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  1. shame, he was a great personality to have in the fgc. I don’t know exactly how much he was actually involved in creating the games, 5 might not have been the success they wanted it to be after 4, but it’s still great. I’ll miss him.
  2. Guilty! if the rubbish starter stuff is on display I always put one of mine up... That’s what it’s for... just switch it to something else.
  3. I’m putting my bet on a darkstalkers character. It needs somebody edgy like jedah or demitri.
  4. That’s a shame, saves my getting PlayStation plus again for a while though. but it’s a good set of characters, rival schools being officially part of sf is cool. and it’s kinda nice to see rumours/leaks to be wrong... people have been saying rose was finished years ago!
  5. Is anybody in the market for Audie? she is in boxes right now
  6. I’ve been trying to make a video every week for this game. but it’s a bit tricky sometimes, so I’m thinking about offering to make some for other people now we have the dream suite stuff. Short 2-3 min look around islands... something like these? Anybody want something like that for posterity?
  7. These are all still here btw if anybody wants them
  8. I have redd also only fakes available Mona Lisa, woman with ermine, virtuvian man i’ll leave it open a while
  9. Any bed will do btw. you don’t have to keep hers about the place if you don’t like it
  10. custom fireworks are going to be.... interesting
  11. I don’t know what to think about this. My expectations are super low. I almost don’t want street fighter stuff as I haven’t touched it this year... not sure I could go back now. I’d rather get excited about newer stuff like GG strive and KOF.
  12. Two more from me. Rough ranger is a rolling thunder rip off, and a pretty bad one at that. And I finally got round to Gaplus after galaxian and galaga a few months ago.
  13. Done the bug off just the once for the nook miles stamp. got a bug cage too which is probably the best item too. wont be talking to flick again today.
  14. Also open with Celeste. First day of Leo.
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