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  1. Was super happy to see advanced wars, then realised it’s a remake... I still want it, but I could play them both right now if I wanted. It’s a tough decision as I’d like to support it in the hopes of getting more. Tbh they could have just made a bunch of new maps using the old sprites and I would have loved it.
  2. This game is like... well bangin, init!
  3. i decided to play a football game... cos thats a thing thats happening in the real world right now according to everybody in my office.
  4. i play games, i make stupid youtube videos and watch a couple of others. I'll watch the odd conference at E3 and nintendo directs, but apart from that i dont really care much about what's going on in the industry. you occasionally hear about some person or other leaving/joining a company and most of the time i've no idea who they are or why i should care. i definitely do not collect anything.
  5. the baddies like opera, so you fuck with them by blasting out a bunch of jpop. its less hyping up your own team, and more screwing with the enemy. plus its awesome.
  6. Round 7 The first race where i wasn't really sure what the hell i was going to do. Azerbaijan is obviously not in any retro games, i did get one of the ps4 games super cheap in a recent sale, but i didn't really want to go that modern. But as canada was cancelled and i already recorded a race i decided to just use it here instead. I don't think it really matters as its been a bit wrong since the first race. and this is just a nice excuse to play lots of racing games anyway. This is the Mega Drive version of the SNES game used back in san marino. Its
  7. i finally had a little go on this last night, and lost a few matches, but i have literally no idea what i'm doing having never played vf before. went through some of the tutorials, then immediately went back to mashing punch over and over i was using taka, as i heard he was the best grappler. but i think i'll try somebody else later... maybe the lucha libre guy?... loads of people look cool in this though. psn is Avexfuddle if anybody wants to add me for easy wins.
  8. i've got a lot of love for psycho fox, but it is frustratingly difficult. I spent a bit of time trying to do a speed run of it, as it can be done in just a few minutes. But just getting to the warp on the first stage is surprisingly hard. I still want to do it though!
  9. I remember it being nice enough, but hardly the kind of thing that anybody would care that much about. How do they know people are searching for the game. Is it just an auto fill of when you start typing pandemic, and people search it by accident.
  10. Really excited about this, even though I’ve hardly touched the previous versions. it being on ps+ would be so cool. Hope it’s true.
  11. I’m not sure if this did get a uk release. This isn’t by the same people that did f1 circus, even though it looks very similar. Although I’m playing the arcade version here, it did come out on super famicom too. if everything goes ahead as planned I do have some recordings of f1 circus to come later though.
  12. Monaco! Its the most boring race of the season. So i better play a super exciting game. Slipstream by Capcom. An awesome arcade game, which seems to have been made purely for south america. It also seems to be the only 3rd party sega system 32 game? so its a bit of a weird one. Its is absolutely brilliant though. Its great to find something so good which seems to be rather unknown. theres 8 different cars to choose from, time trials, passing contests, and a 4 race GP. Monaco is the last of the four. By default these are 2
  13. i havent played 3rd strike in years, infact it must be well over a year since i played street fighter 5 even by now! i am tempted to try this fightcade stuff though, it is something i'd like to get back into. fake edit: i just remembered i did play 3s in japan a few years ago, i couldnt even remember makotos moves and got battered by an akuma.
  14. I've just spent close to two hours playing the first stage of sonic on the master system!* I know you can do it in 18 seconds...but can I? nope. 19 seconds is so easy, I can see It's so close. but its starting to annoy me a bit now. *whilst watching phantom of the opera, i'm not that bonkers!
  15. Round 5 - Spain A nice old school European circuit. Senna appears in back to back races, this time with his own game. Will licensing agreements prevent him from making many more appearances? You might have been thinking this was a dead cert to be used for Monaco, but I wanted something 3D for that, so once I'd got Monaco recorded I went back to this game for spain (these weren't recorded in order). It's quite a nice game, but realistically it feels like more of a duel between you and Senna, with the other no-name members of the grid there just to
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