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  1. Driving carefully and responsibly in open world games. Ooh, red light, I'd better stop. Ah, bit of a jam ahead, best slow down. KEEP IN THE FUCKING LANE PROPERLY. Just prior to exiting said car and doing something horrible to legions of unsuspecting goons.
  2. Looking forward to booting up with Sim Update 6. PC version has got some pretty significant visual boosts by the sound of it. Finally getting DX12 upgrade soon too, so hopefully some more coming with the GOTY edition.
  3. Finished it this morning, having enjoyed it a lot more by knocking the difficulty down for bosses. It was pretty good overall, beautiful looking and a nice, touching little story. Astonishing really given the fact it was the studio’s first game. The boss difficulty felt like a misstep to me, story mode made them too easy but normal difficulty was too brutal for this type of game. It was really my only complaint, everything else was at least good and some of the puzzles and set pieces were genuinely very good. And I loved the size of the game, it was really refreshing to play an “open world” game that felt tight and lean rather than padded out and bloated. Would love a sequel with a bit more balance in the difficulty spikes, providing a good rather than massive challenge.
  4. Clearly played too much Flight Simulator 2020. The whole start of that video I’m just thinking “that’s very irresponsible flying, why are they not following proper departure rules” FH5 looks great though. Dubious piloting aside
  5. The £13 I spent on a monthly sub to play this is unlikely to extend. It’s an OK game but I’m already suffering a bit with too much to do and knowing I’ll never bother playing through until the end Will likely get a few weeks enjoyment then cancel. Might try this other Riders Republic thing later in Oct too too see if it’s up to much.
  6. It’s more a time thing, I’m generally a normal difficulty kind of person, and usually enjoy a bit of challenge. This for me was a nice distraction game from flying in MSFS, and the difficulty spikes just ruin it for me - I don’t give a fuck about this “git gud” mentality, I’m playing to have fun. Anyway drop the difficulty I will.
  7. Played for a couple of hours on thurs no problems but very crashy today. Irritating. Really enjoyed just burning down a tobacco farm though. The fire is very satisfying in this
  8. So this HD texture pack doesn’t work on a 3080 at 4K right? Has anyone tried it?
  9. It’s weird though, the not bosses are a piece of piss. The dark souls hardness bosses would be fine if the controls were beautifully poised, but let’s face it they’re not ideal. Story mode it is
  10. I’ve got to a shrine guardian or something, and I think I’m out. Can’t get close to him and having looked at a couple of vids it would appear things get a lot harder. Instantly massively put me off.
  11. If you love far cry 4/5/primal/the other one after 5 and you want some more, yes
  12. Well I cracked. Downloaded, so I’m going in…..
  13. Quite fancy this. Thinking a cheeky month on Ubi+ is prob better than buying it full whack, is that a thing?
  14. Well this is rather delightful. Beautiful visuals aside, it just has a very warm heart and a really nice vibe. I guess I’ve starting to get in to the game proper now, and just had my first actually tough battle (just after getting the bow) but it’s just… bloody lovely to play. Must admit I’m a bit baffled by this getting a significantly less glowing review than Sable from EG, because this for my money is a vastly more enjoyable experience. Horses for courses I guess
  15. Yeah I think I feel the same, it seems ok but the actual experience of playing is not very engaging; keep getting stuck on scenery, the jumping/climbing is clunky, and your little speeder bike thing is slow and sluggish. It looked a bit like something in the vein of journey that I’d love but it’s just very uninteresting to play. Going to try Kena instead I think.
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