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  1. Just caught up with the State of Play... bit 'meh' wasn't it. Both Sony and Microsoft are doing a fantastic job of slowly but surely turning me off buying either of their new expensive boxes
  2. The BBC are also reporting its US only to start with. EDIT: They had said that but after reading it again to post the link it's been edited so not sure.
  3. Just the fact that we're even having a discussion about "reusing controllers" becoming a "hugely popular" aspect of the lead up to this new console generation shows just how turgid it all actually is. Personally I don't care, both my Xbox and DS4 controllers are ropey on battery life, rattle, have slightly dodgy right triggers and have barely survived 7 years of battering and occasional rage quitting. Good riddance to them both.
  4. 17. Superhot (Xbox) - A time manipulation FPS puzzle game that at times almost feels turned based. It's a creative idea that the developers have lent into and executed very well from the gameplay to the narrative, menus and loading screens. A really interesting game that doesn't outstay it's welcome and well worth a go if you have Game Pass. Will try the VR version once I have a headset. - 8/10 NOTE: This review should have been for Subnautica having put over 30 hours into it but performance issues have forced me to abandon it despite it being a decent game
  5. @LowCostMonkey Every section. I'd loaded in at my base near the starting life pod about 1500m (surface distance) away and then headed over/down in game. It had probably been running about 10 mins by this point. @Karzee No, not cleared the cache, just did a power off/unplug/reboot. Will give that a try. The weird thing is every other game I have runs exactly as expected, it's just this one that stumbles along.
  6. Quick update... I removed about 20GB of stuff from the HDD and did a hard reboot. Went back over to the same zone as in the video above and it was probably a tiny bit better but pretty much the same. Then I decided to go deeper to see how that was... (video spoilered as it contains places/things you might not want to see if you are new to the game).... In summary... whether it's something in the game/save or a underlying issue with my actual Xbox... it's broken.
  7. That is on an original Xbox One on the internal drive (I don't have an external one). My understanding is the X1X doesn't suffer anywhere like the same issues, just a bit of pop-in. EDIT: In the interest of not throwing away a ton of hours so far... I'm going to try clearing a bit more space of the drive as it is pretty full in case there is any virtual memory issues going on, and give it a full power off reset to clear any temporary storage and then see if it improves. Will report back.
  8. Unfortunately that time has come and I'm going to leave this game here unfinished. I really want to like it (and I've put about 30 hours into it) but these performance issues are killing me and I know I'm just not going to enjoy dragging this over the line in it's current state. I've got as far as... But the next step is to go deeper which means I need a whole new craft (of which I still can't build) and when hunting for wrecks, blueprints and resources I'm just not having any fun any more with the huge lag in load/pop-in. It means I can swim right past something and never see it which makes exploring almost impossible. And if I hang around a wait sometimes it's fine, or sometimes I find myself suddenly stuck, damaged, or amongst a bunch of predators instantaneously. An example below... I tried, but it failed. Perhaps I'll come back if they ever fix it and/or I get a new Xbox which can cope with the inefficient coding. Very disappointing.
  9. No idea. I have the same question on HOTAS support too.
  10. The person who suggested the August 6th State of Play has tweeted this possible leak (via 4Chan) of the possible running order including a Silent Hill reveal... Also possible GoW2 mention amongst other things, further bits on games we know about, something about hardware and backwards compatibility and PS Now in their running order too. Nothing on VR mentioned again. Caveat: Could well be utter nonsense!
  11. Yeah, there are a few clusters of stalkers near my base and plenty of metal bits. I chucked it all near them and as I say I got two. I have had the scanner set for teeth and it only found those two across the entire extended range. Very annoying, given my experience so far quite possibly bugged. Re: PDAs. Yes, all I think... Oh, also forgot to mention my latest 'Xbox One shoddy performance anecdote'... I was diving down to LifePod 19 (250m) and thought "oh there isn't much ground down here, I didn't think it was as deep as this" got to the right depth for the pod and started looking around for maybe 15 seconds. Suddenly the entire map popped in and I was about 20 meters into the rock floor and died immediately. Reload time as it also destroyed my SeaMoth.
  12. Nice, thanks for the info. I'll have a further read. Having not dabbled in PC builds for about 15 years I've only had a passing look into underlying tech of late. The last gaming machine I built was sporting a shiny new GeForce4 4200 Ti EDIT: The video on the Digital Foundry link above is excellent, cheers.
  13. That's really impressive. Are the trained neural networks for this sort of technique shipped on the chips? Software versioned? Or cloud-based? (e.g. are you hardware bound or could you get ever improving results as they crunch more images to learn from and update it). Also does this effect the framerate at all?
  14. @Gloomy Andy Just something to bare in mind. I may be slightly off here, but from memory to unlock everything (suits and gadgets) you need Gold in all but two challenges (in which you need silver). Not sure what is required if you don't do the gadgets so it may be a lot less, but I thought I'd flag it as it might be worth totally up the required challenge points you'll need to decide if you'll have more fun grinding the challenge ranks vs a more casual NG+ run to get the bits you need.
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