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  1. I really don’t like Chloe. Her performance last night whilst stood to the other girl who was about to be booted out was pretty gross. I’m pretty sure the producers dropped the new girl in specifically for Hugo, I don’t see him partnering up with anyone at this point. Glad Kaz has finally met someone, she seems the nicest out of the lot by far.
  2. I can understand people being salty in years past when the team haven't given us anything to be excited about, but this team is a treat to watch.
  3. Dodgy penalty or not, the score reflects the better team.
  4. That's one for all the miserable sods in here
  5. That is a great trailer. Can’t wait.
  6. It’s definitely a pretty lackluster start this year.
  7. @ZOK@Don Rosco can I get in this action? I’m thetwohoots on Game Center
  8. I mean it's one banana, Michael, how much could it cost? $10?
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