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  1. All that will achieve is you wear out both controllers at once and have to fork out £100+ to replace them both, stick to one and use it until it feels like it needs replacing.
  2. They seem to be permanently sold out of US PSN codes, try https://www.eneba.com/ they seem ok.
  3. Things like Demon Souls, Returnal etc are only £35ish if you buy on a US PSN account and buy cheap credit online.
  4. PES has been shit since PES6 on the 360. Fifa has been good since Fifa 09, but it's now going downhill, i just hope Sega or somebody else decides to make a football game now Fifa has no real competition.
  5. Oh man, I don’t hate you @Timmo but I don’t like you right now.
  6. Done the La Liga party bag and got Acuna very happy with that.
  7. That teams ridiculous @Steely I got Messi out of a futties pick so he’s replaced moments Henry in the team, he’s absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Only downloads or the old pushed vod content will have an expiry, recordings have no expiry date, so if it's on your box as long as the box works you can watch it.
  9. Only recently started watching this and cant believe how good it is
  10. He wont be 5* 5* he will be 99 though, he got to 5 wins.
  11. First of all, chill out. Second, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, God of War, The Last Guardian, Second Son, Days Gone, Detroit & The Last of Us remastered all piss on anything on Gamepass, subjectively of course.
  12. Absolutely, outside of Forza Horizon and Gears of War though I just find Microsoft Game Studios output completely uninspiring. I disagree on the back catalogue treatment though, the fact is I just wouldn't go back and play a 360 or PS3 game no matter how high they pushed the res, the animation and art has limitations i just cant overlook in 2021 and if we're talking about XOne BC vs PS4 BC on next gen consoles, the PS4 games running on PS5 have been nothing short of amazing in my experience, and look at Warzone Sony needed to do some work on the tools but now that's capable of 120fps in BC mode and it holds a stable 120fps compared to Warzone on Series X in BC mode averaging 95fps in 120fps mode.
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