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  1. Fuddle

    See you yesterday (Netflix Spike Lee)

    Watched it today. It’s bad. I hate the end so much
  2. Fuddle

    Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    Tits to teeth!
  3. Fuddle

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yep. They just worked under him, it’s not like he actually murdered them himself. its like the reveal of what happened between Micheal and Spock as kids... she called him a freak and ran away!! Shocking!
  4. Possibly the most boring conference I’ve ever seen. that could have been 10 minutes easy.
  5. Fuddle

    How long have you spent gaming this week?

    been getting into street fighter v a lot again these past few weeks. I would say maybe around an hour and a half each week day. still playing final fantasy brave exvious in my iPad every day, but much reduced. Perhaps quarter of an hour to twenty minutes a day. And I just started that new dragalia lost on my phone a tiny bit. i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s ten hours or more. Which is massive for me.
  6. Necro is in the hallowe’en stage. Stirring the big pot. id love him to come back too.
  7. it wasnt pretty, but bison is my nemesis. i honestly never thought this would happen!
  8. Fuddle

    Star Trek Discovery

    Episode 6
  9. I think I need to play a few games with the sole intention of practicing t-spins instead of getting caught up in playing properly. It’s something I never even considered before this. Hopefully that will bump my game up a bit. I’m generally top 20, top 10 quite often. With one second place being my best so far.
  10. Fuddle


    Goblin slayer just has no plot so far beyond guy kills goblins. I think that’s why it’s bad as opposed to any problems with it’s violence. But with only 2 episodes left I don’t think it’s going happen. If anybody is interested in it just as it’s a fantasy world based show “that time I got reincarnated as a slime” currently airing is a million times better.
  11. Was really hoping to wake up this morning and see makoto, necro and c.viper! bit disappointed with just evil ryu again. I don’t think I’ve played this since around the time falke came out, but I would really like to get into it again
  12. Fuddle

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    Octopath traveler for me. which I think is the second game of the year for me. After finally getting Abzu in a psn sale recently.
  13. Only had a few minutes to check it out, but it looks good. My cammy, makoto and necro are undefeated so far. Maybe I should retire already? ive totally forgotten half the moves though and my inputs are terrible. Although I only started using stick with 4, and I know these aren’t so lenient. also I just realised, i think my old favourite makoto colour was a Dreamcast one, the blue gi and white hair. Oh well, pink it is now then.
  14. Not feeling her tbh. played yesterday for the gold soldier fight money, which is the first time in about three weeks I think. So I need to get back into the habit a bit. hopefully G is a cool grappler.
  15. I had my first go against gold rank players this afternoon. Managed to beat an akuma a couple of times. And then got absolutely mauled by a mika. I could hardly touch her. Watching it back i think it was the same mix up each time. But it was all so fast I couldn't do anything at the time. i need one more ranked win for the 2500 fight money. But I think I'll wait till Thursday as I want to experience gold players a bit more before I inevitably get knocked out of ultra silver.

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