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  1. No doubt, but you can do all of that on the Series X instead, if you really want an Xbox that’s the way to go, the S is terrible, if you don’t want a Series X you don’t really want an Xbox.
  2. underpowered, you’re never going to play it if you’re used to playing PC games with higher resolutions etc, would just be a waste of money
  3. I wouldn’t get an S, stump for an X or don’t bother if you have a PC
  4. This is a bit special, completed the main story a few minutes ago. Lots of side quests to do now, but the story is excellent, the voice acting and animation and attention to detail are first class. I really enjoyed it.
  5. If the barrier and pressure of the heatsink wasn’t enough then we would have mass failures and peoples consoles would be overheating as they’d have no thermal transfer on large parts of the APU as it was leaking out the bottom. I call BS on the whole thing, might be leaking if people have dismantled the console
  6. I got this for £40 on cdkeys USA key but simple to create a U.S. psn account and can play on your main account anyway
  7. I think it's the best COD for years, but you have to remember it is COD, so dropshotting, jumping, sprinting and spraying are all part of it, it's what got us all hooked when we were young, we're just older now.
  8. Yeah of course there's shared assets, they all work for the same publisher on the same game series, with shared progression why make all new assets? that doesnt mean it's not 2 entirely different studios working on the games. You clearly just don't like the game, why play it?
  9. that’s just not true, warzone is handled by a different dev team to the core multiplayer team, and entirely different studio.
  10. Thanks for this @Unofficial Who I love final fight, got it on Xbox, PlayStation and switch.
  11. My PS5 has been pimped thanks to @SeanR Sony should have coloured the PS logo by default, it looks so much better.
  12. Sorry it's hit PS Stars icon in PS App, then select rewards on the PS Stars page, select the reward you want and then redeem it.
  13. ps app, hit the little ps rewards icon and then redeem you can redeem for games, little digital items or psn credit which just gets added to your account instantly
  14. You could get £60 worth of psn credit for 15000 points. I've already redeemed £40 worth just from buying games
  15. The Order was a great game, really disappointed they haven't made a sequel.
  16. 88.77GB on PS5 with Warzone 2.0 installed as well, quite happy with that, I'm sure it will grow to be nearly 200gb by the time a few map's get added to multiplayer and stuff.
  17. fennac, assault perks, uav, counter uav and vtol.
  18. I’ve given up on 23 already. not enjoyable to play in the slightest.
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