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  1. Didn't get a single Shadow in my Rivals or Champs rewards, laughable.
  2. Out of packs, people probably hedged their bets on both squads being in packs for a few days like with the scream team but it didn’t happen.
  3. I'd have 3.4mil for Neymar, Mbappe and RTTF Dembele. I could then probably raise about half a mil or a mil depending on midfield options, straight off I could sell Varane who's actually in my squad instead of Lenglet, the only midfielder who I view as essential is Allan at this point. I play 442, 4222 or 41212 in game.
  4. So I made stonks on rttf militao and lloris. if I sell Ronaldo and a lot of dead wood I can buy this front three. what’s my best midfield options? I want full chem really, my OCD goes mad if I’ve got a player off chem.
  5. don’t get hung up on the other persons team. Honestly some of the easiest games I ever have on Fifa are against people who drop hundreds of pounds to get good players but can’t play Fifa to save their lives.
  6. paps has been one of the best players on 20, what was the final score?
  7. You got the same red picks as me, and very similar packs, just such encouragement to make you to sit and play 30 games of a weekend.
  8. This looks beautiful, my 2 year old watched the trailer with me yesterday and she loved it, i also loved it. I love Scooby Doo always have done
  9. Not broken, they just nerfed it to the point it's useless, it's broken by design i guess.
  10. There will be about 25 of us for Christmas Dinner, Roast Turkey, Beef and Gammon, all the trimmings, my sisters doing the cooking.
  11. You deserve it pants, and I'm glad he's untradeable because you will be forced to use him and he's amazingly fun to use.
  12. I love that you managed to score 7 with only 6 on target
  13. @Luseth @Sladey19 @Fennas3 @Actualbigbloke @KriessG cheers for the games tonight, and well played everyone. I’d only played 2 full matches on clubs before those tonight and it was the most enjoyable Fifa I’ve played on this version. Add me to the message group when you lads get together to play please.
  14. It is accurate it just doesnt update as frequently as running a constant ping to an address.
  15. I've got a Microsoft Office Basic Keyboard & Mouse but don't game with them at all. My son has a Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard and Razer Lancehead TE Mouse with a Razer Goliath RGB Mousemat, all the lights, they look really good but Razer's software is awful and if he uses the wrist support it tends to get 'sticky' keys and repeat inputs randomly.
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