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  1. gunrock

    Currently playing...

    @Vimster that is why Sleeping Dogs is such a revelation. Same team, based upon a revamped engine that originates from the True Crime series. Like night and day.
  2. I tell you what still works (if you want a longer, more considered game), is Agent USA on C64. For a quick 2 player competition, Rocketball on C64 still has what it takes.
  3. Boulderdash I or III (original gfx - none of that space gfx crud) for me.
  4. gunrock

    PlayStation VR

    "Really great watching Eastenders together, isn't it?"
  5. gunrock

    The C64 Mini

    Wasn't sneering @Lorfarius, just saying that it seems expensive for what it is. I have a MiST FPGA and it has a few flaws (Vga output being the worst) but the C64 core on that is great, as is the Amiga 1200 emulation.
  6. gunrock

    The C64 Mini

    From what I have heard it's just an ARM soc on a board running an emulator. The aesthetic is nice and all, but for that price a MiST FPGA/Mistica FPGA 16 which runs many more systems and supports USB keyboard and original and USB joysticks/controllers. Failing that, a Pi 3 in a C64 3d printed case - much cheaper than both.
  7. @Lorfarius an FPU is only good for programs that use a lot of floating-point (that's real numbers, mate, i.e 1234.5678, 3.14 etc.) calculations and have to be written to take advantage of it, like ray-tracing software, for example. Didn't watch the video, but unless they were demo-ing Mac software like Poser, Bryce or something mathematical heavy, I doubt the FPU was being used.
  8. The Cubase bit might be right, but me and my mate made several tunes on the Amiga with Bars & Pipes which I paid full price for (like 139 quid or something similar). We even stuck an EP out on vinyl.
  9. gunrock

    Currently playing...

    Playing Metroid Zero Mission on GBA (in my original Phat DS).
  10. gunrock

    The Hobbit 128K edition (Spectrum)

    I actually thought the Spectrum version looked the best at the time.
  11. gunrock

    PlayStation VR

    The blur might be down to only doing the basic setup (ie you need to the eye distance one)?
  12. gunrock

    PlayStation VR

    She'll never notice!
  13. gunrock

    Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    If you have a 2nd player, Future Cop LAPD is pretty decent.
  14. gunrock

    Nintendo Switch

    A satsuma?
  15. gunrock

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Use the pad. It's been fine.

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