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  1. The writers didn't know what to do with Crusher or Troi. I would say Crusher came out better than Troi whose stories usually centered around being "mind" attacked whereas Crusher was alien romance of the week (Ironically I would say Pulaski actually had better "doctor" centric episodes). Troi got a little bit better character development towards the end at least with her promotion, although it was a bit late by then, but otherwise the female cast were terribly underused throughout TNG run.
  2. @Bennyglad you're loving this, its making me want to do a rewatch now! Filoni's love of Star Wars really shines through with Rebels. I feel with Clone Wars he was under the Lucas leash and constrained to existing characters but did a great job, especially with one dimensional Anakin. With Rebels, and no longer under the Lucas cosh, he is able to do what he wants with his own creations whilst using the existing Legends source material, such as the Inquistors, to great effect.
  3. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I would say that I much preferred the lush jungle environment in Shadow to the desolate Siberian Cold War ruins of Rise, but Rise trumps Shadow on story massively.
  4. I do wonder, had the Mando been another Filoni animated series, would it have been anywhere near as popular as it is currently? And for those that might argue that The Clone Wars or Rebels are Kids shows the Mando isn't really any different. The violence, stories, character wouldn't feel out of place in either of those shows. Other than the fact that Mando is live action and the other two are "cartoons" thematically they are aimed at the same audience.
  5. I think it is becoming a signature Filoni move to incorporate some of his favourite creations into these series he is involved with, and I personally don't have a problem with it (as long as it's done right).
  6. With Zeb they also get to use the original McQuarrie design for Chewbacca/Wookiee's and canonise them as a new species (which I thought was cool).
  7. Many of the early last gen games could do with at least a resolution boost. I started playing Lords of the Fallen on the One X a few months back and it cut my eyes to ribbons with its jaggyness.
  8. SX for me. Although the lack of Halo or another big exclusive is disappointing I am happy with it, super fast and quiet and I have plenty of existing stuff to play. Will pick up a PS5 down the line for exclusives. I really went into last gen blindly at the time and I remember the absolute shit show the Xbox One folder became as the "PS4 owners" kept trolling us poor XB1 early adopters. Feels a lot different this time around. MS have changed the narrative slightly, enough to sway more people it seems. Out of interest was there a forum poll on last gen purchase decisions
  9. I love the AC games but i'm glad I don't play them day one. Unity was a good example of this with its many bugs at launch. A month or so later and it was patched up fine.
  10. I enjoyed those episodes. I especially liked the concept of an ancient Droid instructor and ship that's been used by generations of Jedi.
  11. I'm on a proper Trek bender at the moment. I'm listening to the Next Conversation podcast and trying to keep up with their weekly viewing schedule. It's an episode of TNG season 6 every week plus the first series of both Voyager and Enterprise every other week (Or something like that) and its fun! Can't wait until they start DS9.
  12. I'm waiting until the next gen version next year, I have plenty to play between now and then. Will have to shut my eyes to any spoilers but I will be interested to see how it reviews (and how it looks and performs on the base consoles!)
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