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  1. I don't like it, being honest. Too soft and composite-like. Would like something sharper, like the image I get from my Super Famicom through a Frame Meister, or the scan-line options on Hamster's Arcade Archives series.
  2. Super Metroid is still unmatched in gaming history in terms of telling a story without any dialogue or text (beyond the intro). And its sound design is as good as it gets in 2D gaming.
  3. I’d go for the revised full fat Switch, if you can stretch to it. TV linkup and multiplayer, well, that’s worth the extra cost, IMO.
  4. The one on the top left (RQN-JWJ-FQF) is easily the best of the bunch – it's Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time made into 2D via the medium of a Super Mario World level. Definitely worth a play.
  5. It's a shame if they've removed the rumble on the Switch Lite. The HD rumble is lovely in so many games, Super Mario Maker 2 included.
  6. Keep it. It uses up minimal space, being a handheld, and you'll regret selling it eventually. It's not like there will ever be hardware released in the future that will play 3DS games, certainly not as intended with the full 3D effect.
  7. Oh, it’s definitely hard sci-fi if you like that sort of thing. Easily one of the hardest sci-fi films I’ve seen in years.
  8. Agree with most of that, particularly about the two sports games not ageing particularly well! Have to add though, I’m not too pleased with the picture quality of the Super NES games. I like having scan lines, but the ‘TV mode’ filter just softens the image too much down to a mushy picture. I’d prefer an option for sharper visuals worn scan lines, as on Hamster’s Arcade Archives games.
  9. More Arcade Archives on the way. Nothing particularly amazing, but Castlevania fans might have an interest the VS version for completism sake. Interesting thought: VS Super Mario Bros has a different colour palette to regular Super Mario Bros (as seen on the NES games service). Could it be that the VS version is how Super Mario Bros is ‘really’ meant to look, before the colours are distorted by the NES’ composite output?
  10. Shadow Dancer is to Shinobi what Salamander was to Gradius. Sort of. A 'side sequel' which also had a home conversion that was reworked a fair bit from the arcade original (NES Life Force).
  11. One of those games that always reminds me of childhood, in the positive sense. Ever arcade I saw on summer holidays always had a Track and Field machine with its distinctive sound effects filling the air.
  12. Demon’s Crest is a game I have never played before – It looked like a Castlevania style platform romp at first, but after the introductory level, turns out it was an early attempt at a Metroidvania. Have to dig out my Super Plays from storage to check the review out. Feels like I could mess up and miss out on some vital items....
  13. It was amazing to play back in 1994. I remember the Edge review being quite lukewarm about it (rated it 8/10, but the review text itself wasn’t exactly glowing), expected a competent platform action game, but got one of the most atmospheric and engrossing games experiences I’d ever played.
  14. The M30 works perfect, just was (very) tricky to get it to connect for the first time. Fingers crossed it stays reliable. I also have an NES30, the first revision, and it’s not as nice to use, if I’m being honest. Build quality feels rather hollow, not as solid feeling as the M30, and ergonomically speaking it could’ve been better.
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