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  1. Same, earlier this evening. But I failed. How did you manage it – did you shinespark in in morph ball form?
  2. OK, how are you expected to beat with only one extra energy tank?! I really am not liking the artificially high difficulty level on this game.
  3. Nah, they definitely do exist, even if nowhere near the majority. Usually anything before the PlayStation 1 generation is their cut-off point, but sometimes even earlier machines. (Same people, if British micro fans, also tend to have a kneejerk dislike of the NES – “no one owned one”.) So you’re agreeing with me, it’s all subjective. Just think it’s worth taking into account that when retro gaming emerged in 1995, it was barely three years since retailers like WH Smith stocked the last 8-bit micro games, and the last C64 and Amstrad magazines had just closed. (Admittedly much of the very early retro scene, particularly the American side, was more focused on the Atari VCS, Colecovision and so on to start with, but that quickly changed.)
  4. Heh, I remember when I read the early retro gaming websites, and a particularly great British fanzine, many 8-bit microcomputer classics were still less than a decade old, and 16-bit systems were definitely off-limit as “retro”. People who deny retro has a sliding timescale are weird. edit: by early retro gaming, I mean 1995.
  5. Comics fans, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a souped-up black sports car the usual Batmobile in the source material? I remember being told that the flashy sci-fi-ish Batmobiles were an invention of the TV shows and films. (I haven’t read any more than the big obvious Batman graphic novels like The Long Halloween, TDKR and The Killing Joke, which probably aren’t representative of the Batcanon.)
  6. There was a red/left, blue/right set, but IIRC it’s out of production. You can still buy blue/left and red/right Joycons individually, though.
  7. Will be easier to get direct replacements for the bundled red and blue Joycons as well. Which is a plus.
  8. In retrospect, Super Mario Galaxy lead to Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World more directly than it did Super Mario Odyssey. If you think about it.
  9. I’m out. Too bloated and slow and self-important; blatantly wants to be Space Game of Thrones, and has the similar problem of having too big a gulf between the competent and cringeworthy actors.
  10. Know how you you – I topped up my family sub literally two days before the N64 and Mega Drive expansion was announced.
  11. Conversely, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Super Metroid gets remade using Dread engine (or if you prefer, in style of Samus Returns, but on the Switch). Seeing as Metroids 1 and 2 have already had remakes.
  12. Hot Penguin Take: I think this docu-drama will be shelved due to negative public reaction (or, if you prefer, tabloids making a fuss), and will never be broadcast.
  13. Tangentially from this, wasn’t Vice City’s scenario remarkably novel back in 2002, daring even? Rather different to now, given that the whole ‘80s throwback theme has since become a stale cliché in this post Stranger Things world.
  14. Watched that episode last night. Don’t think I’ve seen it since it was shown on BBC2. Some observations: 1.) The script was so obviously written with Dr Crusher in mind, and barely altered for the change in circumstances of TNG season 2. 2.) The actor of Starscream from Transformers was one of the Pakleds! 3.) Counsellor Troi is one of the worst Trek main characters. So irritating, and seem to do nothing but state the obvious. 4.) Wesley wasn’t that dislikable in this one. The awkward scenes with Captain Picard add credibility to fan theory that he’s Picard’s secret lovechild. 5.) The incident we later see in Tapestry is recalled by Captain Picard! 6.) I really liked the scene where Captain Picard tells Wesley that being in Starfleet isn’t just about all the science, and to learn to enjoy the arts and humanities. Rewatching TNG as an adult, I’ve picked up how it emphasises the characters having a rich life full of hobbies and interests beyond being space explorers. It’s a good message to the audience of all ages, always try to diversify your interests – ironically something the more obsessive Trek fans seem to have always been oblivious to.
  15. Could be worse. DW really needs a hard reboot at this point, so anything that facilitates that…
  16. Say a Switch owner has two Switches, a Lite for certain games, and a regular Switch for other games. With one user account logged into both. How would they transfer to a new Switch OLED, intended to replace both older Switches?
  17. Just feels ‘off’ and laggy compared to real thing. Terrible scanlines as well. Although playing docked on a TV and with a Pro controller may explain the lag. It’s just one of those things you instinctively sense though.
  18. I literally renewed my NSO Family subscription two days before they announced there was going to be an extra package… Although, the Super NES emulation isn’t all that great on the existing NSO, so I’m not really motivated to shell out extra for more machines. Much as I like the N64 and Mega Drive.
  19. That’s always been a magnificent ship. Looks superb in its own right as a sci-if spaceship design, while also perfectly fitting in the series’ design lineage – you the viewer can see straight away that it’s related to Kirk’s Enterprise, while also being massively more technologically advanced than it.
  20. It’s not an upscale – it’s proper HD. All the original film elements were found, edited into order and rescanned. The effects and ship shots are new CGI, but they match the original footage in most cases. Anyway, honestly, I think DS9 has aged a lot better than TNG thematically speaking, and in terms of characterisations and plot, despite not having received the same HD upgrade. (Also: complaint, why can’t I vote for the Defiant in “Best Ship” category?)
  21. Aside: I really wish there was an item of hardware still in production, and cheap, that plays 3DS games. In the longer term, it’s going to become quite difficult to play those games as originally intended. Edit: as for the game price complaint, Super Metroid cost £102.00 when adjusted to inflation (or upwards of £120, if you went for an import copy) and can be cleared in under 6 hours on first attempt…
  22. Also: Don’t forget there’s an app in the eShop required for transferring Animal Crossing saves. And that games like Pokemon and Splatoon 2 don’t work with the cloud saves feature.
  23. Really? Opening the cellophane on Monday night then, apprehension about the boss battles thrown aside for now. Wish me luck…
  24. Ulp. My copy’s remaining in the wrapping for now, then.
  25. Bring back the otter siblings, Nintendo, you cowards. The tanuki/kitsune/otter triumvirate needs completing.
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