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  1. Is that an off the shelf mod or something you're putting together yourself? BTW - Just ordered the EXP. Lot of money for what it is, but hoping it will be better than the existing handheld.
  2. I think the new handheld has potential- the current Evercade feels cheap and the screen poor. LCD as in lowest-common-denominator. Poor viewing angles, refresh tines and resolution.
  3. Get a Datel SD media launcher, if you can?
  4. I wonder if it might have Star-Lord, Tornado or something similar, they had cover mounted free gifts on some issues but I think they are too early. Space Invaders was a cultural phenomenon in the late 70s but the imagery of the pixel-defined invader, was not common, I don't believe. Try here, maybe? https://ukcomics.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_comic_titles
  5. Looks both lush and retro at the same time. Almost like what the artwork on tape inlays and disks in the 1980s led us to believe were contained within. Edit: I would totally buy this if I had a Next. I foolishly passed up on one at a reasonable price recently.
  6. I think I might have had one of these. Trouble is, I can't remember which mag it came with. I have a feeling it wasn't a computer magazine but a comic. In the early to mid-80s there were so many new comics coming out, some of them only had a couple of issues before folding or being merged with another, more established title.
  7. Bitrot is real. And a single bit flipped in a compressed file has a greater impact.
  8. That sounds traumatic. You lost all your stuff as a kid?
  9. I do. Not sure why, as it's becoming an issue. Just think if I ever sell, it adds some value to some buyers.
  10. Ghost Squad is very good. I got it as my 3DS launch title.
  11. I have a copy of C&VG somewhere that predates all computer/videogame stuff. It was the TRON issue, Sept 1982. I got a VIC-20 that year, at Christmas. I did have a Grandstand Astrowars for Xmas 1981. My sister has it (or did).
  12. @SpartanI used to have one of those as my work laptop (had a desktop as well obvs.) I loved it, I used to do simple vector 3d programming on it in my own time (just for fun). Somebody nicked from my cupboard at work (after hours). Didn't have a backup of my code
  13. No idea. 1st wave Japanese Dreamcasts with the Yukawa edition box? Samba de Amigo maraca set in the box? I have an Amiga 4000 that is dear to my heart but needs repair work. The Microvitec 1438 monitor that went with it got knocked off of a table and shattered Recently I have picked up a Memotech MTX 512 and Einstein 256 both of which I am quite fond of. The Memotech because of it's cool, anodized black aluminium elegance and part home micro, part CPM business machine split-personality. The Einstein 256 because it's total uselessness - it can run most Einstein TC01 software, but I don’t believe there's any dedicated software to take advantage of it's more powerful gfx chip.
  14. Hopefully it's one with an almighty amount of curvature in tube - all the corners and a really bulbous front. Just to get that 80s home micro experience!!
  15. What I want to know, is why is the Technos Arcade cart missing Double Dragon 1, when it has both sequels?
  16. I'm no football fan which probably both negates and explains my choice: International Soccer for the C64. Totally sedate, yet great fun 2-player. Ss for future sports, well sticking with the C64, Rocketball is an amazing 2-player rendition of the 70s James Caan movie-vehicle, Rollerball.
  17. Maybe, I was starting to get controller issues (8bitdo SN30), but battery was fully charged a day or two before, so I'm beginning to wonder if the 1 amp PSU I was using wasn't enough for emulating the megadrive and making the box unstable...
  18. Played for a bit yesterday. It's pretty good but the control schemes for each games menus are so different. Like sure, select to add coins to an arcade game, but working out how to start Cannon Fodder was not obvious (never had a Megadrive), ditto Worms. The buttons for the gameplay controls are fine as they can be viewed at anytime, though.
  19. Yup, the beauty of 8 bit micros were their simplicity.
  20. @Zio sure that can be refurbished, if the skills and will is there.
  21. My premium VS turned up two days ago here in Denmark (local supplier). Wife has wrapped it. Can't wait.
  22. RGB mod the PAL machine or get an Everdrive and play yarred versions on your Japanese N64?
  23. Actually, that's not a half bad set of titles.
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