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  1. bit Harsh you have to buy the new legend aswell.
  2. has Anyone used the Razer Kraken Tournament with Apex i find my gen 2 astro's to be rubbish for hearing in this
  3. Coolcongo

    Destiny 2

    Anyone got a PC clan i could join. No one in my clan now plays it on PC
  4. Coolcongo

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Can you see players in the world now sort of like destiny does it. Or is it only dark zone again.
  5. Coolcongo

    The Division 2 - Nothing like Sekiro

    Anyone got a Spare Key for this. Any Platform
  6. Coolcongo


    Runs like crap in everything really. Thinking of upgrading to a Ryzen 2600
  7. Coolcongo


    I struggle to get 60 fps on this using a Amd FX 8350 and a GTX 980. would have thought should easily get 60 on medium. but all i get is 40-50fps max.
  8. Coolcongo

    Battlefield V

    I find when trying to throw bandages it does not work all the time. Not sure why but pressing 3 does nothing and only lets me heal myself.
  9. i have a seadra at level 36 and thats it. not sure what level i should be for that fight
  10. I am getting destroyed at the Any tips.
  11. What benefit is there to catch a shiny version of a pokemon
  12. Thanks for the tip will do that at lunch.
  13. is there anyway to buy berries
  14. My Party seems to really struggle when there is flying and Grass type pokemon. Any tips?
  15. just found out that shaking the Pokeball plus acts as Y button on menus

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