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  1. I know, it's an amazing pull, but it's literally better than anything i packed in rewards in the last 2 fifa's put together.
  2. The rest of the rewards were awful in fairness
  3. Rank 3 is 8 wins 12 losses, pretty much everybody will get that, there's going to be a huge influx of TOTW's every weekend.
  4. I can’t see EA not changing rewards, it’s way to easy to get elite rewards (based on old fut champs) on this new model. I’ve got 5 games left and can get rank 2 with 2 wins and 3 losses.
  5. Not sure I’d say my teams better, Alphonso Davies is amazing but I have to have Upamecano next to him and he’s a weak link. Carvajal is terrible as well.
  6. What's your team? didn't you play fut champs as well? nearly everyone i know has had pretty good pack luck this year, I've had TOTW Vinicius, Marcos Llorente and now Bruno who are all 100k+ nowhere near the luck of other people i've seen but i can't knock it.
  7. I got Bruno Fernandes out of the small rare players pack this morning, thought he would be about 500k, but it allows me to buy Frenkie De Jong to replace Delaney.
  8. Did i miss something or are the requirements for Champs qualifying really confusing for anybody else?
  9. I hit div 4 and qualified for FUT Champions, last night, do i have to play this weekend or can i use my token anytime?
  10. Delete all your save files and restart the game
  11. I was away in Norfolk for the weekend with the wife and kids and my mate done some gold upgrades and sold off anything i had worth anything and he built me a nice little La Liga team as i still have the TOTW Vinicius, I've now got Vini, Depay and Dembele up top, with Modric, Valverde and Delaney in midfield and Alphonso Davies, Upamecano, Militao and Dani Carvajal at the back and Neuer in goal. It's somewhat playable now I actually have players who can pass and dribble.
  12. the whole game is shit, you’re more likely to make a successful pass if you smash it 60 yards cross field than 5 yards between midfielders. Dribbling is non existent and skill moves are pointless. it’s no fun
  13. Oh goody, I’m never going to play this game again at this point.
  14. his gold is the best card I’ve used so far, so reliable with his finishing
  15. I got Alaba in my OTW pack, think I’m done with FUT this year, I’ll try again after a few patches.
  16. Spent my 4600 Fifa points and this is what I'm left with, Toney and Vinicius are tradeable, not sure whether to sell them or to wait for Fut Champs, surely Vinicius will rise?
  17. This is a genuinely horrible game to play. can I still cancel my pre order as I have downloaded the early access trial?
  18. Buy the credit from CDKeys and it wont be 70.
  19. Steelseries headsets are such good quality as well, really comfortable, premium audio quality, good build quality, i'm a big fan.
  20. nope, I’ve bought every Fifa since 14 on download as they have sod all resell value, I’m all digital on ps5 anyway
  21. It's the same size as the disc version as the disc installs to the HDD and downloads patches, likewise loading etc are the same as it never runs directly off the disc anyway.
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