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  1. gooner4life

    You don't own this game... Our digital future...

    But if you purchased Lego Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit games digitally then even after they get delisted you still have access to them, and to redownload them should you need to, you just cant buy them, it's the same for physical, if it's delisted digitally then they aren't printing discs anymore
  2. There is zero chance of blackout running on switch. Fortnite runs better on my iPhone 7 than it does on the switch.
  3. gooner4life

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    It only has 1 usb C it’s a great little bit of engineering.
  4. gooner4life

    FIFA 19

    That’s just facts, PES was added to Xbox gamepass and even free was too expensive to play it. As bad as Fifa is, PES isn’t and never will be the answer, I’ve accepted that now. we need a new challenger.
  5. gooner4life

    Ultimate Team

    I packed Stuani in my rivals rewards, I thought Luis Suarez was in totw so when I got walkout inform Uruguay I was gassed only to be crushingly disappointed.
  6. Got my palm tree umbrella
  7. gooner4life

    Ultimate Team

    Division 7
  8. I’ll be about, add me gooner4life on PS4 or rllmukgoonz on epic
  9. Sensational film, great story, incredible visuals, a real treat, can’t believe I’ve only just seen it.
  10. gooner4life

    Ultimate Team

    I’ve only played 500 games!!
  11. gooner4life

    Games as a service. How do you keep up with demand

    Absolutely, they made fortnite Battle Royale in 2 months!! just imagine that, from deciding it was possible to do using the fortnite base game they released fortnite Battle Royale with a 2 month turnaround!
  12. gooner4life

    Ultimate Team

    ooh ooh, do me, do me!
  13. gooner4life

    Ultimate Team

    Please don’t
  14. gooner4life

    Ultimate Team

    i don’t know is the honest answer, sometimes I want to play Fifa until I actually play it..

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