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  1. As for Motorhead, going beyond the tenor of critiquing specific songs, I’m shocked that people still turn a blind eye to the fact the band used explicitly Nazi imagery on several album covers. And Lemmy’s latter-day Holocaust denial always gets airbrushed out of posthumous accounts of the man.
  2. Is UHF on any of the big streaming services? I’d bloody love to have a rewatch. Haven’t seen it in 19 years.
  3. The Space Trump with his “make the Federation great again” schtick did my head in almost as much as Worf acting totally out of character.
  4. My girlfriend made herself a flower breeding guide this morning.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking! The editing was shocking, like it was half edited by a shit AI routine, half edited by someone who was in a rush or just didn’t care. It absolutely shouldn’t have been released in the state it has been.
  6. Jeremy Parish’s channel is great too, although some won’t like his heavy focus on Nintendo systems. His series about the evolution of Metroidvania meta-genre is superb, and it’s refreshing to see an American YouTuber who’s heard of games like Jet Set Willy and Knightlore. Looking back on this side of the Atlantic, I really like Chinnyvision. Run by someone with really good technical know-how who focuses almost entirely on 8-bit and 16-bit home computers.
  7. Had the time to do some in-depth research this afternoon, and I've found the culprit – Space Lords by Atari. Seems that I remembered the co-pilot system/gimmick fairly accurately.
  8. I remember Galaxian 3 as well; was £3 a play at Brighton sea front. But this was a different game, in a smaller, conventional arcade cabinet. Not even sure if the second player was a co-op player or competitive.
  9. He’s either an alt-righter, or just loves using alt-rightish tropes to wind people up; either way, fuck that scumbag.
  10. Trying to think of an old arcade game I played a few times circa 1993. Vaguely like Star Raiders in the Atari 800, sci-fi setting, first-person cockpit view, shooting space ships and avoiding asteroids. Two player mode; one was pilot and the other a gunner (I think). By Midway or Atari. Any ideas?
  11. I found this a typical B-tier HBO series so far (‘gritty’ the point of being grimdark, exploitative, over-sexualised). Sort of like the sleazier end of Boardwalk Empire, with its expies of historical characters and green-screened oldy-timey backdrops. I’ll give the next episode a look, but I’m pretty much tired of the usual HBO crime drama template at this point.
  12. Those count, I guess? Also, that reskinned version of Doom sold with an American breakfast cereal (as seen on that AVGN video).
  13. Thanks for alerting me to the existence of this album. This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for (listening out for?) at the moment.
  14. OK, totally random thread – does anyone have any memories of games being sold bundled with products that weren’t the host hardware (or similar)? I’ve got semi-clear memories of getting StarRay (aka Revenge of Defender) for the Amiga inside a box of branded blank floppy disks – no, not a pirated copy, but a legit games with professionally printed disk label and instructions. That was a bit unusual.
  15. Note that it isn’t a permanent fix, and that the console will eventually re-yellow (or have a duck-egg green tinge), and at a much faster rate than it originally yellowed.
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