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  1. TurningMonster

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    How was it?
  2. TurningMonster

    The Apprentice 2018

  3. TurningMonster

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    I made this stuffed squash last year for Christmas, it's a bit of effort but it was pretty delicious.
  4. TurningMonster

    Terrace House - Netflix original - Japanese Big Brother

    Thanks to this thread, I have a new favorite show. I have started with the newest season, I'm up to Shion and Ami's joint birthday, he better not break Tsubasa's heart.
  5. TurningMonster

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    It would just be for me and my wife, though I’m happy with leftovers if it reheats well. I’m not sure if celeriac is available here, but I’ll check. How does roasting whole cauliflower work, what sort of spicing do you add? Found this chickpea meatloaf which looks pretty good.
  6. TurningMonster

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a vegan Sunday roast? Trimmings are easy, but I’m not sure what to do for the centerpiece.
  7. TurningMonster

    Best CCG on iOS?

    Eternal for sure.
  8. TurningMonster

    The Leftovers. (HBO show)

    How did Carrie Coon not win every single award going, seriously.
  9. TurningMonster

    The Leftovers. (HBO show)

    This scene (SEASON 3 spoilers)
  10. TurningMonster

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    FWIW, there have been instances before with new iOS games where the remove adverts IAP is bugged. Hopefully that’s the case here.
  11. TurningMonster

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  12. TurningMonster

    Jared Leto Joker Film. Really.

    He was good in Dallas Buyers Club from what I recall.
  13. TurningMonster

    Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

  14. Jumping arrowman, the movie.

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