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  1. 18 hours ago, JohnC said:

    It seems to be one of the most common complaints when people watch TV. Well, I just saw this video and thought of you. Yes, Nolan does get a mention, and the fact he likes it this way, so I guess it’s a slightly different issue when it comes to him. 


    I thought it was a conspiracy to make me buy a sound bar in all honesty :D

  2. 36 minutes ago, Skull Commander said:

    First playthrough and it wasn't pretty. 23 credits, around 5 of them were on the last boss.


    The game is REALLY unfair in places, but I'm sure there are some ninjas around that can manage to master this (haven't looked on YouTube but will), but I have no chance!


    Still a lot of fun though (since I don't have to actually pay for my credits!).

    I've always found Slug 3 much worse, bullet sponges everwhere

  3. 2 hours ago, Moz said:


    The first time, or the 100th time? :D


    Haha I had many catastrophic crashes, mostly either fatal or wrecking the ship but not as completely as above :D

  4. I love the stories from people's experiences with this game.

    My favourite has to be when I crashed my ship (ridiculously hard, my fault entirely) into something, I got out of my seat and turned around and the rest of the ship wasn't there :D

  5. 8 minutes ago, smac said:

    Man, this game gives you clues from the very first second, doesn't it?


    I also found that 

      Reveal hidden contents

    Being on the dark side of a comet is insufficient protection when it passes through the heliosphere; thought it was worth a shot!

    I have now died from


      Reveal hidden contents

    extreme sunstroke (i.e. falling into the sun. Twice), Giant Angler Fish attack, exploding reactor after a really rough landing halfway up a tree, asphyxiation in the depths of space/halfway up a waterspout, falling damage more times than I care to think - 'oh shit, I forgot to suit up and have no jet pa-*crunch*'.


    It is the absolute best game :)

  6. 1 hour ago, ianinthefuture said:


    My PAL Saturn has a switchless mod and works fine with the Satiator. It's a really wonderful bit of kit, as I'm obligated to say every time I mention it. Just such an elegant solution, Professor Abrasive needs a fecking knighthood or something for it.

    Thanks and yeah, I've got 2 Japanese Grey Saturns, one with the switchless mod that is plugged in to the downstairs TV via framemeister and a stock one upstairs connected to an old BeoVision 1 for potential light gun games*.


    *I rarely use either :D


  7. Just popped by to say I've finally ordered a Satiator :D

    Also has anyone had any issues with running one in a Saturn that's already got a switchless mod (region free / boots CDRs) out of interest
    ? I'm Wondering if it will be fine in that as well as my other stock Japanese Grey Saturn (the finest console ever I might add).

  8. 15 hours ago, Moz said:

    That's the DLC done. Stunning stuff.


    It's really put my mind at ease about whether or not they can capture lightning in a bottle again for their next game. This DLC lives within and alongside Outer Wilds, but it's quite separate in most respects. It uses the 22 minute loop structure but it doesn't rely entirely on it, instead it forges another path with a different method of storytelling, a different focus, different mechanics and a different vibe.


    I must confess I found myself missing a few things here and there and needing to use a walkthrough, but it was only to find the next breadcrumb on the trail a couple of times. Usually when I'd had a break for a few days and forgotten what I was doing. 


    One big thing I missed, which cost me a few hours of messing about, was:


      Reveal hidden contents

    Dying in the fire right at the end to stop the bells from waking you in the real world (because you're dead!) I saw the clip of the stranger inhabitants dying and not being woken up, but I didn't make the connection that the alarms in the other world were connected to the alarms in the real world - I never got caught by them and saw them going off in the real world.

    So I ended coming at that bit back to front by following a walkthrough, which I didn't really understand, and then eventually understood after the fact. Not really a big problem, it's a genius bit of puzzle design either way, but I could have done with an extra shove in the right direction. Lord knows I prefer this method to being spoonfed answers like I'm an idiot before I've even identified the puzzle (Ragnarok, cough). 


    My favourite moments were:

      Reveal hidden contents
    • Finding the stranger, getting on board, and seeing the inner geometry for the first time. 
    • The moment of understanding when the dam breaks and whizzes round the inside of the stranger affecting the layout and accessibility. 
    • Discovering the other place exists - holy shit!
    • Uhh, Outer Wilds is a stealth horror now. And a better one than most. Yikes.
    • The understanding that water in real life knocks you out of the other place, so you need to plan where you doze off carefully and backtrack as needed. 
    • Piecing together the sad story of the stranger inhabitants and the nature of the other place (a sort of VR-Matrix reminiscence of the planet they destroyed to build the stranger and chase the eye)
    • My jaw genuinely dropped when I realised that Matrix mode existed however, and that I could have done it at any time by dropping the artifact (and saved a good deal of frustrating stealth). That's a wild gambit right there from the devs.


    I'd argue it's still as emotional as the base game, but about 50% of your emotional reaction is fear this time around, haha. I was not expecting that at all.


    I'm ashamed I left it so long, if it's been sat in your pile I strongly recommend it.

    This is brilliant to hear, I just presumed that it could never be close ot the main game since I felt I had done everything in that world and saw it through

  9. I've never clicked with DOJ (faves are RSG and Battle Garegga), it's great but the need to smart bomb out of deaths frustrates me.


    However the OST is absolutely incredible 

    11 hours ago, Triple A said:

    M2 x DOJ??!!

    Merry Christmas to us!

    Blinding news.  Namiki’s best soundtrack, I can’t wait for whatever new arranged option they drop in too.


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