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  1. Cheers, it was 4.99 today randomly, so bought after finishing the series last night (which really blew me away). Defintely left me wanting more so will be good to get into the books now to tide me over until series 2.
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    Xbox Game Pass

    Just to add, that Goose game is on Gamepass, as are several over wonderful indie titles. If there is anything Gamepass has opened my eyes up to it's Indie games. Old Man's Journey, Abzu, Edith Finch, Outer Wilds and so on. I am fed up of the same AAA open world stuff we seem to get these days and shorter, storyline driven games are a real boon for me.
  3. So are the books really worth a punt then? I did look at the Kindle versions and was shocked to see the price (£8!) For the first book, I'm guessing Amazon have inflated prices because of the series, the bastards. Also, loving the series, I don't want it to end it's that good!
  4. I dunno, I'm finding this the most kiddified of all the modern SW animated series and it makes for a hard watch. Kaz is far too idiotic and clumsy to make an effective hero, I warmed to Ashoka and Ezra far easier. Will stick with it to see how it pans out from a bigger story perspective. I do like the animation style though, plus it is great to see a huge variety of aliens from across all of the franchise represented.
  5. Uncharted 2 is still the best one. I've said before that I dont like the shooty bits in Uncharted games, far too scripted and happen all too often, ruined 4 for me in the end. They nail the exploration aspect in these games though (same for Last of Us).
  6. It comes from the bromance they had In Force Awakens. Tbh I literally only ever saw it as just two guys that got on like a house on fire, maybe a bit of hero worship from Finn after seeing Poe's piloting skills in action. I had no problem with how it played out in this film.
  7. I know the game has been out for a couple of months but the latest ads for it are terribly spoilerific.
  8. The official Play and Charge kit is the way to go. Had mine since launch and charge still lasts for several days. PS4 pad battery is naff in comparison, constantly having to charge mine.
  9. Congrats man, would defintely recommend that you now get a Switch, Nintendo is a great way of getting youngsters into playing games. Taken it one step further this Christmas as I bought my seven year old daughter her first pad (through the Xbox Design Lab, a hideous thing of Purple and Pink as that is what she wanted). Setup her own gamertag (and associated email which was scary), her first gamerscore earned against the brilliant Goose Game. It is a fantastic thing to begin sharing my biggest hobby with my own child like this as she is now at an age to really appreciate it, I just hope it sticks. Anyway Happy new year folks!
  10. Not long finished Resistance Reborn, a nice little story, well written, that unfortunately adds very little to the overarching plot between the films (and nothing to episode 9 at all that I could see). No major spoilers to be had here, just a story about the Resistance looking to rebuild following Last Jedi. Saying that I enjoyed Roanhorse's writing style and the movie characters were pretty spot on, especially Poe and Leia. Rey was unfortunately massively underused in this, I can only imagine Disney/Story Group told the author to keep her role to an absolute minimum, instead she becomes a backseat character that pops up a handful of times in the book. Overall worth a read as it is a decent story and well paced (with some nice use of characters from across the other canon books and Battlefront 2), just dont expect anything groundbreaking.
  11. Nintendo games, especially Mario's and Zelda's. Currently waiting for Mario 3d World and Skyward Sword to hit Switch at some point soni can buy them again (fingers crossed).
  12. Just go with it, it's a very odd experimental feeling game that quickly snares you with its exploration of the oldest house which I though was really really well done. The combat never grew old for me and I even enjoyed finding and reading the various documents around the place to pick up snippets of backstory and what have you. Even after finishing the main story I am still none the wiser as to what is fully going on.
  13. Watched one and half episodes last night, great stuff, realised I had to go to bed otherwise would have watched more. I have played (and completed) Witcher 3 so would definitely recommend playing if you haven't already. Visually the series looks very much like the game. Haven't bothered with the books, are they worth a read?
  14. Yep, in contrast to something like Control, which I am playing at the moment and is a far better "modern" Metroidvania to this game (and the Control points double up as fast travel spots). I did enjoy it but once the story was finished I struggled to find reasons to 100%, even for achievement/trophies, which is unlike me. I did want to at least hunt down the four "rare" beasts but couldn't be bothered with that either.
  15. I would also love to know the real behind the scenes deal that took place with all of these movies. From what I have heard Iger/Disney bought both Star Wars and the original Lucas treatment for his own version of the sequel trilogy (the one that focuses on the Midicholorians) as part of the deal, with Lucas himself working on the project. Of course once they read his version of events they quickly binned his story and cut all ties, including getting rid of Ardnt, with JJ appearing on the scene to take full control. One of the only people to survive the Disney cull was Kennedy who was employed by Lucas shortly before the Disney buy out. As it stands Disney went for the safest route with Force Awakens in the end, fearing having a Prequel situation and therefore copying the OT as much as possible. I do wonder how different a set of films we would have got if Lucas had been allowed to get his version of events on screen.
  16. I think it's the complete lack of cohesion between these movies that kind of ruins it for me. TFA was a decent, if safe, Star Wars movie with some interesting stuff setup for the remainder of the trilogy. TLJ was a completely different beast that purposefully subverted some of the plot points setup in the first film (not all bad by the way). RoS is a crazy minefield of a film that attempts to tie in the previous two movies rather unsuccessfully imo (I still enjoyed it either way, just a little disappointed). Ultimately you can only blame Disney for this shambles and hope they plan better for any future trilogies they make in the Star Wars universe.
  17. I'm still trying to piece it together in my mind after seeing it last night. Part of me enjoyed it, another part was disappointed. Defintely requires another viewing at least.
  18. Christ that was a lot to take in. More thoughts tomorrow after a few ciders and sleeping on it.
  19. Every time I see a goddamn spoiler tag I am itching to hit it, only 24hrs before I see it. Rewatched both Ep 7 and 8 in prep last couple of nights and I find I have grown to appreciate both films more since I last saw them ages back. I still prefer TFA overall but I do like how they explore the Rey/Kylo relationship in TLJ and the Grumpy Master Luke stuff with Rey is great, wish we got more of that. Still find the whole ship chase stuff oddly paced and Idiot Poe/Holdo (plus the weird sacrifice of a character we barely get to know) is still irritating. The less said about Canto and the furry horse elves the better. Any way, roll on this time tomorrow!
  20. Where the hell are some of you lot watching these early screenings, JJ's basement?
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