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  1. gooner4life


    It was a pretty flat feeling tbh, I didn’t get the slo-mo as once I killed that guy the final guy got killed by the storm so it just popped up victory royale as I was sitting there trying to grab the legendary scar! My son has his own account, he’s on around 250 solo wins now and fortnite master has him on the leaderboard for solo win % he’s a demon though, playing squads with him and he’s all “got a squad on me... I need some hel... don’t worry I wiped them” . that was my 101st win overall, 64 in squads. Me and @sjvinnie get quite a few wins on duos.
  2. gooner4life


    My 24th solo win but it’s the first one I’ve got without my Son jumping in when it’s 3 left. I didnt even realise it was the last man and just stair/wall/stair up to him and shot him in the face with my Blue AR. i didn’t think it would ever happen to be honest, at least not on the PS4 version.
  3. gooner4life


    Some guy got given a card by an ‘agent’ when he went to check out the burger in the desert.
  4. @LiMuBai Valencia will have a new special card that is tots level apparantly
  5. I got John Terry and Keylor Navas
  6. gooner4life

    BAP - Season 39 sign up thread

    I’m stuck at the port of Calais, been sat here 4 hours
  7. gooner4life


    Oh and @grindmouse don’t use windows, never ever use windows. select the squares with trigger btw, once you have the pattern selected press circle again to confirm.
  8. gooner4life


    Pressing circle makes it editable, then select the squares you want to remove, bottom 3 and middle makes an arch, 1 bottom and 1 above makes a door, top 2 rows makes it so you can over, all good things to practice to be able to get around
  9. I actually tried to play last night and realised I’m not qualified for the WL. Went onto WC mode and done an icon SBC and packed Bobby Moore!
  10. It’s the same one nation for the next 3 weekends apparantly, I can’t remember the last time I played ultimate team
  11. gooner4life

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    Stop being a prick.
  12. gooner4life


    Fuck off Risky Reels, never again. Ever.
  13. gooner4life


    it saddens me that i can't get a solo win and @Stanley cant change his loadout comes along and gets one.
  14. gooner4life


    Sony won't make a policy change now, but i hope people don't forget that they are contradicting themselves by allowing PC, iOS and Android crossplay and crosslinking when they said it's all about protecting their players on the PSN network.
  15. Was the other team made up of deaf + blind guys?

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