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  1. There was a high end kart in my store yesterday, but nowhere near enough coins to buy it. I’m hoping Yoshi turns up, he’d be useful in the current tour for me and obviously next weeks too. it also looks like I’ll definitely get diddy kong, the previous cups weren’t possible to get rewards that far along with the starting items I had. So the solitary pipe pull I did was worth it.
  2. Singin in the rain is of course the best. second would be Oklahoma for me. pretty much any of the old gene Kelly or Fred Astaire stuff is amazing. I love watching how much they do all in one take. Instead of loads of cuts. Gives a great sense of how good they really are I have a bunch of old movies on my computer which I quite often stick on in the background. Along with the two above. on the town anchors away calamity jane annie get your gun does purple rain count too?
  3. I used a few gems up to give some help this time round. Karts and gliders seem to be better for combo bonuses, so this seems ok. the amount of points you need for five stars in the early rounds does seem higher than before. Only done the first few cups, but I’ll have to go back and try some again.
  4. I haven’t spent any gems yet, just waiting for a character I really like. bought mario with coins the other day, to add to toadette and peach as my only gold characters. I’m still only level 11, so I don’t even know what level 12 opens up in the shop yet. i don’t see any hurry in gacha games, you end up with everything eventually.
  5. I need some friends on this, I’m just doing a couple of races a day and not spending money (or gems yet) so you’ll certainly be beating me on leaderboards. 4486 8088 3686
  6. Fuddle


    Exactly what I thought. loved this show so much. Gonna be listening to these songs for a while.
  7. Fuddle


    what? they do go to the basement, and find out whats in there. i thought it was good. and i have absolutely no idea where its going now.
  8. light is RGB if the blue is just blue and the yellow is red and green. then mixing them will make white wont it? edit; or whatever that says
  9. Downloaded this the other day too. only done a tiny little bit but it seems ok. it is funny seeing people blitz through it in a day and proclaim it done. Particularly on resetera. Maybe getting rid of the usual restoring energy system most gachas have wasn’t a good idea. my code is 8296501764090289 if anyone wants to add me. But I don’t think I’ve reached a point where I can do any multiplayer yet.
  10. i just updated this the other day in anticipation so i wouldn't have too much to download. if thats it, then i probably shouldn't have bothered. i dont know the cop lady, might give her a try, as i have loads of fight money saved. honda should never have come back. my mains from 3 and 4 are never coming back. no makoto, necro or viper! i should probably have just stuck with laura from the beginning.
  11. I’ve now watched the first three episodes of the Orville, and I already know more about all the bridge crew than half of the Star Trek discovery cast. The sets and all the space scenes feel much more like Star Trek, which is pretty odd. third episode in particularly was much more serious than I was expecting, and certainly didn’t end how I thought it would. its pretty good so far.
  12. Fuddle


    Carole & Tuesday episode 9. The mermaid sisters were robbed! i can’t wait to get the OST for this show. The songs are absolutely brilliant.
  13. ive only watched episode one, my main takeaway is i think it would have worked better with something like second life/playstation home
  14. Watched it today. It’s bad. I hate the end so much
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