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  1. Thanks for this @Unofficial Who I love final fight, got it on Xbox, PlayStation and switch.
  2. My PS5 has been pimped thanks to @SeanR Sony should have coloured the PS logo by default, it looks so much better.
  3. Sorry it's hit PS Stars icon in PS App, then select rewards on the PS Stars page, select the reward you want and then redeem it.
  4. ps app, hit the little ps rewards icon and then redeem you can redeem for games, little digital items or psn credit which just gets added to your account instantly
  5. You could get £60 worth of psn credit for 15000 points. I've already redeemed £40 worth just from buying games
  6. The Order was a great game, really disappointed they haven't made a sequel.
  7. 88.77GB on PS5 with Warzone 2.0 installed as well, quite happy with that, I'm sure it will grow to be nearly 200gb by the time a few map's get added to multiplayer and stuff.
  8. fennac, assault perks, uav, counter uav and vtol.
  9. I’ve given up on 23 already. not enjoyable to play in the slightest.
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