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  1. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but Archero is a great game. You control an archer, progressing through a series of arenas, the twist is you can only shoot (which is auto-fire) when you stop moving. There’s a light RPG aspect with gear and upgrades, it also has that Binding of Isaac thing of being able to stack power ups. Tons of fun, and free to play.
  2. Thought the new episode was really good, it kind of works revisiting them every five years to see how things have changed.. Louis seemed more confrontational than I think I've seen him before, at least with that one guy, anyway.
  3. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    Damn, I am loving that.
  4. I wouldn't recommend C1 if you're coming from LR and want to use it as a catalog replacement. C1 was originally designed and still works best with sessions, which is essentially a self-contained catalog that you create for every shoot. The two main advantages it has over LR is first and foremost the quality of the raw processing, which starts with better colors than LR will give you, and secondly, the tethering functionality is much better. I can't vouch for the software, but it popped up on one of the photography news sites this week and that's ACDSEE Photo Studio. There's a free trial if you're interested.
  5. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    Ryan Porter’s new album, Force for Good, is out today, looking forward to having a listen later. Another new release to check out is the debut by Joel Ross who plays the vibraphone, called KingMaker. This is the opening track -
  6. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    This is so good
  7. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    This is a fun track The opening track from Brad Mehldau's new album, just incredible.
  8. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    Can answer my own question, found a private tracker that has a big archive of BBC shows. If anyone's interested, feel free to drop a PM.
  9. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    I’m loving this show, thanks for the recommendation. Is there somewhere I can listen to older episodes? iPlayer only has the last four to stream.
  10. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    That's exactly where I started, I've seen the diagram below linked a few times. As for Kind of Blue, it's hard for me to articulate how much of an impact that album has made, it's just sublime from start to finish. I live in Los Angeles, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to get to see Kamasi sooner or later. His albums have been on heavy rotation for the last couple of weeks. Added it to my wishlist, thanks. I read a few other people mention it's a bit one sided in places, I'll keep that in mind. What's the story with Wynton Marsalis? I enjoy his enthusiasm in the documentary.
  11. Hardly. The writing has gone off a cliff compared to earlier seasons.
  12. I live in the States, so maybe they aren't available in the UK, yet?
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