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  1. Both Risen games are in the sale and I have a vague recollection that they were janky but okish RPG's. Any reason why 2 is cheaper than the first one, is it worse in any way?
  2. Still self owned and the next game is coming out on everything but will launch on Gamepass as well. I agree that Asobo would be a good fit for MS. They seem to have a good working relationship that began with stuff like Disneyland Adventures and has culminated in Flight Sim. Perhaps Asobo just want to remain Independent?
  3. I went in blind and bought one at launch. My excuse being I went through a year of hell (my daughter was born, almost killing my wife who had serious long term health complications) and the 360 kept me going through it all. I was in such a self contained bubble that I didn't realise all of the online furor the Xbone reveal caused at the time and was shocked at the reaction here and every where else when I finally did go back online! Those were some dark years as an early Xbone adopter!
  4. I question whether it was originally filmed with the intention of being Mustafar and Hidalgo simply created the connection for the Visual Dictionary (he seems to love linking stuff together).
  5. Hey, perhaps Activision games embrace the concept of Smart Delivery finally!
  6. Microsoft finally have their own Vehicular Combat franchise to take on Twisted Metal, the ever popular....
  7. I should have made it clear, essential to me! I suppose the point is he fights a bunch of random guys guarding an item (wayfinder) before heading off to Sith world. The details of who and where are window dressing (but cool window dressing all the same). Having rewatched the film recently, knowing more of the background stuff definitely helped me to appreciate it more. It's certainly not a terrible movie and the different locales (Lush Jungle planet, Party Desert Planet, Grey/Dark Sith Planet) all nicely weave together to create a visual feast. Rey Palpatine was dumb though, even if she is effectively the Daughter of a Palp Clone now.
  8. I love the fact that the Pablo Hidalgo Visual Guides really are essential when it comes to the Sequel Trilogy. Previous visual guides gave you nice little tidbits on background aliens and weapons etc. These tell you that Courscant wasn't destroyed by the First Order, it was another planet that looked the same, or that Kylo was killing Vader acolytes on Mustafar at the start of TRoS for the Sith wayfinder. Major events seen on screen but needing a book to explain them.
  9. The Technical term is Double Axe Handle. Gene Roddenberry was obviously a Wrestling fan.
  10. And now you can watch and see how poor old useless Security Chief Worf becomes full on badass Second in Command Worf. Criminally underused in TNG he really shines in DS9.
  11. Bib was a genuinely terrifying character for me as a child. I remember getting the action figure and thinking he looked like something from Hellraiser (I suppose the white make up helps). I agree though, other male Twi'leks we have seen since are far less monstrous that Bib. His pale white skin, extremely bumpy head, long head tails and pinky reddish eyes all seem unique to him. The only other Twi'lek that comes close is Orn Free Taa, who's corpulence adds to the monster factor (but otherwise is a bit of a buffoon). I think they dialled back the monster aspect of Twi'leks in the animated Clone Wars (for kids/to make the audience more sympathetic to their situation?) and that has stuck since.
  12. I personally enjoyed his portrayal in Last Jedi, by far the best thing in that entire movie, however I would love to see his journey to that point. I'm sure we will get the full story told on screen some day. I would take a Young Luke TV show done in an Indiana Jones style (perhaps with Doc Aphra) hunting down rare/dangerous force relics in a kind of Jesse Faden Control kind of way. Its also obvious that the new Jedi Order he creates is a lot later in the timeline and far less established than the one we get in Legends.
  13. I 100% agree. As someone who read all the books and comics released in the 90's to get a constant fix of Star Wars (especially during those empty years before the Prequels) this current time period is unbelievable. 25 years ago, If you had told me we would have a Sequel trilogy, Standalone films, several live action TV shows in the works and books and comics that are considered canon I wouldn't have believed it! They just need to make KotOR canon now (hopefully the Remake does just that).
  14. They are not shunting the Sequel films into non canon on the basis that a handful of idiots hate them. I remember the same sentiment being said around the Prequels years ago and yet those films remain as canon as ever, despite the hate for them (I love them personally). As @Garwoofoo says the current Disney+ shows are laying groundwork for what happened between eps 6 and 7 which , in turn, will ultimately provide more context and world building for the events of Sequel films. I do agree that shifting away from the OT timeline as far as possible would be best for Star Wars going forwards. Get away from the Skywalker name etc and no real tie to any of those old characters. I know the High Republic is doing this to a degree but even then we still have the likes of Yoda. Chuck it into a far flung future or something where the old names mean nothing and start afresh with a soft reboot that isn't tied to a Skywalker legacy.
  15. It was in Performance mode for me, going online and searching the problem seemed to highlight this being the culprit and that switching to Quality made it quieter (which it did for me). Unfortunately I had played enough at 60 that playing in 30 felt awful and I deleted it. I put It down to bad optimisation, the game is a bit of a shit show on all fronts really.
  16. I can see Aphra being the next breakout "non film" character after Ahsoka to go mainstream in the SW universe. As everyone else has said she is too good a character not to be featured live action somewhere, just got to get the casting done. Also, her evil droid buddies have to feature as well, right?
  17. Anything you have in your install queue (In my games and apps) will continue to download in standby mode.
  18. Very good episode, two minor gripes from me
  19. Just don't play Avengers on it, made mine sound like a jet engine take off. But yeah, it runs super quiet normally.
  20. I liked the bickering, especially both Quill and Rocket declaring their individual ownership of the ship when ever it's hit/in trouble.
  21. I was just rewatching Visions and the 9th Jedi episode and reflecting on the disappointing Sequel films. It's a shame that Disney started with a sequel trilogy to the OT and didn't go with something not connected to the OT whatsoever like 9th Jedi. It feels distinctly disconnected from the main timeline, but with enough tidbits of info to make you wonder when this is taking place and what has happened leading up to it. Exactly what was really needed to kind of "soft" reboot the SW franchise. I suppose the safe box office bet was to go with a direct sequel to the most beloved films of all time, especially after the reception to the Prequels, but a disconnected set of films would have been so much better. Here's hoping we get something akin to 9th Jedi story wise in the future. As an aside I did like the idea of Lightsaber colour/length depending on connection and attitude to the force as well.
  22. This seems to be something Lucasfilm have chosen to do with everything they have made since the Disney buy out. I remember watching a "behind the scenes" feature for Force Awakens and they talked about going back to basics with Alien prosthetics and relying more on practical effects in the style of the original movies. To be honest I think it works, the alien designs from the Cantina are still memorable today (and effectively creepy) wobbly fingers/tendrils and all. Does anyone remember the newer alien species Lucas created for the Prequels? Nope, because they were shite CGI creations that looked totally out of place. For example I don't think many, if any, of the aliens that appeared in the Pod race sequence have made any other appearances outside of books etc for that reason. Give me floppy fingered, plastic eyed Rodians any day of the week over that awful Greg Proops two headed alien that was blatantly stolen from He-man.
  23. I keep forgetting that this is available through Pluto and miss it. Sounds like I'm not missing much If it's anything like the last few seasons (crap). Also, slightly unrelated but got confused the other day as Sky have a free service called Peacock TV that has just been added. It features loads more stuff to potentially watch and I thought this was where Disco was. NOPE!
  24. For a moment I thought Mos Espa was that big city in Jedha from Rogue One. It has certainly grown in the 50/60 years since Phantom Menace.
  25. I always remember reading the Boba Fett short story from Tales from Jabbas Palace which I had as a kid. It features him inside the Sarlacc trying to escape and finding other people inside being slowly digested including a Jedi that had been there for a long time, possibly years. The crux of it was that the Sarlacc kept its food alive as per Jabba's quote Of a 1000 years but also the consciousness of those being digested somehow became a part of the Sarlacc, forming a kind of shared hive mind of jumbled memories. Typical early Legends bollocks mind you and I think Fett escapes by blowing himself out of it and returning later in his ship to destroy the Sarlacc completely.
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