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  1. I have nothing against her character either, an inoffensive love interest for Finn, but the Canto Bight story they were involved in was the worst part of the movie for me and a waste of two good characters. I get that you have to have the light hearted "funny" scenes/plots in Star Wars but this felt forced and tacked on at the last minute. Not quite as bad as Droid Factory in episode 2 but bad all the same. Seeing as Rose doesn't appear in any of the trailers and is being removed from branding for episode 9 makes it pretty obvious that her role has been cut down significantly from the Last Jedi which is a massive shame.
  2. Nice, the carbonized version, will you unbox and display? Its covering merchandise for Rise of Skywalker, the Mandalorian and the Jedi: Fallen Order game. Amazon doesnt appear to have any stock of the 6 inch figures until next week though!
  3. Some nice figs released for "triple force friday" tomorrow. http://www.rebelscum.com/story/front/Hasbro_The_Black_Series_Triple_Force_Friday_Figures_185268.asp I want the Mandalorian one!
  4. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Here's a question. In the case of Sea of Thieves, a first party title, will that ever leave Gamepass in the first place?
  5. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I suppose for those crazy fools without a Gamepass sub? It does seem implausible, especially with the value, but I know a couple of people not bothered by Gamepass, happy to continue to buy games left right and center.
  6. Ooh, forgot about the Ghostbusters remaster. Up for that again.
  7. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    I still have my SNES copy, battery probably long dead as I haven't touched it in years. Last played it on the Wii U and got stuck on the Ice Palace in the Dark World, forgot how tricky that one was.
  8. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    First time playing? I'm jealous if so.
  9. The best thing is the Ewok movies are available as part of Prime, I hadn't watched them for nigh on 30+ years!
  10. Season 3 of Enterprise was amazing, I really loved the Xindi stuff. They must have known that Season 4 was the last going into it as it feels so rushed to come to a conclusion.
  11. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    This Bloodstained is different to the one they gave away on Gold a while ago?
  12. Played half hour of this last night for the first time as I noticed it had been patched so thought that they might have solved performance issues. Guess what, terrible choppy slowdown at the start of the game, but it did get better as I got into it (or maybe I got used to it). Massively atmospheric, would be perfect for Halloween although I haven't encountered any "monsters" as such yet. I do like how there appear to be several routes to take in the forest. Bullet is cool too, defintely keeping him by my side.
  13. I am a couple of episodes in and kind of enjoying it enough to probably see it through. Feels very much like a Lost rip off and the main character lady is annoying though.
  14. Jg15

    Abandoned Games

    I am contemplating abandoning Outcast: Second Contact. It seemed amazing when it came out all those years ago but playing it now (even with a fresh lick of paint) really shows how badly it has aged. The controls are awful with combat a complete gamble because of them (and enemies being bullet sponges). Signposting is equally as bad but then, perhaps I have gotten a little too spoilt with how objectives in large open world games are signposted all to easily these days. The environments do look nice but the character models are terrible, every alien looks exactly the same, just with slightly different clothes.
  15. So what is the second longest running games mag?
  16. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    Sounds like you guys need the Super Metroid Players Guide https://metroid.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Metroid_Players'_Guide I remember the game came in a big bastard box because of this guide, indispensable stuff prior to t'internets.
  17. I want Babylon 5 to make a reappearance. It was on there a few years back but you can only buy it now.
  18. August Slow, slow month this past month. Lots of time spent away or out on the garden so only one easy completion. Where the Bees Make Honey - XB1 So, this is one weird ass game. It starts in an office where you work in a call centre and then....nuts. There is a story here around someone reflecting on their childhood memories, of being free to do what they want to do and now being trapped in a soul destroying day job as an adult, a slave to the wage. The game plays this out in a bizarre set of scenarios, or levels, all of which feel janky (intentionally so) which are all topped off with some clever little environment based puzzles where you need to collect 4 honeycombs. I wont reveal much more other than it is a real head trip, almost dream like, and I loved it. Definitely worth a try as it is very different.
  19. Came home with a bit of a bargain from HMV in Bristol today.... Also snagged Snoke, Moloch and Cassian Andor fig's for just under a tenner, good SW hunting!
  20. In recent memory the worst film I had the pleasure of seeing in cinemas is the Emoji Movie. Awful blatant advertising of various megacorps, non likeable or relatable characters and a completely shit story. I cannot believe Patrick Stewart agreed to voice the "poo", the producers must have had some sordid details on him as he certainly doesn't need the money! Other than that I am pretty relaxed with most films. I remember going to see various forgettable rom coms when younger with my other half when we started dating as she likes that kind of stuff.
  21. Jg15

    Gears 5

    I was intending to finish 4 before starting 5 but I haven't even started it yet! How long is 4's campaign?
  22. So, I didn't follow the advice here and decided to purchase Aftermath (on the Kindle store for 99p). I don't know whether it was low expectations or the fact that I am hungry for anything Star Wars related at the moment but I actually enjoyed this book and finished it within a week. Sure, it is not the best SW book I have ever read (that is reserved for Star by Star) and the writing style is a little odd but the story itself was fine and kept moving along at a fair pace.
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