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    Gamer or lamer?

    My experience of porn is 2 minutes of feeling good after 20 minutes of looking for the right video. Could have probably used the time better to be honest.
  2. Explains why it was so easy for me get so many valuable games for so little at game station and game back in the day and why that never happens anymore.
  3. This topic has been on my mind whenever I walk through town and stick my head in the local Cex to see the shelves full of unwanted PS3 and Xbox 360 Games. Is it me or or is this the first time ever where a newer generation has made an older generation seem obsolete by virtue of there being little to no reason to ever go back to those older systems? Taking the PS3 and 360 as examples, besides a handful of games what is there actually left on those systems that have not been either: Ported to PC Remastered for a newer system Been succeeded by a newer game which gives little reason to return to the old one For example, if I wanted to play the original Uncharted trilogy, would I not be far better off getting the PS4 collection? Obviously if you don't have a PS4 this a moot point but all things considered assuming you can get your hands on it wouldn't it always be better to play the best version available? More interesting to me is how the likes of the PS3 and 360 have become almost obsolete while older systems such as the PS2, GameCube, N64 and SNES remain as systems you'd be justified in owning. There are many games on those systems you cannot officially get on newer hardware, and even if you can, the ported and officially emulated versions are not always superior to the originals (the games were often designed specifically for the hardware's specs after all). In terms of longevity post-production-cycle, the move to PC architecture killed consoles long term viability. Anything designed to run on the 360 and PS3 can, and in most cases have been made to run just fine on a PC or newer system. And you know what? This is by no means a bad thing. It is good that we now have the option to play better versions of these games, but more importantly it is good that companies are making moves to counter the issued caused by the closed platform nature of consoles. A person shouldn't be made to own several platforms just to enjoy a single series, nor should people be made to pay hefty sums for older titles just because they weren't around to play them when they were new. Obviously you can argue that fan-made emulation makes all games consoles obsolete but those sit in a legal grey area, one Nintendo are very keen to see fade to black. Having seen the state of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2019 it has got me thinking that while its sad those systems have lost their lustre as something you would collect for, it is overall for the better that games are given more open availability. I'm rambling but the more I think about this topic the more I begin to think that it would be nice to have the convenience of not needing to own multiple systems to play the best versions of my favourite games. If the PS5 truly does end up being backwards compatible with older systems (and hopefully removing the region locks for the PS1 & PS2) then I'll be glad for it. There is little practical reason for closed platforms in 2019 and the sooner we make the old machines obsolete the better (although people are still welcome to play on them if they wish). Just wanted to get these thoughts down in writing. I do think certain pieces of hardware have their own advantages (I can't bring myself to play GBA games on anything other than a GBA SP) but for the most part I can't see a future where we no longer need old systems just to play certain games as anything but a good one. Also in before someone posts the HBomberGuy video about VHS tapes.
  4. It reminds me of when Gamergate groups tried to make donations to women's charities to try and deflect criticism. It's easy to weaponise a charity when the charity aren't aware of their existence being used as such. Thankfully the ones who Gamegate groups donated to were aware and refused the money.
  5. It does help significantly when the game is designed around such mechanics. As much as I like the newer Fire Emblem games their less linear structure means the games are designed more around “min-maxing” stats than they are permanent death runs. With sone games you just have to be brave with your design choices. The commitment will piss off completionists and see your game accused of inaccessibility but in return you will be praised highly by the niche audiences who adore those kind of games. Its all about balance really.
  6. So recently I’ve been on a Fire Emblem high after beating Three Houses 4 times and finishing the first book of the Super Famicom exclusive Mystery of the Emblem. My enjoyment is such that I’ve decided to take on a challenge I have not done in years, a no reset run of a Fire Emblem game (also known as an Ironman). For those who took the time to read everything that was my experience with no reset Fire Emblem, a game where snowballing can be as amusing as it is daunting. It’s a fantastic example of a game where there is amusement to be taken from things going wrong if only because it feels even better when things go right. There are no doubt many other games out there which satisfy this feeling of making good of a bad situation. Football manager in particular does it well. So let’s hear them. What are the games you have enjoyed even though everything was falling apart around you?
  7. We’re at the point where I wouldn’t even consider midnight launches for consoles anymore let alone games.
  8. You did black eagles church route where you fight against Edelgard. You could start over and unlock Edelgard route (It’s 18 chapters, shortest route) by talking to her on a specific date. Alternatively you could do Golden Deer with Claude. It’s extremely similar to Church route (identical levels besides 2 or so in part 2) but it does explain certain things that church route didn’t. If you don’t care for the lore and want a more character driven narrative centering on Dimitri then Blue Lions is your pick, it’s considered the best story of the 4 routes and has a lot of its own levels (it’s units are also super good). Now you’ve beaten the game you get new game + which quite frankly let’s you break the balance and make your units insanely good very quickly. Spend your renown in your room to put your professor level straight to A+, also unlock the rest of the statue bonuses for even faster weapon mastery.
  9. @Yiggy Not only is the route you are playing the hardest of the 4 routes but you have to take down the strongest final boss and the enemies linked to it on a limited number of gambit uses. The only shop you can use is the regular one and if you lack ores you won’t be able to forge stronger weapons either (forging silver weapons into brave is very important). You have only 4 combat class units and without more info the only units I know you have for sure are the protagonist and Catherine. Anyway based on the info I have here’s what you should do. Go south and then work both sides individually until only the north remains. Focus on one monster at a time, don’t waste your battalion gambits if you can afford to. Focus on using on breaking one of the monster shield blocks with a gambit. This is the difficult part as these monsters have 3 life bars (or they did on hard mode anyway). You will need the protagonist to solo one life bar (ideally with a brave sword or high Crit weapon), Catherine to solo the other (thunderbrand and punching should let her quad attack) and your archer to solo the last (bows are effective against the flying monsters). You will have to do this for every monster on the map, normally you can gang up, break all their shields and stun them but you only get 2 gambits per character. Depending on your healer and their magic consider using them for combat if need be, definitely give them an offensive gambit just in case. You want area of effect gambits but many of those only come with one use (such as blaze), I believe resonant magic gambits have 2 uses. Movement gambits such as assembly are not a bad choice if you want to pull in monsters safely. Obvious issue with not stunning monsters is they can counter attack but you’re playing on normal mode so your units should be able to survive counter attacks. Golems are a massive hassle and you’ll need to get rid of at least one while avoiding the others. The boss itself takes up nine tiles and I doubt you’ll have enough gambits to break them all. Focus on taking out a life bar and then retreating when needed. Life bars cannot be recovered once emptied. My main advice to top it all off is do not rush, it’s okay to turtle. If you want to safely draw enemies towards you and separate them from groups use long range weapons. I think the map has a ballista or two, those will always aggro enemies if you attack them.
  10. I never buy games or DLC just because of the studio who made it, as much as I love fire emblem I'm never paying £40 for the Shadows of Valentia season pass. Likewise I'm not arsed if I eventually buy FE Warriors second hand. I am also never putting a penny into that gatcha game FE Heroes. That said, supporting the developers has been an excellent silver lining for when I have used my money badly. I purchased Guilty Gear Xrd on PS3 4 years ago, entered GG at a tournament, found out the PAL version of Xrd was never updated on PS3, forked out another £40 on an American PSN account to buy the game again so it would be patched and I could practice for it. Haven't played much Guilty Gear since then so if nothing else I hope my £80 went to letting that studio continue to do the work they do.
  11. Any in particular he should be considering? Will a modern generic MD1 psu do the job?
  12. Maddening is solely for Fire Emblem die-hard's. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of it: EXP gains are lowered significantly (I don't know the exact number but it's at least 50%). Enemy's are 3-5 levels stronger than on hard. Almost every enemy has a problematic skill now. Thieves have pass (can walk through your units), archers have poison strike (-20% HP after they initiate combat on you), mercenaries have vantage (will always attack first if they <50% HP) and so on. These skills all come with their own challenges. Maddening mode also brings back old-school ambush spawns where enemy's move on the turn they spawn, meaning they can attack you immediately. Enemy AI has also been adjusted. So let's look at what all this means for you units Big guide in the spoiler. I went a little overboard with this but maddening mode on new game was incredibly difficult. Hopefully this knowledge helps people play the game better.
  13. Got someone asking me about powering an imported super famicom. I've read before that a Mega Drive 1 PSU such as this will work fine but I wanted to double check. Will this do the job? I've told him transformers are what I use for my super famicom but they are understandably intimidating to him.
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