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  1. Sorry you didn't like it. It may be that Villeneuve just isn't for you. Blade Runner 2049 certainly indulges in some sections of cinematically spectacular slow burn at times which I think can be a bit marmite (I loved pretty much all of it but a mate of mine I went to the cinema with absolutely hated it and also nearly walked out). Prisoners, Arrival and Sicaro (the others I've seen) all have a bit more pace about them but even so there is a certain air of subtly to his work which I could understand some people not clicking with. Personally I think he's a genius but we all like what we like (I really didn't rate Nomadland despite all the accolades).
  2. Quick question on the ClassPass (spoilered for those that don't know about them)...
  3. I think we all get that you didn't enjoy it @Moz I'm not done with it yet but the 10/10 scores do seem a bit generous, however to pour scorn on it and label it as 'rubbish' feels equally off the mark too. At it's absolute base level it's a fun to play, slick and stylish action game, with the loop giving some nice twists on the traditional level-by-level linear format, and the opportunity for some sandboxing along the way with the variety of powers/routes/etc... you can use. The plot delivery is a bit disjointed and it may not be what exactly what some gamers wanted from Arkane's latest IP, but as a mainstream game (which is ultimately how it's being pitched verses things like Dishonored and Prey) I think it's decent.
  4. The performance issues on this seem weirdly and widely varied. The PS5 version has been absolutely rock solid for me, no crashes, freezes, slow downs or anything substantial to report (touch wood). The only glitches I've had is one where I shotgunned a visionary and his weapon (which I was supposed to pickup) flew back and fell between some scenery where I could see it but not pick it up and had to leave it, and I also found a random enemy just bobbing up and down in the edge of some water running on the spot once. But on the whole it's been very good. Actual gameplay has been nailed on 60fps throughout. The difficulty thing is an interesting one. On the whole I agree, the combat in small chunks isn't hard at all and you don't get forced into exploring the powers all that much, however you can still get mullered by a group (or a visionary) if you aren't on the front foot. I was playing last night and ended up fighting raged super exploding sniper Juliana who one-shotted me, followed by two other visionaries at once and it was actually the standard enemies were actually the real threat as there were just all over the place with no reprise left while I was trying to focus on targets. In the end I just murdered everyone to avoid surprises. I'm still enjoying it a lot, but I would say it only properly clicked the last two day cycles I've done as I now feel I know what's going on, what my objectives are and how I can affect things. The first 4 hours or so the plot delivery of lots of reading while Colt shouts at things wasn't really making it easy to grasp. I also agree there is a fair bit of missed potential in the mechanics both of the abilities and the loop itself (some mentioned over the last few pages). It feels to me like it has all been settled down for more accessible mass-market action game appeal - which I completely get from a commercial point of view and the wider gaming customer. However the more hardcore gamer in me would have loved to see this: a) properly difficult challenge wise (Bloodborne level hard for example - I think it balanced risk/fear and reward really well and meant decisions mattered more) b) with more complex integrations between loop, plot, mechanics (basically more metroidvania-esque stuff both with what you can do, but also how you change the next loop/levels organically as that element feels very scripted to me - e.g. learn that enemy A is responsible for locking a certain door at noon, so by killing him in the morning it means you can use that door at night for something else as a shortcut, that sort of thing not just "you've reached plot point C so that door is now open all the time".) c) more invested in the character development (I like a lot of the design and writing in this, I just don't feel I've picked up most of that detail when it comes to the other visionaries, etc... they are just objectives for me to kill at this stage and I know there is more going on than that) All that said... I am ultimately really enjoying playing it moment to moment, and keep looking forward to the next run. I absolutely loved the Dishonored games and while I'm not sure this one will stay with me as long as those, Arkane have definitely got some special sauce they seems to put in their games which make me want to play them and I'm excited to see it through and unlock everything.
  5. Nice to see this is getting positive vibes and box office takings by the sounds of it, I'm properly excited for it. It still seems a bit crazy that it is out so much earlier in some of those territories though. Anyway, it'll be IMAX for me over the first weekend if I can make it happen with childcare, etc... I also noticed my local Vue is screening Lynch's Dune at the moment. Quite tempted but not sure if it'll end up a bit of a spice overload.
  6. Loving this!! Just shut down the PS5 after another really good late session again tonight. I’ve now killed all the visionaries at least once (although one didn’t go quite to plan)… The final night area of the loop today saw me carrying out a new slab, two decent new guns, a stack of good trinkets and 37250 residium only for a Juliana invasion to happen literally just as I was about to press the button to enter the tunnels. Cue a squeaky bum battle (with her going invisible all the time and me freezing up a bit with a healthy dose of “please don’t mess this up and lose your stuff” syndrome creeping in) but I managed to hold my own in the end and got a double kill (with reprise coming to my rescue!). I ended up with all my previous stuff plus another 10k residium, a very nice ultra-zoom sniper rifle, some purple trinkets (for the above rifle) and even a slab upgrade thrown in for good measure. I was bricking it the entire fight but what a rush! Definitely the most soulsborne-esq feeling so far being able to survive and then cash in a decent haul. Enjoying this game a lot.
  7. @jonamok Shift + Machete is my default setup (my Dishonored habits are engrained deep ) with a bit of rapier for long range sniping, tasty shotgun for getting in people's grills, and a minigun for general panic/crowd control. However I also got Nexus and Karnesis last night too so will have an experiment later hopefully. But mostly I'll be shifting and backstabbing I expect. My Juliana build is all about the invisible low recoil, quick loading, SMGing. @BadgerFarmer Fairly sure you just hold left on the D when selecting grenade and it gives you the options but I too haven't done it for a while.
  8. A real Juliana showed up for me last night and locked my tunnels just as I was carrying a new slab and 25000 residium out of a map. We had a fairly long, tactical fight which was great fun and I added another 10k to the residium pot after it so was able to infuse pretty much everything. Felt awesome. True, I may have felt different had she won and I lost it all, however I thought the tension, and more tactical and meaningful fight, added a lot to the experience over just some AI baddies you can slaughter in seconds. That little bit of soulsborne campfire stuff gives it an edge. Obviously not for everyone but I'm liking it. Overall I'm have a great time with this.
  9. The pads have to be plugged in so much to recharge it isn’t really an issue Joking. I absolutely love my PS5, it’s been silent, fast, rock solid performance/stability wise, loads of fantastic games already… but my pad battery life is unquestionably a bit iffy already which is a bit of a shame. My PS4 one was fine but it’s not like it hasn’t been a well reported frustration for years. In general though I’m really happy with it.
  10. @Minion I'm running performance mode on the PS5 and it's been silky smooth locked 60fps (and thankfully no other bugs/freezes/issues as yet either). I tried the raytracing and couldn't really notice any improve barring the reduced frame rate so it's a no brainer for me to stick with the performance mode. I've invaded people's games about 10 times so far, about half suffered pretty bad lag issues but the others were totally fine. As @Strafe says, once more people are far enough into the game to utilise it I expect it'll be much faster to matchmake with people and hopefully be in closer regions to reduce the latency. Even with that, so far it's worked significantly better than it ever did with Demon Souls or Bloodborne for me.
  11. I'd totally missed that there was a code! Will try it now.
  12. Basically yes. Single player game with a little bit of optional online sprinkled on if you want it. There are several environments and you will be in all of them multiple times but I'll say no more on that. The intro is fairly on rails, but once you get to a certain point it opens up and you are given a lot of freedom to do things in whatever way you want to, again I'll say no more to avoid anything with a whiff of spoiler.
  13. It's really good. If you like Arkane (particularly Dishonored) I'd say it is probably an essential one to try out. I'm about 5 hours or so in and it's literally just opened up notch and looks like there is plenty to go at in there.
  14. @IainGamer 3D headphone audio seems fine on mine too, sorry. Played another 90 min session just invading tonight. Matchmaking is unsurprisingly slow given the lower numbers of players at this stage but having some fun with it regardless. I won’t go into any details to avoid spoiling anything but there are loads of customisation/progression/build options. Also interested to see how it effects the main story gameplay once more people are active too as I’ve only been invaded myself once thus far. Ambitious title this, really growing on me as I play more too,
  15. I jumped back into this for another hour blast post US Open tennis final (and beer). Made some progress, killed a lot of people and completed a full day cycle alive and feel I sort of know some of the levels now. But it is still a bit bonkers detail wise (and I understand very little about what I’m actually doing) but loving it nonetheless. Also just killed my first invader which felt good, very similar buzz as The Old Monk in Demon Souls for those who know it. Arkane fans will find a lot to like here I think. Those that aren’t may need more convincing though, I’m not sure it is that accessible.
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