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  1. The game is mostly fine but the tower is such a crime that I hope they never stop patching it until that one area is optimised.
  2. So playing some puzzle games recently has made me realise how much of a hypocrite I am with fighting games. Tetris, Puyo Puyo, Luminies, I play all these games and feel good doing so even though I know that I am by no means an expert at them. The gap between me and what experts do is massive but it hasn't been a detriment to my enjoyment of them. And yet I haven't been playing many fighting games recently because I keep telling myself I need time to prepare when I play them and that is time I don't have. Playing the puzzle games has made me seen the stupidity of that stance because it really doesn't matter, I should just play them first and not think about other things. Feels like too much exposure to online and other people who take the games seriously has put people off on the whole. Best remember what really matters, the devs don't care if you're shit at the game, only that you want to play it. I might start putting more times into fighting games again, even if it is just to play for the sake of it.
  3. Recently I've been working 11 hour days recently 4 on, 4 off. I'll be honest I'm super productive over those 44 hours but there's no way I'd be able to carry that into a 5th, 6th and 7th day in a row without a major dip in productivity overall. I don't know how game development just doesn't end up dragging to an absolute crawl. Maybe it already has which is why deadlines get extended closer to what they should have been in the first place.
  4. My Everton interest has been at an all time low these last 2 years and today just further displays everything wrong with the club. I have never cared so little about a group of players in my life. A bunch of losers, all of them. Head droppers, quitters. I want all traces of the last 4 years gone, only a handful of people at the club still play for the shirt. Everton fans hate Ross Barkley but he was 100% right about our club. We are bad at coaching and don't develop players. A well-coached Liverpool youth team completely showed up our current first team. JonJoe Kenny is killing it in Germany, if he cares for his career he'll stay there. Mason Holgate has only come good because of a loan move to West Brom last season. Our players improve faster under other teams than they do with us. I'm sick of all of it. No more buying players from big clubs who failed to make an impression. No more overspending. No more players who are taking a step down for us because they failed at the peak. I want hungry players, players who are looking upwards, players who will either make a name for themselves at Everton or go onto to bigger things. Until these things are done the stench of failure will continue to persist.
  5. Dig Dug


    Damn that time of year again already.
  6. I might have to get into this if I get back into fighting games soon. Recently I've been on that competitive smash bros life but wouldn't mind playing FGs again.
  7. Also watching a speedrun right now and the PC version as expected is completely head and shoulders above all the others. Much faster, much nicer looking, no tower slowdown whatsoever.
  8. I'd personally wait until they update the switch version this month. PS4 got the newest update last month and is said to be the best version overall (especially when played on Pro). You'd think the switch version being capped to 30 fps would lead to more consistent performance but having just beat it with the November patch the first half of the game is all over the place when it comes to loading times, slow down (the tower is the worst for this), sudden temporary freezes, graphical errors, texture pop-in, things clipping through walls and so on. When you get to the second half of the game however it seems to be mostly fine, the one boss that Digital Foundry said tanked the frame rate on release didn't have any frame drops when I played it.
  9. Beat this on switch today. Hilariously the game was less buggy the further you got. Did every quest except the food ones. The Durendal put in work when I was farming for crafting materials. Overall the game is fantastic, not SotN level but certainly worthy of praise. I consider SotN, OoE and Aria the top 3 of the Iga Castlevania games but this is a good contende thanks to how imaginative some of the powers are. Decided to download Circle of the Moon in the eshop sale and it's still amusing to me that the demake came out 18 months before the game it was based on. It's a bit easy (need to try Nightmare mode) but as homages to Castlevania III go it did its job very well. That all said the RotN does have some issues, I found it silly that one of the major powers needed for progressing was hidden behind a normal enemy with the game giving you little to help point you in the right direction. Also I do feel like we've lost something not having Dracula or the big staircase to his room, I always loved that feeling of build up. Compared to Castlevania this final boss was a bit lacking. Overall Bloodstained: RotN was £20 well spent. Also shout outs to the guys who pledged money to have David Hayter plug their youtube in sound test. They'd do well to learn from the person who had Alucard read a message for their pet cat.
  10. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Burned through hollow knight recently after buying the physical version and it inspired me to add more boxed games to my library. bloodstained, dead cells: goty, wargroove and dragon quest XI S. I’m going to be sorted for a while I feel. Bloodstained is something. Not going lie they should have delayed its release.
  11. Played the bonus modes yesterday. They are so good, really elevated the game to the next level for me. 4th survivor and tofu are excellent, they force you to learn proper dodges and resource management. When you break the systems down for manipulating dodges this game really is classic RE at it’s core. Ghost survivors are good too but 4th survivor still trumps all of them. I hope RE3 has this emphasis on dodging also as it’s one of the most rewarding feelings I get when playing RE.
  12. In hindsight streaming with a camera while sick was a bad idea when the choice was clear nose or choke.
  13. Streaming a blind Hardcore Leon 2nd playthrough, I have never played standard mode. https://www.twitch.tv/radirgyfgc
  14. Bit late getting this out but I decided to throw something together to celebrate the PlayStation turning 25. http://www.welshgaming.co.uk/the-sony-playstation-a-history-of-software/ Don't ask me why image text is off centre the sites editor doesn't know either.
  15. Took a few months off writing as I had other projects going on but decided to throw something together to celebrate the PlayStation turning 25. http://www.welshgaming.co.uk/the-sony-playstation-a-history-of-software/ Don't ask me why image text is off centre the sites editor doesn't know either.
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