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  1. I’m still loving playing all the model 2 games. And now moved on to sega water ski! I was totally expecting it to be basically the same as super G, but it’s a pure score attack game. I’ve just about worked it out now, although for some reason I’m rubbish at tricks when turning left which is screwing me over a bit. Really wasn’t expecting it to be so good, but it must be exhausting on a real cabinet!
  2. Time for a spooky Halloween video ooooooo dare you watch it?
  3. I suspect this is not impressive, but I was really happy to finish this. It took quite a few attempts as I’m usually rubbish, and quite often couldn’t even do the third level!
  4. Finished this up now. On the whole absolutely great, I’m a pretty big crybaby, but this had me going a few times each episode . End thoughts
  5. For the past week or so I’ve been putting a ton of time into Super G on the model 2 emulator. Was absolutely loving the pure time trial nature of it, but it’s starting to piss me off now as I can’t quite string together a perfect run where I win all three courses. It is great though, and doesn’t seem to get very much attention at all.
  6. How they make money is beyond me, I had no idea so much was invloved. Brand manager, pr agency, writer.... editor? As one of the UK's most prominent Youtube super stars, I publicly condemn their actions. (now how do I get the money?)
  7. I hope they have the characters name on screen at the time, and it slowly fades to say Sauron
  8. I think those 4 will end up being season 1 dlc. I originally thought maybe that whole middle row would be, with the starting roster the original sf2 cast plus the eight new characters.
  9. I didn't really know much about either of them before this. I think I'd only watched one of lady decades vids as I'm constantly getting them suggested to me, but it just felt like someone reading wikipedia. Chucking adverts on your vids is fine, but I can instantly think of two other channels where begging was an instant unsubscribe for me before. (not gaming stuff) How she handled all this was awful, and I'm surprised it hasn't bit them on the arse more with usual internet drama.
  10. I’ve been messing about with some tools allowing you to edit super Mario kart, and came up with this, which I think is ok. theres a download link in the description on my channel, which maybe I can’t put here? (Hopefully it works)
  11. Despite loving the first two series I'm well behind on this now. Just watched episode 5 last night, absolutely brilliant stuff all round. and fuck off Clyden
  12. Just put Sonic's old face on there, it's already made somewhere waiting to be used.
  13. Crazy that nobody discovered this, its not even a complicated thing to do. Holding down a couple of buttons seems like something somebody would have tried back when magazines were printing cheat codes.
  14. I didnt know there was a thread for this stuff. I just did the donut! It went a bit wrong in some places, and I skipped a few parts, but its ok.
  15. This might be old news to some, but I only just discovered pico8, and there’s tons of cool stuff available, but I’m not sure there’s anything better than this!
  16. Probably the Saturn for me? Which is weird, because I do have one, a Japanese version I bought maybe 10 years ago. But I’ve basically never used it. Most other stuff I used a fair bit even if I didn’t own them personally. Except of course the current gen stuff, which I still don’t see the point in. (Plus I’ve still never seen a nes in real life)
  17. Fuddle


    I only just found out there’s a second series of made in abyss starting soon too! Absolutely loved the first one, but wasn’t expecting any more.
  18. Bit of a weird one, but I’ll accept it what with the shows history with totally bonkers holodeck episodes. The ending did surprise me though. edit: thats episode 8, if people are watching earlier ones
  19. I’ve been trying to find out all the ridge racer sponsors, now I can make them out with upscaling in emulation. Most of them are obvious, some took a bit of investigation, and a few I still have no idea about!
  20. I don’t know how anybody could not love this, the family stuff is the best part. The wedding was amazing, considering we’ve only seen these characters a few times it had some lovely touching moments.
  21. I was playing buggy boy the other day and having real trouble even completing one stage, so I switched it to easy for a while. No idea what it did, it definitely didn't give me more time though.
  22. It’s all brilliant so far, seems to be moving pretty fast too. The dad is clearly the best thing in it though.
  23. I hope they don't bother any time soon, purely as I will actually want one... scalpers are going to make buying pretty much anything a pain forever now aren't they?
  24. Did i never put up the second track of this? Plus the first two Indy 500 circuits, still working on the third hard one Really enjoying this one, same era as Daytona and sega rally but it doesn’t seem to get any attention though.
  25. I had a bunch of crap ones over the years. The first proper one I got was the madcatz TE for street fighter 4. But after a few years it had a problem with one button not working, after a bit of messing it seemed like it’s not the actual button, but maybe something with the circuit board. So I ended up switching a few wires around to keep six in the right place. After a while of being annoyed by that I got a Hori rap, and I’m still using it. I don’t think I could go back to using a pad for fighting games anymore, even though I’m still shit it feels so much nicer
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