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  1. I can’t post photos at the moment, but I’m quite proud of my Super Famicom / NTSC Super NES collection. Very reluctant ever to party with it, as it replaced my childhood collection if PAL games (but better), and it’d be far more difficult to re-collect in future, having bought the vast majority of the games before the later price boom. Same with my NTSC GameCube collection – and with the GC, there’s little to no chance of any of those games being made available on a virtual console style service. It’s a shame that many of those excellent GC games aren’t the modest purchase they used to be, putting the games out of reach for many Nintendo fans. Sadly, I recently sold all of my Mega Drive games collection apart from Herzog Zwei, Streets of Rage 2 and Strider, which I’m holding onto just case I get another working (Japanese or modded) MD. My GBA and DS collection also vanished apart from three select games.
  2. Oh yeah, this one. Switching between different Kongs with different skills was hyped as a 3D take on the Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) concept, but in reality that gameplay setup was blatantly there to pad out the game length. Thing is, if Rare had toned down that element, and smoothed our the difficulty spikes at boss confrontations, it would’ve been a properly good game. Maybe a bit short, given it cost the equivalent to over £100 in 2019 money, but at least it wouldn’t have been filled with bloat and tedium.
  3. GameCube Animal Crossing followed by 3DS Animal Crossing for me.
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody I don't have a flipping' clue about the history of Queen, and have never listened to any of their albums, so only know of their hit singles via their continued ubiquity. Even so, I could tell that this film had very few grains of truth in it. It was rock biopic cliche after cliche, a series of contrived events, with some of the most un-naturalistic dialogue I've heard in years. I don't expect genuine historical accuracy in rock biopics, understanding how practically speaking that is impossible, but a film like Anton Corbijn's Control (admittedly not a perfect film either) shows how a semi-fictionalised version of an influential rock band's history can still be a compelling story and come across as somewhat believable. This... wasn't. Even as someone who admittedly has never enjoyed the band's music, I do think it a shame that the film-makers squandered what could've been source material for a decent rock biopic. 1.5/5.
  5. From the new trailer, it still looks based on "remember this?" factor, perhaps even more so. And why does all Trek made after 1999 pretend that DS9 never happened?
  6. I’d like the game to be longer given the cost, but then I remember 1992 when people paid forty, fifty quid for the hottest import Mega Drive game of the week which would last them three hours tops, so maybe it’s not too bad given decades of inflation. Besides, I’ve gotten ridiculous good value for money from Switch games like Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Maker 2, so maybe it all balances out in the end somehow.
  7. Totally agree, TBH. And I prefer Super NES Aladdin over the Mega Drive one, as it has that Japanese platform game design which makes up for the plainer, less cinematic graphics.
  8. I used to think that Mickey Mouse was a Sega character because of those games. Played Quackshot for the first time last year, and it’s definitely a good’un.
  9. Thanks – actually had some spare PS4 controller thumbstick protectors lying around, and they fit perfectly on the Pro controller. Wish someone had told me a couple of year ago.
  10. FWIW, when my sister sold her 3DS XL to Cex, they gave it Grade A condition. Even though said 3DS XL had two broken hinges.
  11. Are there any stick protectors available for the Pro controller? Want to prevent further wear on my Pro’s main thumbstick (it’s gone tacky from two years of regular use).
  12. That’s what makes the game feel so ‘retro’ to me, but retro in feel and tone, retro without it being yet another indie platformer or Metroidvania with pixel art graphics. Retro as a sense and feeling, rather than as the recreation of the old.That sense of being grounded in the everyday and real, yet being able to break the rules of actual reality. It’s great.
  13. Thanks, that’s very helpful info.
  14. Random question (perhaps), but what’s the best way to preserve the battery in my Switch in the long term? I play in TV mode 80-90% of the time, but not sure whether I should fully power down the Switch after play, or keep it on sleep mode, in order to save wear on the internal battery.
  15. Thanks, I'll give that a go and see... edit: sorted after a fashion. Thanks @Vorgot
  16. I’m transferring from Older 3DS to Newer 3DS, as Older 3DS is on its last legs (already corrupted the previous two SD cards, for example). However; Older 3DS has cut out during transfer twice. Third attempt, just getting error 014-0062 messages. Nintendo don’t allow you to sign in your Nintendo ID on 2 separate 3DSes simultaneously and download your bought software, do they? Almost thinking, fuck it, can’t be bothered with the transfer, but don’t want to lose my purchased games. The only save game data I’d care about was my 3013-vintage Animal Crossing village, bit that went in the last SD card crash.
  17. I’ve found 8bitdo pads horribly difficult to get to sync first time round. Only consistent tactic I’ve found has been to set it to a different system than to the one that you want to sync with, then set it to the one you want, then sync. It’s usually a reliable connection after that, I found.
  18. Quite like the look of this. (Hadn’t heard of the game without stumbling across this thread.) Reminds me of the sort of whimsical games you’d get during the Speccy and Amiga days.
  19. Good shout – used to have one with my Wii U. Was a nice controller. Wired, which might be a minor issue for some, but it’s quality.
  20. I'd like to know this too... I have the 8bitdo M30, and while it's amazing, the MD/Saturn mashup style isn't for every game. The NES and Super NES titles feel 'off' using it... While my Switch is docked I have used the USB GameCube adapter and a Hori GameCube pad (the one that looks like a Super Famicom pad with GC face buttons), which is a good compromise, but again, it doesn't feel 'right' for all games, unfortunately.
  21. I don't like it, being honest. Too soft and composite-like. Would like something sharper, like the image I get from my Super Famicom through a Frame Meister, or the scan-line options on Hamster's Arcade Archives series.
  22. Super Metroid is still unmatched in gaming history in terms of telling a story without any dialogue or text (beyond the intro). And its sound design is as good as it gets in 2D gaming.
  23. I’d go for the revised full fat Switch, if you can stretch to it. TV linkup and multiplayer, well, that’s worth the extra cost, IMO.
  24. The one on the top left (RQN-JWJ-FQF) is easily the best of the bunch – it's Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time made into 2D via the medium of a Super Mario World level. Definitely worth a play.
  25. It's a shame if they've removed the rumble on the Switch Lite. The HD rumble is lovely in so many games, Super Mario Maker 2 included.
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