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  1. I Had one of those a few weeks back, I was surprised how good it was.
  2. Six Feet Under at 64? Gtfo. Also lots of shows which started good that then went to shit featured, like GoT and Handmaid’s Tale, are way too high.
  3. I haven’t personally, I don’t ever really shoot the volume to justify it, however I know it’s pretty much the industry go to for people shooting weddings, events, etc. Capture One has a neat feature where you can turn on a focus mask for quickly identifying if a picture is in focus or not, but the program as a whole is anything but quick. What about Bridge, could that help?
  4. Photo Mechanic is probably what you want, it's $140 though. There's a free trial on their site.
  5. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    I went to see the new Miles Davis doc last night, which is really good and I would recommend checking out. When I was getting up to leave, I realized Herbie Hancock was sat two seats down from me, which totally made my evening. Wayne Shorter was also there. Pretty cool stuff. I also recently saw the Blue Note doc, which is also really good.
  6. Sign me the fuck on! Interesting how the aspect ratio changes at certain points in the trailer.
  7. It would be on the HBO platform, no?
  8. The show is a masterpiece in my opinion. As a study on grief and loss, it’s up there with Six Feet Under for me.
  9. I'm stuck on stage 5... Cleared the first hero model last night. The difficulty curve is definitely off, it doesn't need to be as hard (read: grind) as it is.
  10. One Deck Dungeon might be worth looking at, I’ve been enjoying the iOS version but its identical to the physical version.
  11. There’s a ton of character development, but I would say it’s extremely light on plot. The girl Pitt picks up is from The Leftovers I just realized, I thought she was really good.
  12. I also just got done with a rewatch in preparation. I say rewatch, I'm now wondering if I ever saw the whole thing when I was younger, the nightmare fuel at start might have just been too much for my young, impressionable brain because I really didn't recall much of anything past that. It's hard to know what's nostalgia and what isn't, but the puppetry holds up so well, even now.
  13. Looks a bit like One Deck Dungeon.
  14. I gave up after season 2, I thought season 3 was going to the last, did that change?
  15. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but Archero is a great game. You control an archer, progressing through a series of arenas, the twist is you can only shoot (which is auto-fire) when you stop moving. There’s a light RPG aspect with gear and upgrades, it also has that Binding of Isaac thing of being able to stack power ups. Tons of fun, and free to play.
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