
  7. Finally beat Meg, quite easily in the end. The spear is amazing. Made quite a dent in the second level too, but fell to a mini boss. Too addictive.
  8. it’s nothing like Diablo gameplay wise. It’s a proper arcade game, tight controls, skill based. It’s brilliant
  9. Judging by the whinging on the OC forum yeah, the 3090 launch is going to be a repeat as the entitled masses descend I’m just waiting - assume I’ll get one Christmas/early new year and until then I have a billion games to catch up on that run fine
  10. spanx

    art of rally

    Was playing with a Switch Pro controller - gonna try a Dual Shock 4 tomorrow and see if analogue triggers help. Going to assume yes.
  11. Twelve runs, Meg still not down. Picking up more powers though, and pissing it through to Meg easily now so it’s a matter of time. So much fun to play though, who needs a fancy GPU eh? (see 3080 thread)
  12. Haven’t beaten the first boss yet but edging closer with each attempt. I assume patience is the key here, keep dodging and just get your hits in when you can? Annoying, had a nice build going in the last run and had the boss on the ropes, then fucked it
  13. spanx

    art of rally

    I’m probably a bit in the meh camp here. Loved the concept and the feel but really didn’t enjoy the experience of controlling the car. Almost like it was too sensitive and really unresponsive at the same time. Would definitely end up played for an hour then forgotten if I bought it.
  14. I feel like I'm betting on the futures market... £650 for the promise of a RTX 3080 return at a potential date. I'll prob just leave it there tbh - a load of people will cancel and try and pounce on products as they become available. I want the Asus card so I guess I'll just wait it out. The 970 I have plays Hades at 2160p anyway, so <alan partridge shrugging gif>
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