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  1. I still think that a fourth Kelvin timeline film will never happen. Or if it does emerge, it'll be retooled into something else.
  2. Pikmin series: love the presentation, and it's (in the loosest sense) Miyamoto's take on Lemmings-meets-RTS! Found the first one too fiddly, and the time limit off-putting; the second one much too difficult. Played the third one for 15 minutes before my brain said, it's OK, you don't have to pretend to like this. Then stuck the game on eBay. On paper I should love Pikmin, even if just for the Nintendo factor, and the presentation is always superb, particularly in Pikmin 3, but... Never got on with it. Monster Hunter series: played 3 Ultimate (Wii U) and 4 (3DS). At twenty hours apiece. Utterly alienating experiences, totally opaque and baffling, and tediously grind-y. Wave Race: Blue Storm and 1080 Avalanche: the predecessors on the Nintendo 64 were superb, some of the favourite games on the system. What happened here? Over-complicated and unresponsive controls, Americanised presentation, weak track designs... Not my thing, nah.
  3. Know how you feel. I only keep my Wii U for SM3DW and Wind Waker HD. (And I guess because the console has negligible resale value these days.)
  4. @ryodi I did get a system transfer working eventually, but unfortunately it lost all of my Street Pass puzzle pieces and save game information (including my Animal Crossing village, est. 2013). Rather annoying, to say the least, considering it all went back to my first 3DS in 2011... It’s terrible how flaky the system transfer function can be. Hope that the Switch doesn’t suffer from similar problems.
  5. New Super Mario Bros 2 is an odd one: Has got the unmistakable feeling of Nintendo heritage, feels much more authentically Mario than any third-party replica could ever get... Yet it doesn’t feel ‘right’ on so many aspects. Can’t say it’s all that worth seeking out except for the Mario completists. I agree that Persona Q is a must-have.
  6. I have a clear memory of being genuinely amazed when I discovered someone else at primary school who also had a computer at home, and who had even played some of the exact same games. Albeit on an Amstrad PCW rather than a ZX Spectrum.
  7. Stallone’s take on Beverly Hills Cop mutated into Cobra. Yes, that Cobra, the film probably most remembered for its tie-in ZX Spectrum game (by us geeks, anyway).
  8. It is. Discovery is genuinely worse than you think it is.
  9. Don’t need the plastic ship in the box, do I? I play exclusively with the Pro controller as the Joycons feel too fiddly for me. (And one doesn’t even work properly when unattached from the Switch.)
  10. Thanks. How long do you think it'll last me? (I bought it in March for a tenner, and haven't opened it yet.)
  11. A proposed Frasier revival: wouldn’t he be doing a podcast instead of radio, subsisting off meagre Patreon funds, and living in a much more modest apartment?
  12. Don't feel quite as despondent about the game, but it certainly didn't tick all the boxes for me either. Felt more Super Mario Sunshine than Super Mario Galaxies on many levels, and I have no intention of playing any of the post-completion content (unless someone assures me that it's actually really good).
  13. So, what should I play next on my Switch – Cave Story+ or Starlink? (I play my Switch through the TV 90% of the time.)
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