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  1. Yep, the whole expanse thing in Season 3 is great I am glad this series is getting some love on here, so underrated. I restarted my TNG rewatch, towards the end of Series 4 and the Drumhead. Such a great episode with Picard dealing with another dick Admiral who thinks there is some kind of conspiracy on the Enterpirse D. His speech in the end is awesome.
  2. Perhaps he just aged quickly after Nemesis, the trauma of losing Data etc (I know it's far fetched). Also a quick Google reveals that Picard is around his mid 90's at this stage. The Character has always been older than the actor by 10 years or so, although I don't know if this is established canon.
  3. I enjoyed it this week, will agree that the Borg Cube stuff is naff, as are the two characters it centres around. I did enjoy seeing more old school Romulan bowl cuts and giant pointy shoulder pads and that good old Romulan distrust has also began to creep back in. Also
  4. The Risa episode is pretty bad from memory, isn't that where.. Glad you are enjoying it on the whole though, I feel a rewatch taking place somewhat soon myself.
  5. I never felt that TNG transitioned well from TV to Movie, certainly not as well as the original trek cast did anyway. The only TNG movie that worked on the big screen for me was First Contact. I think the Borg threat helped elevate it enough (plus we get to see the Defiant actually fighting against the Borg, although she does get nearly destroyed). Generations is ok, Insurrection is an overblown TV movie and Nemesis just felt oddly out of place with the rest (almost like a TNG comic book story including the villan).
  6. Jg15

    Abandoned Games

    For me it was coming off of the back of a Yakuza Kiwami playthrough of god knows how many hours (in a failed attempt to Platinum) and straight into this one. Again I fully immersed myself into 0, put a good number of hours in doing everything, before hitting that state of no longer playing for fun but because I felt I had to. That was over 18 months ago and I am now bloody considering playing it all again when it hits Xbox on Gamepass in the near future!
  7. It's a frickin pain that you have to do this though, why can't they just sort out whatever licensing and be done with it.
  8. Mackie's Haggis crisps are my new favourite find. Found them cheap in B&M's near me a while back and subsequently chugged the lot whilst watching an episode of Viking's the other night. I am not a Haggis conisseuir btw, but these taste sublime with a nice satisfying thickness to the crisp (don't think I have tried this brand before but assume the thickness is the same with other flavours).
  9. Wind up, surely? I rate Sisko as one of my fave Captains alongside Picard, the two are completely different from each other with Sisko being a far more emotional and complex character. I also don't believe anyone who watched Season 4's The Vistor and didn't come away misty eyed, such a well played episode with Brooks, Lofton and Tony Todd as older Jake. Part of the dynamic I liked about Sisko, the fact that he was a single parent and his relationship with his son.
  10. Just wait until Season 3 (or was it 4) where they spruce up the opening a little. Edit - 'Ear it is...
  11. Yep, this weeks was a better episode.
  12. Took me a while to get away from not swishing to the right to access the store, Gamepass etc but I have gotten used to it now. Maybe one day MS will bring blades back like in the 360 golden era.
  13. Watch it all, it's fine. Put it this way, If you can sit through the first couple of seasons of Voyager (and by that I mean the awful Kazon stuff and Neelix etc) Enterprise 1 & 2 are absolutely fine. A quick glance on Netflix for good stuff in Seasons 1 and 2 and you have: There are a few stinkers here and there, including Trip getting pregnant by alien first contact and Archers dog getting ill but not all that bad.
  14. As bad as that test footage is I do hope we get to see more of the Coruscant underworld stuff in the next series of the Mando.
  15. Jg15

    Edge #342

    I stopped subscribing a few years back simply because I stopped reading the magazines completely. I blame this on one thing, Smart phones. I have become so lazy at reading things be they books, magazines etc. I also dont put a lot of stock in games reviews these days, I tend to go with peoples actual opinions from places like this instead.
  16. Ironically I hated it first time around, being set before Kirk and all, but watching it all back to back in the last few years I really come to appreciate it. I do wonder, had it not been cancelled we would have got a better ending to the temporal cold war and more on the formation of the Federation. I will admit though that the last episode of Enterprise was about the worst attempt at fan service I have ever seen.
  17. Which they are, especially in Enterprise. The human race is effectively their pet project who they see as little more than a group of savages not ready for the wider galaxy. They actively try and stop humanity from launching the Enterprise and incorporate one of their own, T'Pol, to "help" or force Archer decide on appropriate actions when faced with new species etc (really she is there to report back on what the humans are doing). Of course, the Vulcans are right in some ways. Archer makes some bad decisions along the way, often going against T'Pol's suggestions purposefully and eventually the Vulcans give up on trying to "steer" humanity altogether, even leaving them to sort out the whole Xindi incident on their own in Season 3. By the end of the series both sides come to a mutual understanding, with the Vulcans respecting the humans, who also broker peace with the Andorians, and the Federation is born.
  18. This is exactly what TNG was, a group of people that had no issues with each other whatsoever. Think of an instance where any of the crew had any arguments with each other (not counting where an alien influence is involved). Roddenberry would have hated DS9 with a passion.
  19. Season 3 of Enterprise shits all over Voyager (sorry Thor). DS9 shits all over everything else from a great height, fantastic stuff and unlikely to ever be beaten. Nothing can be quite as bad as Discovery though. Would still rather watch Tom Paris evolve into a fish or Chakotay and Seven get romantically involved than all that Spore Drive bollocks.
  20. Cheers Sean, I will probably get into Odyssey then. I know they are the kind of games you can put down for a few months and pick up again without struggling to remember things overly (I started Origins over two years ago before having a good 18 month break from it and then smashing it). We must be due a new Assassins Creed this year so I need to catch up anyway.
  21. So I'm just finishing off Origins (have the Pharaoh DLC to do) and am wondering whether to play Red Dead next or Odyssey. I have really enjoyed Origins and have a hankering to continue into Odyssey but worried I will get AC burn out (I know Red Dead is as equally a huge game). Is there much of a difference between the two games (other than setting) that it wont feel too much the same?
  22. I take it that Controller is fake as well or are they deliberately shifting to an Xbox style pad?
  23. Control, different but amazing (imo)
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