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  1. I need to return to Frozen Wilds. I played the entirety of the main game and then began Frozen Wilds but needed a break.
  2. Lots of pop culture references but no real product placement in Duke 3D. Talking of glorified car adverts in games how about two games that are one big advert for a specific car:
  3. Cheers, I often forget about my companions in the heat of battle (although SAM is great for wading in and clearing things down). Loving time dilation, if only for shooting goons in the nuts with my shotgun.
  4. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    I would rebuy 3d World again, amazing game that was awesome in two player. It was the first game me and my daughter played together that she was able to understand and enjoy. I wonder if they will slip it out next year when it is a little quiet in the release schedule.
  5. I think I have done the same, was it... Also, how do you use Companion abilities? Are they linked to completing Companion quests?
  6. I think I still have my PS2 copy of Jedi Starfighter somewhere, rock hard game from memory. Don't own the others and I do like the sound of Final Station.
  7. Few hours now, just done the quest to sort the power out and chose the town. The objective marker actually appears under the ground around the ship, regardless of what the quest is, definitely a bug.
  8. Still on the first planet.
  9. Anyone else getting a bug with the objective marker? For every quest the marker is set to my ship. It was fine to start with but it seems to have suddenly crept in, ah well, just means more exploring to do!
  10. Wont be playing this until later tonight and I cannot wait. I really have been struggling to get into anything recently and I am hoping this is the one that does it for me.
  11. Fair enough, I think with these recent Saga films Disney felt they had to play it safe with their new purchase by being overly reverential to the original trilogy to keep the masses happy and onboard. They obviously didn't want a Prequel Trilogy situation, even going so far as to distance themselves from that era by cancelling fantastic stuff like Clone Wars at the time. I think now the whole Skywalker saga thing is coming to a close we should hopefully see more original projects that can explore the SW universe in greater detail without being tied to the Skywalker name and time period. I am all for delving into a Knights of the Old Republic era Film/TV series or even something set far in the future.
  12. I dont understand "Star Wars" fans that hate anything other than the original films, surely you can appreciate something of the new films (and even the Prequels).
  13. My only issue with the Threepio scene is that, because of his lack of appearances in the last two films, he has become a fairly redundant background character in this new trilogy (In fact, in TLJ I dont remember him appearing at all). I have no issue with him being in this film (and more issue with him being badly shoehorned into the Prequels) but to raise his prominence now when the focus has rightly been on the new characters is odd, especially when he has been background fluff with a red arm and therefore doesnt have any real relationship with these characters (outside of Chewie and R2).
  14. Booked, I dont care what the internet thinks, its a Star Wars film and I love Star Wars. Going with my usual gang, we have seen all of the other Disney SW films together. it's also a good way to start the Christmas holidays.
  15. Yep, and tickets will be available to buy on tuesday.
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