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  1. By Suda’s own admission this was intentional. Big Van Vader was ripped off by both Capcom and SNK. Sticking to SNK with definitely not Saddam Hussein.
  2. In dawn of sorrow you had to draw a sigil to finish a boss off. After they realised how bad an idea that was they left it for maps and menus in future games.
  3. Dig Dug


    Spent the evening playing Gleylancer. It's decent, I like it. I might have to look into investing time to a clear as it feels like a very learnable game despite the length (12 stages).
  4. Been a bit naughty but I've been to a locals twice this week to trade yugioh cards. I told myself I wasn't going to mix socially until I was back in the office but I just needed to get out the flat as work was shit this week. I'll be honest getting to be around people again was nice and with all the card bulk and lots I've been buying the past year I ended up doing pretty decent with trades, for once in my life I had leverage. My brain tells me that I shouldn't be trying to socially integate while covid numbers are rising but the whole thing was a relief. I just wish people wore masks, how am I the only person out of 40 wearing one? Also my birthday is coming up so I've said screw it. I updated my wants list for my Fire Emblem TCG collection and it's very quickly looking like I am going to be spending a significant amount of money filling a significant number of gaps in my collection. Fun times ahead.
  5. I think I’ll stick to £18 a year.
  6. Wishful thinking but Super really does not need a remake.
  7. One thing I don’t like about clean up is I can’t tell the difference between a collected and not collected partial energy tank on the map. I’ve lost a lot of time to those.
  8. Metroid Prime still holds the top spot for my favourite UI in any video game. It completely contextualises all game features in a form which is diegetic and logical to the power suits design and I just absolutely love it.
  9. Well for a start it is really noticeable in this game just how short the credits are compared to other games. This game is also blowing up big time and has as much post-release hype as pre-release (if not more). It’s not an industry standard by any means as I’ve played games which credited everyone as far down as QA. The issue comes from many places holding a standard far below what should be acceptable and getting away with it. If this is the game which gets people to take notice then fantastic. In any case, credits give validity to CV’s. If you worked on this game in particular then you are really going to want future employers to know it. Historically no-credits were used to prevent headhunting and that attitude ended up sticking to a degree. It’s just one of the many reasons why the industry needs a union as all the credit is going straight to the top. The auteur theory is less of a thing in studio works now more than ever. If a game is well designed was it all down to the designer or does the designer owe it to QA and other workers for fixing all the design flaws behind closed doors? Point being: this is a problem that needs addressing and this game is the perfect place to start.
  10. Wish I knew more about this but the replies are full of people demanding the credits get changed. Most info I got is to not place markers on certain doors.
  11. Started a third run today with the goal of trying to find as many sequence breaks as possible. The early game is very narrow with progression, I tried my best but so far I’ve been stuck on the same critical path. I just got the morph ball and varia suit however so if I’m going to start finding anything it’d be now. Definitely going to try and find that early morph ball bomb I keep hearing about.
  12. There’s no excuse for it, even the people in QA have a significant impact on how the finished product turns out.
  13. I’m very happy with the reports that Dread is well on the way to becoming the best selling game in the Metroid series. I also feel for anyone who will now try to buy physical copies of the previous entries and experience the same financial agony as Fire Emblem fans. Also: TIL parrying an EMMI automatically opens all exits that were locked when it saw you. Meaning it will 100% be part of the speedrun.
  14. Hard Mode 100% done & dusted. Other than increased damage I’m not really sure what changed. No matter, ending still goes hard. I might dedicate my next run to experimenting with sequence breaks. I reckon I’ll hit the 100 hour mark easily with this game, it has plenty for me to go back to.
  15. The soundtrack is a departure for the series, it clearly went for atmosphere and mood without an emphasis on melody like previous titles did. I get why they did it this way but I think it was a mistake as the series has always had soundtracks with very strong melody’s on the songs that make them easy to remember. The music is fine when you’re in play but outside of the game they don’t stay in the memory for long and I’m not in a rush to youtube search it.
  16. Only thing hard mode does is increase damage output. Game is otherwise identical.
  17. This game is deceptively open. I could have done this well before getting the gravity suit. Could have done it on the first pass and saved some time before returning.
  18. Grapple beam the magnet ceilings to go over it. The grapple beam can also be used on magnet walls under water to move faster as you cannot outrun it easily on foot. You also have a double jump at that point which I always forget.
  19. I think of you took away all the narrative nonsense that dragged it down then Other M would easily rank above Samus Returns.
  20. You could try getting that software which changes the live camera image into a virtual avatar (like Vtubers). Facerig is one of them.
  21. It’s better than Samus Returns (which I considered a weak entry) in every conceivable way. Fixed everything I thought was off with Samus Returns combat wise (stronger beam, no more over reliance on counters) and contains a level of design depth that places it somewhere between Fusion and Zero Mission. The game rail roads you a fair bit (fusion) but there are a handful of intended sequence breaks that completely change the route you take thanks to the ways the game has expanded movement options (zero mission). To top it off, several boss encounters have hidden quick kill methods if you know what you are doing (shinesparking bosses like in Super for one). The story (for the sparse amounts there is) is welcome, impactful, fills out the lore and rewards you for having played Samus Returns, Super and Fusion. Several scenes had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat, especially the last boss and ending oh my word it is a glorious final half hour. Cons: you die fast and often on the first playthrough. Pattern recognition is huge in boss fights as is knowing the safe and efficient kill methods. Later EMMI rooms are dumb on the first run and you will die a lot. You get so many movement tools that you forget what abilities you have sometimes which causes sections to become harder than they need to be.
  22. I shinesparked the boss here on entry and was able to beat it easily after due to the amount of damage it inflicted. Was having trouble before I figured that out.
  23. Just learned on my own that some bosses can be shinesparked for huge damage.
  24. I’ve played hard mode for a bit now and I swear the damage increase applies to enemies too as I’m killing the bosses much faster than on my first run.
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