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  1. Oh good I might finally make an epic account.
  2. I’ve not touched the PCE library much but I’m on a shump high atm and noticed the wii u virtual console has a handful. Is the emulation any good on them?
  3. New challenge: attempt to steam 5 days a week starting now. Come in and watch me gamble on Chocobo races. https://www.twitch.tv/radirgyfgc
  4. ATS Euromaster once did a deal where you got a free copy of FIFA 2005 when getting your tyres changed.
  5. Dig Dug


    It's on my to do list, it's just a tad long for a game that only American's seem to really really care about. Not a priority watch. I've recently been going through the thought process of wanting to speedrun something but then realizing that I could put all that time into new games and other activities. I shame I can never have it both ways. I do think psudo-speedrunning on a casual level is a fun alternative way to play a game, I have come to that thought process recently. I never used to touch easy modes but when played like that they become fun and challenging again.
  6. Dig Dug


    I do wonder if the success of shumps at GDQ will inevitably push the likes of SDOJ up in price?
  7. Dig Dug


    FFS now I’m googling region free 360 shumps and contemplating trying my luck on eBay.
  8. Dig Dug


    Just played Mushihimesama Futari for the first time. I think I’ve hit the peak of video games. Everyone send their love to @alistarr for selling it to me next time he posts.
  9. Somehow I’ve managed to remain mostly shameless when it comes to this and I reckon I can try and spin any game into something that doesn’t sound completely lame if I think hard enough. ”Mushihimesama? You ever hear of this really famous film called Nausicaä? It’s basically that.”
  10. I just filter to £0-£8.99 lowest price first and then check every game that looks like it will appeal to me. Don’t matter if a game has a metacritic 90 if the screen shots don’t catch my fancy then it doesn’t catch my time.
  11. It’s kind of hilarious how everything is falling apart for MikeZ the year Skullgirls was finally going to get it’s due and outside of Evo online getting cancelled it is all his fault.
  12. Dig Dug


    Most people I know who still have a wii use it for modding and mario Kart wii online. The wii crash buzz is so burnt into our brains (Especially if you played project m) that you get videos like this doing the rounds.
  13. Dig Dug


    Go and watch the Pump It Up! showcase when you get the chance, it makes Dance Dance Revolution look basic.
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