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  1. For a second there I thought I gave my first villager 25 candy!
  2. you can do it! i actually think its all pretty easy apart from seaside galaxy. but i think i'm getting a bit better. i need to try an actual race and see how fast you really need to be to win.
  3. I’m open now with shooting stars if anybody want to visit
  4. that looks really good. i just started doing a few things last week, mainly practicing games that i want to make youtube videos about. i dont have a mic or camera (and not sure i want them) so its pretty basic. but somehow i have one follower! i'll try to find some of you later and follow.
  5. Are you guys going for accessories too? i always thought the little arcade stick looked cool, but I can’t imagine it’s nice to use, with the buttons/stick being the ‘wrong’ way round.
  6. Ah it’s me again. got round to playing the second DigDug game, had no idea it was going to be totally different to the first. And I decided to try and mix it up a bit and made another silly list video. you won’t believe who’s at number 3 etc etc.
  7. Didn’t notice her up there! all that stuff is still available for a little while before I turn it off.
  8. Open now with redd here. i believe real common painting. Real ‘the wave’ and fake Rosetta Stone available
  9. After recentish talk of arcade racers in the main forum I’ve been back on the Dreamcast version of Daytona USA. I have the Japanese version, but I’m now playing the American one in redream. I don’t know how I coped with the twitchy controls back in 2001... pretty sure I did it all. But now I’ve got the sensitivity dialled right back in this one I’m loving it again. got wins on 777 speedway and dinosaur canyon quite easy. Seaside galaxy is still impossible so I skipped it for now and concentrating on the other easier tacks. Did desert city earlier today.
  10. Thanks for that. I wanted the moon ages ago, nice to get anything that isn’t a wand really.
  11. I have avexfuddle there too. i set it up purely with the intention of pimping YouTube vids, but I still feel weird about doing it. So far I’ve successfully managed to not take pictures of boxes. edit: followed you guys
  12. I’ve been using a Hori rap4 too. got it whenever street fighter 5 came out, and used it pretty much constantly since on PS4 and mame on the pc. Can’t fault it really.
  13. dont worry. she gave me a wand, it crashed, i went back and she gave me a different one... so i gave up i use the wedding one all the time.
  14. Ah, it crashed again! Oh well, she really wanted to give me a wand, so I’ll leave it for another day. thanks anyway.
  15. i got a whole bunch again. First up is GORF, which was a recommendation from one of my viewers. which was nice. largely a space invaders/galaga/galaxian rip off. but quite nice. continuing through Neo Geo fighters we get to World Heroes. With everybody's favorite russian (and everybodys favorite boney m song) then the racing game Rally Bike... which i'm pretty sure is totally impossible.
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