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  1. https://www.trueachievements.com/n53596/last-case-of-benedict-fox-xbox-achievements Looks like it's finally live. Achievements may have spoilers attached so be warned!
  2. I recently bought the Season Pass for WWE2K22 as it was on offer, only to find I bought the wrong version (Xbox 1 and not Series). MS refunded it immediately, there was even an option for "wrong version purchased". Whilst it's crap that 2K don't choose to use Smart Delivery, MS should have a better way of filtering platform specific game content on the Store to help stop instances like this.
  3. I enjoyed this. Yeah it was huge fanservice but TNG was deserving of it after crap movies.
  4. It looks like there are also achievements tied to spending loads of the in game dosh and for buying 50 of those Katashiro for those that want the completion.
  5. I'm enjoying this, performance issues or not. Its really got its hooks into me and it opens up the city really well, especially once you realise you can climb and soar between the rooftops. The map is huge as well so will be playing this for a while yet.
  6. Cheers @squirtlethose settings worked for me. Playing this and wandering round Japanese city streets has given me a hankering to go back and play some Yakuza games now.
  7. Rise is fine on repeat viewings. I just remember going into watch it the first time and coming out like "what the hell just happened". It all goes by so fast I was lost!
  8. There are some great Jar Jar/Threepio episodes you must watch.... But seriously, You could try this one https://www.kotaku.com.au/2022/12/the-essential-clone-wars-episodes-every-star-wars-fan-should-watch/ I think Disney+ has a listing of essential episodes as well.
  9. It's a real mixed bag. The atmosphere and graphics are brilliant, the combat is off. Sometimes it works and other times it's frustrating. I got stuck on a section where enemies keep spawning and it really shows up the flaws. It's like Dead Space but treacle mode and stupid melee.
  10. To be fair I don't think it was necessarily ignored. Rise ends with Rey taking the Skywalker mantle in more than just name, she is also becoming a student of the Force, using the old Jedi texts from Ach-To further understand and presumably become the Jedi that will train others (her building a lightsaber is one of the first steps). It would be a little daft to have her training kids immediately after Last Jedi when she is still learning and has Kylo/First Order on her back. It makes sense to now have a film framed years later with Rey, the self made Jedi Master (like Luke), but perhaps more successful on the Jedi training side of things. I also think the Luke/Leia ghost combo would have helped her with this.
  11. Well yes, it was just that no one was recognising these individuals or training them (as Luke had given up). Different to the Imperial era where people with force potential were rounded up for experiments etc for the Emperor and therefore kept quiet about it.
  12. I've just started reading the first of the newish High Republic novels which is actually set 200 years before the movies. Other than the fact that Yoda is mentioned it's all new characters. I can see this period being transitioned onto screen at some point. We are also getting the Acolyte series which is set 100 years before the films and another film announced at Celebration is the one set at the "dawn of the Jedi" (presumably centuries before the movies). Fingers crossed these projects go well enough that they begin experimenting more outside of the usual safe time period.
  13. My first thought was the same but apparently its a wholly new character, Either way, seeing the Rebels cast in live action is cool, I'm down for this.
  14. Oh no, not this shit again. My film's better than your film! My take, any Star Wars is welcome, not all of it is for everyone and it could be worse (New Trek). I'm up for an exploration of a new SW era free from the original films cast (which is what Eps 7-9 should have been). I don't doubt we will see ghost Luke and Leia helping Rey though.
  15. They have to make an in universe explanation like these were the beards of venerated Jedi Masters long past. Each beard unlocked provides Cal with a new jedi power that its former owner was known for. Once collected Cal has to return them to the halls of the whimsical beard on the planet Chinnn to unlock a final special power.
  16. It was but I think that was before MS bought Double Fine. Would expect it to stay on now that MS own the IP (strange how it has taken this long to reappear).
  17. I think the drive may have to be formatted for use on Xbox to start with (mine is an old Seagate I bought for the Xbox One years ago) but otherwise its simple to setup to install BC games direct. I think you do it in My Games and Apps under Stoarge options.
  18. You can set it to automatically install BC games to your plug in HDD, saving space on the internal SDD for Series stuff. You can also store Series Game files on a HDD and move them across to the SDD when you want to play them (saving download/install times).
  19. I'm feeling my first day one in a long time coming on (I did for the last game and it didn't disappoint).
  20. I finished it just after Christmas and enjoyed it in the end. It defo gets better as it progresses and you level up. Also worth playing as each of the characters as they do have different styles and it keeps the game interesting.
  21. I can't imagine that applies to all the CODs, especially the 360 and maybe earlier Xbox One titles as they were pre Sony deal.
  22. To add to this point on Sony exclusivity deals, MS had a subpoena granted that meant Sony now have to provide details of these deals (past, present and future) in relation to the FTC hearing. Will be interesting to see if anything leaks from this. MS obviously have intel that Sony have some specific deals in place that "restrict the market" in some way that they can use as evidence.
  23. The problem with what you are saying is that not having the financial ability to put all your AAA games on a sub service from day one is not a strategy, it is a matter of fact. Sony cannot financially support a model like Gamepass, instead they double down on the one market they currently have complete control of which is the traditional console space. Ultimately they don't have the deep pockets to take the types of risks and crazy swings that MS continually make. This is why console sales and fanboy wars don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, to a large degree MS are controlling the direction of gaming and have been for some time.
  24. Thanks, just claimed it. I went ahead and bought the Space looking DLC as that was on offer as well (couple of quid). I bought the game ages ago when it was FPS boosted, glad I held off playing until the proper next gen version.
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