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  1. Ether One - I didn't play this on PS4 but the level load times were reportedly pretty bad. Playing on PS5 they were almost Demon Souls levels of instant so I'm assuming that is a big improvement. All runs perfectly.
  2. Interesting one this... I saw it mentioned recently on a blog about 'best walking simulators' and then stumbled across it in my PS+ collection so fired it up as a change of pace alongside Demon Souls and it has held my interest more than I thought it would... 32. Ether One (PS5) - The overarching theme of this is dementia and the treatment/effects of it, but the majority of the game is set in a traditional mining village on the Cornish coast and includes several other character stories woven throughout. Gameplay wise you have two options, one is the pure narrative/exploratory path
  3. I will if I get any issues but it's running fast, absolutely silky smooth and silent at the moment so I can't really complain. My gut feeling is that it portions off any virtual memory requirements into that 'other' segment so I'm not sure you need much headroom. I may hit issues with updates downloading I suppose (unless that is also covered). Interesting the 'other' seemed to jump up a) with GT Sport's 90gb install, and then again as I put Demon Souls on with about 70gb left available. I wonder if it just ring fences some for internal processes as you get close to the limit? I du
  4. From the behind the scenes stuff it looked to me like Favreau was the big man spearheading it with Disney and doing most of the actual scriptwriting, while Filoni seemed more part of the overall story development/writing room and essentially playing young George Lucas bringing loads of detail and lore together. Hearing him talk about his relationship with George was really interesting, he is the padawan.
  5. @Nathan Wind Cheers for the write up. Interested to see if it develops over time. @gospvg My 'other' segment is now 102gb and I'm not really sure why either. Current free space on mine is 4.8gb and I've got 24 games and 5 apps installed though In other news... Demon Souls really is bloody good isn't it. Finally started it this morning having never played it before and it is gorgeous and I'm already hooked. However I'm also getting nothing on the adaptive triggers playing as a knight @Quexex which I thought was a bit strange as I was expecting it to use the full h
  6. Thanks! Great info. I think I'll keep going with it for a bit and see how we get on. To be fair he just came home from school while I was playing Demon Souls so I went straight back to the Nexus to turn it off and he got slightly grumpy at me that I wouldn't let him sit on my knee to show him how to get the baddies. I've created a monster.
  7. Good write up @Alan Stock I fired it up earlier as my son had to come home from school early because he bumped is head at playtime and we wanted to do something chilled out on the sofa. He has been absolutely loving it and telling me how we should catch the Bugsnax, etc... Slightly mindful of your comment on the story direction change towards the end... any chance you could spoiler tag a brief overview so I can decide if we should continue through it please as he’s only 4.
  8. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the exact space as long as you are sensible, monitor and are comfortable with the general heat output. Mine is on a shelf on its own but fairly boxed in. I have created ventilation space/openings at the back and always have the door open when I run it, but so far have had no crashes, unexpected noise or issues. I’ve turned off rest mode completely though and don’t have any external storage on it. To the right (intake) it’s actually cool to touch, and to the left and back (exhaust) the air is mildly warm (and that is after several h
  9. I have... 8gb left All runs sweet as a nut though so I think any requirements for virtual memory, etc... are in that "Other" segment of storage.
  10. £19.85 on PS4 or Xbox in the Simply Games sale. That is an absolute steal. https://www.simplygames.com/search?keywords=squadrons
  11. Yeah, pretty much the same for me. I had something like 10 left when I finished it (2 had descriptions so were easy to do), but of the remaining hidden ones I looked up I genuinely don't think I would ever have found them naturally just wandering around.
  12. PS5 update... I am really really loving this console. Mine has been given a pretty hard workout over the past few days and probably been switched on more than it has been off and has coped with it all brilliantly. It's still silent except for the reported occasional disc spin up now and again, but even that barely registers as mild irritation and I've only clocked it a handful of times. Other than that - touchwood - I have been free for bugs/crashes or anything else thus far after that first transfer glitch. Maybe an expected factory reset is what everyone's needs. This
  13. I was looking for The Orange Box to potentially buy on the Xbox.com Store earlier and it said you couldn't for some reason so not sure if there is some issue there.
  14. Quick heads up... I got a notification in the Xbox App this week that they were giving a £4 gift card to people. I just redeemed it and then managed to pick-up The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings for £3.74 (so free) as it's reduced heavily in the Black Friday sale. With the Game Pass selection I was actually struggling a bit to find something to spend it on but this should help continue my current Witcher binge (books, games and TV) and you can hardly complain about free.
  15. I tried Bugsnax with my boy earlier, quirky fun so far but not sure how much staying power it'll have. We ended up closing it after a while and playing Abzu instead. I also just realised literally nobody has mentioned Godfall have they? Did anyone actually buy it?
  16. Bound - First time I've played it so can't compare to PS4 but it was fast, smooth and no issues. Abzu - Load times seemed faster but in game it felt identical to PS4 to me like Journey. It also picked up my previous save with zero issues. Also started Until Dawn last night and it seemed to run really well.
  17. 31. Abzu (PS5) - Continuing the chilled Sony theme (and a bit like @Jamie John coincidently) my 4yo son and I decided to run through Abzu this morning as Mum was having a well deserved lie in. On my previous run through at the start of the year I was a little underwhelmed (especially compared to Journey) but I think I was perhaps being a bit harsh. It is a stunning game and my son engages with it fully and actually likes to swim around himself (despite his hands being way too small for the now bigger DualSense pad) and it stimulated a really positive conversation about looking after the ocean
  18. Yeah it’s just in the library. I had to download it to play it in the first place as my PS5 did a full reset when transferring data and it wasn’t on there.
  19. Good to hear. I'm just about to start it tonight!
  20. I think I was just a bit keen when going through my digital pile of shame (especially with the added PS+ Collection titles) and some of the old favourites... I've already deleted Driveclub and Astro's Playroom to make some space.
  21. Well these are coming thick and fast this weekend! 30. Bound (PS5) - I found this going through my PS Library deciding what to download to the new console and had been meaning to give it a try. Hmmm... its undoubtably a technical triumph and in places looks stunning, and the dance movement/animation is sublimely done. But I don't really dig voxel art as a style and gameplay wise it was all a bit dull. I sort of feel it falls half way between a walking sim and a platformer and does neither particularly well. In fact on the latter, I actively dislike games which generate 'difficult
  22. Ha! So my Demon Souls storage question is now null and void. Decided to buy GT Sport (£8 in the sale) as it's the only GT game I haven't played and could use a good racing game for the new console. Just tried to download it and it's 97gb As such I've had to have a bit of a clear out already and even so now only have 24gb left for Demon Souls Think I may finally invest in an external drive and shift some stuff onto that after all.
  23. Cheers, I was going to post in the DS thread but I don't want to see anything about it. I've no idea on the unpack space (I have hit any problems ion the PS4 to be fair) so I'll leave it as it is and test that theory out (I can always delete something else if needs be).
  24. I haven't posted in here previously because I've been too busy playing Astro's Playroom What a fabulous fabulous game, wonderful nostalgia and Astro is just such an adorable little dude (not played an Astro game before). I completed the speed runs in the early hours and now have the platinum trophy to kick. What a lovely way to kick off the next generation. Bravo Asobi Team!
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