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  1. I’ve given up on 23 already. not enjoyable to play in the slightest.
  2. The speed of the connection you pay for has the square root of fuck all to do with your latency. It is your connection.
  3. you can press b and go offline to play campaign
  4. I switched my activision account location to New Zealand, then I changed timezone on the PS5, created an NZ PSN account, deleted the multiplayer add-on because it was locked to the 28th UK time, then I loaded cod using the NZ account and it asked me to download the multiplayer add-on from the NZ store, which had an unlocked licence.
  5. flick the right stick in the direction you're running.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo is a cheat code on this game, 7 games 20 goals, every game I've played on my own he's scored at least 3, I won 8 in a row on fut champs qualifying with hattricks in all of them.
  7. It’s superb, definitely a return to form for the campaign.
  8. worst one ever, quite the achievement
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if the regulators in US/UK say Acti can be acquired but only if they find an independent buyer for Call of Duty.
  10. They should give you a job as a community manager @Haribokart
  11. The app, website and store all work fine for me, I can't download Integrade as I've got the FF7 Remake from PS+ and that's a known issue with the way Playstation handles games, they will fix it.
  12. Loved this, really interesting concept for a game, played it over a few nights, loved the style of the visuals and the story.
  13. Spider-Man’s 40fps fidelity mode is insane on a VRR display, it’s pretty much between 90/120fps the whole time at 4K with Ray tracing
  14. I upgraded my monitor to an LG 27GP950 HDMI 2.1 144hz hdr monitor for the PS5.
  15. I got van Dijk as a red and Ruben Dias, but I've got Toty Dias, the question is do i sell both Ruben's and keep van Dijk or is Toty Dias better?
  16. I've been playing this for a couple of months with my 4 year old, she absolutely loves Fortnite and has 29 kilsl so far, but we've got 20 wins together (the matchmaking is very friendly) our first win this season was a real highlight though, i rebooted her, killed 2 guys in a tank then we repaired the tank and took it ourselves and just obliterated everything and everyone.
  17. I’ve only played him as a striker or centre mid in a flat 433 or 41212 narrow, he’s not got the most agile dribbling
  18. He’s brilliant mate, somewhere between eusebio and cantona as a striker.
  19. Ruben Dias and Donarumma are the only tradeables in that squad
  20. My mate at work has just called me, said “been thinking about you defence, you need an upgrade just look at your squad and tell me wrong” loaded the web app and he packed me an untradeable Toty Marquinhos 🥰
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