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  1. awesome thanks. used to play PUBG loads but seems its much harder now so want to get back into it
  2. Awesome thanks. At the minute all i seem to do is find a gun then hide trying to get as far as possible. What would you recommend playing if not EU FPP
  3. i am really bad at this game. any tips to get better and anyone fancy playing some night
  4. I am sure when they got released Nintendo said they would sell the dock and joy cons separate. but can not find them anywhere
  5. awesome thanks may give it a go as its only £5.99
  6. has anyone played Flame in the Flood what sort of game is it and is it worth buying
  7. that should mean you can make your primary the switch lite and the normal switch secondary and play games on both system. the only thing that needs sorted is save data then
  8. Cloud saves is a problem but would be nice to play my games on two consoles.
  9. so its pointless at that point. why can Nintendo not just do this stuff right.
  10. hoping you can own both and play one when out and about and leave the main switch as the docked one.
  11. just sent a request to join. Coolcongo
  12. has anyone got a clan i can join. i play on PC
  13. bit Harsh you have to buy the new legend aswell.
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