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  1. That does make sense and i forget how much it will spilt the player base and the One X and ps4 pro all they had was 4k and bit nicer looking, they are pointless pretty much because they offer nothing the base consoles offer. i still think 4K is not that big of a deal much rather have a nice HDR display than a 4k display
  2. Yep it will but hopefully Devs work with that. i have no interest in next gen consoles as they are now just PC's, Nintendo have a great opportunity to market the Switch or Switch pro as a fun machine that plays games not something just going for more and more power.
  3. fair enough. I would probably pay up to that price for a switch pro but then if we do get a switch pro will it get any exclusive 3rd party games.
  4. would you not pay £350 for a 1080p screen almost no bezels and 128gb storage and of course it been 25% more powerful
  5. And to be fair if they want to keep it cheaper than the ps5 I think they could charge £450 For it and still be cheaper. I think the ps5 is going to be mega expensive. But switch pro I would say £349
  6. I think we get a switch pro next year with smaller bezels a 1080p screen and 128gb storage. This will cost £349 I think and undercut the ps5 and Xbox two. Maybe launch it with breath of the wild 2.
  7. Is the chip in the new switch just a x1+. I thought the new switch was just a smaller die. If we do get a switch pro and it’s only 25% better no sure that is enough to keep up with the ps5 and Xbox two.
  8. https://www.xda-developers.com/nvidia-shield-tv-pro-dolby-vision-redesigned-remote/ wonder if this means we will get a switch pro.
  9. Pokemon Lets go may be OK but not really sure about the new one, the last one i played was Pokemon platinum on the ds.
  10. The only turn based game i like is Pokemon everything else i just get bored with. i will probably jsut wait as lugis mansion 3 is out soon then pokemon on the 15th
  11. is that not turned based combat
  12. i have it on PC and can run it at ultra high settings but i just never seem to get far in it. Tried ti play it 3 times on different consoles so wondering if handheld on the switch would make me play it more.
  13. anyone getting Witcher, wondering how it is Framerate and looks wise.
  14. is the clan working for everyone. I am seeing clan xp go up but says none of the clan are online and the nightfall and stuff is not been ticked
  15. Is anyone planning to do the raid this weekend on pc.
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