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  1. Last decent vid he did was the one about Majora's Mask, as he actually seemed to care about the source material and the content of the subsequent video. Or retro gaming in general.
  2. Me in 2013: *watches bad Trek film with the posh cunt from Sherlock* Well, at least Trek has reached its creative nadir. Can’t possibly get any worse than this. Me in 2020: haha you have no idea
  3. I raise you the CD32 pad as the worst ever bundled controller – believe me, it's even worse than the Goldstar 3DO pad. Made owning and playing a CD32 an even less pleasant experience than you'd expect, but then again, so many CD32 games were straight Amiga ports that simply used vanilla one-button joysticks. (I guess the CD32's barely-existent internal save RAM was a much worse problem with the console, as you couldn't sidestep that limitation, and it made CD32 games like the Theme Park port pointless.) Anyway, I would say that for 3D games, the GameCube controller would still be o
  4. Hate to say it, but this looks to me a bit like the recent miniature Sega Game Gears, more a novelty item to put on display in your retro cabinet rather than actually play... (Perhaps I’m missing the point, mind.)
  5. I remember preordering the Wii U from Amazon, and it arriving two days before launch. And the physical disc copy of Nintendo Land having been removed by Amazon without warning. So I had nothing to play on my new console. One angry phone call got me the game after a week, as I wasn’t being fobbed off with a mere download code. Never bought any electrical goods off Amazon since. (The Wii U had such a muted launch. Barely anyone seemed to understand it was a new console, and not just “a tablet for the Wii”. Like night and day compared to the Switch launch year later.)
  6. Wait, there was Aladdin on the NES, but it was based on the Mega Drive version of the game rather than the Capcom Super NES one?
  7. Thanks for that RMD. Exactly what I was looking for, and it works rather well!
  8. This is still one of my favourite Super Famicom/Super NES games, despite it being rather light on challenge, and not exactly innovative. It's a perfect retro game to play in two-player mode with younger relatives and/or inexperienced gamers.
  9. As it says in the subject line – need recommendations for a decent current Super NES emu for Mac OS Catalina.
  10. Oh yes – I remember those cases being reviewed in Amiga magazines of the time. Like turn your 500 into an unofficial big box Amiga. Seemed rather suspicious that Commodore launched their own A1500 afterwards, seems it was a retaliatory move! (The label on the front of the Commodore A1500 quickly fell off to reveal a standard Amiga 2000 badge. Seemed like a rushed-out product.)
  11. So an emu box in a retro-themed case? Looks fairly accurate to the old ‘big box’ Amigas, which I like.
  12. What exactly is it this guy has here? Looks like an A3000 without the floppy disk drive.
  13. Yeah, feel the same. The (brief) snippets of HD footage on the DS9 documentary really shows that DS9 looks great in HD.
  14. Agree. Main criticism I have of Head Over Heels now is that playing on a emulator with quicksaves, it’s much smaller game than it seemed to me long ago, but that’s part of the territory when replaying 8-bit classics.
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