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  1. Blimey. That is quite a move. I don’t generally subscribe to the tribal thing as I’ve usually had and very much enjoyed both consoles, but I think “buying COD and WOW” is a bit of a statement Sony won’t be able to ignore.
  2. Took a 50/50 at 3 and annoyingly it was the other one. Wordle 211 4/6
  3. I notice some people are putting full solutions in the spoilers, some are leaving the Wordle itself off their lists… is there any sort of a consensus on what we should be doing best practice wise? I’d been putting full solutions previously as I was personally only looking after completing them, but happy to fall in line if people would rather they weren’t there to accidentally see.
  4. Got traction with this one nice and early. Wordle 209 3/6
  5. Just binged this over a couple of days. Took a little while to warm up (I also don’t care about the kids really) but I was back in by the end. As a kid I found Terry Silver disturbingly psychotic in Part III and he didn’t disappoint here. Not sure if they have announced anything but I kinda hope season 5 is the last though.
  6. Can’t 100% remember the order but think they were…
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