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  1. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    What's the problem with DR4? I had heard that it was an easier, more toned down version of previous games. I did love the previous installments, especially 3.
  2. Will more than likely pick up a Scarlett as my next gen launch console so will keep the PS4 a while longer yet. I still have a ton of exclusive stuff to play for it which will tide me over until I finally pick up a PS5 (for the exclusives).
  3. Fair enough, I have never had to contact them in that regard. Good to know as well, I bought my X a few months back from Amazon and am paranoid that it might pack up (it can be a little noisy at night but nothing terrible).
  4. I am intrigued as to what you said to them to get a refund like that. No return either?
  5. Princess Mombi and her detachable heads legit shit me up as a kid. Funnily enough my daughter finds it too scary and refuses to watch it (that and The Witches).
  6. The very first Silent Hill for me. I know subsequent games improved on the formula (and 2 was a masterpiece) but goddamn that school, with creepy baby things which shriek and the industrial noise soundtrack. I also loved the transitions between our world and the "dark" with the air raid sirens ringing in your ears. Genuinely atmospheric and scary as fuck, especially when playing in an empty house on your own in the dead of night.
  7. Yep, Labyrinth for me as well, it is one of the earliest films I remember seeing as a kid (along with Star Wars). I am due another viewing of Roger Rabbit at some point, it must be a good ten years since I last saw it plus I want to introduce my daughter to it.
  8. Its certainly refreshing to have a sci fi show this day and age that isn't one big story arc that also has that classic Trek feel to it (with the adult humor of course). I found that the Orville hit its stride half way through the first season and the cast really seemed to gel. I don't hate Discovery, I did enjoy elements of it, but the lack of character development outside of a tiny handful of the cast combined with some bizarre writing/creative decisions to make things "edgy" and "dark" really soured it for me. The Orville, on the other hand, manages to blend a nice balanced cast of characters that do get fleshed out, have some effective and sometimes poignant stories and feel much more Trek like than Discovery ever has (I know that McFarlane was going for that vibe, it's just that he hits it so well). I suppose if Discovery had been the Trek show we were all hoping it would be, then the Orville would be viewed as an also ran Trek clone with added humor. instead it has effectively become the new "old" Trek for me.
  9. Eternal Darkness is my most annoying. Stupid giant church boss did it for me, completely ruined an otherwise brilliant game.
  10. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cheers all, as it went we ended up playing Overcooked which i actually owned through Gold. Excellent time was had by all to the extent we had to pull the kids away as it was getting late. Cheers again!
  11. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Right guys, I need a multiplayer recommendation or two. We have friends over later with their two boys (both big Fotnite players, but I'm not in for that). Anything on Gamepass that is a fun 3-4 split screen type game (They already have Goat Simulator thanks to playing it round mine before).
  12. I never finished Prototype, couldn't beat the last boss and it wouldn't let me drop the difficulty level. Never bothered with the sequel either. From memory i enjoyed what I played. I remember getting this game confused with Infamous when it came out as both had similar protagonist situations. Infamous games are class though.
  13. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Apparently it can sometimes take up to 72 hours to unlock achievements, see here https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/games/troubleshooting/troubleshoot-achievements-challenges Never had a problem myself and Tacoma worked fine, a relatively easy 1000GS to be had (although I was playing the XB1 version)
  14. That is some crazy pricing for some figures that aren't even poseable. The colours are spot on though. I loved The Real Ghostbusters, had the fire station and countless figures and collected the Marvel UK comics. Probably worth a fortune now.
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