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  1. See, I found the transition between 0 and Kiwami fine. As much as I enjoyed the cabaret stuff In 0 Kiwami still has an engaging enough story and fun side stories. The Majima fights can get a little fustrating, especially towards the end, but its a relatively short game compared to 0 as well. I suppose it also helped that I had played Kiwami before so knew what to expect.
  2. Finished Kiwami on Xbox last night, second time after completing it on PS4. That Jingu boss fight is still as stupid as I remember it. I did forget that his two bodyguards revive after you knock them down and become super irritating knife guys. I just ended up using Beast mode on them, on his own Jingu is easy to beat. The Nishiki fight is fairly easy as well, Rush mode is the best. Kiwami 2 next. I have not played any of them from here on before.
  3. I saw this in the store the other day and was immediately suspicious at the lack of a video for it. It is making me want to download my old Live Arcade version of Crazy Taxi though.
  4. I think it was mentioned that those big bits jutting out of the ground were meant to be parts of the Halo base materials breaking through the terraformed landscape or something. Either way I want to know if you can walk to the 'edge' of the Halo and fall off into space, Discworld or flat Earth style!
  5. Working for me, just signed in.
  6. All I can find on Warface (lol) is the fact that it's a F2P anyway, so what the hell!
  7. They need to bring the Hot Wheels map back from Horizon 3, that was aces!
  8. It's probably more me thinking it would be more realistic for Nintendo to agree to Gamepass than standalone Sony. There have been rumors around it before, specifically after the Ori deal and MS and Nintendo getting a bit more pally. Also, like I said, a curated list of titles not available on Switch would be a great compliment and wouldn't harm Nintendo, if anything add further value to it.
  9. I can see Gamepass perhaps hitting Switch in the future, featuring a curated list of Xbox titles (first and third party) not available on the Nintendo platform. Sony would never allow it on their platform though.
  10. I quite like the look of this tbh (I have no side table where I sit).
  11. I haven't got to 3 yet but if its anything like the 'blend into a crowd to hide from Yakuza whilst dragging a blind girl' in 0 then it can piss off. One of the worse bits of an otherwise great game.
  12. But will they still break after a few months use?
  13. I'm on the cusp of starting Yakuza Kiwami 2, only to learn that it's 30FPS. To be honest I don't know if it will massively effect my enjoyment of this game when I get round to it, albeit it will be noticeable off of the back of 0 and Kiwami which are both 60. Hopefully they get round to updating games like this soon.
  14. It's in this weeks deals with Gold on Xbox but still at an eye watering £30 for the base version. I'm thinking of waiting until it inevitably goes F2P and has more content. I have actually taken to picking up my old save from Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 for a decent Marvel fix!
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