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  1. Added for the fantastic Alan Partridge reference Gamertag.
  2. Another game for the launch list @Eighthours(that I havent heard of) - Bright Memory, crazy looking Chinese FPS https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.gamesradar.com/amp/bright-memory-confirmed-as-xbox-series-x-launch-title-ahead-of-2021-bright-memory-infinite-release/ Apparently there is a Ray Traced version coming to next gen consoles early next year as well.
  3. Was thinking of taking the day off to pick up from my shop of choice but now I know its delivery only I may as well wfh that day and wait for it to come, maybe take a half day if it arrives early enough.
  4. Series X from Argos, Smyths was my first choice but they just collapsed under the strain!
  5. Finally got the preorder confirmation email from Argos for my X. Fucking hell sweating buckets, this was the most nail biting preorder for me ever, the hype is insane.
  6. Ordered in Argos (thanks to the wife) delivery only so will hopefully arrive in one piece on the 10th!
  7. Smyths crashing for me, wifes on Argos and Curries
  8. The dev has setup a topic at the Xboxera forum here https://forum.xboxera.com/t/the-falconeer-fantasy-air-combat-coming-to-series-x-updates-and-news/148 Hopefully still on track for launch noting he sounds a little worried that the game may get delayed slightly due to a second wave of Covid.
  9. If it helps in setup use the free Insects app from the store as well, great visual indicator.
  10. Goddammit if this isn't terribly low resolution on the One X, appears never to have had a patch despite being released just prior to the One X coming out, it looks so jaggy and my eyes are accustomed to 4K now! Otherwise I am enjoying it in a "wannabe GTA" kind of way.
  11. I really hope Playground games has another Horizon in the works (as well as working on the new Fable) or are we expecting this game to carry them for the next 2-4 years?
  12. Mary Poppins is actually a bad ass Jedi, in hiding from the Empire since Order 66, pretending to be a nanny. She actually has a confrontation with Vader on the rooftops of ol' London in the latest movie where her umbrella is revealed to be a lightsaber. Disney retconned all of their films to be part of the Star Wars universe after purchasing from Lucas.
  13. Interesting article around Finn's story arc after Force Awakens and how it ruined his character. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/star-wars-some-fans-say-their-favorite-finn-moment-is-hard-to-swallow-now.html/ I do feel that he was the most misused and sidelined character in Last Jedi, played as more a coward for comedy laughs (I know he started as a deserter in Force Awakens but by the end he is literally willing to sacrifice himself for Rey). He was almost non existent in Rise of Skywalker as well.
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