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  1. What makes a decent open world game for me? Side quests that are as interesting (if not better than) the main story. Who here remembers the painting quest in Oblivion? Completely missable but an amazing quest at the time where you step inside a painting to save the artist Ironically I never actually finished the main Oblivion quest line but I sunk hours into the side quests at the time. I genuinely felt a sense of exploration playing Oblivion for the first time as well, no pressure to march on with the story, just amble around and stumble upon a village or house with its own little story to complete.
  2. The old Zelda games for me, specifically LttP and Ocarina, I must have played these multiple times across different hardware over the years, they don't age to me at all. The only other instance of playing through a game more than once in recent memory was Dead Space 2. Such a good horror experience that I played through once more on the highest difficulty level and it was brilliant. Shame 3 was so painfully average in comparison. Otherwise I finish a game and tend to move on, maybe revisiting parts of it to mop up achievements etc.
  3. I would imagine that those "optimised for series X" badges will disappear (or be made smaller) for new games released after the dust has settled around the next gen console launches.
  4. To make sure you are getting the best out of your X (and your TV) download the free Insects app, its a brilliant visual indicator.
  5. I enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition but it failed at one thing, huge open maps full of fuck all. Run 20 minutes in this direction to find a...dead end or an invisible wall and maybe a handful of enemies to fight along the way. The open world element was atrocious and made worse by no easy way traverse its boring landscapes in a speedy fashion (Mass Effect Andromeda at least had the Nomad you could drive about in). Fast travel points were also to few and far between. Witcher 3 trumps Dragon Age by a mile. I also absolutely loved Spiderman but it was really saved by one thing, the webslinging. It has some terrible filler side quests (catch the pigeon etc) and most of the main game could be wrapped up in a matter of hours.
  6. Isnt Xbox One stock slowly drying up now (thought I heard that here somewhere)? Wouldn't be surprised if MS are buying back unsold stock from retailers to ensure that when Granny goes to buy that new shiny Xbox for Billy she can only pick up latest one come Xmas. Either way, I had better educate my wife on the naming convention as she is meant to be "sorting out" a Series X as a joint birthday/xmas present for me. She usually gets my Curry order wrong so she probably shouldn't be trusted with this.
  7. Another reason to go all digital next gen, horrid boxes.
  8. I have mentioned it previously but I would also recommend The Next Conversation, great podcast currently focusing on TNG and because of Covid they are turning out one a week (usually they are pretty slow because of their work schedules and you are lucky to get one a month). They have just started Season 6. I did sign up to their Pateron as they have also started Voyager and Enterprise (cheeky gits) but they promise to start DS9 as part of the free offering once they have completed TNG.
  9. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sorry, I was wrong, I was getting confused with another horror title called Scorn https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2020/05/07/xbox-series-x-exclusive-scorn-trailer/
  10. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Carrion is also an Xbox series X exclusive I believe (in that it won't be releasing on the Xbox One)
  11. There was a bit in the original where you had to drive your very slow car to a house miles from the town and it took ages (like 1/2 hour). I hope we get stuff like this in the new game.
  12. Ryse is still an impressive looking game now. I went back and finished it off a while back and thoroughly enjoyed doing so (although the ending bit was a tad fustrating anticipating where the hits were coming in from). Dead Rising 3 was also great at the time, so many zombies on screen all at once, and ploughing through them with a steam roller bike thing. Haven't played it in years and it is missing from Gamepass for some reason which is a shame. Crimson Dragon was an ok Panzer Dragoon spin off with voice controls, it was also packed full of microtransactions but I enjoyed my time with it without spending any additional money. And you also had: Forza 5 (not a fan of realisitc racers but I bought it at the time). Killer Instinct Zoo Tycoon Xbox Fitness (if you can class that as a game). Coupled with 3rd party stuff not a bad launch lineup, although there were some duffers like Lococycle and Fighter Within (Best Kinect game ever).
  13. Just watched TNG season 6 episode "Schisms" where the crew are being experimented on by strange interdimensional clicking aliens. Always thought this one would be good for a follow up but it never happened unfortunately. Lol at the scene where Crusher tells Riker he has had his arm surgically detached and then reattached.
  14. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I have fond memories of playing GTA3 on the original Xbox, blasting such hits as GLC'S "Half man, half machine" from the in car radio.
  15. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers guys, I already have the standard WD40 (blue and yellow can) so will get some Contact Cleaner as the blue and yellow only helps with lubrication according to this video from WD40 themselves (probably wanting to sell more cans of their stuff at the expense of us poor Switch owners)
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