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  1. rewards were terrible, 6k was the highest value player in my packs apart from the TOTW pack which netted me 29k worth of discard informs. i finished the base to mid icon player pick because i put dupes from the upgrade packs into the 88 and 86 rated squads thinking it had a week left, spent 100k finishing it and got Kenny Dalglish who is bloody amazing, his dribbling is so good
  2. It was indeed the Marquinhos', eventually sold for 1455000 had to list him 5 times, he was nearly 1.6million when i packed him. I think coins go a lot further this year than ever before, players like Messi, Neymar and CR7 were all under 500k very early.
  3. No don't be daft, why would i do that? I'm playing the PS5 version, maybe it's that? are you still on PS4?
  4. I said it was the only tradeable thing I’d packed, and yes I’ve had great pulls untradeable, but Socrates is upfront because I can’t afford anything around Ronaldo, it makes a big difference having coins to have choice, I wasn’t moaning, I hardly post in here because there isn’t much for me to say, my teams pretty static, it will be nice to be able to try some different cards now.
  5. Me red listed in February with less than 800k transfer profit yet getting better rewards weekly because I’m better at the game than Timmo, vs Timmo who never packs anything. ok buddy, keep crying.
  6. no messi is untradeable, ferland mendy and Donarumma were the only tradeable cards in my team.
  7. It’s nearly February and it’s the first time I’ve packed anything worth over 100k on Fifa 22
  8. Socrates is an elite striker, I’d put him in the Cantona and Eusebio bracket.
  9. I think Gamepass is a great service, I also like PS Now, but i see it as something that lets me try games I wouldn’t normally buy, I wouldn’t play Forza Horizon 5 on gamepass or it becomes throwaway TO ME, I know not everyone sees it like that but I don’t invest time into anything I only get to play via now or gamepass. But it’s great value for people like us who know how to get 3 years of it for 50 quid
  10. Most of my casual friends don't even know what an Xbox is all about, they see it as a kids toy, they use their playstation for COD, Fifa and Gran Turismo, that's it basically.
  11. I'd more than likely just stop playing COD at that point, it would be dead without the PS players.
  12. I genuinely prefer the Dualshock/Dualsense pads and just prefer to play on Playstation to be perfectly honest.
  13. As somebody who buys games on PlayStation primarily it wont make a difference to me whether COD is on Gamepass Day 1 or not, I'd have to pay for it on PS5/PS4 whether Xbox players have to pay for it or not.
  14. my 85 x 3 defenders pack dropped Cancelo!! my first ever TOTY, shame I can't afford a premier league defence or midfield to go round him and Ronaldo.
  15. Dude is it not on Google Play anymore?
  16. LOL i had exactly the same thing, Eusebio and TOTY Lewa upfront in my first game after the servers came back up, he still rage quit at 4-0 down.
  17. 86 Saka as my player pick from rewards.
  18. Socrates from the last icon pack and Kaka from the current one, but it used pretty much everything i had to do, I've now got them both playing as strikers, Socrates is like Eusebio, either foot is a hammer and Kaka is very nice to use.
  19. PS5 - Guardians of the Galaxy, finished today, absolutely brilliant from start to end.
  20. Same and just finished it today, it's so good, to say i was shocked is an understatement, i had this down as a reskinned avengers.
  21. mate my pack luck has been fucking atrocious, my best players are all from SBC’s
  22. Finally got something worth over a million coins nearly at the end of the year.
  23. Had Mr Beast Burger tonight, there's one opened up local to us, but it doesn't come close to Five Guys for me in terms of quality of the actual burger, but it was definitely nice and something we will get again.
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