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  1. I would like one of these, do you still have a spare?
  2. Rip 'em to memory card with CFW and put them on the shelf.
  3. I've always loved Mr Do! I first played it in The Trading Post in Dartford (local arcade/pool hall/tattoo parlour) in '82 or '83. It's one of two games I pirated on my modded Wii (and that's only because it was a Japanese limited release). I'm still not amazing at it, but I love the crisp candy colour gfx and amazing arcade/fairground sounds. Pure class.
  4. @carleton, @ScouserInExile Yeah, same thing - I had a 1541, Trilogic Expert Cartridge and Makro Assembler cartridge, Koala pad. Still feel a bit panicky and nauseous if I think about it.
  5. Lorf: yeah, I'm well aware of Scratch and Python but I want to give them something initially with low expectations and utter immediacy and not multiple layers of stuff (boot up, login screens, start scratch etc.) Doing stuff in scratch is more rewarding visually, but I want some very simple interaction and I think the limits of 8 bit are are good place to start (if only to understand the unglamorous and unforgiving nature of it).
  6. Just bought a breadbin C64 off of Ebay. I need a new Psu and some other bits and bobs, I massively regret selling my C64 to get my Amiga 1000 (sadly also sold). I threw away all my discs in the mid 2000s, another regret, especially as there seems to be software I've not found again and obviously my own basic and 6510 code, all gone. I have a MiST fpga and the C64 implementation is really good, but I want to teach BASIC to my kids and keep it very simple and immediate.
  7. Batman: Brave and The Bold (which way around is that?) is very good. Also, Marvel Ultimate Alliance holds up, just. Tangled is pretty dull, but Brave isn't terrible.
  8. @RastanSagaNever played the GB version of it. Is it any good?
  9. @disperse and recoagulate Ah, wasn't paying much attention, just started reading. My fault, no shade intended.
  10. Really interesting article. I love his bombastic style of writing, it suggests that the message he is delivering is matter of life and death. Not sure he'd be much fun in real life, but I love that he cares so much about it!
  11. Was this April Fool, the mocked up game that they said would use the 6510 in the 1541 disk drive to do multi processing, thereby doubling what the C64 could do per frame?
  12. I would love to read one if you did - I used to love the Andrew Braybrook dev diaries in ZZap 64.
  13. Never played No More Heroes then? Or so l337 that you never had to save, maybe?
  14. Props to Benny for bringing it up. This happened yesterday when I was playing Arkham Asylum on 360. Playing the bit in the greenhouse against Poison Ivy and my 15 year old daughter walks past and takes one look at the screen and she's like "bit pervy, Dad..." and shoots me a look of disdain
  15. I have the multiverse edition for Vita winging its way to me as a valentine's day gift from the missus. Beyond excited!
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