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  1. Reading the article makes me glad that I got to play on the Blackpool one at least once. Must have been 15/16 years ago now. The 13-year-old me wasn't too impressed because it was an old game with a low play time but now as an adult who spent a good hour playing the sit down at arcade club this summer, I can appreciate the craziness of this thing's existence so much more.
  2. When seeking solid information and critique on whether or not a game is worth playing I too rely on comedy youtubers.
  3. I’m of the opinion that you can only get the fullest out of the combat system in a game like this by playing it on the hardest difficulty. Lower difficulties give a less stressful experience but also streamline how you play. Obviously there is a barrier to entry on higher difficulties that will mean the majority of players will never get to experience the full depth but I’ve found that also applies to a lot of arcade-style games and anything else that is designed to reward mastery. Makes me think of Ninja Gaiden Black and how that was ridiculously hard by default. Not many can enjoy it easily. Those who can manage get to enjoy an incredibly deep and stellar gameplay experience.
  4. @Monkeyspill It auto-saves on quest objectives and when doing fast travel.
  5. I think it’s fine to target a younger audience it just depends how they do it. The best Super Smash Bros Ultimate player in Europe currently is a 15-year old boy from Cambridge. He’s beaten some of America & Japan’s best and has usurped the formally untouchable EU #1 from France. His rise has been a big deal. The UK top 10 has gone from being dominated by uni students to being dominated by several 15-18 year olds (Scotland’s best is 16). Smash Ultimate has sold over 20 million copies. Imagine if they use the show to platform people like that? People I know in the tournament scene would kill for the chance to get that kind of Exposure; the pandemic really hurt interest in the game just as it was getting good.
  6. I have four friends who are on this instead of God of War and they all adore it for what it is worth. One said it’s his favourite Sonic game since 3 & Knuckles.
  7. Fun combat tip: the warning circles are not matched to attack timing so do not use them to time your dodges or parry attempts.
  8. The thing with AI is eventually it cheats so much that you can manipulate it. The classic mortal kombat games have an entire speedrun scene because of how easily you can manipulate the AI.
  9. I reckon she included the smash bros franchise in that $450 million.
  10. Also can’t imagine Platinum would want to destroy their reputation over a pay dispute of all things. Their entire company lives and dies on goodwill currently; they aren’t big enough to survive without it.
  11. I’m of the opinion that Platinum never wanted her back in the first place and that the offers were an indirect way of telling her she was not in the plans. Hale is likely making more and was probably the first choice to begin with.
  12. Cotton Reboot is a remake of the original cotton (arrange) and also includes the original Sharp x68000 port as a bonus. Arrange gets crazy with the bullets and making your shots as large as possible but it is still the easier of the two versions. The sharp x68000 version plays as you would expect an 80s shmup to play but is still a very good game. Reboot also has a timed score attack/caravan mode I was very fond of playing when I didn't feel like trying for a full run. Fantasy is a completely new game which allows you to play as a variety of characters from the get-go, each of whom have their own unique stage in their route. The upgrade system is much closer to the original cotton games where gems will fall off the screen fi they are not shot (they float in in reboot arrange). Visually I'd say Reboot looks nicer as everything is either hand drawn or 2D. In fantasy everything is 3D so all the backgrounds are kinetic and busy to stop the game looking dull.
  13. I used to just be annoyed by the fact she was in everything but her stances on vaccines and autism now mean I get to have reasons to dislike her.
  14. If you combine the sale of the first two games and their re-releases you have over 3 million copies sold, and that's without digital sales of the first game on PC. Smash Bros Wii U and Ultimate are not the only games where a Bayonetta cameo could be counted towards the money generated from the series. She is a DLC character in Anarchy Reigns and also cameos in the Wonderful 101. It's hard to know for sure how the money works but I don't think it is impossible that the franchise could have "generated" $450 million (without merchandise) before you take away the millions from that which goes into covering other expenses. It is also possible that money invested into the series by Sega and Nintendo are being counted into those numbers, at which case you are for sure hitting $450m.
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