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  1. Pretty sad TBH, but like you say, Amiga owners all over, really. Pay for hardware, expect free software.
  2. @christaylor Give that ViC-20 to someone so it can be cleaned up and refurbed. With a backbit cartridge or similar, it can still be a great system.
  3. Or did the later games near the end of the magazine run get higher rated to appreciate the developer's efforts in a dwindling market?
  4. After 1 month in customs clearance and 8 working days in customs to carrier transport, my Morphcat and Intellivision 2 carts have turned up! Cost me an extra 30 quid in fees - so won't be pre-ordering from Funstock again, I'll have to buy local. Anyway, I cannot wait until the Evercade Ex comes out, because by god, it's impossible to play Micro Mages on that screen! It reminded me of playing Bubble Bobble on a postage stamp sized screen. It's playable, but what anything is, in terms of appreciating the art style and configuration of pixels that make up the sprites, is impossible. I'll have to play it on the VS (or get 50x telescopic lenses inserted in place of my old eyes).
  5. I have Wetrix for Dreamcast. I bought it because I played 30 mins or so at work. Class.
  6. Mixed bag of games, so many classics not present. Should base it on Retro Gamers's Top 25 from the recent 80s special (kudos to @strider and the gang). Obviously, it's licensing that's in the way and not emulation restrictions. Nice to Bruce Lee on there, though.
  7. Is that an off the shelf mod or something you're putting together yourself? BTW - Just ordered the EXP. Lot of money for what it is, but hoping it will be better than the existing handheld.
  8. I think the new handheld has potential- the current Evercade feels cheap and the screen poor. LCD as in lowest-common-denominator. Poor viewing angles, refresh tines and resolution.
  9. Get a Datel SD media launcher, if you can?
  10. I wonder if it might have Star-Lord, Tornado or something similar, they had cover mounted free gifts on some issues but I think they are too early. Space Invaders was a cultural phenomenon in the late 70s but the imagery of the pixel-defined invader, was not common, I don't believe. Try here, maybe? https://ukcomics.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_comic_titles
  11. Looks both lush and retro at the same time. Almost like what the artwork on tape inlays and disks in the 1980s led us to believe were contained within. Edit: I would totally buy this if I had a Next. I foolishly passed up on one at a reasonable price recently.
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