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  1. I’m gonna submit Lehmann into the SBC for Larsson and discard the overrated shit haired twat. Just for you Mards
  2. I didn’t say I was done with it, that doesn’t mean I can’t find fault with it, I recorded a video after taking the photo just for the naysayers who would say I went through a load of packs to get it, 3 packs with coins, I stand by the fact it’s down to my lower engagement with the game and the fact I haven’t spent money where I would normally have.
  3. Was just bored so decided I’d open a couple of 7.5k packs, opened the third one and ...
  4. Not likely, if I drop to 5 you’d be in 9 or 10
  5. No offence to the guys enjoying it, but most of you are playing in division 5 with around 1500 skill rating. If you play vs top players who can exploit all of the games failings then you would hate the game just as much as I am. Im about 1 win and a draw off division 2 now, when I play somebody at the higher end of my skill rating bracket I can work 2 or 3 goals only for them to score kick off equalisers and first time finesse shots even post patch. Skill moves are pointless unless you’re playing a guy who manually defends, so at the top end of the skill rating that’s nobody. The game is rubbish, it’s the worst Fifa since they took it to a sim style instead of arcade style.
  6. Skill moves should have no error unless you execute it incorrectly
  7. The game is bad, gameplay wise it’s the worst Fifa ever, simulation football games are done, it’s boring and frustrating, it needs to drop some of the finer details and do the basics better.
  8. Alex Sandro is the answer, especially if you have a Brazilian team, Sandro is in all the pros teams for a reason.
  9. I just got given back 3 TOTW players that I used in the icon SBC? But I used them in set 2...
  10. Yep, fucking idiot man, I was over tired and just on auto pilot, I was so angry when I realised.
  11. Yeah I’d been awake 30+ hours and cocked up, more so because I decided I’d put zanetti in it and then realised I had 3 more to do.
  12. Yes steels but prime icon 2 has the same reqs now
  13. Have they always had the same requirements or were the team ratings higher?

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