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    Best place to check previous runs is here.
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    I suggest you all give The Textorcist a look. Very inventive idea for a video game.
  3. 200 people is tiny for what they are doing, especially when other triple-A series such as Assassins Creed are over 1,000 strong in manpower. Even Breath of the Wild was done by 300 devs (key word being devs: not artists, composers or writers) over the course of 4 years with secondary studios such as Monolith Software (Xenoblade) assisting. Even then those titles didn't have the burden of eventually including 1,000 unique characters into their games (Pokemon, trainers, NPCs). Whether Witcher 3 was made by a smaller studio or not is irrelevant, it's a false equivalence. I don't think it is ridiculous to expect the studio to give these games a bigger team and budget considering the jump from 3DS to Switch, especially when Pokemon is one of the highest grossing kids brands in the world. Battle Frontier isn't a thing anymore true, it was replaced by the Battle Tower which doesn't seem to be returning either. Even so, the series has continued to give players challenges and content to play with both during and after the main story has concluded. All these aspects of the Pokemon experience has been retained in some form over the different generations. Having talked about the games with people who are avid Pokemon fans they expect these features to be retained in some form in every game as they feel they would be solely missed. As for their preparation, well the proof is in the pudding. They are planing to release what many are calling an incomplete Pokemon game. They should have planned for this in some form but instead they continued to bloat the series with two generations per DS causing the number of Pokemon to increase exponentially as the simple hardware and 2D graphics meant they didn't have to worry about detailed models or detailed animations when adding Pokemon to the games. The numbers support the argument that technological advancements have been a big enough issue in slowing Game Freaks ability to expand their series in its main entries. Gen 1 (1996-1999) (Game Boy, 2D Pokemon, 1 Game, 4 Versions) - 151 Pokemon Gen 2 (1999-2001) (Game Boy, 2D, 1 Game, 3 Versions) - 251 (+100) Gen 3 (2002-2005) (GBA, 2D, 2 Games, 5 versions) - 386 (+135) Gen 4 (2006-2010) (DS, 2D, 2 Games, 5 Versions) - 493 (+107) Gen 5 (2010-2012) (DS, 2D, 2 Games, 4 Versions) - 649 (+156) Gen 6 (2013-2014) (3DS, 3D, 4 games, 4 versions) - 721 (+72) Gen 7 (2016-2017) (3DS, 3D, 4 games, 4 Versions) - 809 (+88) The move to 3D coupled with expansions now being over shorter time frames than in generations 3 & 4 has only worked against being able to evolve the series in a manageable capacity. The Nintendo DS alone added 263 new Pokemon thanks to Black & White going in the brave direction of forcing the players onto a clean slate of Pokemon until they had finished the game, meaning they had to design more new Pokemon than normal. The studio clearly isn't dealing well with the bloat if the E3 build of Sword & Shield along with the dev interviews are anything to go by. I see this opinion a lot online but the series did seem to peak at gen 5 in terms of being able to match the creators ambitions for what they wanted a Pokemon game to be. I'm not going to say it should have been on the 3DS but in terms of time frame it did cover a shockingly small number of years considering how many Pokemon it added, they really should have made it last longer if only for the sake of making things more manageable on later systems. I don't think it would have been a bad thing had the Ruby and Sapphire remakes appeared on 3DS first as a gen 5 game, it would have allowed them to get to grips with the hardware while not being burdened with the new Pokemon, least we forget that X & Y were heavily criticised for their lack of optimisation and were unable to display the consoles 3D mode during Pokemon battles (Game Freak have always had a questionable record for programming and optimisation). I think where the series first went wrong was deciding that all Pokemon should be available in every game. The idea of the differing Pokemon regions is that, much like real animals, there are Pokemon that can only be caught in specific parts of the world. However the Pokemon universe doesn't have any rules on which Pokemon can be taken where. It's not like Australia where they prohibit certain animals from entering the country due to the eco system. Although it would have been bad for business this would have been the best way to manage the bloat while also making the games better balanced in competitive play due to the smaller pool of monsters. Game Freak are claiming that balancing is one of the reasons for reducing the number of Pokemon in the new entry but it is far too late for that and players simply are not buying it as a reason. The games containing every Pokemon is normalised at this point and even missing one of them could be considered a failure among the fan base. Quite frankly it is your rebuttal that fails to pass the sniff test when the product we saw at E3 shows these are real issues affecting the game. Game Freak are not equipped for what this game is and they definitely aren't equipped for what their audience expects it to be. They wouldn't be the first studio to fall on hard times following the demands brought on by a generational jump.
  4. I think the issue with the Pokédex is it being a case of the series beginning to collapse under its own weight. For a start, 2 generations per system is beginning to look like a mistake. The list is too bloated and completely unsuited to what video games have become. The series moves away from the easily managed limitations of 2D. The Pokemon are now more detailed and animated, more resource needs to go into every Pokemon with the list only becoming bigger all the time. Gamefreak are by no means a large studio, they try not to go overboard with expansion and from what I’ve been told tend to rotate staff on the regular. It’s a studio whose running sounds best suited to the era these games were originally from, they aren’t made for Triple A which is exactly what consumers are beginning to demand of them now they are on a home console. Not only do people want a higher standard but they also expect the series to continue to build upon itself. Battle Frontier, post game content and all the other stuff that has been added and retained since Gen 3 is expected to be there because they played a big part in making what many consider a “complete” modem Pokemon. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the studio, I don’t think they predicted the rapid advancements in tech and expectations would ever leave them in such a difficult spot. If nothing else I can see Game Freak going through a significant restructuring once this game hits the market and receives what will not doubt be a critical paddling session by disappointed fans and critics alike who expected the full package on day one.
  5. Seeing Arcade Club and business like it open up across the country shows there is an industry for this now. If I ever make good with my father maybe I can convince him to turn his failing bar and night club into such a place. The seaside arcades here are a joke now, total gambling dens. I bet there are people here who would love a bar that provides pinball (only place with a working one I know of is nearly 20 miles away) and other such novelties.
  6. Honestly considering how much old RPG's relied on abstraction to make their worlds seem big the idea that something like Midgar is big enough to become its own game when fully fleshed out doesn't seem that farfetched to me. The original game didn't let you explore very much of Midgar, it just felt bigger than it actually was. In the context of aiming for a full remake they are foolish for going ahead with this expansion but I guess they wanted Midgar to be an actual metropolis now as opposed to just posing as one. There's no video game company on earth big enough to completely remake final fantasy 7 as one game in modern AAA standards while fleshing out all of its abstraction. Turning the world map into a to-scale open world will actually be ridiculous if they go ahead with it. In design terms remaking FF7 in the way many wish for is, if you would pardon the pun, a fantasy. It'd have to make some smart cuts which sadly square can't do because they have the expectation of always needing to be on the cutting edge of video game technology, a hole they unfortunately dug for themselves back on the PS1.
  7. Funny this gets announced the same week I download Blue Burst.
  8. I fucking popped off for PSO2, been waiting years for it in English.
  9. 2.5D is a popular term but being real here a game is either 3D or 2D. This may be 3D in graphics but if the play takes place on a single axis it might as well be called 2D by design. If you can turn the character to face other directions and interact with a 3rd axis then it is 3D. There is no in-between.
  10. I didn't know until about 40 hours in how the spike mechanic worked in Xenoblade Chronicles. I'd topple enemies to get free hits in on them only to suddenly start dropping dead.
  11. After watching a lot of live streams of the Dreamcast version recently I decided to go ahead and download Blue Burst for PC. Started playing on the Ultima server tonight on single player mode and I have to say it is pretty nice to play PSO with the exp gain multiplied by 5. Once I've played a fair bit and got to a decent level I'll try teaming.
  12. Day before my birthday so it's nice timing for me.
  13. The DS took that title from the PS2 a while ago. But it is still top for home systems, I still see people using the PS2 as their main source for gaming which makes sense as its cheap and the games haven't aged that badly.
  14. Akibahara is pretty expensive. I visited a lot of different book off and hard off's while I lived there and got some crazy deals. My boxed super famicom was more or less mint but it was sold as "Junk" for 2000 yen. If you can it's worth searching for these shops, it puts what we have here to shame.
  15. Tenchu, Nobunaga's Ambition and Samurai Warriors I think.
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