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  1. It’s the arcade ROM on the PS2 compilation (well, technically an approximation of it, I guess), but with Somewhere Over the Rainbow removed. And you have to use a weird button layout that can’t be changed, at least in the PAL version. Just realised that I’ve never played a Rainbow Island arcade machine. MAME and the PS2 compilation, never the arcade. Shame. It was always one I looked out for at the time during summer holidays, as well. IMO, Rainbow Islands would be more fondly remembered if the “collect the diamonds in order to actually get an ending” gimmick had been dumped and the bosses weren’t such an ordeal. Just those slight alterations, and it wouldn’t be quite such a frustration fest. It does deserve to be well regarded though, I mean, there’s a awful lot of great game design in it even with the irritations.
  2. Something about this game has always bothered me: Never, ever have I been able to get the diamonds collected in red-to-violet order ever. On the Amiga conversion (the first version of the game I played), or years later playing on MAME or the Mega Drive conversion. Is it even possible?
  3. I strongly agree with you. I’ve played every game in the series*, and for every step forward in this game’s design and UI, there’s either one step back or no improvements whatsoever. Lots of old or odd design decisions that could’ve been more user friendly, streamlined or outright removed. * well, not the board game one. Still have it sealed in a cupboard somewhere.
  4. He was in a first season episode of Deep Space Nine as well.
  5. Wasn’t there a rumour that Super Mario Sunshine was a third-party game that Nintendo bought up wholesale while it was under development, and rejigged it as a Mario title?
  6. Honestly I’m more looking forward to a remake/remaster of Super Mario Sunshine than the other Mario games, because there’s the most scope for Nintendo to address the underlying issues and flaws in the original game... Well, I mean, maybe the water jet gimmick wasn’t the best in the world, and can’t be removed without turning it into a completely different game entirely, but all off the small, niggling, irritating problems inside SMS can be sorted. The frustration with the blue coins, the buggy clipping, that pachinko game, for starters...
  7. Opened my village for a bit. Oranges are the native fruit (take your pick) and the code is 77RPW. Turnip buying price is an unfortunately low 76 bells. edit: gates closed.
  8. The best you can do with an unmodded PAL N64 is S-video. The Pikachu N64 doesn’t have S-video output, unfortunately.
  9. What’s the Taito game below Running Battle?
  10. Watched The Irishman, I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore, and Uncut Gems. Any other Netflix original films worth a view?
  11. Anyone else notice that... I liked how...
  12. Heh, you’re right, and I enjoyed it. Nice to see some classic ‘Dwarf.
  13. Bah, On the Beach isn’t available on Netflix any more. That would be the perfect old-timey film to watch at the moment, the sense of foreboding as gradually everyday life and the society arounds it grinds to a halt...
  14. Can you log into D+ on multiple devices? Thinking about getting a month’s sub to simul-watch The Baby Yoda Show with family members who are struggling to keep themselves occupied during the lockdown.
  15. Really want to watch that later when I get home, but I haven’t watched Classic Era ‘Dwarf since around 2001, so I’m a bit reluctant in case it’s aged worse than I imagined...
  16. I hadn’t noticed until very recently how much Shinobi owes to Namco’s Rolling Thunder...
  17. £350 for a Switch with a download code? Have Nintendo jacked up the price of the full-fat Switch suddenly?
  18. Everyone should watch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on Netflix if they haven’t already, as... 1.) the film was so topical that it had an environmental message as early as 1983 2.) the film is, like more obvious fare like Star Wars, Blade Runner, Aliens (etc) one of the films that inspired, and was homaged by, countless video games of the ‘80s and ‘90s 3.) it shows how remarkably fully-formed and familiar-looking Ghibli’s work was from day one, with the Miyazaki themes and tropes on display 4.) it’s a great companion film to the later Laputa Castle in the Sky if you’ve enjoyed that, based on some similar concepts 5.) there’s an engrossing 7-part manga series for you to read afterwards.
  19. I’ll give it another go when I get home. I suppose that biplanes shooting at dinosaurs is objectively one of the greatest concepts ever devised by mankind, so...
  20. The Pro controller also endures well as a controller. I’ll been using the same Pro controller since Switch launch day, as I’ve played all my non-Pokémon games exclusively in TV mode, and it works just as well as then, without any obvious wear. It really has been a worthwhile purchase.
  21. That’s depressing, because Konami and M2 are behind this unit; I mean, it’s not like this was another half-baked turd by a bunch of amateurish chancers with a crowdfunding campaign...
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