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  1. Turned off last week's episode during Stanhope's odious rant (basically, according to him, Britain is violent because we don't have legal handguns for instant retribution, and universal healthcare), have grown tired of the series format anyway. The 'comedy' characters are far more irritating than they are vaguely funny too.
  2. Nintendo will never release games in iOS, or Android. It's just not going to happen, basically ever. You know the history of the company as much as I do. I'm stunned that grown adults, grown adult gamers, would even say aloud the very notion that Nintendo would abandon all they steadfastly 'believe' in. That's like saying the Pope will convert to Protestantism.
  3. The figures were only available for 5 minutes and then swiftly disappeared, were sold blind-packed, and the game they were attached to was the most shallow load of nonsense. Failed opportunity on all counts, really.
  4. There's no chance of Nintendo introducing a new hardware format soon anyway. Of course Nintendo have new hardware being designed and prototyped in their labs right now, they're a console manufacturer. Whether the leaked information relates to anything that will be available for us to buy in the near future, if ever, is extremely doubtful.I think that Nintendo will try releasing a cheaper GamePad-less Wii U before they redesign or even euthanise the console, incidentally.
  5. Strongly agree! I mean, I barely touched my Wii for years because of all the fucking about with the controllers, having to make sure they are 'synced' with the console, making sure they have batteries with enough charge, having the correct attachment (or not attachment at all), just made sofa-based multiplayer a huge pain to get working again, particularly when playing with people who are that technologically literate. The Wii was just too much bother to play with most of the time, honestly.
  6. Wolfenstein and Doom were the only games I ever saw running on a Jaguar that ever made me believe that it was anything more than a (slightly more powerful than its rivals) 16-bit console. Although to be fair, back then a console running a decent approximation of a PC game was really quite a big deal.
  7. Retro Gamer magazine, for getting fodder for yet another list-based readers' poll feature on the cheap.
  8. True, but Mycroft explicitly referred to Sherlock as a "murderer", so it's safe to assume that the bullet wound Ultra Magnus received in the head was fatal.
  9. I've had the same depth and distant judging issues with the game as sir_shrew, who has made some extremely valid criticisms of Super Mario 3D World. Really missed the 3DS' display with slider on full, as the 3D view made judging perspectives less of an issue in 3D Land. IMO the level designs in 3D World needed a touch more play-testing, particularly in terms of making sure there was clearer 'camera' positioning in certain levels.
  10. That was great, some proper Sherlock-ing going on at last, and it thoroughly and irreversibly neutralised the Richard Curtis film/romcom direction of last week's episode!
  11. I'm not so bothered about Nintendo 'underclocking' their consoles if it means the hardware doesn't cook itself to death and require costly replacing every year or so.
  12. True. Open an old issue of Super Play from 20 years ago, among the gaming gems you'll see long forgotten crap like Amiga Port With Added Parallax Scrolling 73, Cash-In Cartoon Licence 57, and EA Sports Game 3. Although perhaps it speaks in the Super NES' favour that we think of the console so highly in 2014, as the good stuff for the format was just so damn good.
  13. Has anyone been playing NES Remix? Quite tempted, as I need something to play after Super Mario 3D World, but I'm not really a fan of party games, if NES Remix happens to be one.
  14. Hang on, as an aside: Do Elite even have the rights to all those old Speccy games they sell on the iOS App Store?
  15. The "much more profitable company" isn't going to be the Sega-ised Nintendo making cheap knock-offs of its own games for Android and iOS.
  16. I loved and still love the GameCube, but the design hurt its appea among young adult male gamers here in the west from my experience. From day one it was "it looks like a Fisher Price toy", "it's pink and gay" from all the (PS2 owning) casual gamers I knew.
  17. And thus make Nintendo themselves obsolete.Come on, you're all grown adults, anyone with their brain in gear can see it obvious that Nintendo won't cut their own throats and 'do a Sega', most likely never, certainly not whilst they continue to be a profitable company.
  18. It would, if the Wii U didn't have such a tiny user base.
  19. Heh, great. Always thought that Midwinter was years ahead of the technology available to adequately 'portray' its games design.
  20. Nintendo games on Android smart phones? Making iOS controllers? Christ, that's even less likely than Mario games appearing on the PS4 and Xbone.
  21. Bought Game & Wario cheap in the HMV sales. Not good. Think an even more basic and less interesting version of Nintendo Land, with what looks like upscaled DS graphics. Breaks my heart as a fan of the Wario Ware series to see it reduced to the level of a poor quality 'party game'.
  22. Now that's something I didn't know existed before. Looks way more faithful to the source material than the American SMB cartoon series, which seemed to parody films like Mad Max 2 or Star Wars every episode.
  23. Shame those levels were borderline unplayable due to the controls. I'd have loved that game to bits if it hadn't been so frustrating to play. A real shame.
  24. Being a third-tier game in the Mario series hardly means it's bad, does it? TBH, I'm pretty sure that Sunshine has been more influential on subsequent instalments of the 3D Mario series than Super Mario 64 has been. Apart single-handedly inventing 3D platform games, Super Mario 64 feels like an evolutionary dead end in the Mario series, almost like SMB2 USA. Anyway, this evening I start the post-main-game levels of Super Mario 3D World.
  25. Got to World Bowser-Castle this evening, not yet finished though, but it seems rather inventive so far for a final level. Overall, the game feels more of a second tier Mario game to my mind, better than the likes of (third-tier) Sunshine, but not reaching the raw gameplay heights of (first tier) Galaxy or Galaxy 2. There's certainly more imaginative ideas in SM3DW than I initially believed possible, however.
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