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  1. Every time I see a goddamn spoiler tag I am itching to hit it, only 24hrs before I see it. Rewatched both Ep 7 and 8 in prep last couple of nights and I find I have grown to appreciate both films more since I last saw them ages back. I still prefer TFA overall but I do like how they explore the Rey/Kylo relationship in TLJ and the Grumpy Master Luke stuff with Rey is great, wish we got more of that. Still find the whole ship chase stuff oddly paced and Idiot Poe/Holdo (plus the weird sacrifice of a character we barely get to know) is still irritating. The less said about Canto and the furry horse elves the better. Any way, roll on this time tomorrow!
  2. Where the hell are some of you lot watching these early screenings, JJ's basement?
  3. I have just finished Empire's End and enjoyed it. I would suggest finishing it, seeing as you have already read the first two Aftermath books, there are references to things that happen in that series (and characters) in Resistance Reborn.
  4. Yeah, I need to rewatch both ep 7 and 8 this week before seeing ep 9 on Friday evening after work. Also I am already half way through Rssistance Reborn, a book set not long after the events of of TLJ which gives you a little more insight into
  5. My favourite episode so far, reminds me so much of the Clone Wars Bounty Hunters episodes, the characters were spot on for me. Some of my fave bits: Overall I am just enjoying myself, this series is definitely made for long time fans of Star Wars, especially those who value the original films over anything else made to date.
  6. 1 week today! Going to try and fit in the Resistance Reborn book in the meantime after coming hot off Empires End.
  7. Another couple of hours of fun on this tonight. Just unlocked the Hit a bit of a difficulty spike in the Research area, loads of enemies continually spawning in the big hallway with the staircase, rocket launcher guys kicked my ass a few times but I got through it. I am enjoying using the launch ability, need to spend more points on it to up the damage, especially against the big heavy weapon guys.
  8. Had this for my birthday and all I can say is wow, it really has me hooked. I'm just loving how quirky it is and the combat/exploration feels nice and seamless. Reminds me that I need to go back to Quantum Break at some point, I barely played that one for whatever reason and I do love myself a Remedy game.
  9. It's crazy that the last Bioshock came out at the end of last gen. Crazier still that the first was over 12 years ago, I remember being amazed by the demo (yeah, remember those) where you get the plane crash and swim to the lighthouse before entering Rapture. I enjoyed them all but the first one was so atmospheric and different for the time. Be interesting to see if we see Rapture again, years on from the first two games.
  10. I ended up ordering through my phone which worked fine. No idea why it wouldn't work on the actual Xbox. On controller issues my Grey/Blue pad has also developed sticky A button (on the midst of playing Fallen Order). I own at least 8 Xbox One pads and have never had a problem (other than some grip wear on the left thumbstick) and this pad is literally a few months old. I wonder if these newer designed pads are more prone to issues.
  11. Anyone ordered a pad through design lab on console successfully? I am trying to get one created for my daughter for xmas (probably too late now) but everytime I go "add to cart" it then takes me to the checkout screen and says that the cart is empty. Might have to try through the laptop, just frustrating that they have the option there but it doesnt seem to work. Also, yeah, not really feeling the new dash.
  12. I think it's fine, what did we really expect for the first Star Wars live action tv series? They played it safe by going for the fans and it works (for me anyway).
  13. Jg15

    Your future gaming

    I bought heavily into the Xbox ecosystem over the last few years, purchasing a ton of digital games that I barely manage to play, so I will defintely buy the Scarlett. Gamepass has also been a massive game changer for me, it's too ridiculous to pass up. I can wait for the PS5, I still have plenty to catch up on on the PS4 (where the graphics, even on base PS4, still look great to me). I love Nintendo, will be there (as always) for whatever they cook up next, even if it is WiiU2!
  14. I went with this: Womdee for Xbox One Controller Mobile Phone Clip Holder, for Xbox One Controller Clamp Phone Mount Bracket for Xbox One Controller, for iPhone, for Samsung, Sony, Huawei https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WT1J676/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Pjb2DbA7ZP7GD Cheap but fits my S9 fine (it has a spring loaded adjustable clip for your phone). Just be warned, It took over a month to arrive though as it's from China.
  15. Nope, it's a separate list of 50 games (some of which are on Gamepass), see here https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/11/14/20964411/microsoft-project-xcloud-new-games-list-50-games-support
  16. Between Gamepass and everything else I already own I struggled to find anything in the Black Friday deal but eventually settled for both South Park games (I haven't played either before).
  17. My controller clip finally arrived yesterday (just as after I caved and ordered a more expensive one on Prime). Unfortunately it was a dire experience for me, juddery and kept losing connection. Must be my internet.
  18. Last of Us - I waited for the Ps4 version before playing this much lauded game. I loved the setting and the exploration of a zombie ravaged world was amazing. What killed it for me was the combat/stealth sections. I grew to hate them and couldn't wait to get back to the exploration. I still need to complete this game for that reason. Conversely I dont overly enjoy the combat sections of the uncharted games and they way they feel so obviously setup so maybe it is a Naughty Dog thing and the way they pace their games for me. They are brilliant at building detailed landscapes to explore but the combat encounters are, at times, an irritating distraction from the main game.
  19. Had to drop difficulty down from Master to Knight.
  20. I keep struggling/dying enough that it makes me think I need to drop difficulty down from Jedi Master to Knight but then I progress just that little bit further and I decide against it. I do need to find more stims though, only one extra so far from a cave in Zeffo. Do loot boxes become visible on the map when you visit areas?
  21. Still waiting for my cheap controller clip to arrive from China before giving this a go. Are there still only 5 games to choose from?
  22. I actually went back to Bogano and got
  23. I am so used to seeing Alien races in action roles restricted to the animated series (Clone Wars and Rebels) that it's strange to see Ugnaughts, Trandoshans, Nikto's etc in live action. Not that I'm complaining, I love it, we need more of it. For such a diverse universe of aliens that Star Wars has the new films are really shit at just giving us more human characters (and human background characters), its so boring.
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