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  1. Fuddle

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    Octopath traveler for me. which I think is the second game of the year for me. After finally getting Abzu in a psn sale recently.
  2. Only had a few minutes to check it out, but it looks good. My cammy, makoto and necro are undefeated so far. Maybe I should retire already? ive totally forgotten half the moves though and my inputs are terrible. Although I only started using stick with 4, and I know these aren’t so lenient. also I just realised, i think my old favourite makoto colour was a Dreamcast one, the blue gi and white hair. Oh well, pink it is now then.
  3. Not feeling her tbh. played yesterday for the gold soldier fight money, which is the first time in about three weeks I think. So I need to get back into the habit a bit. hopefully G is a cool grappler.
  4. I had my first go against gold rank players this afternoon. Managed to beat an akuma a couple of times. And then got absolutely mauled by a mika. I could hardly touch her. Watching it back i think it was the same mix up each time. But it was all so fast I couldn't do anything at the time. i need one more ranked win for the 2500 fight money. But I think I'll wait till Thursday as I want to experience gold players a bit more before I inevitably get knocked out of ultra silver.
  5. i havent done ranked in ages, but had to for the current mission. but i might leave it again for a while now. share button didnt catch the beginning of this. i dont think it was a particularly good match, lots of flailing about. but here it is.
  6. Rashids hard kick eagle spike works beautifully against the current golden soldier. Thats 12000 fm for a minutes work.
  7. The individual character story modes and easy survival will get you experience for each character if you haven't already done them. 1000 fight money each level up I think. It's a long time since I did them, but you'll probably get each character to level 10 or so just doing them.
  8. You better be using that awesome story costume when he gets here!
  9. blanka showcase is live now.
  10. I didn't know anybody here used fang. I'm sure at a higher level people know what's going on, but down in bronze/silver I feel people are running through the motions and getting away with stuff because nobody is familiar with the character. But that's my own fault for not looking into it with training mode. Especially now we have the colour coded frames thing. And I do know I go to pot a bit when people constantly pressure Alex. Decent people know that's how to beat him, so I am making a concerted effort to use v reversal more. I tend to only think about it when I'm almost dizzy, and you see pros using it a lot more liberaly. i can think of a bunch of things I need to change, but it's difficult when my usual 'tricks' are quite often good enough. There does seem to be a big difference between ultra bronze players and Super silvers though. So I know I have to improve.
  11. i'm trying to play a little everyday again now, but didnt have chance yesterday. i'm almost back into super silver again after my earlier flirtations with Kolin. i have actually been in training mode attempting to learn new stuff, instead of just relying on the gimmicks i already have. and just trying to land certain stuff in casual matches instead of just specifically trying to win. although i also hate Ed, i think my worst match is probably Fang. as soon as i see him on screen i know i've probably lost already. i just have no idea what hes doing alot of the time, and quite often i'm not sure the fang player does. i get the impression they just run through certain sequences constantly which might be a bit harsh on them, but they really piss me off a lot.
  12. Yeah, it was good. Wasn't sure if it was laggy. It felt ok, but i thought I heard a few sound effects with no hits. I don't really like the mirror match, both people trying exactly the same shenanigans. but I thought I recognised the name.
  13. Downbylaw85???? sorry...
  14. Was playing a little while ago. Alex, with anti airs that actually work is kind of amazing. I guess most characters already had some good ones so it probably sounds weird. But chrouching hp and the knee that don't always trade is so nice!
  15. ill join you later if you like. i haven't tried kolin vt2 yet at all. Didn't use her for a week or two so I've probably forgotten what basics I had.

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