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  1. Oooh, is that the same for each of the regions? If so I think I'll stick a bit more to the main line quests and liberating things rather spending hours riding in large zigzag patterns through a forest to uncover every square centimetre of fog manually! (and then getting distracted by photo mode en route). @HarryBizzle I've literally just unlocked the grapple last night and despite quite liking how it works in game I was a bit like "oh... an iron hook on some rope" after all the build up. It hasn't detracted from game overall though, just a slightly misjudged beat for me
  2. 30 hours into this now (I've been taking my time) and (think - see below) I've pretty much finished off the first area/act. Overall I'm enjoying it still but I can see where some of the - let's face it fairly traditional open world - comments and complaints come from. I have spent a long time riding around clearing fog with a massively ungenerous clearance radius (despite all the upgrades) and there is no doubt some of the side content feels a bit like busy work in places. But actually because it's such a good looking game, pretty chilled out for large chunks,
  3. Thought I'd jump in on this thread as I've just done my first ever coaching session at my son's Under 5s club training night. (I survived by the way ) Overall I really enjoyed it (and they broke me in easy to be fair by letting me shadow one of the other coaches) but I can already see several challenges I need to get my head around to be more effective going forwards. I'm up for the challenge though even though the whole thing is a fair way out of my comfort zone. The setup at our club is pretty good. We've got 57 kids on the books for the Under 5s and don't play leagu
  4. I agree. I very much doubt it's a heat/space issue there from the looks of it, there is ample clear air. I've had mine running since launch in a much more enclosed cavity and it runs cool, quiet and stable even with things like Demon Souls on full whack for hours. Sounds like a more fundamental issue unfortunately
  5. Spiritfarer could well be the one. I'd actually forgotten about it until I wrote my post. Will check out the Touryst, cheers. I'll grab those, thanks. I started Outer Wilds but didn't really click with it which is strange as it's definitely my sort of game. Might go back and see if it was just my mood at the time. I know nothing about Hypnospace Outlaw so will give it a look. Cheers.
  6. Have there been any great little/short/interesting indie titles recently added to GP? I hammered through the GP catalogue last year but as I'm not a huge fan of the MS exclusive franchises I tended towards the less AAA stuff but realised I've not actually downloaded something for myself to play since around Christmas/EA Play additions, and my Xbox has essentially been relegated to my son's Lego game machine while I play on the PS5. I have Spiritfarer, Man of Medan, Blair Witch, Supraland and Observation downloaded on the box from last year but none of those have enticed
  7. While I mess about with Ghost of Tsushima's photo mode for hours, my boy and I just ran through another Lego game during his Easter break... 10. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (XB1) - Very much a Ronseal game featuring all of your favourite Marvel Superheroes (and villains) in their Lego format. Gameplay wise it's a standard Lego game with a hub world and various missions whereby you swap between a group of characters (and abilities) to complete the puzzles in a zero fail combat environment. On that basis it is fun enough - especially as it features some of my son's actual Lego figures a
  8. I'm only about 11 hours in and I reckon at least 2 of those I've spent faffing about in photo mode pretending to Akira Kurosawa film posters. Beautiful game.
  9. Same for me, however a quick caveat was pretty much my only issue thus far was on launch day I did it and right at the end of the transfer it failed and I had to system reset the PS5 right back to factory settings again and start again. Worked perfectly second time though when I did it in smaller chunks as my initial transfer was pretty much a full PS4 drive of games and saves.
  10. I too am just starting it having been tempted in by the sale price. PS5 for me and it’s solid as a rock, smooth and utterly utterly beautiful to look at. Very early days for me thus far but it’s already going into my extensive list of PS4 generation must plays I think. Lush.
  11. So after going through Lego City Undercover (twice), Goose Game, Lego Ninjago Movie and Phogs over the past couple of months I think I'm going to pickup the Lego Marvel Collection in the sale. £25 for three more of the Lego games seems like pretty good value and my lad is getting into his Superheroes more now.
  12. Purchased and downloading too. So much for having a break from the open world genre after hammering Horizon during Feb
  13. I've have been having a bit of a break from the console myself after my 80+ hour stint on Horizon, however my 5yo and I have been motoring through some of his games at weekends now he's back in school and have wrapped a few up over the last couple of weeks. Given I've played most/all of them I think they count for my list... 7. Lego City Undercover (XB1) - Think of this a Lego GTA Lite. You are a cop in Lego going undercover to save the day from the bad guys. The open world itself is big but actually a little uneventful, however the main plot line is decent and the various l
  14. Very nice, looks like my patent filing post last year had some merit after all Inside-out tracking (e.g. no camera), dual sense style haptics and single cable solution pretty much ticks my VR boxes (or rather removes my VR barriers) so I'll probably get in there day 1 having missed out on all the PSVR goodness so far.
  15. Just saw this above my post when I clicked submit. Sorry!
  16. 6. Maquette (PS5) - There is a really nice idea for a puzzle game in there somewhere, with the live recursive scale mechanic working technically very well throughout. However in this instance it never really gets going into anything that mind-blowing, with challenge level largely dictated by just not providing any sort of guidance or direction. It did make good use of the built in PS5 tip system though (first time I've really used it). The whole thing is also wrapped in a pretty dull narrative about two irritating people getting together via cheesy dialogue, and then having a very normal relat
  17. I do think there seems to be quite a lot of variety in the sound output levels people are experiencing with these and - seemingly - it's just pot luck if you get a good one or not. I play with mine in a cabinet (with the door open) and sit maybe 3ft directly in front of it on my gaming chair and you can't hear it at all at in normal game use unless the sound system is muted, and even then it's just a really quiet exhale of moving air that you have to purposely listen for. No coil whine (touch wood), buzzing or mechanical noise at all. I do get the random disc spin up thing now and again though
  18. 4. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS5) My game completion rate was already down compared to last year, and this certainly didn't help matters. Having sunk 70 hours into this main game, getting the platinum trophy and 100% completion I can confidently say I've seen everything this game has to offer and huge portions of it are fantastic. I went in having been underwhelmed by premise and trailers on launch but hearing good things over the last few years. Well pretty much throughout my tempered expectations left for dust. The overall world plot/lore is probably one of the 'best in cl
  19. The PS4 catalogue has been amazing. I'm (literally) 99% through Horizon Zero Dawn after thinking I'd be a bit 'meh' about it, but I've been surprised by yet another Sony exclusive gem. For me the following all sit comfortably in a 'must play' list for the platform: Bloodborne Spider-Man God of War Horizon Zero Dawn GT Sport The Last Guardian Shadow of the Colossus Remastered Journey Everybody's Gone to the Rapture I've also got Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Until Dawn, Days Gone and Last of Us Part 2 sat in my dr
  20. @Jamie John Great post! I may well jump back in and mop up some more. I feel I’ve made pretty good progress to the credits so far... Along the way as well as the basic challenges I’ve done... So can definitely see the appeal of delving deeper to find out what else is there. I just know I have so much else to play I may well get tempted onto other things. Totally agree re: The Witness though. Top tier puzzling.
  21. 3. Fez (PS4) - This indie darling is a game I've bounced off previously for no other reason than losing momentum with it, however since buying the PS5 and moving the PS4 into the office it became the perfect lunch break puzzler during the week so I started it afresh. In summary it really is a great little enigmatic and creative game, especially given how small the dev team was, and deserves the various plaudits it received. Its core rotational mechanic is one of those simple but genius concepts that works solidly and even now is pretty much unique to this game. I'm not sure I have the time, de
  22. In my experience at least disc vs digital of the same title generally works fine. It's just when you move between editions (e.g. GOTY, etc...) you get more issues.Then you obviously things like Spider-man PS4 to Ultimate Edition on the PS5 not being possible, however as most stuff is running in BC mode I have - for now - had zero problems with my old saves. Despite protestations from the Xbox crowd this isn't just a Playstation issue. Things like original Ori and Blind Forest saves won't work with the definitive edition of the game, and the Witcher 3 has the same save transfer issu
  23. https://www.gamesradar.com/control-ps5-and-xbox-series-x-upgrades-launch-in-february-2021/ 60fps performance mode and 30fps ray-tracing mode.
  24. Oooh very nice! Ultimate Edition next-gen updates come out - just by chance - on Feb 2nd I believe. I have it already downloaded on Game Pass but would much rather play it with the new shinies! Thinking about it actually that pretty much puts my Xbox on the backburner until some new stuff starts landing on Game Pass as Control was pretty much the last thing left on there I really wanted to play.
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