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  1. I hoping for great mid tier things with my 3090 24gb at 1440p
  2. Same. I think the failure of the 3DO is purely on me having one
  3. That lone issue of EDGE where they abandoned review scores was the absolute best. People had to find out the reviewer's impressions by reading the words
  4. Meant to say the one off Totenham Court Road, tucked in behind kind of
  5. I once went to CEX Rathbone Place (the Tottenham Court Road one) and asked if they had any copies of Sin & Punishment N64 just after it was released and was chided for being an EDGE reader! Something derisory about how the only reason I wanted it was because I'd have most likely seen it in EDGE. I bet that person has since done some epic Gatekeepery online
  6. I remember the EAR controls always felt quite sluggish for the character movement, shooting will be another thing mind. Either way I think I'll really enjoy playing this on Switch Lite.
  7. I adore SNES PoP but need to properly get into it, the time concept is great for the time restricted gamer I agree about the controls but I find them fine, similar to Flashback where some movements feel more inferred than having the character motion bolted to your arm arcade style....which I do actually like the idea of comitting to the movements.
  8. That was the Absolute Best. And to whoever on here described a mid series location as Space Skegness, that is still killing me
  9. I'm finding that too, really nice overall but at the same time I'm not compelled to sit down and play it for hours like point n clicks of old like Steel Sky (which we all know is the best point n click ever)
  10. The name's Tubes....Two Tubes
  11. Absolutely this. Which reminds me I've bought both and should really play them
  12. Classic 'Fuck this game' moment when playing on Switch Lite early on when Absolute Wank compared to how it was going before this
  13. I enjoyed the gameplay so much that I happily played the Wonderswan version of this
  14. I can completely believe this, the only game my other half plays is Tetris99 at the moment and absolutely adores it, but is interested in the idea of GB to GB link cable play 1 vs 1 matches
  15. Thanks for taking the time to post that and yeah I'd completely forgot about the original GBA as an option
  16. Thanks and yeah the form factor would have to be GB / Pocket like and don't laugh but Tetris would most likely be the only thing they'd play on it and I'd like to do link up tetris too so I'd most likely get the same solution
  17. Does anyone know of a place that does high quality GB/Color/Pocket refurbs that you can configure and buy with improved screens/shells and a usb rechargeable battery core? My wife loves the Tetris but would want a 'new' one and it's between this kind of solution or an Analogue Pocket
  18. I didn't know this but Remastered allows passwords which gets rid of the level +-10 percent ish matching and I had a great time helping a friend on their first playthrough with my pretty much end of NG level 100 Cleric Knight. I think I'll be staying here for a while so if anyone wants to do any password games on Switch I can warp to where you are, just bare in mind it'll be a mix of me cutting through things like butter and Leeroy Jenkins-ing my way to insta death
  19. I still have my doubts about cloud gaming, just seems ridiculous to me I was quite down on that area on my first playthrough but I've come right round to it, looking forward to getting there with my NG+ setup
  20. This is such a great shout, I never thought about playing them interleaved like that
  21. I am secretly hoping that all RE games will converge on the REmake style of 2, 3 and 4
  22. This is all I needed to hear
  23. My god 1CC ing this is somthing to me indeed, the end section of the airport level just eats my lives
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