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  1. Apologies if this has been asked before but I've got myself really confused amongst all the 3D audio chat between both this and the Xbox thread... I have the Sony Gold folding headset which has been battered and bruised across hours of use on both my PS4 and Xbox One (via the pad adaptor). I hadn't really thought much about replacing them but then last night realised the cover on the foam is really starting to degrade pretty badly now to the point there were lots of little black flecks stuck in my hair. As such I'm considering options for replacement. Am I right in thin
  2. Interesting. I really liked both of them enough to complete each to 100% but couldn't really say if I preferred one over the other. Ori 2 did feel wider with regards to its scope (which was both good and bad - some people have said "directionless" in places which I disagree with but can understand). Other than one blip where I was left head scratching a bit I found the path fairly clear to follow and on the whole thought the customisation options gave a different dimension to tuning how you played and made the combat more interesting. I also found it much easier than the first too
  3. Wow, that really does look impressive. I'm still not going to pay £70 for it, but when it's available a bit cheaper I am all in. Looks like Bluepoint have done the business yet again.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already (apologies if so)... My phone says it is running the most up to date version but it looks nothing like the above so I guess it may be a little further down the line for iOS?
  5. Awesome, if that's the case then anyone who hasn't played is in for a treat on November 10th!
  6. It is, however unless I've missed something I don't think it's Day 1, but definitely quite soon. I can't recommend the game enough though, it's fabulous.
  7. In fairness you could argue Sony are leaning into this historical view a little too much this time I agree with you though, it's a great time to be a gamer if you are objective about it. Console launches always always blur objectivity though. Personally I'm hyped for both, especially as things start to unfold down the line.
  8. Sounds good, wiIl check it out.
  9. I didn't really want to get drawn into this but if anyone honestly thinks that there is a sense of "over entitlement" in wanting to have even just one bit of special content to play on a brand new console generation launch day I don't really know how to respond. It literally is the norm. All this thousands of old games compatible blah blah is all great and shows MS have a great platform they are developing - and I understand the PC mindset of being happy to upgrade to new hardware and be satisfied with your old stuff but shinier - but this isn't a PC and a lot of the customers are
  10. Sod it, ordered. Can't really complain at the price of a coffee and gives me a racing game for PS5 day.
  11. I was about to start it on Game Pass over the weekend but I'll just hold off and enjoy it on the PS5 now
  12. I think it's probably a combination of it doing well and - after the iffy launch - regaining a bit of a cult following and ongoing player base. But also because of that iffy launch it feels they have almost doubled down on the commitment to make it fully into their vision (and beyond). It's impressive. On the commercials, to be fair I've bought it twice in the end (one for each console) and I can't say that about many games. I am also surprised there has been no mention of a paid update/season at some point though (like Elite).
  13. Good news on NMS. I've just fired it up again recently and 4K@60 with haptics and more "stuff" in the proc built worlds sound good to me. No issues save wise either by the sounds of it. Looking forward to the other announcements... has there been any word thus far on a Horizon next-gen patch and when we might expect it?
  14. More details here: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/10/28/no-mans-sky-the-next-generation/
  15. Cheers @HarryBizzle I'll keep the order in place for a few more days until these drop.
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