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  1. And Rollercoaster Tycoon next week
  2. but the bubbles man, think of the bubbles, just pre-order a PS5 and forget the 3080, PC gaming is overrated, my Son tried Fortnite with RTX and DLSS last night on an i9 9900k and 2080Ti and struggled for 70fps
  3. You massive twat, I'd decided I wasn't getting one, now I need to find a pre-order.
  4. Microsoft are definitely inspiring more confidence. I'm going to swerve both i think, this gen is nothing more than another mid gen refresh, no exclusive games the 'next gen' versions are higher res with more shinies. I'm going to build a new PC, screw them both.
  5. Why are Australia and New Zealand getting PS5 before the UK? laughable, I'm definitely going Xbox.
  6. I got my PS2 and Dreamcast from Currys, I'll be buying from Smyths or Currys this time.
  7. I'm definitely going with an X on All Access, it's just the best value for £ scenario for any console release in my opinion. I'll still get a PS5 but it will be later.
  8. Playstation 5 - the showcase fades to black £199.99 appears on screen, the sound of a mic drops.
  9. My Son's been playing from about the same age, they're only kids for a little while, let them do what makes them happy in my opinion. It was quite awkward when my wife got called into speak to the teacher because my son drew a picture of a soldier cutting a monster in half with a chainsaw because of Gears of War
  10. I dont think the S can survive 7 years, i think it will be refreshed after 2/2.5 years imo, the X wont need a mid gen refresh this time.
  11. THIS!! I have literally zero expendable income right now, certainly for my hobbies, the value proposition for Xbox is incredible and means I dont have to spend on my hobby and I can even do it for less than your average mobile phone contract, that's easily justifiable, I can spend £28.99 per month on myself guilt free.
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