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  1. FiveFootNinja

    The Twitch/Ustream/Mixer Thread - a Streaming Pile of Bits

    Cheers! I've given your YouTube channels a subscribe too I know. She's well aware it's challenging but has some free time on her hands (due to her business recently being bought off her) so while she's working out what to do next she's putting some extra time into her gaming and has decided to stream the journey along the way. I don't think she's set any high expectations to be honest and is enjoying it so far. She's got in with a few of the Ubisoft Star Players/known PvPers so is getting a bit of love from them too so hopefully it'll give her a little early lift.
  2. FiveFootNinja

    The Twitch/Ustream/Mixer Thread - a Streaming Pile of Bits

    I hope this is okay? It's not for me but a really good mate of mine has recently started regularly streaming and is putting a load of effort in to getting going so I said I'd give her a little shout out where I could to try and get a few followers. She is on Xbox and is mainly playing The Division at the moment (generally PvP in either DZ or Skirmish and she's really good at it). If you have a Twitch account and wouldn't mind giving her a follow that would be amazing: https://www.twitch.tv/missadventure69 Thanks.
  3. FiveFootNinja

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    I've been getting back into this in a big way recently. A group of mates on Xbox play pretty much most nights either Co-Op missions/underground, DZing (generally policing Manhunters) or like last night playing some Skirmish. Massive have really built a lot of scope to the game now which gives a range of play types/styles to suit a variety of moods. Kudos to them for continuing the evolution of the game so much. Add my on Xbox Live if you fancy a game sometime, I'm running fully optimised Pred and AlphaBridge builds at the moment (and working on my Tactician and Striker ones).
  4. FiveFootNinja

    The Witness

    There is definitely an elements of walking around with the "WTF" face on. My journey started pretty smoothly and I went from the start to completing one laser without any really troubles. Then I got cocky and started exploring everywhere and just came across puzzle after puzzle that I didn't understand and got a bit jaded. Eventually I went back to the bit I'd completed and worked out where the "next" area looked like it might be and followed that and ended up back on a path of understanding. My suspicion is there are multiple viable routes to the game other than the one I took, but believe me if you stick with it you will eventually be introduced to all the rules and be able to take on some seriously complicated layered puzzles confidently using that knowledge. It's a genius game (albeit head scratching and frustrating at times). Oh and remember to use sound/headphones... I'm not going to give any spoilers but I got totally stuck on one part because I was playing it without audio.
  5. FiveFootNinja

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    You should find it easier once the 1.8.1 update comes out. They are changing the GE caches to be gear specific - i.e. no longer having just standard or superior caches, and instead having three superior level caches, one for each gear set in the GE so you can focus on getting the set you want. There is also going to be classified caches from the vendor for phoenix credits that always drop a random classified. Also the drop rates are basically doubling everywhere so in general it should be easier to find those missing bits. I've got a full set of Pred (not optimised fully yet) but about 4 other sets just missing one piece
  6. FiveFootNinja

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Interesting. That was something I was looking at a few days ago for a PvE solo build based on what I have no as I only have 1 FC and 2 TAC classified at the moment (so 5/6 piece build of either isn't an option). My Pred build is loads of fun for PvP or as the DPS part of a group, but solo against high level enemies and mobs it isn't great as to deal decent damage you have to be exposed to return fire too much. I run healing bag and pick my battles but even so it can be compromised, a decent PvE skill build would be better for that I think.
  7. FiveFootNinja

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    After playing the beta on PS4 I came into this fresh on Xbox in December (bought the Xbox and a large group of mates were playing it so I thought I'd get on board). I've now put over 75 hours into it and have been really enjoying it (which for a grind game is rare for me at this stage, Destiny for example I only lasted about 60 before moving on). I think the group I play with has made a difference there though as often there can be 6-7 of us on a party chat split over two groups mooching about the DZ rogue hunting or doing GE playlists together, etc... It's a very strong multiplayer/co-op in that regard game which differs nicely from the FPS norms. I'm now level 30 and just completed my first 6-piece classified set (Predator's Mark from the recent GE), and have optimised it up to about 285. Only now am I really feeling like I can solo the DZ with some confidence. One thing I love is that tactics, skill and group organisation can still massively influence a fight over straight stat vs stat battle so it's made the post-game an engaging thing to get involved with. Obviously you get some idiots that have to resort to external support or META to try and win a fight (e.g. CronosMax shotgunners) but largely when I've been killed it's been by a better team/player having a better approach than me. Going for a Firecrest PvE build with the GE this weekend.
  8. FiveFootNinja

    Elite Dangerous - Beyond: Chapter Four - 11/12/18

    Thanks, not a massive deal breaker to playing but I quite liked the danger of real player. To be honest at £8 I'm half tempted to buy it on Xbox as well.
  9. FiveFootNinja

    Elite Dangerous - Beyond: Chapter Four - 11/12/18

    Anyone know if you can play 'open' without PS+? I've let me subscription pass for now as I'm playing multiplayer stuff pretty much exclusively on Xbox at the mo. Quite fancy jumping back into this as some point though.
  10. FiveFootNinja

    Dear Esther

    I went the Friday before last too (Liverpool) and thought it was a really engaging and beautiful experience. My wife loved it too which I was a bit surprised about as she's about as far away from a gamer as you can get. Annoyingly due to a restaurant mess up I got there literally as the music was about to start and missed the announcement about there being a Q&A afterwards so when a chunk of the audience left after the main performance we thought it was over and went too Tweeted Jess straight after to ask if there is any chance of some sort of Rapture based live tour, I'd book for that in a heartbeat too.
  11. FiveFootNinja

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    Watched it last night and totally agree. Really enjoyed it after a fairly tepid cinema experience originally. I don’t know whether it was expectation getting the better of me or not, but the issues I had with it first time round bothered me less (although the soundtrack still grates) and the final act was better than I remembered. Might watch it again this week. Back on board!
  12. FiveFootNinja

    Xbox One Console Thread

    As far as I know the credit on your account doesn’t expire, but the code (on your receipt) usually does 12 months after it was bought. I recently bought one off a mate as it was running out and he got it as a gift last Xmas. Worth double checking though.
  13. FiveFootNinja

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    Spotted it for £10 in Tesco while doing a quick shop so picked it up.
  14. FiveFootNinja

    Elite Dangerous - Beyond: Chapter Four - 11/12/18

    Will do, thanks. Just need to remember the controls now
  15. FiveFootNinja

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    If anyone sees a good deal on the Blu-ray for this in the sales can you post up a link/info please? I didn’t really get on with it too well at the midnight showing originally (I was pretty tired and it’s flaws bugged me a lot) but think it’s time I give it a second chance.

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