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  1. Just a read about this compilation – pretty amazing to think that this is the first time Tempest 2000 has been commercially available since 1994, given its legendary status!
  2. That’s a good idea, actually… I have an old PS1/PS2 controller to USB adapter lying about, will see if it works with the MiSTer…
  3. Those are good controllers, but I have to warn that my wired SN30 Pro doesn’t work properly with the PS1 core, even after thoroughly going through the settings. However, it might be that the later Pro+ and Pro 2 don’t suffer from the same issues.
  4. Thanks @Quest. Very helpful information!
  5. Just cross post this here.
  6. I can't objectively answer about the quality, as it's been so long, but it is a ridiculously short game by JRPG standards, so I would say it's worth preserving with, as it's not exactly a big time sink.
  7. Even I managed to build a MiSTer from scratch and get it fully working. It’s not difficult at all, on the grand scheme of things, and the quality of emulation you get from the machine is incredible. .
  8. Yes! Always loved TNZS, from seeing at the local leisure centre to playing the Amiga conversion bundled with the Batman Pack. Was my “gateway drug” into the world of Japanese platform games which dominated the 16-bit console era, in retrospect. The first game I booted up on my completed MiSTer was the PC Engine conversion, in fact.
  9. An overlooked reason why the Dreamcast failed, at least in this part of the world – Sega’s brand reputation was rock-bottom after the Saturn. I remember loads of people being gutted after choosing the Saturn over the PlayStation and getting poorer versions of popular 3D games, or increasingly, big mega-hyped games not even appearing on the system. That can’t have helped the chances of persuading those consumers to invest in the Saturn’s immediate successor…
  10. The Thing (1982) You know when you get round to watching an old film with a positive reputation and wished you’d watched it years ago? That, basically. Genuine classic. 5/5
  11. Just wondering, the PlayStation 1 core works with just 32mb RAM, doesn’t it?
  12. Ghostbusters (1984), I think a big problematic issue with that film, apart from the language, is that Bill Murray’s character is a creepy sex pest. Surprising amount of drinking and smoking too, but modern standards. Not something I’d want kids to watch, if I had any.
  13. Not really? MiSTers are great, and in my experience, completely accessible for anyone to put together and set up. Plus, you’d be able to play 32X and Mega CD games for maximum Sega kick. Saturn games too, eventually.
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