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  1. I turned it back on, never managed to perfectly time a shot in game mind you but I think I’m getting to grips with the shooting in general
  2. Good luck, I’ve never seen somebody selling a PS4 digital copy on here!
  3. Might just be the fact I'm on Xbox and hate the pad and don't have the motivation to play for anything.
  4. gooner4life

    Streets of Rage IV

    Bet you're amazing fun at party's
  5. If that was aimed at me, yes I have, the EA Access trial, but i've been using the glitch to get unlimited time, still only played about 20 games, it's lovely to play, much better than 18, but i'm bored of Fifa i think.
  6. Now that’s a starter team, how did you manage that Hannay? Pay attention @Theholyhogg
  7. You had 115k and bought that load of shit? seriously that’s an awful team Sell it for profit if you can
  8. Don’t sell forget the team you could buy, Payet will rise, TOTW 1 players go up massively especially a cam like Payet. Kane is deadly as well he will rise a lot.
  9. Ive already seen countless teams with a Ronaldo and Messi upfront etc. it just kills the game
  10. You can still aim for division 1, it will just be much much harder and take much longer to get there with the new setup, but weekly you will earn more coins to improve your team.
  11. Aye need to do it every time you load it up
  12. I was just 4-1 down against a god squad in division rivals, 74th minute I changed formation and tactics up, tactics have always been the way the elite players kept ahead in Fifa but they are huge on 19, I scored 4 goals to win 5-4 the guy could not live with the tactical change at all.
  13. gooner4life

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Yeah, Xbox, Switch and PS4 versions are all crossplay with mobile and pc versions including progress, it’s just PS4 doesn’t let you carry progress to or from Xbox or switch

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