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  1. Finished off the final episode on the train home yesterday having binged it over the week. Bloody loved it! I can see why it might not be for everyone (certainly some mainstream GOT fans will be disappointed) but I am totally hooked. I think the portrayals of most of the characters is spot on, it looks far better than I expected, the soundtrack is ace and I was very satisfied with the overall pacing of it across the series. I know some people will think it's a bit 'slow', one mate said to me "urgh, I thought it was supposed to be about a monster hunter and there have only been about three monsters in it so far" but I think he's gone in with the wrong expectations. However I put a lot of time into The Witcher 3 and this felt like a perfect companion piece to that experience, so much so I think I might go back and do the DLC expansions that have come out since. I've also just started 'The Last Wish' book this morning as I just need some more from the world. Bring on season 2. "Oh valley of plenty"
  2. This. Although my queue was at the Game in Bath. I have really really liked many consoles/systems over the years, but none took my heart/hype quite so much as the 360 due to all sorts of factors like the tech at the time, the games, the marketing machine (Major Nelson and co in full swing), and the fact it happened in tandem with me getting 'settled' into my own place/life/job/relationship a year or so after uni. All that said I still went and bought a Playstation as well
  3. And that the Amiga 500 was better than the Atari ST
  4. Finished this off last night. Overall I really really enjoyed it. I thought the setting was rich, atmospheric and beautifully crafted. I'm a sucker for a Hundred Years War, Bernard Cornwall style setting and this really brought that feeling to life. I actually really liked the characters too (I was a bit nervous going in as child characters often annoy me in things) and I even got the feels a couple of times due to some excellent writing and acting. Story wise I really got into the first couple of acts, but I perhaps drifted a little from it in the latter portions... Overall though I was pretty satisfied with how it carried itself. Gameplay wise it didn't really break into new ground anywhere in my opinion but it was capable enough and fun which is the main thing. I didn't find the crafting side of things too bad, except being annoyed that at the end I was about 2 things off fully crafting my last two pieces of gear (OCD tremors kicked in). I would agree on some of the comments on the boss sections though, I think they just felt a bit clunky and jarring compared to the rest of it. Also threat level wise I actually found the intensity of a group of normal guards in a small area more of an engaging challenge than any of the single enemy encounters. They just felt a bit unnecessary. Aesthetically though it really is stunning and the people at Asobo should give themselves a solid pat on the back, impressive stuff. Olivier Deriviere's score is fantastic too, I've been listening to it at work today again and it's made me think about going into Vampyr next (which he also scored). I probably won't play it again, but very glad I got to enjoy it this time round. I'd definitely say if you have Game Pass it's worth giving a go.
  5. 7. A Plague Tale: Innocence (XB1) - Wonderful atmosphere, environments, characters, voice acting and score. Really like the setting and story, although some plot points didn't fully click for me later on. Great characters though and I got the feels in places. Gameplay wise mostly I enjoyed it (barring some awkward boss fight mechanics). Not sure I'll go back but very glad I played it. - 8/10 Weighing up either Outer Wilds, The Witcher 3 DLCs, Vampyr or Quantum Break next I think (although the pile is high and shameful so that may change)
  6. Oooh, didn't know that! Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Cheers, yeah I know. I have £15 of MS credit sat there ready to be used so I was going to use that with the GP version for now (although will check the price on GOTY edition). As I mentioned, I put 150 odd hours into the PS4 version pre-DLC so as much as I'd potentially play through it all again sometime, I think I might just jump into the expansions with the pre-generated character on the Xbox for now to enjoy that content as "The Witcher 3: Part 2 and 3".
  8. Ace, thanks. I'll queue up the download now then.
  9. Morning Witchers. Quick question... do you need to be a certain level to get into the expansions (Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine)? Watching the Netflix series has got me all excited to get my Geralt on again and I never played the DLC first time round. However after putting 150 odd hours into it on PS4, I'm now primarily on Xbox (and it's available on Game Pass) so I was thinking about starting again, but want to get onto those expansions as soon as possible really.
  10. Pretty happy with that, never played NG2 or any Yakusa.
  11. Ah, fair point. I've never used a charge dock so didn't know that was the case, I've always just used a cable. Definitely don't think it'll dock with that in place looking at it.
  12. I presume it’s like the Xbox Elite controller with the extra back paddles, you just map them as alternatives (eg right paddle does what right d-pad might do to give you Grenades without letting go of the stick). That kind of thing. Also the charge port is on the top edge under the light so won't be obscured but this. The front port is the headphone one and it looks like there is a pass-through on the front. Not something I feel the need to purchase though.
  13. Yeah, for $3 you'll get some great solo fun! I did D1 co-op and D2 solo story wise... after that I've tended towards co-op and/or PvP in the endgame stuff but you can do that solo to a certain extent if you enjoy it too (it's just way harder).
  14. Unfortunately after many many hours across both Division games I think I've just lost the mojo for this unfortunately. D2 I found very entertaining but the post-story/WT stuff didn't grab me at all like the first one and I kinda think I'm done with it (similar to how I ended up with Destiny). So much so I uninstalled it months ago and not sure this is enough to get the disc back in my Xbox. A few of my old squad are absolutely raging about it as they feel they bought into the first one and invested a lot of time into it, loved the idea and promises of the sequel, paid their £90 odd up front and then felt that their beloved game was 'ruined' (so much so they have migrated en masse to Breakpoint) and now attempts are being made to "bring back" elements the first game but for yet more money. I'm much less angry about it to be honest (I also didn't spend £90!) but I can sort of see their point of view. I don't think Ubisoft have played this one very well at all which is a shame, the first one was a bit of a gaming milestone for me and certainly had a very loyal following.
  15. Kicking February off... 6. Braid (XB1/360) - Finally went back to play this masterpiece after never getting round to it. It’s a brilliant puzzle game which still totally stands up. Jonathan Blow is a genius and if you like the genre it’s absolutely a ‘must play’ - 10/10
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