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  1. My first thought was.... absolutely nothing. but then I saw everybody saying monkey ball. So yeah, probably that. i can’t think of anything else I want this year. Bit depressing.
  2. Round 15. Back to normal for this round, actually on the correct track! Back on the PS1. Obviously theres a bunch of playstation F1 games, and I've been trying not to just use them all and keep it a bit more varied. I've used the first, and this is the last. It does feel like they're slowly getting less arcadey. Even with damage off, but it's very easy to spin out in this game and totally ruin a race with one mistake. You have to be pretty careful with the power, and touching the grass can be a disaster. So it can get a bit frustrating. But I liked it in the end. I can't believe theres still (probably) seven races to go!
  3. Round 14! Zaandvort is a weird circuit, it seems it stopped being used by F1 at just the time computer games really became a thing. I could only find it in one game on the C64, and you totally couldn't tell it was that circuit anyway, plus it had no real drivers. So i'm bringing back the European Grand Prix at the Nurbergring. I was totally expecting this game to be a proper old school affair, a bit like the NES F1 game above. But it's actually super tricky, probably a bit too much if i'm honest. You gotta be real careful not to constantly spin out, and it can get a bit frustrating. Straight into it again next week with Italy. Then I have to think of something for Russia.... cos that isn't going to be in anything either! Maybe Japan as that's something I should probably include?
  4. Round 13 - Belgium I havent watched the real race yet, but if its raining i'm the best weatherman in the world! (Recorded back in March) Super difficult game this one, another one where you can smash into other cars as much as you like, but anything by the side of the track stops you dead and can completely ruin a whole race.... which i guess it would.... but it feels a bit harsh when you don't even look that close to the track side. Edit: well I look like a fortune teller now, especially with a bit of the commentary near the beginning!
  5. Who wants to see me playing master system hang-on for over an hour? Nobody?.... fair enough!
  6. watched this last night, and thought it was pretty interesting. I mean... obviously its a scam, but its amazing to see how many of the people and companies involved are all linked. And it seems that how much you pay for the grading is down to how much they decide the game is worth? did i understand that bit right!?
  7. I finally got round to looking into what that is, Eikou heno License? looks alright from the vid I watched.
  8. I don’t think I’d seen that last time this thread was active, but it’s on sky arts quite often, and it’s now something I will watch every single time. I was familiar with a few of the famous songs, but I didn’t realise how absolutely brilliant the whole thing is!
  9. Just a little video to fill the gap in the summer break. No points to be won, just for fun.
  10. i think he looks quite fun. way better than Ed... although i havent had a chance to watch it with the sound on yet. i guess it would have been nice for him to be from pretty much anywhere except america though.
  11. Round 12 - Hungary Right, this one is a bit of a cock up to be honest. After i published this i started getting other peoples videos of it in my recommendations, after watching a few I realised my emulation is off, and i'm missing a bunch of trackside details. although the actual gameplay is fine. I did think it looked a bit sparse when playing.... but too late now oh well, anyway here is a rather empty race of Final Lap R by namco! Luckily I don't have millions of subscribers to disappoint I do intend coming back to these arcade games sometime next year, and putting up vids of all the other track, so hopefully its something i can rectify later.
  12. if its done nicely i see no problem with it, theres millions of cool gameboys on instagram. I dont think i'd trust myself to do it properly though, and i probably wouldn't even try unless i had to take the console to bits anyway. it's more likely i'd totally cock the whole thing up.
  13. She was right. All she did was rectify a mistake. Two lives that couldn’t speak up for themselves or an accident. They weren’t really dead. although, with transporter technology, could they not have found a way to keep all three? like we have two rikers?
  14. I’m getting really tempted to play through GT1 for the first time since it came out. It still looks really good to me. but first I need to master this! Finally figured out how to get the pedals working with it. it does seem harder than ridge 1 and 2 though. The lead car is often miles away!
  15. Round 11 - its coming home! A proper arcade game by Jaleco (remember them!) this is a really nice game, but with silverstone being the easy course, I'm not sure its the best one to show it off. I really liked it though.
  16. Some lovely timed click bait!
  17. i'm honestly amazed anybody thought they would actually do a 'pro' model instead of just a refresh. i thought everybody was just messing.
  18. Round 10 - its still Austria! I was thinking about doing a different course instead, maybe germany? But i still have no idea what i'm doing for the netherlands (and others!) either, so decided to keep it real and just go with another Austria as its a track i actually have access to in a bunch of games. I was kinda surprised by this game, its actually a lot of fun. And obviously a lot more forgiving than the normal F1 games. I think the same people made the official f1 game that year too, so probably didnt have to do too much work tweeking it to this version. I like it a lot though. next up is silverstone in two weeks time
  19. Round 9 - Austria (1) Going with something much more modern this week. The Dreamcast! Getting slightly more realistic with the games, just makes me worse at them to be honest. But I do think this is a decent game. Even if I am rubbish at it.
  20. I’ve just been playing your favourite master system game: enduro racer! its this week’s master system challenge thing over on YouTube, a time trial on the first level. I just got a low 45 second run, which I can’t see me beating, it seemed practically perfect in every way!
  21. Round 8 back on track, kinda, with France, although not quite the correct course. Back to the SNES for the third game in the F1 circus series. This one ditches the top down viewpoint and finally gets with the mode 7. I think this might be the best of the SNES F1 games i've played too. Off to Austria next week, then I'll probably do something different instead of another round on the same track.
  22. There better be different coloured Yoshis!
  23. Was super happy to see advanced wars, then realised it’s a remake... I still want it, but I could play them both right now if I wanted. It’s a tough decision as I’d like to support it in the hopes of getting more. Tbh they could have just made a bunch of new maps using the old sprites and I would have loved it.
  24. This game is like... well bangin, init!
  25. i decided to play a football game... cos thats a thing thats happening in the real world right now according to everybody in my office.
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