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  1. Yeah you create a player, join a club with friends and then control that 1 player.
  2. I've got the PS4 version installed on my PS5 as well, other's may well have, so we might be able to have a session on the PS4 version at some point
  3. Yeah Fifa 21 is not cross platform for play, but it is for Transfer Market and you can go back and forth with your club on FUT and Volta.
  4. Great fun tonight lads, some really tight games, probably the most balanced clubs has been for a long time.
  5. Just completed the 83+ x 2 attacker SBC, I got Neymar and Lucas Moura, very happy with Neymar.
  6. I agree, I had 1 hard crash it was on miles but was before the last system update. I’d get it replaced.
  7. I think that's acceptable and people have sold things on the forum for more than RRP when they are old and rare, so i see no reason why this is different, at the end of the day you're just offering what it's worth as a trade in and if somebody is desperate for one they are still getting it via the forum for less than CEX or other scalpers are charging, that's my view of the situation.
  8. Decision reversed, f2p will not require gold soon, it’s something they need to roll out, but the backlash was heard and the right decision made.
  9. same engine, it’s pes2022 that’s moving to unreal engine.
  10. I love the fact that you guys are geeky enough to do this so i dont have to
  11. Are you doing this on the PS4 or PS5 version lads?
  12. It's shit, but they don't believe it's a loophole, this is how they signed off the email, I'm still in contact with their escalation team, I warned him I'm going to be a pain in the arse. "I do understand this has been a disappointing experience however without access to the original sign-in ID and therefore sufficient information to pass our verification process, the compromise in this case would not have been possible. It was necessary for us to verify you as the owner of the data before we could take further action at your request as we could potentially have revoked access from
  13. Further response to Sony today after I questioned whether the SIX email addresses used after my account was compromised could be used in a similar way to compromise it again. This does put my mind at ease that they wont be able to compromise it again in the future. Short snippet of the email. Sony said - However to prevent this again, moving forward, we have enabled a protected status on your account which will prevent the chat bot being used in future. This status will not impact your ability to self manage the account while logged in. However should you en
  14. Everything had been migrated off of that email address, Virgin Media told me that the email account would be closed (90 days after i ceased the services) 2.5 years ago when I closed my mums account after she passed away, it's the flaw in Sony's Chat Bot that allowed the thief to get in, it was definitely via the bot as it happened at 00:50 and Sony's customer care are closed, the only thing that does work is the chat bot at that time of night.
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