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  1. I do think Returnals art direction has hindered it also. If I hadn’t watched a stream of someone playing it by chance then I’d have zero interest in the game and wouldn’t have touched it with a pole based on first impressions alone. From a distance it looks incredibly bland. It’s going to be a game which gains a post-life following through word of mouth. Nice for pride points but pride doesn’t keep studios afloat or the industry in a position to take risks in games of that nature.
  2. Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Smash Bros for Wii U have around 1000 hours a piece logged by me. Melee is definitely in the hundreds of hours also. Fire Emblem: Three Houses I’ve beaten 4 times, plus DLC story plus have done half finished runs. Just under 400 hours I think. Dance Dance Revolution I have no method of counting due to playing mainly in arcade and across multiple home versions but I must be at 300-500 hours at this point. Horizon: Zero Dawn I have ~700 hours in. I’ve put hundreds of hours into yu-gi-oh games and simulators also. ~20
  3. Stream I was watching hosted someone playing this and almost immediately I could tell that whoever designed this game clearly loves the kind of games I like. Saw elements of metroid, shumps and run & gun’s over the hour I watched. I’ve been overlooking PlayStation exclusives as something that won’t interest me but this is a standout. It’s not something I’d have expected from a western triple A title. Now there’s just the small issue of needing a PS5 to play it.
  4. This will probably be the issue that finally gets me to buy in. I’ve not bought any magazines in years, too many games on the backlog.
  5. It’s concerning to hear all this. I’ll be sad if my fire emblem fates special edition cart ever dies.
  6. Dig Dug


    Ghost Blade just made me wonder why I wasn’t just playing DoDonPachi instead.
  7. I’ve seen them in-store at multiple GAME for £60.
  8. It’s hard to see because if the blue but the Nintendo logos on the cart are often a good indicator of if they are fake. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.
  9. This is a timely bump. I picked Shin Megami Tensei IV back up again on a whim after taking a break on it and I must have spent 8 hours on Saturday playing it. It really is a solidly designed RPG. The different species of demons, quest set ups and slowly expanding map of Tokyo make it so the gameplay loop never tires. I’m at the 32 hour mark and have not long reached Shibuya but I’m positive the game still has at least another 30 hours in it, and not in a bad way either. Shame it was a download only game in Europe. E-shop is a goldmine for SMT with Stran
  10. The stuff about sega throwing Dreamcast promo discs around everywhere sounds about right. I once purchased a DC bundle at a bootsale a good 8/9 years ago and all 15-20 games were white promo discs.
  11. Worth remembering that football is just a job for some players. They don’t care much for the wider picture and just want to make their living doing something they’re good enough to be paid for.
  12. The most unfortunate thing about this is fans are now just going to sit back and accept the status quo once again as the elite clubs continue to creep in their control over the European game. I don’t want fans to stop fighting for reforms on the game, 50+1 etc but we all know people only take the call to action in this sport when it serves a self-interest. There will be more elite favourtism, more money at the top in rights deals, more pandering to them by ufea, more corrupt World Cup bids etc. The sport is still rotten to the core and it won’t be better unt
  13. I think this video gets the point across rather well and explains why I’ve been feeling less and less enthused by football over the last decade. The sport is corrupt and has already been broken for a long time. If anything a super league, assuming it fails, might just be what is needed to help make the bubble burst. I was worried about the super league creating a tier zero competition which gives the founding clubs overwhelming power but at least the domestic league would feel like a fairer competition should the big 6 be kicked out. As things are football i
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