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  1. Protocol Penguin

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    Recommended cart games: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Kirby: Triple Trouble Kirby: Planet Robobot Persona Q Pokemon Sun/Moon (or the Ultra variants) Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Sega 3D Classics Collection Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario Maker (treat it as a traditional 2D Mario game)
  2. Protocol Penguin

    Gaming Myths

    Was that the one involving balancing a 2p coin on the cartridge?
  3. Protocol Penguin

    Steve Bak, RIP

    Blimey, that article from ST/Amiga Format is a bit of an eye-opener to how shitty and unrewarding the games industry was nearly thirty year ago. It’s one thing to read anecdotes in an interview piece in Retro Gamer, another to read something from the actual era relaying the unscrupulous nature of the industry.
  4. Protocol Penguin

    Collecting old magazines

    Those are usually called 2000AD comic bags... https://www.amazon.co.uk/BUNDLE-APPROX-POLYTHENE-COMIC-2000AD/dp/B00D5VIXM8/ref=mp_s_a_1_2/258-6544014-3411529?ie=UTF8& (Note those are “polythene”, another name for polyethylene.) I also, for other purposes, use storage bags from these seller, as they sell only acid-free products: http://familytreefolk.co.uk/zip-seal-bags.php https://www.my-history.co.uk/acatalog/Full_Polypocket_And_Acid-Free_Card_Range.html
  5. Protocol Penguin

    Collecting old magazines

    I collect some old games magazines (or rather, collect them as far as is possible these days) and I recommend buying some acid-free bags to individually store them in. And ideally pH-neutral backing cards as well. Trust me, as someone who learnt the hard way.
  6. Protocol Penguin

    Gaming Myths

    Michael Jackson wrote music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – that’s my favourite gaming myth which hasn’t been mentioned yet.
  7. OK, finished DS9 season 1, and... It’s properly good! Only skipped three episodes, and with that in mind it was all surprisingly solid from early on, if a bit “adversary and/or gimmick of the week”. Emissary is the best Trek pilot by an enormous distance, and much of the character work is superb from the get-go. Enjoying this far more than I did my TNG watch-through, and I was struck how thematically the series has aged much better than any other Trek series. Remarkably so, in places. Honestly, the posts on the first page of this thread suggesting skipping to the start of season 4 are just proper wrongness. Problems? Well, it’s a massive shame that it’s not had a HD remaster – on Netflix it’s like watching an NTSC Laserdisc through a Framemeister on suboptimal settings, sadly.
  8. Protocol Penguin

    Your gaming regrets

    Typical stuff for me; sold my original Super NES and GameCube collections and regretted doing both. Still, I did get a decent (NTSC) GameCube collection later on, and thankfully before the system was affected by retrogaming inflation. My latter-day Super Famicom/Super NES collection is pretty good too, although I still miss my old copies of Terranigna and Super Metroid. Regret buying the Wii U at all, all be told. It got used as Netflix and YouTube playing device more than I ever used it as a games machine. And it’s not even worth that much now to sell on.
  9. Protocol Penguin

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    If you haven't played Yoshi's Island in its original and best Super NES/Super Famicom incarnation, it's time to correct that error right now. You owe it to yourself.
  10. Protocol Penguin

    Bubsy: Paws on Fire (currently Kickstarter)

    I see that Sonic isn't the only shitty '90s games character which has become an invincible everlasting zombie-vampire.
  11. Protocol Penguin

    Silly mistakes by companies that should know better

    Not for clued-up gamers, but for regular consumers, it was as confusing as the Wii U name. Sounds like a prototype name that no-one bothered to improve on (admittedly so was "DS").
  12. Protocol Penguin

    Silly mistakes by companies that should know better

    Nintendo giving the 3DS and Wii U terrible, unclear product names which confused many consumers. Nintendo not marketing the Wii U properly (including the design and product name), leading many people to assume it was just a regular Wii with a 'tablet' [sic] controller. Nintendo with the Switch dock design – it scratches the screen and rear panel of the machine by regular use.
  13. Protocol Penguin

    First film seen at the cinema

    Definitely did get a cinema release here. Was also the first film I saw at the cinema. Not exactly sure which of the local cinemas I saw it, but it was totally deserted. Assumed you got the whole screening room to yourselves when you bought your tickets, which confused me next time I was taken to see a film on a packed weekend showing. Apparently the film didn’t do very well at the box office in the States (<US$5.8m), although the production budget is unknown, as is how much it grossed in the UK market. https://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Transformers:_The_Movie#Reception_and_box_office My mum didn’t enjoy that element of the film either. Or the higher level of violence than would be expected from a cartoons aimed at kids. Or the blatant toy advertisement nature of it...
  14. Protocol Penguin

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo have learnt the hard way with the WIi U (and lesser extent the 3DS) not to confuse consumers with unclear product names.
  15. Protocol Penguin

    Nintendo Switch

    It won’t. Why would it be branded as a Switch if it can’t play Switch games?

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