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  1. Yeah I loved the ME3 multiplayer as well. The fact it tied into the campaign was clever (I also remember an app that also got you those points). Can't believe this is out tomorrow. Rolled around fast.
  2. Cheers chaps, at that price decided to buy it (and the Ezio collection for my sins).
  3. When I checked my Quick Resume list (after updating) I had around 7 games in it, some of which I haven't played in a little while. There are still a large proportion of games that don't use the feature, both old and new. Also Resi 2 Quick Resumed but didn't then tell me that the online connection had failed like it usually does. Instead it did a quick synch and carried on fine. Perhaps they fixed that element of QR? I know it affected Ubi games (because of the requirement to connect to their servers) and therefore caused Save corruptions etc, will need to test it out on Immortals.
  4. To be fair, looking at that gameplay chart I posted a link to earlier, the top 10 games on both Xbox and Playstation platforms are virtually identical with CoD taking both top spots on both platforms and others (like GTA 5, Apex and Fortnite) filling out the other top spaces. The odd one out is literally Resi in the Playstation list, sat in a sea of big multiplayer shooters. The fact that it sits so low on the Xbox list doesn't really surprise me but does indicate a smaller group of hard-core gamers on Xbox than PS (which is of no surprise). Course, I would imagine Resi will sink d
  5. I see loads of FPS boost games are in this weeks sale. https://www.trueachievements.com/n45467/xbox-sale-roundup-may-11th-2021 Is Mad Max worth it? Not watched the recent movie (but loved the Mel Gibson originals). Also Ezio Collection, loved those games but not sure I could play through them again. I also hear the remaster treatment is poor?
  6. According to True Achievements Resi barely charted in the Xbox weekly play list (19) whereas it charted at no 4 on Playstation. https://www.trueachievements.com/n45459/xbox-gameplay-chart Although this is worldwide this aligns with the general sales performance in the UK and is perhaps an indication that the majority of Xbox players didn't buy Resi and are still happy with their CoD's etc. Personally I'm waiting for it to drop in price!
  7. Yes, finally started playing this a week or so a go and well and truly hooked! It's brilliant and all the more better for having the original soundtrack included (something I asked for a few years back lol). I'm a terrible procrastinator though. Trying to make every bullet count and constantly reloading saves (where things don't go to plan) just to see if I can get out of a situation more efficiently.
  8. Ooh, need to finally go back and finish Gears 4 now. Also bumped Mad Max, Far Cry 5 and Primal up in my "to do" list.
  9. Yeah, that was massively underwhelming.
  10. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I need to go back to the Touryst to finish those endless mines. Fustrating as hell, just as I thought it had finished there was another level.
  11. Jak and Daxter is still a better game than Ratchet and Clank, I like both series though.
  12. I think its more than just Covid that has stalled MS AAA first party output. People forget that it wasn't long ago that MS were literally shutting studios and battling to change the ship around. New studios they purchased was what, 2018, and those studios were in the midst of already developing projects for all platforms at the time (Outerworlds etc). Also, games like Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima were in development for years. In fact Last of Us 2 was delayed by a year before Covid struck (as well as under heavy crunch conditions). I will say that the
  13. Christ, an hour to wrap this up next week. This better live up to expectations although the ride has been worth it throughout.
  14. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    If Rain on your parade is anything as short sweet and fun as Donut County (also on GP) than I need to play it. I love these kind of indie experiences that Game Pass provides.
  15. Any good Samsung recommendations for Xcloud gaming. My phone Contract is up and I'm looking to update my S9 (which has been a phenomenal phone, cracked screen and all, perhaps a slightly bigger screen for gaming on though).
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