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  1. Mental? You ain’t seen nothing yet. I started watching JoJo last December and I’ve reached the fourth arc, and honestly, the series never ceases to confound.
  2. OoT feels dated in the same way Super Mario 64 and GoldenEye 007 are both objectively dated – because it’s been superseded by subsequent generations of games which owe so much to it. It was pretty incredible and innovative at the time, really. (FWIW, enjoyed the 3DS remake of OoT, and it’s the game that really sold me on that system during its shaky first year. However, that was almost a whole decade ago now, and I’m aware that handheld games have come on enormously since then.) Have to admit though, if I had a Nintendo 64 as part of my retro collection, I’d rather be
  3. The Untouchables Watched this as I remembered the Amiga game, but had never seen the film. It was actually quite watchable, if dated, in places. K. Costner oddly works in this, as his stilted, limited range makes his character (a much less zealous version of Rex Banner from The Simpsons) seem naive and out of his depth in a way the character needed to be. S. Connery steals the show with his screen charisma when he’s onscreen as a grizzled Irish cop, so much you forgive his nonexistent ‘Irish’ accent. Worst thing performance-wise was R. De Niro, whose scenery chewing comes across as not-gi
  4. Depressingly, the same guy has turned up on podcasts and YouTube channels as an interviewee recently. Presumably the hosts didn’t do the research...
  5. Kind of weird marketing choice not to use the Captain Marvel name in the sequel’s title, given the first film wasn’t exactly a commercial flop...
  6. I managed half an hour, and didn’t enjoy any of it. Started off as a mawkishly sentimental ‘family message’ film in a sub-Pixar-ish way, then moved then onto hyperactive action sequences that I found deeply irritating. Guess I’m not the target audience. *shrug*
  7. It oddly works better as a Trek prequel series than the official series Enterprise ever did. IMO.
  8. Borrowed the Switch version of this, and... Is it me or it is quite laggy? Feels remarkably unresponsive at times. I mean, unresponsive enough to seriously hamper the playability.
  9. @MagicalDrop that’s the charity shop find of the century! Out of curiosity, was it found in a chain charity shop or a smaller, indie outlet?
  10. This series was... Odd. Fragments of genuinely good content and story among a load of weird nothings and unbearable cringey cheese. I’m just going to be charitable and conclude that the pandemic messed up the original plans massively (remember the vaccine transport trucks?) and something had to be cobbled together to meet the release date. Can’t help wishing it could’ve been better, because so far it’s one of the least satisfying of the MCU works. I would be disappointed if the further MCU Disney+ series are as weak as this.
  11. Used to enjoy finding Mega Drive games among the VHS clamshells when charity shops still stocked old video cassettes. Found some amazing finds that way. Anyway, it’s definitely worth a look at charidee shops at the moment. They’ve got four months worth of backlog of donated stock to display, including their post-Christmas donations. There’s probably some great stuff to be found if you’re lucky.
  12. Used to use S-Video with my old PAL Nintendo 64 (R.I.P.), and I can confirm that the picture quality through a CRT really was crisp and superb.
  13. Non-fan of football here. (As in, I’m indifferent. And uninformed. I’m asking as this is all over the news cycle today.) This new Super League – are the British football teams leaving the existing Premier league to join the super league, or trying to be part of both somehow?
  14. Have to admit, I think the Flagsmasher leader suffers from one of the worst bit of miscasting in the MCU. Up there with Karen Gillan, Natalie Portman and Martin Freeman.
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