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  1. I am mystified by why Sega aren't putting their stamp on things? It's their IP. It's not the NES, they don't need to set up a secondary company to release their games once they have hit the yearly publishing limit.
  2. From what I was told the founders had a falling out and split into two different businesses. I don’t know the full details.
  3. Going to another world was my favourite part of visiting family in Wolverhampton. Made the long journey worth it. One of my favourite shops ever it’s a shame things went the way they did.
  4. Tales of Vesperia £10 don't mind if I do. Same for Mr Driller 50% off. Got a few more on there I wouldn't mind having.
  5. Dig Dug


    Just buy Shump collection, it’s better value than buying the games individually.
  6. Getting rid of gamestation was a major mistake as was how they handled gamestation by having the stores dump all their retro gaming stock just as the big retro gaming market boom was about to happen. Game made gamestation drop almost all the things that made me shop there.
  7. Hoping they can at least get the FPS to lock at 30 in updates. The stuff I’ve heard about performance has been off putting.
  8. He doesn’t write the majority of the episodes now and hasn’t for a while. It’s a product now made by a team of writers rather than a project. James keeps putting out the videos because it’s too popular for to give up but he’s too tired and interested in doing other things to do it all on his own. When he is motivated and fully leading the production however it’s still very enjoyable. Those are the episodes most worth watching.
  9. The Pokken Tournament controller is one of the greatest 2D pads ever made and a perfect budget alternative to buying a stick.
  10. This would be an excellent idea.
  11. In wrestling the Booker is the person who makes the matches, storylines and decides who wins and loses. The mode would be a business sim I think, the better your booking the better your ratings, sales and approval. If it isn’t that I’ll be surprised. Also it ironic they’re having a booking sim as AEW booking is notoriously awful. I can see the mode angering a few old-school people in the wrestling business as wrestling has gone from “real” to “open secret” to “saying the quiet part loud” to “yes, this is all made up” in the last 40 years.
  12. I don’t have the system but I have seen many people excited to report that Sonic Unleashed now runs lag free for the first time ever. Previous systems couldn’t handle the speed without dropping frames. I now see a large number of people wish Sonic 06 gets put on BC because the game has infamously bad load times and frame drops.
  13. Dig Dug


    Might be one of those self-fulfilling prophecy deals where they expect low sales and therefore only get low sales in return
  14. The Wii easily. It was 2006, I’d not long turned 13 and I decided to pile all my money together in order to pre-order this affordable and revolutionary console that I was positive would change video games forever. Then I got suspended from school for fighting and was told to stay home for the entirety of December so the situation could blow over. I was given work to do from home in the meantime. Normally my parents would have taken all my games and shit away as punishment but they didn’t punish me this time. It hadn’t even been a month since I got given a concussion i
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