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  1. Other than the original game, Origins is the only other Assassins Creed game I have 100% completed from start to finish and all the DLC. Absolutely stonking game and both DLCs, especially Curse of the Pharaoh's, are worth your time. I am currently working through Odyssey and loving the travel between islands and the lovely sun drenched locations.
  2. Jg15

    Red Dwarf

    I used to have a series 7 VHS which didn't have the laugh track on it, think it was an extended cut of three episodes. I remember watching it and being utterly confused by the lack of laughter. It did kind of take away some of the humor at the time for me.
  3. Start watching the final season of Clone Wars only to get a green screen with the sound playing in the background All seasons of the Simpsons though, cant wait to run through them with my daughter.
  4. Trying to get the app working on my little upstairs Samsung TV but it keeps crapping out everytime I try and load it. Edit: Working, good old power off/on
  5. Such a missed opportunity with no Silent Hills games this gen. Konami are absolutely clueless.
  6. In the theme of Thundercats "Console wars are on the loose console console warz"
  7. I would imagine all Sony owned games would be B/C at launch, it will be the third party stuff that will take the time.
  8. I can see Xbox taking the power advantage here, they have been crowing about it long enough. Will be interesting to see if they still go ahead with the cheaper/weaker machine as well (if it's still happening). Either way my eyes are shit and I will not be able to detect any major difference in visuals between Xbox/PS5 anyway.
  9. Holy shit, because of this I'm going to bed with the wife at the same time for once. She's shocked!
  10. Xbox Live down for anyone else tonight? Signed in but won't connect to Live. Most games I try are pushing me to play offline, but apps like Netflix working fine, must be Coronavirus. Edit - curent network status states issues with Live Core Services etc. Maybe a lot of people online?
  11. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    The option I get is to "hide" them, which looks like it only removes them from your friends lists.
  12. Discovery set the bar for how established canon was going to be treated so it really is no surprise at how loose it seems on Picard. I am eager to see how they depict the Klingon look in this era. Imagine Worf looking like a Discovery Klingon and the fan uproar. I have to imagine they will go with the Worf we are so used to seeing (that's if we even see Klingons at all in this series).
  13. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Gave Shadow Warrior 2 a go but didn't get on with it. Another game fouling up my games list with 0 achievements thanks to Gamepass, not good for my OCD! Did give Pikuniku a go, seems a nice colourful platform/puzzler. I love the little red blob, especially it's funky legs.
  14. Nope, he actually said Kzinti, a cat like people who have only appeared in the old 70's Animated Trek and who are actually a creation of Sci Fi Author Larry Niven. It was a cool reference and one I certainly wasn't expecting (for license reasons). https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Kzinti?mobile-app=false I also really enjoyed this episode, it's amazing what nostalgia factor can do for a show (I am also warming to Rios and the crew a little bit now).
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