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  1. I’ve got redd here today too. Open now ive forgot what he has.... mysterious painting?
  2. I’m Open with shooting stars if anybody wants to visit
  3. If it wasn’t Star Trek I think I would be more likely to keep going. its the constant contradictions to years worth of the other shows that’s (one of )the most annoying parts.
  4. Love reading all these spoilers. i haven’t even got round to watching the mirror universe episode(s?) yet. not sure how many back that is, but I think I’m out, mainly just through lazyness. that pike show will be good though right?
  5. I only just watched this over the last few days. that last episode was a massively great amount of wtf. i understand the feelings that it might not be explained well, but after that end I’m definitely not going to give up already!
  6. I’m an old man who can’t stay up till midnight, so I cheated. it was totally worth it! happy new year everybody!
  7. Nice enough I guess. not enough to make me cry... which I feel is a bit of a failure for Pixar
  8. I can’t believe how long this is! i had to pause it after some laughably terrible special effects And was a bit shocked to find it had been on for an hour and twenty minutes with very little happening. it needs a good hour cut. plus some of the effects. Ouch. Im also trying to remember
  9. I’ve literally only got one Christmas recipe, but it’s that cool lit up tree. So that’s ok. also. all this stuff is amazing!
  10. yeah, i've done ridge 1 and 2 arcade versions in mame earlier this year. quite a work out with the steering wheel! and definitely not on rails as some people describe them.
  11. coincidentally i've been playing the original playstation F1 game a bit this last few days. absolutely loving it, but i think a lot of it is actually down to murray walker's commentary. it totally makes the game. the actual driving is a little weird, like it has some assistance on all the time? maybe its because i'm just doing single races in the arcade part, but i'm sure its steering you a bit.
  12. A surprise to nobody, donkey kong is actually quite good! And a compilation of sorts. Theres actually 20 different games in here. but blink and you'll miss a few.
  13. I’m amazed there’s no torii gate. presumably waiting for some Japanese themed event? I’d love to make a little shrine area.
  14. Managed to get two perfect sonwmen now. not sure I really care though. From what I’ve seen so far I don’t think the icy stuff is that good. I might just start making weird shaped ones instead. it looks like I might have to start farming balloons again for Christmas recipes. Although I did manage to get an awesome Christmas tree yesterday by luck.
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