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  1. It’s great so far. I love the new locations and the henchmen, but more so the story aspect. it feels like we’re back in season 4
  2. I mean it is entirely true, it wont be so apparant on the sort of connection he has, but it definitely is what happens from a technology point of view, it probably isn't worth leaving the old router switched on now but i'd definitely recommend changing the behaviour once the Fibre gets installed, it's even more aggresive with VDSL lines.
  3. Now would be an awful time, at least wait for the price of the next gen consoles to be revealed, i cant see the Xbox One X staying at it's current price once Series X drops.
  4. You will be seriously hindering your broadband connection by turning your router off, particularly after prolonged periods downloading large amounts of data, it will keep trying to re-train your line believing the downloads have caused a period of instability and will reduce line speed and increase latency to try to achieve a more stable connection, the DSLAM will expect the modem to be on the majority of the time.
  5. There is a dirty glitch people are doing. I was 20-7 on champs, had to win my last 3 for Elite 3, go into the first game last night I'm 2-0 up, guy kicks the ball out for a throw 3 times as it goes out the 3rd time i lose connection to my opponent, match under review, back into the fut menu and it doesn't count the game. I go to play again, I'm winning 1-0 he equalises on the 45th minute and immediately i get the same thing, game doesn't count. 3rd game I play I go 1-0 down, same thing happens and this time the game counts, i got a loss after 17 in game minutes. It happened to me a couple of times earlier in champs as well, but last night it was so blatant.
  6. Am I doing something wrong or does this run like absolute shite on an Xbox One X? frame rate chugs like mad on Rust.
  7. I would say the servers cant cope, but I've matched the same person in champs twice for the last 2 weeks, so i just dont think that many are bothered anymore, i think EA are just flogging a dead horse at this point. I'd expect nothing different for Fifa 21 but Fifa 22 I predict big changes to FUT if it even exists as we know it now.
  8. The TOTW pack is about as terrible as it gets, the player picks were middling, Doucore isn't bad as a CDM and Kostic looks like he has supersub potential.
  9. Player picks were awful 84 Rulli, 86 Doucore, 86 Kostic. TOTW pack even worse - 84 Quaison, 82 Richarlison, 80 Frei. Lots of fodder in the rest of the reward packs, but I did get a Future Stars Donyell Malen in the first Rivals reward pack i opened.
  10. I've got Elite rewards this week... written in the stars
  11. It's on the MS Store on Windows 10 and it's awful.
  12. It doesn't do that with the Dualshock 4 on the PS4 when used with a PC, I think @Timmo was using the Dualshock 4 with the PS3 at the time.
  13. guessed as much, bit annoying as the ps4 pad is fine when switching between console and pc
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