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  1. I’m definitely not keen on that grimdark DS9 season 8 concept, but at least it doesn’t essentially erase DS9 from the Trek timeline,* like Nemesis did. And the Picard series seem to. * I mean, the only thing from DS9 that’s been used in later Trek has been Section 31, in Flanderized form, and that’s most likely only because it appeared in Enterprise.
  2. Prediction: there will be a revised Switch Lite eventually that does dock and connect to the TV like a proper Switch.
  3. The narrative is so simplistic they it’s barely a story as such, the gameplay is very simplistic and repetitive. Didn’t think it was worth the fiver or so I paid last time it was on sale, if I’m being honest. Having not played Phantasy Star before and having no nostalgic feelings for the series, I just found a dated game that frustrated much more than it entertained, which is a shame, as I wanted to like it.
  4. Exactly. As someone who uses the Switch 80-90% of the time in TV mode, I'm very concerned that Switch games will be made specifically for the 720p resolution and weaker processing grunt of the handheld mode from this point onwards. I mean, Nintendo's never been particularly big on emphasising graphical fidelity...
  5. Best thing about the Switch physical design, is that it’s modular. Analogue stick wears out on your launch Switch? No major problem, just buy a new JoyCon. Much preferable than having to replace the whole unit. Unfortunately the Switch Lite won’t have that luxury of modularity. Without that and TV connectivity, it seems like a dud.
  6. Yeah, a smaller, cheaper model we were expecting (and perhaps anticipating for family members), but no TV functionality? That's... Not a good decision.
  7. That's... Interesting. I have to admit that I only watched the first episode of The Orville, and was put off very quickly by the tone and 'humour' and didn't watch further.
  8. A Nintendo Switch without a TV output mode? That's like Apple offering a MacBook that can't connect to the Internet. The idea of a reduced size and cost Switch is laudable, but without TV connectivity, that's just a ridiculous design decision. I can't see this smaller model having much of a viable commercial lifespan.
  9. Beat the final boss stage in Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker and the Elite Four in Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu. Over six months since I reached those parts of the games, and left them there for some reason. The Elite Four in LGP was absurdly easy to beat, a real anticlimax. I had assumed the game was putting the player into a false sense of security, and was saving the difficulty up for a real ordeal, but nope. Oh well.
  10. Odo’s one of the most underrated characters in all of Trek. And played by arguably the best regular actor in a Trek series.
  11. When I first discovered retro gaming circa 1995, via fanzines, websites, and an article in Super Play, retro meant Atari VCS generation of consoles, and the ZX Spectrum generation of computers (or Apple II, Atari 800, C64 et al if you were American). Systems considered unquestionably retro now, such as the Super NES, Amiga and so on, were 'current' systems back then, albeit at the ends of their commercial lifespans. So yeah, the definition of retro changes over time. Although perhaps the definition might again alter over time to mean 'roots gaming' rather than a specific time period, who knows, Incidentally, as a Retro Gamer, I've got no problem whatsoever with the magazine covering the PS2 and GC generation, and their contemporary PC games. There's only so many Commodore 64 games to cover, after all.
  12. I got some superb Super Famicom games (Akumajō Dracula, Area 88, Axelay, Contra Spirits) for literally price of postage back before the explosion in retro gaming. Sure, some of the games weren't exactly in perfect condition, but it was great to own them at last, and for much cheaper than those games are currently available on the secondary market.
  13. Any general tips? Finding this crushingly difficult so far. (Normal or Arcade controls? Analogue or button acceleration and braking, etc?)
  14. Finding the steering control a bit juddery, a bit stop-start. Playing with a Pro Controller doesn’t feel any different to using the left analogue stick. Analogue accelerate/brake works fine, but still feels quite a difficult game to control, TBH.
  15. Am I right in thinking that Mega Drive Xenon 2 is the PAL version? That’s put me right off the service, if it’s PAL rather than NTSC games.
  16. I guess that’s called snapping up a long-expired trademark. If the original ever had its name formally trademarked, of course. Bought Virtua Racing and Wonder Boy in Monster Land this afternoon. Was feeling a bit nostalgic for Bikkuriman World on the PC Engine, y’see.
  17. Is that Dandy Dungeon related in any way to the Gauntlet predecessor on the Atari 8-bit computers?
  18. Have to admit, the only dub I’ve ever watched is Castle of Cagliostro, on Film 4, back when the film wasn’t available on Blu-ray (or Netflix, as it is currently). Had seen most of the Ghibli films by then, so loved seeing how so many of the Miyazaki tropes started taking root so early.
  19. It’s a live action pastiche of Bob Budiansky comic stories, or as close as a major film studio in 2018 could’ve made to one. I mean that as a positive. Agree with knightbeat that you can see the cut-and-shut marks where the reshoots went, though. Film doesn’t flow as well as it needs to in parts.
  20. I saw Laputa one of the times when ITV showed it, absolutely loved it. Had no idea what it was called and hadn’t recorded it, so had no means to ever watch it ever again, though. So it was a lost childhood memory until I eventually watched it on Blu-ray in 2012, and it clicked that this was the film I’d seen so long ago. I was like
  21. Wonder Boy in Monster Land too, if you're into rock-hard old 2D platformers. *Goes to shops to buy £15 eShop card ready*
  22. Still, bit disappointed that while they’ve added Japanese Salamander, Konami haven’t added Japanese Life Force as well. Would’ve liked to have all three versions of the game available in the pack.
  23. Now with patched-in update to enable selection of Japanese version of the game ROMs. Excellent. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/06/konamis_castlevania_contra_and_arcade_collections_now_include_japanese_game_versions
  24. Boss battles are horrible difficulty spikes. Completely put me off the game, sadly. The whole thing needed more play-testing for pitching the difficulty just right, IMO.
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