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  1. I worked overnight last night, so this doesn't count as a weekday for me ;-)
  2. Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home mate ;-)
  3. No kick off exploit, no closing down goal kicks afaik.
  4. for what it's worth, I was disappointed to concede the late goal against you in the first because I had comfortable possession and thought I should have done better with the chances I had, so wasn't happy to come away 1-1, you definitely caused me more problems with the more attacking approach in the 2nd game though.
  5. Yeah, was unlucky mate, I've got too many big gaps in my midfield at the moment, need to look at the best way to set them up, I've got absolutely nobody who can shoot from distance though.
  6. Just had a couple of games against Mardigan, drew 1-1 and I won 5-2, but I thought I played much better in the 1-1, Mardigan is a decent player though, I need to work on what formation to use, cant play 4-4-2
  7. Same here, disconnected from EA Servers. couple of decent games though, dubious goals panel have to give me the first goal of the night surely? it was always going in the defender just helped it over ;-)
  8. It's fine anyway, I've just narrowed it down from my list and it's 1 of 2 teams for me, cant believe one of them though. And don't get me wrong, i'm gonna win the thing anyway, but im all about fairness ;-)
  9. well come on mate, it's not about the season kicking off, but I only ever use 2 teams on Seasons, I'd like to know which team I've got so I can at least get some games in with them before the season actually does start.
  10. Bit unfair that people are getting told which teams they have well ahead of us last picks, we get double the disadvantage because all the good teams are gone and we haven't had any time to practice with them, if people haven't given there team in and you're giving teams out they should go to the bottom.
  11. That's if you actually send them mate ;-)
  12. If we want to get forward quicker, wouldnt the CDM be better as the Any? LB, RB, CDM - that leaves 2 Strikers and CAM as human controlled at all times?
  13. Sounds good with the team for this week, i'll edit my pro and make sure I get a couple of practice games in.
  14. everytime we got wide last night we tried to get into the box to get a low ball across the six yard box in, when we had several players edge of the box, it's these sort of passes we need to spot quicker, work it along the edge of the 18 where there is more space, our pro's all need time to bring the ball under control and set themself to shoot. Of course there's also the fact it was the first time we'd all played together with 7 players, when we've had practice games with 2/3/4 of us it's been a bit less chaotic but we will sort that out with familiarity. Not all doom and gloom, it's FRIDAY
  15. Trouble is, there's no point crossing, everyone's pro is so short we've got no chance in the air, should probably play a 433 it will mean the space between us is smaller so less running and will use our stamina better.
  16. good games tonight all, don't think we deserved to lose the 2nd leg, but the games were close and it looks like it should be a decent season!
  17. I'm not sure if I'll be ready to play by 9.30 tonight guys, depends on the kids getting to sleep without hassle and the wife not wanting the TV.
  18. It doesnt matter really, RPL City will win the league because we're all shit hot ;-)
  19. cheers mate, I tweaked my pro after playing last night, gave up an inch in height, which means i give up some strength, but got a lot more pace and agility for it, and it also went up to an 82 overall, would probably change it back if i'm playing CDM though.
  20. can we see if he can play CDM my pro is definitely better suited to CAM
  21. Not even joking, if that booming header that cannoned off the underside of the bar went in it would have been my favourite goal ever :-D
  22. cheers mate, will do it later, hopefully one of them is the 'learn to trap a bag of sand' accomplishment, some of the touches my pro took last night were like shots
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