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  1. Really not enjoying 22, the videos looked excellent, but the gameplay is more ice skatey than ever and with the passing being so slow it's not a very enjoyable game to play.
  2. I didn't even know he'd come out mate, probably not because I got the FUT beta for 22 and I'll be playing that until september, i doubt i'll go back to 21 after.
  3. It's in your game library, on xbox you might have filters set to only full games or something
  4. can you go and post your concerns somewhere else? Seriously it’s proper boring
  5. I got FUT, they always open it up after a week or so and let you play other modes as well
  6. This has arrived (well i got mine early because it was hand delivered as soon as it was off the press) but did anyone else here get it? it's awesome man.
  7. It's not often we're in complete agreement, but come on, this film was terrible, like all of DC's stuff few witty one liners to try and lighten the fact they made a 2 hour snuff movie that's like 'murder porn with superheroes'
  8. It's just too expensive man, surely they cant look at an Xbox Series S for 250 quid or a PS5 digital for 350 and think yeah £120 sounds fair for this.
  9. Don’t get me wrong there’s ridiculous fanboys on both side of the fence.
  10. Exactly, some people just need to fess up to the fact they will criticise Sony for whatever they do, proprietary storage in the Vita = Sony are the devil, easy and cheap storage options for PS5 vs Proprietary on Xbox and Sony = the devil.
  11. Can i just say how amazing it is that we can get 1tb gen 4 M2 NVME drives for £150 that have 7gbs read/write speeds? pretty incredible considering the price of high end gen 3's a year ago.
  12. I already had Nani's TOTS untradeable anyway, agree with Timmo he's just amazing.
  13. I put all my reds except Bamba, Theo Hernandez and Cristiano Ronaldo into those Fut champs upgrades, got nothing decent out of any of them. I even recycled my 2 from today, Rossi and Nani and ended up with Mukiele, useful for this weekend though at least.
  14. It just say's Snaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaake
  15. Byron's got fucked because of the Home Office thing and rightly so, Ed's is still in business but closed a lot of locations, Five Guys is ALWAYS busy round here.
  16. GBK is shit, doesn't even come close to Five Guys.
  17. The PS5 version of Exodus is the same price.
  18. All that will achieve is you wear out both controllers at once and have to fork out £100+ to replace them both, stick to one and use it until it feels like it needs replacing.
  19. They seem to be permanently sold out of US PSN codes, try https://www.eneba.com/ they seem ok.
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