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  1. Perhaps you can answer my question about that - could she swap hands? Looks like you don’t need as many fingers on the strumming hand?
  2. I also miss Ellie. I missed Ellie whilst I was playing as Ellie :’(
  3. I don’t get why people are so much harsher on Ellie than Abby. What about Abby with the knife to Dina’s throat? What about the “good”? What about the torturing Joel? What about being willing to torture other people to get them to tell her where Joel is? Seems to me the point is they mirror each other due to their lust for revenge.
  4. That’s an interesting interpretation. I saw Ellie’s need for revenge coming from a place of love, particularly painful as it was also a place of renewed hope for the future (the forgiveness) that was taken away just as it started. I didn’t see it being about debt at all (she’s saved his life multiple times, literally and figuratively, anyway). I feel like we played a different The Last of Us. In the game I played Ellie was clearly starting to love Joel, that’s why him almost handing her over to Tommy her hurt so much. Everything else you’ve described above (such as “his paterna
  5. That’s not evidence of him being a piece of shit, that’s evidence of him being human. It’s not black and white whether a person’s good or bad. Even decent people can’t always put their feelings aside and do the objectively right thing.
  6. Taking people as slaves (and the horrible treatment associated with it) isn't really a new level of depravity, unfortunately. It goes back to the beginning of recorded history I think. I actually find that group all too believable
  7. Do you mean to imply you think a part 3, if there is one, will have a happy ending, relatively speaking? I wouldn't be so sure, personally. I don't see them destroying the emperor/curing humanity at the end of it. I think ND loves their emotionally ambiguous endings, and who can blame them? They're amazing
  8. Which one's the porch scene? (If anybody answers "the scene on the porch" I'll kill their dog )
  9. I’m certain it’s Joel and Jesse. Why would Dina have a problem with that? She knows how important Joel is to Ellie, it’s why they went on their bloody revenge trek after all.
  10. Yeah, I think they were absolutely understandable motivations, I just couldn't support them. Yeah, they were interesting and emotional, but I didn't want them to keep going, which made me not want to keep going, making it feel a bit like boredom. Another way I lost motivation was the character relationships. A big part of what made me love playing The Last of Us was Ellie and Joel's developing relations - I wanted it witness and encourage it. This time around I didn't find the character relationships especially likeable. I didn't grow to love Ellie and Dina, or Abby and her various partne
  11. I think the game would be better if it let you play as characters you wanted to succeed. Maybe play mostly as Dina and Lev, whose motivations are protecting Ellie and surviving/protecting his sister. You could see the same events, but with better personal motivations.
  12. I never did that, but I was constantly throwing bricks/bottles instead of firing my gun because it switched to them when I picked them up. It didn't automatically equip bricks/bottles in the original did it? Also, did I miss it, or is there no way to drop a brick to pick up a bottle and vice versa in this one, unlike the original? I did that soooo much! :'(
  13. At that point I was like "noooo, my sketchbook!". Was OK though, it was waterproof. So the guitar problem at the end. Presumably Elli can learn to play the other way around? Do the chords with her full hand, strum with the other? Anyone know about guitars - does that work?
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